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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 17, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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needed but as ever. ch. all the love continues line at the cheesy much a team from casting comanche and still count on to present the name ear pierced and has defied warnings from his counterparts in europe and the yule lads he still recognized by me as a sovereign and independent country. he signed a decree one day after people in the autonomous ukrainian republicans voted to join the shot. putin would deliver a speech to members of the comments he sent explain his position and outline what
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he'll do next lower house speaker is taking a keen said lawmakers would work to incorporate crimea into russia the russians make of the majority of the people in the beach and then there's the tiniest referendum committee to save more than ninety six percent of them voted to join russia now even the historical truth will be restored the president couldn't give much consideration to the question residents in crimea. and is as the minority toddler group boycotted the referendum. he conceded the referendum was illegal. everything about that that was a deception. he trains and gym time in assists as he will not accept the results ice any antibiotics and crimea is a part of the ukrainian territory. and the people that are ukrainians. u s and european leaders have reacted swiftly to the van and sanctions against people they say not be high in demand for independence. the referendum in crimea was a clear
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violation of the ukrainian constitution is then international all. or will not be recognized by the international community the us alone because travel bans and asset freezes on eleven officials from russia and ukraine. they include some of britain's close aides ousting ukrainian president viktor yanukovich and crimean prime minister said the actual mosque here in union members voted ten ten sanctions on twenty one of russian and crimean officials we call on the russian leadership. not to take steps to the next time me and said to take steps to de escalate the crisis. eu leaders are warning of further sanctions if russian leader's move to annex crimea. we asked an expert on russia how much effect on western sanctions could have on the country. i feel like there is a former japanese diplomat with more than a decade of sixteen in
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moscow. he says annexation of crime and would be a way to honor russia's economy. is it luminous still using the billions this time the girls made fools of steel was still in the alum points in the process. on the flu so it was snow up to six point seven per cent of the oh so clearly even in the state of most of the nation. and as of the motto on that system of criminal who write me a little meat on those awful to say of this moment both in full to the finals. the new load of clothes on for the simple moments of mine to be out of tucson ppd on the us and russia on the state budget. of note was the use of both the city hundred ppm dots. so loads of bloom obama says only that the video of the city of graz a woman from pushing them into the side of school often insists on tight to my steak maybe up to these two long months of full for the sump
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pump for the russian parliament the top of the smithsonian buildings. so lonely how sometimes when you'll see some. and the midst of switching might be feeding on phone. we keep on crying year on independence as a planned a menu most is to seek the means tons of lists and luke when you go. if on some of us pressed to see some photo blue grey. of the column below maybe so was the moon or sun so on might become more serious and may the use of case of the hoax maybe of the eu countries was a united states. other than able to use. still letting me use love as a low of zero minus two market. how close are some companies. he was so awesome companies on the long period of the media raising the money. it means i'll miss the financial markets. of the laws interest rate always in the senate sophie's to buy for. and also of note for
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some companies have been very up to be using whole show by emptiness of these onions honest and on the season in cpu. the result he was in it some companies are almost all the muscles are some companies have been enough to be a baby to a cuckoo moment business. so far of the woes of the pot to put it to some of both the crimea. lisa put in is getting much less helpful and russell society most of the maybe yes the blue mom's salon still on the tiny frogs are a sample on the sirius me out to do its own is supple was helpful to others though puts in mind that these pics and video last week. the us defence officials say their special
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forces had seized and tanker flying and north korean flag they say the vessel was transporting wherein legally from a libyan port controlled by brambles. officials said a navy seal sported the tank and sunday night and take control of the state no one was hurt in the operation brady is instantly days have asked for help in seizing the tank in the state was carrying crude oil obtained illegally. that's the last born last tuesday without the government's permission it was traveling in international waters along the mediterranean sea. u s korean officials say the tank it doesn't belong to that. us officials described it as as a people is that so they said their forces will take it back to libya. researchers in it so we did have spent the last five years tracking the global weapons trade and they say china's sales are booming. i expect that the stockholm international peace research institute say china is now the world's fourth largest supplier of arms. members of the stockholm international peace research institute on
