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guess i attended my way the school as well. headline news on duty and one ukrainian prime minister abbas in the gaps in youth concert confrontation in ukraine's crimea peninsula has melted to the minute to study each. he was speaking off the dance of a ukrainian service men and wounding two others during the storming of the unit's a simple local people into russian troops for the incident in response the ukrainian government has authorized the use of weapons by this ministry for self defense. the rising tension has led to trenches been dubbed rei controls along the russian border in donetsk region xi team player
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alison of the russian president about to meet putin signed the treaty to comics crimea. thank you in the cold is cool car and its incorporation into russian moves against international law. hundreds of mourners paid their respects to crimean tartare which obama told his funeral in the crimean kept two of sinful. on tuesday the father of three dissipated march that the women in the tree jack is slipping away from the scene of the protest and simple to one of his friends said he'd gone into town to the ukrainian army the party of which outcome itself was founded in two weeks late to get the locals fifty km east of simple form he had been tortured and beaten local toss our leaders are asking to come up with huge build up and brush and trees and tree in the crimean peninsula in recent weeks. russia has now i'm extra innings him. i
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the accused. j and more. it is. exchange. sky. i have. it is. the top. dead the book
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be one. i want to do more to be due respects to shout amen to put his funeral in the crime capital of central poland tuesday crime meets on the mantle was nice to tease in the fall of three children he disappeared on the third of march when three men in the two jackets led him away from the scene of the product is the simple gospel one of his friends that he'd gone into town to induce the ukrainian army his body was found in the two weeks
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late into the town of spin of august fifty km east of super awful may show signs of torture and the team thousands of russian troops invented by me in recent weeks in russia is now incorporated the peninsula and is sitting with him practice his book with a defiant now the new depression if the need to take over but needs to form a political control a member of the talk to me she says cup representative body has called for calm the stiff week or more while countryman and people of crimea to remain calm. this is an international issue and we are away team and its natural reaction. ukraine's reaction this should be sold at international level. for the security situation is tense and dangerous the arrival of russian forces backed by all in the snow covers the military has raised tensions as well as soldiers so called self defense units which are pro russian had been patrolling the streets and towns across
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cry me a mask on than many in all those with common sight to be folded clothes human rights watch described climate sofia around the time of the referendum in the week before the referendum he said the ukrainian nationals into the two journalists were abducted two cameramen from the bottom of the team production company were abducted on the sixteenth of march is super awful report to my town activities with the scenes of trouble on the thirteenth of march on the eighteenth of march ukrainian makes a comment that was used as a light shield by russian forces to gain access to unique sports is in the course of which ukraine warrant officer was killed. cool he loves to go commando them in the si unit of ukraine's foreign intelligence service was abducted outside his house and built by russian troops and eventually released on the same day the research aside i have studied evidence
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of a split second off to the peak body with the newly formed you in a post it in and out to play some astonishing left the one who was in the fabric of the costs must wait. if confirmed would be a mite of bonds in the understanding of the universe who is without many silent is already believed an initial extreme draft riots happened by governments or the type of evidence like it in the new stopping. if these results hold up as far as i can tell from the prison tasty be seen today in the paper. these but the most crap like a duck we've learned. only the inflation to sentosa telegram been caught in a gravitational waves and could transcribe the cost of my trip back from sky. he'll be essential in the years to come to follow through with more detailed and precise measurements to truthfully what this telegram is telling us the findings were announced by collaboration including researchers from the harvard smithsonian center for astrophysics the university of minnesota star of the king of the state the california institute of technology on nasa's jet
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propulsion laboratory. what has been announced. it's direct observational evidence in support of the theory is that the universe through from the sides of the matter at the observable universe the truth. the size of an atom. this science of basketball. in the mean honestly small fraction of the second the theory of cosmic inflation. something that has been hypothesized for thirty years and now here is a direct prediction made by that theory. this has been confirmed. what a noob lah would be just as detection of such lights. the universe we should be called the last time as all the big time many
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might like to see the welcome the likes of neil whole piece on slate today the kites a time into anyone left alive in an alt text. when the yu chi form pointer was going nuts with the climate talks to a magical season meaning he sees no color. he changed his party to an extent but the cities i e boats tied the place of the zone leaders and said it's different parts of the color spectrum. while studying at darlington college of arts card base and went on a project the i ten ten i sometimes known as the label able to detect different parts of the spectrum in tatting many times missing messages to the brian was spent on site and i mean to sound played in taipei is. they basically picks up that my frequency in front of me thinks that is it that if i make it transpires that my frequency into some frequency. then i hear cars through bone conduction as modem i did not sound system using my ears to hear connor i used my bone. amanda might unite here. here's connor saints in a different type of
