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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  March 18, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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possible to assume. but especially when there's also note that this fight must be connected to that together with other sectors. so if all the time it gets done or taken the sting. is it announcing his irvine co president as the russian federation to terrorism i think the eye. cheats. he said. seaton says the estimates are that the donuts there. what a way
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to the phoenix team and this is the federation council. oh man this is the state duma then it is the us. and representatives of the republic of crimea depression physical roots. i mean it's it's it's still cool. he received a rude. now it still is an outstanding youth into. i mean its citizens the who. the list the route yet. the rules
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you need to be in the blast today's discounts. kenya hypocrites it which is a fine style and historic importance for the bus. this isn't as much as the reference in the crimean harley. but a fact for some sixteen. what it was nice isn't it. what did you last checked. with the list speaking of the referendum would take me in line with international. sixty percent an ounce and ninety six percent in favor of snow race begins on a city that is insane and two cents. which will kill me. we will. new widget on this and it's why they make its joints. what has been a busy street crime and one the ice. what has to do what i mean means to
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bachchan usefully people summer has been crying ever see such traits that are done joint history. your local whatever action it must let go. the town of hats in that sense. read things for them and take seventeen thousand seats again the killers ideally the streets except christianity is what unites the key to share in ukraine and the treats. we did the great depression so it says are in crime and younger what associates he died eighteen cents or you will be with you. it's tacky and the wooden floor. on friday fifth code said the scuffle it's the above tutorial. he states that enable full year
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outlook on getting him to get a dvd to use the cia. very tense in crime and tweens can slowly the feat given the dubious. sacred takes mr bachchan. in secrets the russian proposal. he did what the pioneers in amalgamation of coaches and traditions into comfy clothes to the unit isn't this a semi last you a hint that means that daddy had to pull the russian federation was hitting it with ease. it's a different make sense and that's not going to get that heats the years the russians and ukrainians and tough times for wycliffe showed it to show it together in crime and uncle paul was that they may re read it to the kitchen did you know she's a mission it was easy. that means that there are one of the hoff at stake with the infections in crime and anti lynching teenagers. the lithium. due
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to it's not a stunt. greenies he still he's actually still festering greats. newman's hundred thousand to be my meantime this is the third and many of them support joining the chance to review it. with ppc that the cost of a latino woman. a team history. ukraine cry meantime this with the subject of attractions but of course we have determined that there was a time when sammy different dates and stuff it's the continuation of the rain. i mean talk isn't often i am not alone the uh uh. since it creates an extension of my meantime this will be finished with twenty eight killings were sent last week on the phone lights in my view that they can sit in so many people who are you re still make it named a week or should do. however with. it's historical constant moving of my best mates. we want to cry mean time spent in the years that we will support them
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the posts will support the ita. having three if it's going to be seen crying and russian ukrainian and i mean totally reeks of my new colleagues to go. yet you mean the difference in people's minds at times the deal is good for me always has the mood and is now a new toothbrush and leaving the scene and from generation to generation. he didn't get it okay if it's not a gift by me being a russian lands on a mini th lisa could change this. what to do it. interment a chance to make it into the fold and save the union of students' names that may be able to get my gpa. we humans the villa during the post of fate is in the nineteen twenties with him. sitting in the new
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hospital i'm going to analyze every since. to check the course it takes gay ghetto traditional person dies in the east. celtic ukraine it that its ukrainian don't be presented to the plate. the guy you met in nineteen fifty fall. below are the new panel thirty steep climb me and crucially ukraine. so in the film the meeting is that which is huge to me. that was the age of the communist party the key to curse at the funeral in you. they wanted to dance maybe he tried to hide the same price no responsibilty for christians in ukraine the nineteen seventies. as a historian. besides the notion that fronts on the eighth and got to say she was unconstitutional and eighty two at the time used a commercial lawyer what a kitty can we tell us what to get to meet up soon. say it was taking it a target area states. the asa people the crimea. since it's at
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the stock will go with the most of them i would of course many keeping a constant spend my time here in ukraine. i have to say the key to a dvd that was the noise was coming. first he's a four minus three weeks you can use them in a separate countries like russia and ukraine they would get the one country. this is the union. and we can't even imagine that russia and ukraine. she knows the lady one day but the essence of the content of different countries. some of which any became a reality. sophie union collapsed and disintegrate it's tough to beat the atmosphere was reading safe honest it's the people completely the end the stand and underlines the dramatic effect of what is happening. new semester but more importantly much and ukraine at fourteenth so the cupcakes to wait. be that good news to us to make a new commonwealth of independent states. put simply it takes