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monday released the report on the on stage is as international transfers of major conventional weapons stored fourteen percent over the last five years the united states was the world's top on supplier manufactures that to twenty nine percent of the world my kids. rochelle was second at twenty seven percent in germany was third with a seven percent. china leave from france into fourth place its exporters ground six percent of them i get really sick it's a chinese on zac's bullets had more than tripled over the last five years the pakistani government to listen the biggest buyer of chinese ons bangladesh and myanmar were next. if it was the top importer of the news and globally. china was next old age and enemies are turning into new friends in south korea is trying to deepen its relationship with china its former enemy during the korean war the country's putting remains of the chinese soldiers killed in the war into conference
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with a return to their neighbor to the last. chinese officials were invited to a ceremony held in a suburb of seoul on monday china provided the contents. this is the first event returned to china on this gorgeous remains from south korea since the nineteen fifty three armistice. you chloe through the years one on the return of the remains will help to heal the wounds of four. one can service a milestone for the development of ties with china. china will make more efforts to build a strategic partnership with south korea south korea has the remains of more than four hundred chinese soldiers who died during the three year conflict that started in nineteen fifty. chinese and north korean troops fought against south korean and us led forces. the legion officials say teams from a twenty six countries have
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joined the search for the missing malaysia airlines jetliner. they're focusing their efforts on a wide swath of the area between indonesia and central asia and to what the indian ocean. australia has offered to meet this inaction over the southern indian ocean. crime is a tony abbott said he was responding to requests for malaysian prime minister najib as that arrived shortly before the question periods australia will do its duty in this manner. who do edgy to ensure that to help such debt and risk you responsibilities to find time to not build. single speed down by satellite in a keep the aircraft could have flown the three northern india china and central asia at what towards the southern indian ocean. the malaysian authorities have asked united states france and china which operate intelligence gathering satellites to provide them with any information that can help did a show that after
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disappearing for me died that missing jack climbed to nearly thirteen thousand seven hundred meters higher than the boeing seven seven sevens and maximum flying altitude before plunging to about seven thousand meters officials say that the abnormal flight continued for some forty five minutes as the plane flew across the mall a peninsula and turned and was last. it then flew out of the area that the military raid on a contract. officials say hi to the aircraft's communications the stands was turned off deliberately before final contact was made with traffic controllers. after more than a week. malaysian officials are still nowhere close to figuring out the whereabouts of the missing jackets chinese president jean jean king and us president barack obama will meet for tots next week when he attended nuclear security summit in the netherlands. china's vice foreign minister rebound on meet the announcement to reporters on monday the biennial nuclear summit will be held on the cake for two days from the twenty
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fourth. these documents in the twenty five. the meat in it is greatly significant for the development of u s china relations. the two leaders will discuss key bilateral and international issues that affect both countries the situation in ukraine is expected to be on the agenda china opposes in imposing sanctions against russia for its military intervention in the country. the midsize come after the chinese government last month launched a protest against obama. he invited to dance and sound spiritual leader the dalai lama to the white house. jenna's the said officials are looking down the mountain trying to steer clear of the crisis a decade on the universal health care system is under strain and things are expected to get worse as the population ages. still government leaders are looking at transforming one of the most expensive parts of the system. hospitals and aged care was channeling
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connor has the story. on the at any given moment millions of people in japan i use in the healthcare system for alterations. for vaccinations or just for a checkup. running it cost four hundred billion dollars annually. found the bill goes up by nearly ten billion dollars every year. japanese leaders are worried the system will soon be unsustainable. we need to reform our medical system to ensure adequate distribution of health care resources. if they're injured and is funded by central and local governments. insurance providers and the beatles each medical procedure has a fixed price that won't change but members of our government cars to say other aspects need to. also some