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sound perception its debut of sounds that go through bone conduction and the audience has come to an induction. one time i was due to the camera compute of the caliph hedge funds the previous post about not being such a light in the kind will come out. i like to talk to about eight in two thousand and four doctors pam elliott us going towards caught this on his head. so when i do. i'd like to hear the heartbeat so can the painters have become a composer so i can actually hear of the cast are not in the marco all these are things that he is just different notes. it sounds high pitch. the sun so psyched about a timeout to allow people to experience to come up in this line like he does and even when the castle and toxic string quartet teaching the unique like me he has the slight many tight for ground troops. and b is
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you the four new cat chased onto been arrested on terror charges in washington state in the us border with canada prosecutors believe the city msn convo she saw it was planning to cross into canada and traveled to syria to foreign jihadi group islamic state of iraq. oakland has missed two great minds i now have been feisty task forces loyal to present the show imus at the end of the rebel groups as they seek to impose a strict unafraid to walk on syria the syrian competence and waiting for victory is resulting in hundreds of thousands of people being killed by western nations are on my left off the hundreds of radical us citizens travel to syria point in the conflict officials are concerned the prospect of the jihadi militants for coming in with as many as two hundred australians and seven hundred europeans believe in syria including many from uk and fronds and thinking the more durable. syrian
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forces from sixteen different countries are participating in a nato training exercise caution by an interview with the new lady with the russian wyatt and its partners must exercise called response twenty fourteen the sixth such exercise to be conducted within the arctic circle this year's rules is the participation of more than sixteen thousand sailors soldiers airmen and marines from countries such as the us canada and uk forces will include large troop movements foot and vehicle patrols in today's raids seen combat training exercises on the thirteenth of march drills coincide with russia sees europe ukrainian peninsula in crimea for russian forces had been occupying the region for weeks before the passing of the referendum which has been harshly condemned as illegal acts as a sovereign country russia has been routinely conduct the hills along
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the ukrainian border. in response to russian aggression in ukraine united states said it was president joe biden to pull it to reassure the us is committed to backing its allies the us air force has bolstered its sixteen members of the polish air base. it sent warships to the black sea. nato for the time being is closely watching ukraine from a distance been back from making any commitments at this time. i eye. long recently you've got to be tortured soul to justify his invasion of crimea by claiming that anti semitic fascist forces of the battle in ukraine disclaimers be repeated endlessly by russia's twenty controlled media and to a lesser extent be decoded international media coverage of the ukraine crisis. these anti semitic claims is that they do not
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appear to tally with events on the ground in ukraine itself ukrainian jewish community has been vocal in their rejection of the kremlin's allegations and have repeatedly denied that the armrest which led to the overthrow of the article which regimes on the rise in anti semitism. instead they have pointed to the inclusive nature of the new ukrainian governments which actually includes a number of perhaps the most prominent jewish leader to be appointed for the new ukrainian administration used in the poker prof govern our hero color scheme reduction and ukrainian as a billionaire businessman an international jewish community to call him or his key here is a co owner of kerry and one child was one of the first major appointments made by the newquay of government. he was given responsibility for governing the strategically crucial ukrainian regional think of it all. which is both an industrial powerhouse gateway to the country's restive far east. so far he appears to be succeeding with the sold items were on the pro russian rising which is turn the troubling much of east ukraine has been largely absent from the coast since
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colin was key to coffees leading many to hold him up as a model for his fellow governors cool moist has also won considerable appeal to the right use for our ukraine for us in the intervening to provide much needed fuel supplies to the ukrainian armed forces units stationed in the south of the country always keep the microphone role in ukraine's new administration in one piece on it it is conclusive proof that a russian allegations of a fascist anti semitic pay covering the country on false critics of the kremlin to point out that it is almost impossible to imagine a woman in the end of the ukrainian jewish community like all the more it is accepting to serve under an anti semitic regime. i think we ought to believe that such a regime would have suggested an appointment in the first place. three of them . eye
