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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 18, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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sense it is that the basic understanding of the nativity would still be a critique of action reaction. that would guarantee trying to push the spring and all its opening to the feeder. that spring will see new atypical become a new face him and occasionally we would. we went. welcome to nhk world is light and shadow tidy until killers here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am fresh and frozen with either putin has announced in the kremlin that his country will prosper in crimea officials have widened their investigation for all but missing malaysian plane as they look for any clues into
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the lab and a search and this spring sumo tournaments the joke was in a grand chance to throw their weight around will find out who is due on tuesday. as the bottom airport and as announced his intention to mx crimea. he addressed parliament stressing historical bonds with the region. putin said the area is on an alien noble part of russia tdp. i ask you to talk to this bill is being prepared. you can pull another claim the republicans joined the russian federation i have no doubts at this point . the putin said some residents cannot live in peace because the injury and ukrainian government includes radical anti russian forces he said sunday's referendum was in line with international law the russian leader said most of the people in crimea and
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his country's support incorporation representatives from the region signed an agreement to join the russian federation after the speech us and european union leaders called the referendum illegal they have impose sanctions on russian and ukrainian officials who backed the annexation. the russian military has been effectively in control of the peninsula for more than two weeks aviation officials are expanding their search solace as the mystery of the missing malaysia airlines flights deepens. they are now casting a wider net in their eleven day search looking for any clues. nhk world some local comic of reports on what experts have learned so far new new. syracuse and personnel from twenty six countries as our income and nancy thinking folks like an eight thirty seventy the aircraft took off from kuala lumpur and therefore
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gave on local time on my cake it's two hundred and starting nine people on board macy and conflict officials say the receipt of transmission secret off the plane call it eight times indicates nothing abnormal two and nineteen am someone in the cockpit spoke some last words to ground controllers say oh like that night. in ten minutes they can stuff like disappeared from the air and the traffic lights on screen. amazing officials believe the aircraft's main communication systems breast six top. the suspect is kentucky down by the entity by someone on the plane. even after those systems for a science. i'm a sahm married to a radio show to st easing to a westbound direction. and crossing the streets of glasgow. it all struck out two fifteen am. even though
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the meat is of the region officials say their data shows up playing climbing to about thirty thousand can conduct the tears. i have been the maximum recommended africa took the plane. it launched the new anyhow to seven thousand aviation and the risk the safety case matt points out that that low altitude pilots can fly at st suite of instruments denying any of you. someone in the car that turned up the instruments to hide their whereabouts. it was anything they wanted to descend low enough to fly the plane without instruments and visually check their intended destination. it will be going on. even after the money stance on tonight's contest signals based on the plane officials say it could have been trying for nearly seven hours. i demolished top
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central asia and oratory in the inhalation with the boston area. two lawyers and i could go into playing with north to central asia the radars of several countries would have detected that sold well i think it is highly unlikely that itself to the indian ocean. on a sandy that have asked of the countries operating in britain soccer icon the man cave am pro corporation to find any trace of amazing to me. oh come on top and a tear for him. thailand's prime ministry election a lot announced she will lift the state of emergency on wednesday. it was imposed earlier this year in response to fears anti government protests. johansson to rule in bangkok and small protesting this has been on the decline in recent weeks but that still remain continue to be mind you not step down and the influence of for profit. ousted prime minister and it seems no one
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should go. matsumoto has a story. i miss that has been using a wheelchair since she fell while getting out of a car on saturday. she announced the move at a cabinet meeting in auckland park tum province on tuesday many encouraged me to lift the state of emergency to rebuild confidence in the economy and boost tourism the cabinet has agreed to impose the internal security act instead the internal security act replaces the state of emergency is not as harsh but it will now also it is to impose copies and restrict people's activities in the cleared of sixteen tasting galvanized nc in bangkok and surrounding areas in late january. at that time in hindsight government demonstrators were all too high major intersections in the capital in the lead up to