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they did a report last month to the health minister members said there are too many house purists with too many nurses caring for retelling ill patients right now there are three hundred sixty thousand beds across the country. the council recommends reducing that number to two hundred seventy thousand over the next two years. that would save six hundred beyond dollars the council members suggest foster's become more specialized in terms of the care they provide. they say patience to change postures in accordance with their conditions. those who just received emergency surgery are considered to be in the acute phase but as they get better. they can be transposed two other hostages or return home the situations that acts of
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patience in recovery would have access to a new stream of funding. the council also re commence more doctors and nurses be of elbow to the comfy seats. she needs you most of the post war baby boomers will be seventy five or older. in two thousand and twenty five. we must start now to improve the health care system. this medical effects but agrees in principle with the plan to reduce hostel that's what he says it may be difficult to do in practice. he says the council will be better all free thinking ali khan sells postures are unsure as to set the cost of medical procedures. mini titled the panel are aware that they believed the pages of additional know if you don't want to rid the country italy d so varied donate to the incentive to make
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improvement. for the portage and had his costs. your pet's health care system has been in place for fifty years and he's continued to evolve some say if it's going to last into the future. it needs to become more efficient so it will be better at what to serve the country's aging population. to my collar in a store of tokyo. it's time now for a check on them my kids and the latest trading on wall street must find a securities vice president in crime lab reports equity markets were widely higher today with most indexes up about one percent or so that's enough to retrace our half of last week's selloff of which was largely attributed to the volatility and uncertainty in ukraine with the outcome of the referendum no known that
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uncertainty is removed and to some recent is viewed as a bit of a relief rally. baba we also got some fresh economic data to give a slightly brighter outlook for at least the manufacturing sector not certainly had some impact on on the run up the stock prices today as well. specifically industrial production released today for the month of february showed a month over month increase of six tenths of a person that's much higher than the two tenths of a percent of the consensus was looking for the big emu was driven largely by the stronger than expected data in the factory sector things like motor vehicles. it bears noting here that some extent this is payback from a rather weak start to the year in january but nonetheless it is a positive indication. we also got the fresh news on the factory sector in the in the new york area from the new york federal reserve's empire index which shows are generally a slightly faster pace of growth during the month of march. so our outlook here is
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basically for gdp growth on the order of two half percent or so this here before picking up the pace of the three percent next year it relies on that would be an indication that the federal reserve will probably stay with their plans to gradually reduce asset purchases could be done without program by the end of this year. i assume quinlan with wells fargo. alice again recap of the latest mike if he cares the eye. it is
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south. you are using. almost three quarters of the world while the wine and a slave in south africa by poachers who want their horns at taking them off one by one they killed more than a thousand last year alone. now conservationists are trying to fight back. nhk world of fashion east not points the assignment and rhinoceros horns has be intercepted by airport officials. around one hour lol. we confiscated nine rhinoceros right here in thailand. they have a street value of about thirty thousand us dollars per kilogram. vietnam and china they would have sold for a much higher price. the win oscars for his band and if conditions on international
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trade in endangered spaces but the break. it makes them the target of international criminal syndicates. since ancient times rival paul has been prized as an important ingredient in traditional chinese medicine. recently the man has reason to get them in china. after rumors spread that drinking in the fusion of throwing a phone book to illnesses and even cancer. you get mad at an environmental group has posted this message on this website. telling people the trial form has known medicinal benefits one place where rival coaches continue to operate is the mighty quick game is there in the north west of south africa. in the last two years to figure me out and was hoping to cheer for their points. there is the reserves operations manager. he is set on walking the poachers. from the demo about him he gave
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when sliced apple. he's a creative industries. using utopia realized the guards at the game reserve duty bit of training and that the poachers. so he brought in the formal british special forces soldier who had previously sold military action in dhaka in afghanistan. to innovate clip with all four rifles as part of their training the seemingly tracking and hooking into this the top the guards are not allowed to shoot or iris the pooches the company believes the more aggressive stance will help you through them lulu clearly evident that without control without very serious and positive action facing a twelve month process. ay ay ay ay. rhinos tool free in the city would