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the ants made by european common president not to tilt in the knesset recently struck on to the sink the city's decision to deliver a speech in jenin silly as this goes on top of a dispute over the eu labeling is really blessed by products. ali entry difficult time. the eu israel relations well i think it in the case with bb and wrote to me to know this because the ecb him so that the team checked you know the facts the bolt into the trees. this was above the water distribution will go between good and the credit union a signal and i pinged of course the sox had to be checked the single sold me be the reaction of some forty patients in user who are not the every year i was even a pretty fair job because he did. president roh says. is
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it the stronger families and jolts particularly came under fire highlight the alleged water consumption allowances of israelis and palestinians but influential foreign affairs committee chairman amy pmo broke has come to the president's defense martin cartridge for my part was for my party is known to some of these produce fruit perhaps it was a mistake to set things on such occasions expressed it. and then made my mistake not to mention that besides going from gaza please read it before its local bought a situation in gaza. but the thing here. so it was awesome to be double what conduct of some old son will be produced with a system that will positively and applauded think it's been a major impact. however the european jewish college coach of the children felt believes the shelves should be more careful about the issues that you've raised in the knesset excited. he
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did a nice day. the icing his motivation was not that bad condition. but when you are taking the north and comments when you are going to do he's right on them and delivering a speech of the frightened sheep. you need to be very profitable to the shul you are bringing a new can bring the shul which the on the city and all which can that the grits from fiction but still it's a problem in the book rusty you can raise those issues. but to make the butchered the future is unknown to come to the parliament are relaying what that don't listen and died. stay tuned to a few hall was before these gems but it's not a guy who was knocked out star of light milk and expressed on the water issue. he wasn't sweating what the soul of the punishment which is on a flat bottomed out. while both sides all be speaking to play down notions of an eu israel risks they can be no doubt the tension beneath the surface is threatening
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the special relationship this is james drew for jm on the european parliament in brussels. eye. i. the to show you which is unified the arab world. hundreds of palestinians in the west bank city of queued up for that jones to compete in the crimea time and showed her all i do each contestant was given opportunities to impress the five member panel of lebanese judge is to add to the west bank with french gospels is the first time this year has come to the palestinian terror treats one of the tide pools is twenty three road to rent our house late. everyone has a colby and i want to change was that people might take implied in such programs. it is nothing wrong with that in the nation open beaches dreams and hopes. the top the winner of last year's
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contest was mohammed south young with the singer from the gaza strip refugee camp the wind from hardship to hear it. i've been on it. he barely made it the rotations lost it. he had to leave with gaza's hamas rulers to let him leave pride egyptian border guards. i was lucky to be offered a place by famine palestinian authority had the best accounts of winning speaking to reporters he said he was optimistic about his people's feet in the competition off to hearing what he called many people voices. this year many of the resort dish named said they were inspired by a sob story for those palestinians no taking off they would just be carried to the tv later this year to see products that people can win the prestigious prize for second year in iraq the u s congressman has visited for an extremely useful. nikki be skeptical about a democrat james mcgovern strip was to
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celebrate with us keep in efforts to preserve and pitched to moisten the pope points winning goal with this particular house. she was america's cup together with the way into this in print in oklahoma preserve a host of knowledge. in the end. it is no limit to what we can do if we were together so in awe at the midway it the right price the owner of the year that will be together again in hobart on the privilege to have to package approved and she reaches to the massachusetts congressman and a byzantine us delegation like target or pairing least one in which to some helpful but the mccain camp and comfort so the house has been noted is that this is when we left its shortly before his death in nineteen sixty one the us cuba collaboration comes as the two traditional fighters inched closer to normalizing relations which were detailed to nicole ball joyful crowds filled the streets of northern india in celebration of
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the colorful festival of lights smoke and then screened on the triumph that could lead to even celebrate it in the month. i couldn't imagine it coming. one has to suspect that the funding had to take expect a knock on effect in with the much anticipated festival among students. multiple routes as well as residents enjoyed singing and dogs seemed to pump additional pound popular songs streaming from the summit of giving up sweets and split income was one of the little witches in both. distillate only thing that joyful celebration of love and affection security breach reminded consent as religious unrest in the country remains point three in business with tinted to admit that the path to becoming the target of an absent the time. eye. watch them of the kindle a two stage in europe to introduce