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to save the union. your comments during the current c joint on four saves in a foreign policy now. because the vessel said but they are just on the film scripts the joint federation simply isn't a when ukraine any kenny. he is a different country a foreign country when you get to them and she felt it was brought to you it is to take senior pictures. so we keep going we have to think that she contributed to the disintegration of the safety you. are you on the course in a study that is new to post about crime and its citizens. people forgot about seven stop all nations and aliens i think i should be one kind tree i'm a bit different countries over
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the summer when she does have its own. good on them that the person people. to which he won the ace it'll be a case to find his country loans can get into them. i would ask them to his entry into the socket of the many different countries. obesity is a blessing. i struggled to find the institute's and say that in nineteen ninety one jaime was given the will of the ukraine like such a case i suppose i can agree what did she do at that time. it's like alpine slide and the kids range in the country was in such apparent conviction that we went to the contents into the photo and turns at that time to develop. that people can still take a second start in ten states can do it. they say is that people can citizens the famous keep a russian elites that spirit i'm an atheist i keep russian lands instead the stock locally in seventeen sixty of course that's me on tuesday but our hearts and
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minds with. we had to take into account to change every anti city politics i hated every text effect. they don't even need to sweep you claim you teach the rest of the clothes that you read this to go the region the students laughed. relates to the important facts the snake that you reach them a place importance that the duty to protect good relations with the go crazy and all ukrainian profits and a young one in which i can share with you. o'neill twenty fifty terrorists. at some of the negotiations. and the ht thousands. stuart and his knowledge. with the then president of ukraine which i will bring the discovery is disgusting. not to speed up the tree since it. d never take the score to three percent ukraine. yes the old
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thousand units each unit is the princess was leaving alone. the funny new hoodie instructed old fashion agencies must say it intensified a lack of teachers the eu the beach. i wouldn't use it to keep going i show them it's all on the borders with russia and ukraine. this is the time of need changing. the bbc's week the presets if you get to talk to you. fortis with its cry me a threat to the usa disgusted edition of territorial or two since he is so. the tiny you don't take into account at that time it will be a mix that commenced important for us at that time. she was to present his brotherly relations between ukraine and russia you'll be the need to know a familiar to us. of course the tree was lit. we'll see what you crave or were made up faces and i didn't speak russian speaking he needs to
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keep a vigilant. together with brother the urge to go until that bites of respect states according to the actual. the situation so that if enacted a different way. just weeks ago philadelphia union in unison yes. the lakes. nicholas incidents ukrainian society liam did try a fee of three collections in one of the historical in the late shift and nine plates with you. and of course the speaker was suffering from a cannon. how many crises. thus began one in ukraine the most tricks is to let that keep the science that might keep a new craving what to change anything yet nice is that independents fourteenth and prayed the prayer saying that's the beauty and the typical sake of family time defended simon says and prices as many women who came in when it's you and you win a. i was naked friends you know what they'll try to pop ukraine to
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steal for the key to the ukraine national into a fight scene from money that i chat money for itself says just what you had your hearts he's never actually visited this week has been about an indian support the recall vote. this is why it took me so many eco from ukraine himself as the ideal means of. the icu. bulgaria's touchdown strike is to many countries oppose them. any match announced it had at least a three million ukrainians. just like it's not good at them. we're coming to bishan to keep the jokes you. when you might get an a trans fats in mice money and ukraine. romans twelve percent of ukrainian ttp. i want to say once again i understand these people. to read tonight that he wants to protest against the petite women. instead of democracy
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hence piracy case to take a step. got there early just to increase he says like an excuse to go to the zoo. a change of heart to see us. at the height of the ross dependency in kiev the twenty oh five different painting goes to the beach in a organized a coup de tat he cute or obese. it's a crap time. without any he'll proceed says don't they use tara. oh crumbs. the whole day. i'm using weapons and honesty me and i knew from the previous heat is affected it timely to extend its anti semite. because i know it is only wednesday. the new season campaign. people here hate for . demolition job on that so many engines. it seems like they try to change the language though. it did fine. i think mine are teaching ukraine to go human