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use the reserve in kwazulu natal province. due to reduced our worried about porch so they are taking pre emptive action at before must be heaven. first the goal of the helicopters to search for items. then they shoot them with tranquilizer darts to put them to sleep the noted we'd seen the writing was born. the poison is almost to the right tool that can be helpful to humans. asian business dictating to the store. it doesn't hurt to ride home. but the mix before us as a supplement i'm the one day. the rangers caught the writer isn't it
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he therefore that the talks science has been caught up to warn the poachers to force the poisonous. and no longer had any value. we must believe that a chicken when it end up going out on the twenty fifth so maybe just a drop in the nation acting in conjunction with each other. the condition can make some reason the morning and a rhino and do it recovers and moves away. thus most of south africa's game reserves and production programs are funded through donations which means device is so limited. and so has the ability to predict these endangered animals. it may take a lot more ingenuity to ensure the right to survival association hall on pace to roll with south africa. a son of french i guess that the weather with my cherie she minded morning it seems people in the southern us state of florida. ideally was stormy weather conditions but
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the abyss that. lying in remaining half and while yes the red tally still that went with the continued across se ne us and that includes the florida peninsula away haven't seen lots of gale force winds which has them in structures as well as downed power lines. severe thunderstorms are still capable of being response and also train ticket abt could be making cuts and a spot to please be aware of traffic in the north with the precipitation so in size and timing of that snow and also freezing rain which could make traveling very difficult into your mind be in italics. but today was the fact of the lead your eye and get caught. it's making the ad conditions is very critical for fire weather especially in new mexico and in texas. the battle interest i was so slamming the upper midwest as well as the northern rockies northern rockies but twenty five centimeters of additional snowfall and thirty centimeters across the upper midwest. i wish isn't shaping up like this as you can see we hug and kiss in a twenty six eateries with plenty of
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sunshine and finally making it a positive visit again in dc and new york's was a bit of recovery but he had had a very long winter. i know that that area but since this all is on your way in the dc shoes and india beginning on the twentieth i believe but i survived seventeen he still had that for it's invisible this year. known for its visible yet due to that on cold winter. the smell of radiation were the main topic is the on rival on the strange that few indications in the startup with the los angeles is going to be willing from the gobi desert and into the curry and fitness mumbai it is in golfing much at the peninsula on tuesday making its way to western and central japan by wednesday morning less likely to continue into reading alice in the sand or dust the cars are exasperated mr terry and carted the school prom so we kindly advise you to manage your outdoor activities. another indication is the spring based on the first of all we still have a twin thing going on here in hokkaido with heavy snow. sarah creation
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advice is that this is the widely across the silent but to the sound of rain and thunderstorms in spring storms will make its way in helping much of the country passing across japan the nation will be doing what the precipitation but we have guilt for a salinas advisory status at the inn and thirty prefecture is out of the forty seven that it was confirmation as well including tokyo where we may see that the cotton it's about which is the first gala of the spring which usually is the contra indication that the man who becomes warmer each day by day after you feel that honey tongued another indication is that sharia blossoms initially opposed to coming out from this area today this is coming out from the yamaguchi prefecture. the cherry blossom called o'connor is in full bloom and some on the sinking city people into it this beautiful pink all in on their sunny weather is a collaboration with at least one black waist that it's that first cry of the season was detected yesterday
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evening keith the prefecture and this was all be at their peak through this a week not even come back into this computer graphics you can see that ten boxes the mean or even a chair once on the air smell while the info on full bloom. after that. first the rival hearing for example my thirty first of a weak leader. after this is that full bloom season that people are exactly the place and our guest. i wound. i do. in.
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time. do. do. and that is all for this edition of the slime
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the government and the sea missile sites and some underwear month when half the walk to get the teachings he and moving more


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