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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 19, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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the us. welcome to nhk world is light and shadow timing in tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am legend present bloody beer putin has ignored criticism from the west and signed an agreement in hammocks crimea talks are underway between red cross officials from japan and north korea. they are discussing the return of remains of japanese nationals and hundreds of students and activists occupied taiwan to parliament protesting its way
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to deal with china. one day where putin has heard thread after thread about his plans to re draw on russia's borders. but the russian president has ignored the warnings he signed an agreement to annex the economist ukrainian republic of crimea. he says it's an integral part of russia. an eight year old springvale reports. at crowd in red square cheered on by the new routine as he spoke the bottom that's frustrated and infuriated western leaders. the president showed in glory to russia as he talked about his plan to annex crimea. was it. his solo. after a difficult thing to do although tiring sale he climbed the fence the best of all. returning to their home when the earlier in the day preakness lawmakers to adopt a draft a bill that would allow
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the crimean republican to win the russian federation. he said the international law is on his side and he's stressed historical pawns. crimea became part of the soviet union in nineteen twenty one then in the mid nineteen fifties it was integrated into ukraine still under the soviet umbrella. but after the ussr collapsed crimea remained with the newly independent ukraine the hat. ethnic russians make up the majority in the republic. they voted overwhelmingly in a referendum on sunday to split from ukraine after months of political unrest there. they are celebrating putin's decision to move the process along. it's great that he supported this is the president surely everyone here has been supporting us for a long time. a number of crimean squeak on the referendum in western leaders dismissed the results they slapped economic sanctions on key russian figures in an effort to stop
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the annexation bit. now they're threatening further penalties. we're talking about russia it is so compact and undermines long term profits increase obstacles for each full participation in the global economy french foreign minister gough obvious announced another consequence. we decided to suspend russia's participation in the group paid to take the other seven countries will unite to progress how to use. us president barack obama another group of seven leaders will meet next week in the hague to discuss the increasingly tense situation. ukrainian officials say russian forces shot and killed one of their soldiers in crimea on tuesday and wounded another. yet with whom you will in turn prime minister says the conflict is moving from a political tool a military one and is calling for international dialogue to prevent an escalation. he and his son. but the demure put in is showing no signs he wants to talk with russian
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officials openly mocking the current economic sanctions. western leaders may have to take a tougher approach if they want results craig dale went into the world. red cross officials from tok joined kelly gang had begun talks on returning the remains of japanese who died around the end of world war two when one is now north korea the two day talks are now underway in the northeastern chinese city of shenyang they follow a meeting earlier this month. japanese representatives said they were grateful for holding the talks without the long delay that occurred between earlier meetings. they say they expect to take part in sincere and deep dialogue government officials and other experts also attended there is trade officials said they want both sides and expanded conference to work earnestly contain productive results. the two countries' foreign ministry officials taking part are expected to hold unofficial meetings on
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the sidelines of the red cross talks. analysts believe they will discuss the resumption of high level discussions between the two nations including the abductions of japanese official talks have been suspended since november two thousand and twelve. hundreds of students and activists have occupied taiwan's parliament. opposing a trade deal with china. they say the green man was threatened smaller businesses. i the about two hundred people stormed into the teens or early tuesday. some of them scuffle with police demonstrators are criticizing lawmakers of the ruling nationalist party for trying to ratify a deal with china despite strong opposition. as in money and joe's administration signed the agreement last june. he would allow both sides to invest more freely in each other's service industries he's urging lawmakers to speed up the ratification process theory to delay could hurt relations with leaders
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and beading. around two thousand people also gathered outside the parliament on wednesday protesting against the administration. officials from iran and six world powers are into their second day of talks in vienna one curbing task or on its nuclear program. iranian delegate said the first day of discussions focused on their uranium enrichment activities and the lifting of economic sanctions on eu spokesman described the session as substantiate any useful. delegates hope to use the three day meeting to set a course for a final comprehensive agreement by late july. it's expected wednesday stocks will focus on a heavy water reactor now under construction in a western region of the country the us and european nations fear the facility could be used to extract weapons grade plutonium in iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. more than ten days have passed since the malaysia airlines plane disappeared from air controllers radar but few clues have turned up as to