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parliamentary elections on their daddy's hat. protest is he soon found the intersections are you dismount. i think it's almost back to normal. some people are still occupying who can cry instead sometime on tuesday. the country's business community asks for the state of emergency to be lifted. the thai economy has suffered since he was seen post. and i will find is that this has dropped by nearly ten percent. the animals stations he'll face is a mountain of talent is. in that sort of monday by dissolving the parliament and holding an election. that protest is ingesting the next trial process. fourteen was canceled in many districts the eventual result was inconclusive. so the parliament has being unable to continue tightening is to be in that too said since new leader. it also faces a number of legal
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problems. she's the investigating by anti corruption cano over a list of mismanagement over rice subsidy program. you know what's key scenario she could face impeachment. a wave of anti government demonstrations that started in november has steered the city of gold to the internet administration months later the country remains unable to find a way out of town on a choke on that simone told nhk wild babcock. the suicide bomb left in south africa at the same roadside market in northern afghanistan. at least fifteen people were killed and dozens were injured many seriously. i had to stay outside to play down the road leading to the governor's compound in my mind of the capital on friday up from things that woman rode up to the site of exclusion and excel. most of the victim's clothes and days
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and passes by. no one has claimed responsibility for the taliban and allied units and trips i sit in the area many of gaza's unconcerned about the impact the departure of most us led forces me to this yet. one half of the country security it's become a key campaign issue for next month's presidential election that has opened a success and to present comic con side but is set to launch a series of attacks aimed at disrupting the process. that means the fed itself is in danger this gave us some peace and airports. nine candidates are running in the election. they are trying to rally support by promising to restore security and rebuild the economy. bought his limo let me change people's lives i will do everything i can to change the future. ntini
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i'm resolved to build peace in this country the bloodshed must be stopped me in the bottom. in afghanistan is that the historic crossroads of it means peace and stability board as well as democracy and development the table mom got a bit. the election commission is calling on voters to go to the pool the plan each of the election is already in trouble. last september the head of the election commission in the mold and probably some produce was killed two mosques gunman approached the committee chairman. they three shots and took off on a motorcycle. that aidan has claimed responsibility for the attack that ever so busy she calls the present selection of pots. a games to
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establish its own government elsewhere in the country they sounded supporters have also being attacked the violence the scattering villages away. the season for the registration office in the northern province of basra. that aidan he's a role in forcing the area. police are on high alert. ok so disruptions. only a small number of city leaders have turned out to register they're always runs a shop in the news. people getting the previous prison show election five years ago. it basically everyone won in the country to be more stable i was very glad to vote in that election. i bought things at different this time and that i dun send peace but neglected to de ice the residents. it says we owe warning you not to vote. if
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you go to vote we will kill you. the roses two sons under the table to take part in the upcoming election. but she has stopped them from registering to vote. i easily get in with anyone who goes to vote this time is putting his life in danger. i headed out of limbo. i really want the election to take place so we can elect a president and restore a sense of stability but if i vote the taliban will know. will storm into my home in the middle of the night until my entire family. if many people feel the same way about fourteen the b cells could be called into question. people we know god has done are hoping for the chance to bowl for more secure future. but they may stay away from the polls. on sbs certain that the simple act of casting about was how
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fake the results. the psyche saddam. it's the lord. kabul some of the ten counts of insider brunei in bangkok all prices are going up in major cities in china above the pace is slowing down it's a new possible sign that the country's economy may be losing some steam officials at china's national bureau of statistics say the prices of new homes when out in february from the previous month in fifty seven of the seventy major cities surveyed prizes and one joe and chengdu rose zero point five percent and those in shanghai zero point four percent but the pace of
