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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 19, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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go . i was. all that welcome to a sign that said there's a much twenty if i'm capping comanche and tokyo. the new chair of the us federal reserve is falling in the footsteps of her predecessor at jenny allen says the central bankers will continue to scale back their stimulus programs she said that mtv keeping interest rates at record lows that she suggested they could start to race then after they finished winding down their bond buying program. late which is
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um. we used to this statement is considerable period so i did i eat it this is the kind of term. it's hard to define but um. he'll probably means the eyes so the new order of release six months you're in that type of thing. policy makers decide to further reduce monthly purchases of treasury bonds and other assets to fifty five billion dollars. they say heavy snow caused economy activity to slow down during the winter at the sea the economy has sufficient underlying strength to support ongoing improvement in the job my kids. the unemployment rate has fallen to six point seven percent policymakers had promised to keep rates low until it fell below six point five percent. but now they seem to look at the labour might get a sample inflation the number of things and making their decision. share prices and wall street fell after the decision and the dollar rose sharply against major currencies
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the dow jones industrial average ended lower by zero point seven percent closing at sixteen thousand two hundred and twenty two and the nasdaq closed down zero point five nine percent at four thousand three hundred and seven. don't count against the yen nearly one percent it's now changing hands at one of two point three seven two for all our best is still the u s bonds after yelling hinted policymakers could raise interest rates earlier than expected. investors always want to know what the fed chair has to say michelle my area is the senior us economist at banc of america merrill lynch global research is more on the market reaction. i have decided to get ahead man and tea drinker and we did think you need protected by an addict and very end. at which brings the purchases to fifty that period was probably up on consensus expectations and market expectations. this is how it came from a bit more about hockey it's at langley
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team this evening and that is in the markets believe that the fed can perhaps be key and hiking into st sooner than previously expected. in particular the summary for naptime see if it sells at a rate hike a little bit earlier than they did in the prior meeting that when looking at the deeds to be santa have expectations according to the deeper have seen the shelf. and yes the market reaction and had the bond market interest rates are highest in the side as the hawkeyes beat me and pris i actually had a bit of baloch be in stock today. and as that market participants either race that the fed would go ahead and remove some of the comedy scene perhaps earlier than expected global markets have reacted swelling and the need to use that as an easy read on the side and it's a massacre on the beach sand which would mean that perhaps i wouldn't with liquidity in global markets as well. that was to show my aunt from and
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the bank of america merrill lynch global research the motor has agreed to pay one point two billion dollars to the us justice department to settle claims that ms land transport authorities as the highest i never paid by nona make it to the department of justice department asking probing claims that ten provided misleading information about safety problems that triggered a huge recall and two thousand and nine and two thousand ten. the company issued the meantime the united states after a number of so called sudden acceleration accidents involving drivers of its clients. state officials say it's been a difficult decision but that it was important for the company to take positive steps in the us my kids. this new target cars in north america half recovered after being battered by them econs was japan's two thousand eleven earthquake and tsunami the european union has fined three japanese and interior piano auto parts manufacturers more than one billion dollars for forming a
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price fixing cartel the companies have admitted to the cartel. the of being commission on wednesday announced the fine of over nine hundred and fifty million years for breaking the price in barron's. key component in car production the commission said auntie and an sk and nasty things a cushy corporation of japan had formed a sales cartel with the german engineering group chancellor and this weekend and ski after the seventy two said that the sky filled with us. they acknowledge their own doing receive you read on air about them. but then percent of the fight. eu anti trust commissioner clunky melanie and stressed the issues on to crackdown on cartels he said the fines will deter other companies from engaging in illegal behavior and help restore competition in the industry. i i i i i. i
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was invited to attend is ignoring threats over his plan to annex crimea. he has signed an agreement with leaders from the icon in this region western nations have reacted sharply deepening their combined with moscow an hq adheres to the county for points the lady her age would you. president clinton announced on tuesday. plants and gold russia's borders the issue. try me and ask them to rush and usually some call it the annexation crimea. it is orange in the russian terrorists was he getting enough to buy multiple. only deal with a few years ago i. this beach
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put aside its leading to the call for a creamier than to rush into it. in. the a few chills and a creamy sitting pretty in residence will now switch to russian citizens. i'll miss you choose to opt out. me being a mom. the city following a transition period. lastly would be fully incorporated into question. so next year ukraine's acting president would send her to chino has denounced the move is it. it is a dangerous political game the move is not only a provocation against ukraine it was an attempt to de stabilize the entire international situation the eye. jamie's mom to have crossed the peninsula. in the ukrainian naval base use across the pool. people to