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rights policy. you'll be the closest bond says if they say total farce he's in the blasts came in. they said yes they can. the than ukrainian far east for that but on opening day trial last weekend seemed ukraine then all the scan so it's a fine. he was just to get right the thing fine arts he says he's the man likely to use the show. actually open it jumps in ukraine with a vent in napa. no probably take a feeling that people forget the innocent in the tube under. he's getting ready to go in a not for free one eight teaspoon onto sunday what they were so unique that if i was a potential ace had not seen the break and enter to win they say is a testament to a foreign tv playing until now we did have anyone to talk to jordan in an interview they call themselves the due date is now taking control everything in your country
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and the color. heading east it rose yao five at the coast. she knew people like don. if unusual. better yet use to achieve it. and to get to the plane templates some minutes as if to say cool new ukrainian cup meant to be seen in half to get comments and for them because in my town. the all knowing it will condemn from armed gangs be on canceling the tt bike and he's the team's advantage. cos they want to expand their practical actions. different parts of the crane. it was crime and companies wouldn't even use it right with the bases like the old farts piece of crimea also but still thirty to defend them and help them protect them. so what was happening in eastern ukraine against it. and of course we couldn't abandon up paint tiny and headlights the retreat is the ticket to go please. the health protection agency or the seats wind we decided to
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help them. double double with easy reading. jane is in the same year the book the unrest was going. we have to install the proper conditions the self that emanates in that it is the citizens of my man. we will try until tonight's free dates of helping a friend of punishing europe and america would not admit that we find a vintage don't know what was that you need is a good thing at least they remember every such a thing is it too much going on. to make that time you need some alone. don't we get a little shy the least important thing is that once we finally came. oh and yes the present if the russian federation. well the truth of the new bus was going to be a counselor with the election comments. to use armed force
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is in ukraine. we can keep the peace is fine too. bunch of folks that did not decline and a true depiction of the bushes legislation hasn't she said that seeks cheese in it. you'll find here already. on the weakness and takes two trips to the chalet. the new millennium in three sets of reinforcement. he would ask when you think about. t j smith for the botched it is truthful thousand. the three weeks that mimics the human rights. no wait i did not send someone to cry male thirty six said in a rented unit. but it was a critique the united nations' stocks that would sound like. it allows itself to seventy to fifty people. i want to remind you to play the ukraine to sign tt's becoming dependent on them when they get the same faded but you. i haven't regretted them brings us to get ideas in a sea of people in ukraine in nineteen ninety four it matches the putnam now they
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can either keep the crimea one line. way to sway union decides that way. there is this a court costs if a president to like each week it's create it by the likes to mind was on getting the teaching them. one of the shoe situation without stating i get to go to what's happening in crimea takes a break to cost effective said yes. i make is independence it's why the years. many trains across the country was taking the lead to the fact that my student attendance not so blessed to visit according to united nations should at least the odds are in the west and contents to the cake cos if a mutation in two thousand and ten. show up not the most poignant reflection in his eighties and a new ticketing staff visitation at the rate it makes you sad. option one adult male. inside you. i
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want to snuggle. washing and using these. that is yes. yes we'll do our budget the cherry tree from baby to carry its independence a scent like it. in my eyes at me like to hide secret agents do not allow me to get stale this tale of crete some doubts. with the family gets in and i rented from the united states also the plates. the team's lead to criminal courts. he just about anywhere. support the idea of costs of raising dependence. in yet another negotiating. oh praise we didn't know kenya. not all do it because it is sometimes declarations of independence sunlight is that violates the community. thanks to some countries it was motion of no snacks don't know. they were pushing impressing for the case. we are trying t
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everyone needs it until now to have the low density to criticize us with the thought of eating. the descent into the room was not alone and let the crimean pico days into it and it's a cliche i just eat what they did is take the line repeats of snow but you. see what the fa cup meeting cos today was the chief mentor collected them all the time of the russians and ukrainians and talk to the high means that just about why the pictures now hit the united states that this is a special case that was a standstill in this case the lady in there. you just keep going for him. entrance takes a class is that during the conflict and cost effective. there are lots of fake teams there is genocide the idea that it's a metallic events continue doing them as a they need to start on me myself seeking the post on tickets to save them it is this a cynical amount you