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its whereabouts but did excellent in bangkok has the story. the beijing government now says the session in the sink and i needs to calm an area of about seven point seven unions quaking in me says that's as big as all lost me at and frustration is mounting among families and friends on for them they seem in asia and einstein two three seven am. asia has called on more than two dozen other nations to help track down the name of the two hundred and fifty nine passengers and crew on board one hundred fifty three by chinese medicine as chinese passengers express the impact of preaching in teaching the new gt r's family members have one last time i mean the targeted in malaysia airlines the malaysian government. as we can all see the government has constantly been released information and
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only two tonight. bates sync system. the operation is focused on two boys and me as the northern corridor was stretching towards central asia and a southern corridor or that's up to what the southern indian nation in the haitian government is oz countries in the areas for help. defence ministers gathered in the indonesian capital costs have fallen annual forum agreed to step up coordination. australia is leading the search includes something called rachel. i know that to other countries united states china doing what i can even order them say it's now all we can do is to have based on prime minister is committed to assisting allies. we need to call movies developments carefully. of course the benefit of pacific and the first sentence. by the retelling. this is serious for amazing race and an alliance and its use of.
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haitian government said on wednesday that overseas agencies have supplied background checks on all denominations on the plane except those from ukraine and russia. it had it that none of the checks has turned up anything suspicious to fall ahead of generations beginning next month and his role alongside china and the destinations is attracting increasing attention the leadership of one of the day is in asia could be about to change hands and well it is watching an eta was of the shed to media reports. he has led to it is estimated at around eight hundred million strong making the upcoming election and the largest in the ward what do they should do to take place in our midst and is startled when he appeared seven and ending on the dirt
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the focus is on the connection due to a change of the main the huge anybody in here as a leading national court is likely to withdraw when gandhi to meet its campaign. he plays his usual friendliest of one more thing as the key into the world is watching you get to twenty oh four salem has announced that he has gone out of action. he is twenty three years forward and the parties' placed brisbane i will raise people of the middle class in the next five years. i'm just one of the members of the national congress party. i'm determined to do everything for my prize. he is there to liaise with whom the court that the dynasty. his great grandfather was going to use was really nice too hard on
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me. in these parts he hopes this one. dd we can't bring back some of its most often that a team. indian citizens are increasingly critical of the car was parked in the coming. the economy is slowing. bryce is so tuned in politics corruption is widespread. some seed and i was a good time and had it with everything you've got to give the bride get anything done. i used to going singh bum disappointed with the present situation the largest producer of milk. watch and it would embarrass people and sparking. the problem. it is noted that it didn't look as its prime ministerial candidate. he is credited
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with creating the rapid growth in the best in state of the shootout as the chief minister. cody is heating cooking and quotes the race for prime minister. speech is more he could to save his second administration took me too much attention to the gandhi family and not enough according to the indians. dana. i went to mosque leaders of the present administration. we love you following. the indian constitution. the congress party's treats the new elements like he is expected to be a factor. watching their lows as the content that you didn't look good elections in december the key to corruption. watch
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tv. the kids loved the design of the stool and seeing his garment with the cost of the two legged open corruption that don't support of the vikings. interpret that introspection as an attempt to highlight the difference between ahmad who can afford to go to the industry. the question now is when the movie as mixed media and therefore a major player in the share of the conan the code. i'm sure duty of any tool in the baby that wraps up our fruit and ice had the attacks are more meantime call. the us state department has told the syrian government to suspend operations at its embassy in washington as well as consulates as well as at consulates in the states of michigan and texas special