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increase decline in many cities when compared with the same month last year the chinese economy has been showing signs of a slowdown recently the manufacturing index has fallen for three consecutive months the latest data on speculation that china's slower economic growth may be behind the small increases in those housing prices china has also released investment data commerce ministry officials say. foreign direct investment in the country totaled nineteen point three billion dollars in the genera through february period. that is up over ten percent from the earlier official same vestments of the us jumped more than forty three percent the surge of having reflected the economic recovery in the us. here the latest market figures the eye. south. three years
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after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated north eastern japan pieces of debris are still reaching the shores of north america among the recovered items concrete war found in oregon the ship found and destroyed in the alaskan water and a container that had a mortar cycle in british columbia canada. some japanese university students recently traveled to canada to search the beaches. and to look for wreckage from the tsunami and its key roles. sandra baron
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was there. given that a small district of about sixteen hundred people is on the west coast of canada's vancouver island. nissan japan's two thousand and nine and tsunami has been watching a start here in canada's western coast since early two thousand twelve. among the typical pacific marine to be found here. locals have been finding japanese fishing boats and number two japanese houses. earlier this month seventeen japanese university students around it they wanted to volunteer their time to comb the beach he is very much. robinson has been in charge of clearing the beach. she explained the situation of the tsunami did to the students. mine is pretty good. he will be march two thousand and fourteen. harold
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cancel a soft snow is from inside the marquee. one of the cities hardest hit by the disaster. more than three thousand five hundred people died and over four hundred are still missing. so i was at his high school when the tsunami engulfed the city he lost a dear friend in the waves. at a time of despair. he was encouraged to see many foreigners turning out to lend a helping hand. i was very thankful that so many people helped us. one so i thought when i entered university. i would like to pay back the kindness we received. it's also found pieces of wood that appear to be from the japanese houses the chaos. also found the loading platform from a fishing boat. the japanese trading indicated its name was still a minute. so when
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the group collected seven tonnes of debris in two days due to so much on my thumb. i was thinking maybe some of her he was from my toe sandals. i was happy that we could use our hands to clear it from the beach house. on march eleven exactly three years after the earthquake the volunteers held a commemoration ceremony and observed a minute of silence the goal. you will make all efforts you act toward cleaner japanese partners to make sure that the trio cats returned to the folks in japan. so the pieces of debris reaching the other side of the pacific are stark reminders of the pack of events but they also symbolize and i'm set for its peak in the past. sen barron
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the world. the crew that had about. security experts in japan say workers said nuclear facilities should undergo mandatory background checks they believe they will help prevent acts officials with the nuclear regulation authority up with it a panel of experts to study ways to protect power plants and other facilities. the agreed on the need for our new wall it would require workers to provide personal information such as criminal records and data on personal that other countries are reading and systems in place preventing workers and weeding out those who could pose a threat the march grand sumo tournament finished its tenth day on tuesday our civil reporter hero martin tells us how the championship battle is shaping up and during the ten of the springtime to milk with the grand champions cargo hold and hug them up again a perfect record as of nine and all to see if they were able to keep their
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undefeated record intact first goal. the lead over the previous comment has been untouchable so far in osaka the nineteen forties when the nine top division title no suitable period telling him on tuesday name. we will pull the trigger think what to post it is free to leave most days on beat him. some of the new year's competition with an ankle injury but the deal was in the honey cause fully recuperate it his blistering speed is. joe was a must read is eighteen and it's on to topple them up to see. with the move to that
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this isn't true. he finds his lower themselves to help police concluded. on the team performance from the pd mongolian was a peacock routine is hoping to earn a promotion to your clothes are not about to do this. he's got to win his first championship. he also made three but has since bounced back with six straight victories to intimidate and had just one loss. slippery toshiba is his opponents sumo with the garter toss about the new cover. did you get a solid inside the mall and six. as a coating my cupboard you now here are the standings after ten days