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doing i don't read into it but uconn to stay in touch total . the lighting tests new book on the beach alleged deception. putting something in my store. echoing the view of some of the agreement more women to visit you on every nickel content to take stands i must say since hailey. they were stepping up to fate is the acceptance of time and taking if it's going to make it go. looking at the global total loss only yeovil achilles injury. it wasn't a single match the confrontation crime and i'm in a fake id seen crime and white states holding on to simple we like to be. it's very difficult to find a spectacle and it was well what are they not just difficult to waste it costs a bomb. i knew molly thinking what to get these usually it is full of the anc's i want to thank the ukrainian
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minutes he cuts an hour in crimea. an airtran sixteen thousand ukrainian troops in crime and the defendant. not started to fry the analyst on tv that said they've played eight minutes the confrontation the date of the games in the ability of quitting. that stains on them now the news they talked about. notice the intervention and the questioning by me and we each used in the room was dealing with a strange name what a mean i haven't had to sing make something nice for us and defends the right direction. the list of templates without a single shell riots. religion continues. with the age of eighteen yet to get an assist him in the twenty eight pieces of wood. he said look i think i hear it's a reflection. what happened to you with a wealth of the last couple decades due to you
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what legacy village community. balancing the loud anymore i was seeing. i knew we were so many pockets it that way especially in ninety states of america mostly muslim and asian. we knew. i won't be seeking to win. he did not intend says it's not still adore him like ten wrongly think about the rights if the knights in their right to palmerston like it was great strength news limited has announced prevent any create the directions on the principle of the day standoff with us are against us. i used a bucket and teaching them. bit of an evolution of all dignity and the transits of snow and icy system. instead of documents imaginations with them in the future of u s what happened in yugoslavia was willing to buy it. the love that we remember it very well but no it is difficult to believe what you meant genius he knew the moment it is ongoing. the twentieth century was the year peter kept to that great. became an aunt a tissue box with every
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embalming unsettling the news. your problem. i'm one hundred pennies. we have to un recitation allowing the news is that when he netted them . despite what happened a sublimely iraq afghanistan on the piano late to achieve that prohibits the utility was it was a recitation friend a flight say about baby at nine am one happy thing so if i am only giving you should be the tube. each of the presidency to his forthcoming. this area since they can tie it again. i knew all the entries posted by deeds then it would be interesting to update it by then mike's united states. i tot i squeezed in icu that if democracy and freedom there is chaos. it has. steve seymour. it's a coat of spray to many illegal and you know where you get the gets bring his handed to our twenty ten
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looking in the states and i reraise realize the crazy fast in full bore. this sicko darling trepidation. he was a difficult thing to be fed round of presidential elections the actual session that said it. would you mind taking these do when i'm now victory today when i clicked on the effects of that because the nazis section three days brush and deal with. it was a great baking see integration with the pace a feat area are. this is happening women she was offering thailand open to everyone. that led to strengthen me to trust. when you do whatever they choose to be. anyway everyone to be open and transparent and on east in addition to the top didn't have any reciprocal steps taken to give up decisions are taken behind our backs. she knew who he admits is the case we make
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trains conscience to the east siphoning mitre infrastructure. yes el cortez i believe i may say oh it has nothing to do you hear what you mean it has nothing to do in us. the medics treated medically ninety three to one up for what is it you know what you want to be changing and shifting and green teas but with no hope of lebanon. i'm still takes us he said. well i say center she's not take up rates that's become an industry conception is a common sense view of the old new again seventeen out of the things he's got the dots you can upgrade to the house and confidence should be teaching acknowledge the problem. it has delivered some popes east peace. she would find this a coach coach will. i didn't
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the united states. yes the electorate. at its outset the good sense to quit the band sought the tv and you are still not been updated. today's restrictions that any theory and it still goes on. we don't know. mimi and he's a nice move wednesday. he'll then some his policies towards russia still remains with honey you've seen it happen the facility needs when they are independent has extended its lead just over a minute teacher but not the crisco and pensions parents kids and the new sem. and now. the key to decrease its coastline the winston states has crossed the line new era sports bowl and the courts it they need help me welcome to a new one that will give me the ukraine and didn't find me at the arundel to will lead to depression speaking p o box in its history. i see a zealot. below is a post any
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sense it is that the basic understanding of the nativity would still be a critique of action reaction. that would guarantee trying to push the spring and all its opening to the feeder. that spring will see new atypical become a new face him and occasionally we would. we went. welcome to nhk world is light and shadow tidy until killers here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am fresh and frozen with either putin has announced in the kremlin that his country will prosper in crimea officials have widened their investigation for all but missing malaysian plane as they look for any clues


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