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envoy for serie a debut rubenstein says his government cannot allow president bashir al assets for jean to conduct diplomatic operations in the us he says in the three years since the conflict started in syria. assad has refused calls to step aside rubinstein says the syrian leader as directed toward gays his own people and created a humanitarian catastrophe. but he stressed the us will maintain diplomatic relations with syria he said us ties with the syrian people will endure long after the side leaves power. the special envoys statements. the masters syrian embassy officials suddenly announced he had suspended consular services they offered no explanation for the move. the crisis in syria continues to deepen the un has appealed to the international community to support refugees out of the middle of the violence they say more than two and a half million people have fled to other countries. some
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japanese business leaders worry that rising tensions over the situation in ukraine could hurt economic ties between japan and russia. but people in both countries are still keen to do deals with each other despite politics about one thousand government and business leaders attended the japan russia and investment forum in tokyo. they wanted this japanese investment in russia three russian cabinet ministers were supposed to take part but they can so they said they needed to be in moscow on tuesday for a speech by russian president was in her putin japanese industry ministry pushing its a montague was also a no show the government's chief spokesperson says. that's mainly because of developments in ukraine trade with iraq clinton from the forum comes a time when international communities face a complicated situation people on board. i hope the forum will lead to further expansion of business
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and investment between japan and russia. when japanese businessman says the crisis could make his company thing the price about investing in russia. but an official from russia's special economic zone and some ri believes the current situation will soon be result he says he expects russia's ties with japan to get stronger japanese consumers continue to spend more at department stores ahead of the consumption tax hike in april sales in february rose for fourth straight month compared to the trendy in the previous year. officials at the japan department stores association state sells at two hundred and forty two outlets nationwide were up three percent to about four point four billion dollars. the officials say heavy snow last month discourage many people to go out mainly in and around tokyo that sells robbie for items such as cosmetics and furniture shopping by foreign visitors gave a boost
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the resulting cells hit a record totaling about forty four million dollars the officials say demand for clothing is low this month but overall sales will likely grow further as demand for daily necessities are expected to surge before the tax hike. duvall as on bail but operating system for wearable computers. the us internet giant says it plans to develop wristwatch type devices complete with software by the end of this year. the line. we're working to well executives said they will opt for the operating system called android where for free. the software is based on popular operating system for android. they said among other things and toys away or is capable of understanding voice commands google added that the software also simplifies data communication between where bulls and other devices such as smartphones mtv's the company aims to tie up with electronics firms including south korea's samsung electronics in taiwan's htc. the design this flood watches. here are
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the latest market figures the eye. it is. it is. and moving his things. though residents of the dish in japan are debating how best to remember the past. they have different opinions about structures that survived the earthquake and tsunami three years ago. some survivors are deciding on their own to safeguard what they can. nhk world tv chief cory has one man's story on today's edition of the road
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ahead. june is on as it is his entire life to be content with it. it was a community of twenty three thousand and two of the prefecture. what the cdc new is no longer here the tsunami said pillay. most of the districts. doorways of his reasonable reader read to us i had to be used. next they like to go my story is about one km from the seat it shows how far in the tsunami reached about it. his parents and his brother died in and yam by the minute you all these hundreds of others
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the holidays are gone gone demolished along with other structures that do remain some wanted to keep sane. but city officers decided to take down every bidding in which people adopt. well he's bidding as the only ones standing in his area. we'll play nice. so it is determined to preserve it. he hopes it will help people remember that the destructive power of the tsunami. he shares his experiences memories of anyone who's interested. more importantly has the top assigned to the people know how high the tsunami reached the mall one day. i climbed up here will win while i was up here
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the water came to this level think im going to teach him how to shear the money not too much though. as i love things launching soon as the bindings allows people to understand mall did it to you what happened on that day. i took some of the buildings will be preserved so that we can visit and learn. lance on those lessons. i'm grateful to people who are willing to conserve time. goals are. as i was going to try it was beyond just a month before the disaster. and now she hopes the remains of his soul you also have him on some clothes two presentations and the generations after that