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become the nation's flag and replaced it with the russian one. the central city of seeing double. one ukrainian soldier has been killed by gunfire year. leaders in tsa russian troops also wounded another. but many officials have a different view. they state the unknown gunmen also killed a member of the local self defense unit of ethnic russians. it's not clear yet what exactly happened the international community has criticized russian leaders. i believe that he in russia for what they've done or on the wrong side of history. kerry said the us does not support the annexation. and sometimes it gets washed a half to be stamped out. the european union released a statement saying it will take a concerted action representatives are expected to discuss either sanctions
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against russia or later the week. i mean a species of this as japan will increase pressure on russia. japan cannot ignore a month and the team visited the school by force. of this as his government will consider financial assistance to help lead to a peaceful outcome in ukraine. professor no bullish note the mighty oak aussie university is an expert on russian politics. smart money says recent events have highlighted the wayne clough of the west. will you meet these recent developments are a turning point. they underscore the declining influence of the us and europe. the new look he says tough sanctions really aren't an option. when nations are so dependent on each other. the new listing
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them all. crimea is pretty much a make or break situation. the worst case scenario is that ukraine break submerged or plunges into civil war the professor save the g seven and russia will probably end up negotiating some sort of compromise. but keep in the digital etiquette of a war is likely to go on for sometime. geology nhk world in other news officials from the japanese and north korean red cross have begun their second round of times. in discussing bringing home the remains of the japanese who died to what the end of world war two when what is now north korea and the two days and times said being held in the north eastern chinese city of sydney and they follow a meeting of the red cross officials on that much their preferred such a get together since august two thousand and
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twelve. a japanese red cross official says he hopes to announce some progress at the end of the toxic foreign ministry officials from the two countries were also at wednesday's meeting. meet and discuss the resumption of higher level talks between the two governments be achieved level negotiations have been suspended since november two thousand and twelve. officials were also believed and exchange views on other issues including the abduction of japanese by north korean agents. nearly two weeks have passed since malaysia airlines flight three seven eight disappeared from the air controllers rain are but its whereabouts are still a mystery. yemen officials now say this is for the jetliner needs to cover an area of about seven point seven million square kilometers. that's as big as austria. of the two hundred and thirty nine passengers and crew on board one hundred and fifty three hundred chinese relatives of those passengers express their anger at a briefing in beijing to him the u s family
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members have lost the mangy targeted in malaysia airlines and amazing government. as we can all see the government has constantly released information and only two tonight with a single system the search is focused on two broad areas of northern corridor would stretch into what central asia at the southern corridor that box to what this southern indian ocean. defense news is gathered in indonesian capital jakarta for an annual forum had been agreed to step up for the nation. note that to other countries united states china doing what i can in the north and six. it's now all we can do is to have based on prime minister has committed to assisting know i said. we need to promote these people tend to read and of course the benefit of pacific and the first sentence. by the joining this is serious for amazing
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race in an alliance and is the center of. togetherness said overseas agencies has supplied background checks on all non malaysians on the plane except those from ukraine and russia. it added that none of the tanks has turned out anything suspicious. officials from imran and six world powers on into their second day at times in vienna on curbing tehran's nuclear program. a really good said the first day of discussions focused on the ukrainian enrichment activities and a lifting of economic sanctions the spokesman described the session as extensive and useful. i get told to use the three day meeting to set course for a final comprehensive agreement by late july. once these talks will focus on a heavy water reactors now under construction in western iraq the us and european nations fear the facility could be used to extract weapons grade plutonium. the man insists its nuclear program is for
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peaceful purposes. in new. i am. do. and. the japanese have learned to keep plenty of food on hand for emergencies some change to the hague after the disaster three years ago in northeastern japan. now researchers at the kitchen products with a longer shelf life. shoppers that can compare the shelf life and carries the product. these two kinds of tofu look thinner. but the one on the left has a longer shelf life. in this corn beef will keep for three years the idea that this nanny was extended from seven to ten months
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filter the sky that are flourishing. that might be because the products don't spoil for a long time and don't use artificial additives and preservatives when we've seen more of these in the past two years our customers tend to choose products that have only two weeks i read it. how can the shelf life be extended without using preserve a chance. one of the biggest enemies if that preservation is oxygen. if it comes into contact with the olympia the defense quality deteriorates. even today and a killer plastic containers is not only protected as oxygen might eventually get through. now i need to protest new packaging technology that keeps fish an ounce. the container on the left is a conventional one. the other being with the new technology is out