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the real cause not send him uncle and harm of eugene levy others. both are undefeated. these are my own in sheila's with the nine while wrecked his chances of capturing his first and russ cup will increase the mall to eat eat and not often little more time on tuesday. during the final mike davis the channels of legal aid on keeping on title hopes alive each man with two losses finally my goal. some disappointing news about egyptian or snow on us the twenty two year old grappling injured his right leg and has withdrawn from the competition. it somewhat sad because he was undefeated before the injury. on the back for the complete some up on a spring tourney next week so see you there ay ay ay ay ay ay ay in. sth
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snowstorm in washington dc our meteorologist robert spent a small rubber. any assets exactly we are seeing out here very late season storm friday actually believe it or not is officially the first day of spring and i'm sure if you are out in the mid atlantic states specifically watching the sea it does not feel that way less collateral is video back coming out of the metropolitan area there in a raid at the national mall actually and you can see how much those i've run about twenty to thirty centimeters fell most governmental buildings were closed on monday. also many schools were shut down and furthermore this comes just a week after we saw ava a fairly significant snowstorm last week now. leah said friday is the first day of spring and believe it or not this time of year people are usually gearing up at the gas along with much rate around go wash dc for the spring cherry blossom festival which
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starts on march twentieth. an enzyme april thirteen thinner a night to see that snow that melts off the worst are talking about this the expected time the bloom is on april beats that wellstone near the end of this time period. it is due to this wall exceptionally cold winter and the late winter. we have seen thus far now over next several days we are going to be seeing the warming trend out here and the reason is we have a low actually back in force the west. that's gonna bring some snow fall in parts in the northern plains extended to the up the western great lakes in the southern ontario but i had a bit when to see that sadly warm air pushed or off course northeast into new york city washington dc the temperatures are really rise up into double digits out here. some tours texas el nino which was new mac's gold the warm air is asked to be accompanied by gusty winds also very dry weather so fire weather risk a need of storms is very well possible here for you and then back off poison or well captures actually chilly denver some snow showers in your forecast high of six with taya minus
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one to die let six. i said it will be warming up off the record sees us he was going on over towards europe or western europe continues or maim well worn called and that has been the case for several days now unfortunately the wind pressure that has been in places keeping up if he's in places well so the pair indices have been a rather deteriorating across much of france wet and windy conditions the lawful was an orphan in high wind advisory is in place for germany irene now sustained winds are being worn down around fifty to sixty five kilometers per hour. by the strange hours in five it was the snack called sector of the slowest moving through a western russia and on to the ukraine even see about five to ten centimeters of snow fall here is her temperature sell out in the wesley is that it's warm it is expected cool down the lake or on up this week to about the average mark but rain showers to his dominating off your course an orphan berlin vienna award salty up mostly of snow in your forecast as they take a
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look over towards eastern asia i know a big topic has been of this storm that pushed over japan today actually brought. gossiped about a hundred climbers current either prefecture in just east of tokyo. we saw sustained winds out here at sixty five km run with that perspective. that is the equivalent of tropical storm strength winds. if we were done in the tropics so subtly keep an eye and back towards the west so we have another system that will be building up in this endeavor and showers across china. on wednesday but by thursday all of japan is to feel some gusty winds yet again and heavy rainfall that does put you on whether his accent forecast i am to noon. aye
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aye. in. the i know. and
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that's a baseline for those around me. that's it. well i estimate it takes to get world's tp. the selection of bands. it's like that. here we go first. when kali children go and study abroad it is not uncommon for their mothers to accompany them leaving their husbands at home. this edition of ha site investigates the challenges these men face. that's
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the sec and there its dominance of music for tomorrow. prominent musicians have been holding concerts in the us and france to support the survivors of japan's march eleven disaster. this weekend we'll broadcasts to them. finally on sunday highlights the partisans of tokyo's small factory. some of these skilled craftsman recently took on the challenge of developing a new kind of boss let the program shows how small or in factories carry on by the evening in their ability to innovate. we see our website for the broadcast schedule in your times out ten states kids and it's the world's tv. each. i do. i
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am. do new changes is to teach the mountain


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