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a little clown on the ritual slaughter of animals. this book controversy across europe and beyond. dish agriculture food they sped down the field and sen said that animal rights must come before the job. so is rachel's hope to still compatible with twenty first century animal rights. so what is amazing to be untrue i'm super cute way of getting um um was the most human way. why my mum him on the most play with that said just before the end is kind of the decision which might cause a huge storm and change all that this is very emotional thing. who could use the station. a bit more different than what's been done. these politicians in the european parliament on the other hand seemed more concerned distressing general i'm a well that brother addressing the rights and wrongs of virtual school we discussed this and that it is still too angry that any kind of updated. there ensued a unique and into the nineties
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and continues on and i was top of the sweet head. i was falling. it takes courage to pee at its peak and the most accounts the ox is why they were on to the sick thing getting frisky on the bus can't be too dumb to truman time before they dumped the contents. and you can see i can only get you. we did it stink. i think it's sensible it is still in my opinion no doubt the animal is suffering defeats knots increasing to eighty eight the kind of amazed to see before suffering of animals. it is just not up to him he'll excessive and that the modifications this sunday live in peace that he knows that i am indeed that it is not seem to get it even though suffering and mind and emotion should disappear don't think they respect the animals. speaking of new boutiques in new testaments you don't have to be a bit tatty and to see that meat was actually reading teacher before he does on my plate. i
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have stored alongside sheep intact told myself. i know that they had the good life the foal that one day at sticking to his life. and that makes six. it's difficult to have been sent to slaughter house. it makes me feel better because i know that i'm taking them very well and they don't go on long known groups just going to kilometers and it gets twenty seconds after they enter the store so i went to was run by mike jones stresses european union law miles religious groups to use ritual slope to the member states also have the right to prohibit such practices the studio right i took this as typical mom creation of more of what it meant that is the easy to use at the european commission will use up a significant tool over to school to allow two
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of two elements of cooking sweet oh so close. go over and talk to me as of today each of the ups and each of the member states have the rights to have an independent ngos say as a mom right now i cannot say cdc you to go but tops of these afghans that is a contradiction between the national and european commission will commission a bold promise music you love discuss this issue was a reprise of the cuban spanish government as well as those of the polish government as they should do still exist and are waiting to get their spots. thus this to be a contradiction between eu regulation and national members the goals which is causing concern to jewish groups in denmark and poland this is james true gem on the european commission in brussels. eye. uhh. listen milk has been sacked by west bromwich albion an excuse to
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resist conduct after the football revealed that he terminated his contract three months early. another says that he's not satisfied with how these conditions is post rejoining of the team and that he was leaving to preserve its integrity the conditions were that he should apologize to the club and its supporters for his recent use of the controversial canal salutes which has been widely criticized for being the statement of anti semitism. some even refer to the gesture is a reverse pass to salute. the former france striker was banned for five matches by the football association. albion had suspended him well their own internal inquiry was ongoing and they were set to announce his exit on grounds of dishonor in the clothes however the thirty five year old has forced all of the west with lenders by declaring he will leave the hawthorns. kelly responded by saying that in his use of the canal gestures in his decision to release a statement on his twitter page demonstrated through his conduct and accused him of being highly unprofessional albion also says that the manner in which he
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terminated his contract is not comply with the correct legal process giving them the right to keep me fourteen days' notice of termination is required under his contract. it is understood that the fa will contact the world governing body the fed to request that the five match ban is carried out by whichever club he chooses to join next. the fa will also ensure that an open completion education course before being allowed to play anywhere in the world. it is really telling if cheney and his compatriots audi tt gay won the men's and women's health mountain races through the streets of new york city at the weekend. she races began to get it from central park with a large group of runners in the morning star's main conditions will cross the rain cold and chatted with manhattan school buildings. no foreigner double load them in and the champion in ten thousand and five thousand meat is and recommit before the ten km mark even sprinted to second place but couldn't
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catch when im the type who came in to the time of one hour and fifty seconds far as time was one hour one minute seven seconds on to its flora was seen being treated on the ground and he lets wrapped in blankets in a wheelchair. he's due to run the polaris than the first time in london on april the team having run the whole distance in the british council in twenty thirteen. i the rule. though. do. rudy in the room. to me. rudy. or
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in the room. will the gurus yes . the interns are taiwan
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all had. student groups of broke into the legislature on the evening of the eighteenth to protest against the niceties of a review of the cross strait trade in services agreements the students demanded the price of mine to apologize and can you tell you why resign. well before they called him for the agreement to be repealed


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