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will the war would lead him to pick what i want my daughter to be allowed to come here and look at this building for them to visualize how high the tsunami reached. you can't imagine how terrifying it was a one seat in the lab i want her to be prepared to bob and to be able to protect yourself. my greatest wish though. b bet the main structure that needs to be reinforced. all the duties and future prospects. but it does not expect funding from the city. they wanted him to demolish the bid. so we don't as though i was thinking of turning to crime funding to raise the money doesn't let us know and this time japan and across the world. she did she agrees. and it's gay won't because then cut out
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we're expecting a storm and took to our meteorologist roberts betta has the details from perth. aes on here on thursday much of japan for that matter is going to be i've seen some wet windy and much cooler conditions as we start to see a storm system coming for the lesson this is already bringing some rain showers across much of central and western china and the big problem of year and a new team of fifty millimeters of rain next week for hours but is that this is falling on some theories which have recently experienced and forced buyers especially in southern and southwestern china. when you get that the ground is naive to soak up the water that's when you start to see the risk of flash flooding so we're kind of monitor this. as the storm does about but it's also tracking towards the east and is expected to intensify as it pushes over spin yarns to see some rain showers a few thunderstorms the western parts of campus property on thursday. this is really in a kick up some severe thunderstorms rain along the pacific coast lines with up to about sixty to seventy km bars beer will cost
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the company by all the heavy rains and high waves and then snow falls to the higher elevations out their tours nor the concert and a crossbow kind of a thirty seven meters could accumulate so a lot of factors going in with this storm system is going to continue to push through. there's good news by friday it's going to move out and there are weather will filter in there behind it cooler weather for the time being. thursday till just idling in the nine degrees chilling off a bike friday and saturday. it starts to recover in northwest dc up in nineteen twenty one bite your saturday. shanghai. well thirty min to get there the seventeen don't talk about the country's see their bottom of your screen the philippines a tropical oppression a minor one not named. it's still going to be in the dream maker out here to emphasize or mindanao definitely this coming weekend. looks like it is going to be having a lot of flooding potential not just after gale force winds to be had this to the situation is still evolving but be ready for the risk of flooding and landslides out here across the americas the big topic is this storm system of this one it is developing is pushing
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across the great lakes. i intend seven years very well likely their southern part ontario which was cool back as this does continue push through behind it we are to see some clearing conditions but as it was over had instilled in me they are out there feel in some rain showers in the possibility to us and sleep in and around new york city washington d c though you see someone eat some pictures not good is going now papa little to the snowy saw from monday's storm. high pressure coming in the on again. warming temperatures in houston twenty three year career high nineteen in the land to oklahoma city get the fifteen still some rain showers into the pacific northwest of seattle in vancouver you see some cloudy skies with the bill's passage hours after midweek across europe high pressure really has been dominating the west it has taken things warm and like all not here in temperatures have been above average but not the case if you're in eastern europe over towards western russia some snow showers are really in a deep pushing him through this storm system as it moves off behind it. another wall running along the jet stream that's pushing through
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the british isles is giving some widespread priests in addition across the northern parts of greece thousand eventually by friday continuing to push east into paris by night temperatures like this said their above average and paris to see twenty three are high on thursday but is unique dropping down pushing towards a single digits by saturday meanwhile though in rome sixteen victory at twenty in athens the twenty two and is expected to stay at work i have put you on whether his accent forecast. i am noon. i
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do. this seems like a sour note on ian gets. each. well
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i estimate it takes to get world's tp. on the scs selection of bands from this week's lineup. here we go first. when corinne children go and study abroad it is not uncommon for their mothers to accompany them leaving their husbands at home. this edition of a same site investigates the challenges these men face. that's the second and third and stalin's of music court
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tomorrow. prominent musicians have been holding concerts in the us and france to support the survivors of japan's march eleven disaster. this weekend we'll broadcasts to them. finally on sunday highlights the partisans of tokyo's small factory. some of these skilled craftsmen who recently took on the challenge of developing a new kind of bomb threat the program shows how small or big factories carry on by the meeting in their ability to innovate. we see our website for the broadcast schedule in your times out and states kansas and it's the world's tv. huh. rule
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new new new. and who remains in this interview. with this seasons. was uneventful and seasons in japan the aye aye aye. he remains in the snow people around the fenced in and sunscreen. and all factored into


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