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fishing trip. a special commission that reacts to lock in it that it until it is closed. as time passes the content that the bank in a container start turning blue. but any other container the color doesn't change words so well. this mayonnaise container has several layers. to prevent oxygen from getting through even so some could penetrate all. and so we added a wall that absorbs oxygen. making the container completely oxygen proof. the walls are between the plastic layers filled even if the oxygen gets to read the canteen or surface. it won't reach the two. thanks to the innovation many in this type of container it was there for thirty more a month this fake company extended expiry dates the strict hygiene control. pretty soon
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potatoes salad and i don't get to the nineteenth the new show shelf life with ptt treaty that this company's products last for months if there is free during. the key is to control a bacteria into the air. any salad or delicatessen to that if exposed to bacteria during preparation might not keep for long time. and the shower in fact recent influx of those dust particles of the employees. the factory's hygiene and just added if any conductor firm. every three hours. the machines are stopped and taken apart for the oral cleaning. the person takes thirty minutes the extreme reduction of bacteria. the company was able to steer like its products in a low grade temperature. without sacrificing the distinctive flavor and texture of its
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homes delegations extended their shelf life to him on last year revenue increased twenty percent over the previous year. you know we want to go near the longer preservation of food. that ensures the pooch flavorful and safety. the state guarantees could be two more to export their products destress for much longer time so people in other countries might soon be eating more japanese delicacies the people are visiting and just hand the number of foreign torres hit a record high for february. officials at the japan national tourism was in a station estimate eight hundred and eighty thousand people visited japan last month. that's up about twenty one percent from a year ago and the second straight monthly rise officials say the weaker yen and a decline in anti
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japanese sentiment pushed up the number of tourists from mainland china i seventy one percent. any team during the lunar new year holidays the number of time travel isn't red and seventy two point four percent year on year. more of the enemy's people also visited japan five rising to seventy percent. and there was a twenty five point one percent increase in australian tourists in february. many of them came to ski. officials say they want to build on this momentum that pushing seasonal attractions like cherry blossom viewing and summer activities. japanese consumers continue to spend more at department store is the head of the consumption tax hike in april sales in february rose for a fourth straight month compared to the trend in the previous year. officials at the japan department stores association state thousand two hundred and forty two outlets nationwide where up to three percent to about four point four billion dollars officials say heavy snow last month discourage many people the bailout mainly in and around tokyo. the zipper up
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the fried them such as cosmetics and furniture shopping by foreign visitors gave a boost. the resulting sales hit a record totaling about forty four million dollars. if this is a demand for clothing is below this month. but overall sales will likely go for that as demand for daily necessities i expected to surge before the tax hike. kelsey collect and might get the kids the eye. it is. it is. it is
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employee at the state statistics office in turkey has shot dead six colleagues the nine committed suicide before he can be arrested thirty three year old opened fire at a grand synthesis of the institute and the eastern province of cars on wednesday morning. the dead include the regional manager the gunman then to cost him his shot himself just before police arrived. the governor of the province is the man was involved in a dispute with the manager after being suspended over his behavior at work. turkey allow citizens to possess can safely held licences in illegal firearms and major problem and help generate crying. anti government protesters often bring guns to rallies and gun control has become a key political
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issue. tokyo police say they want to question and got him as ambassador to japan over a lease contract in the forehead in the eagle casino. the civic si nail may have raked in two million dollars over the past eighteen months police have arrested ten employees at the casino issue pre award on suspicion of allowing customers to pray about the route. they seize cash worth about one hundred and twenty thousand dollars police say the roomies for the casino was first granted in september two thousand twelve under the name of the bended knee in ambassador the ambassador replaced his predecessor as ten and last year the employees told police the ambassador had visited the casino. police are working through japan's foreign ministry tassie ambassador who has diplomatic immunity to accept voluntary questioning. when is time now for a check of that the weather with them i'm sure jim lying good morning people and took us seeing gray skies as they make their morning commute. if the trend lower saying the grace and as
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well as the cool temperatures here in spokane the temperatures are dropping down to mid winter night. but they are some indications of the on the arrival of spring to come into the video for someone coming up with a seventeen game. this beautiful season of konami has arrived in japan one million and nine the hunt for a field mustard flowers are in full bloom than festival with a key prefecture. this place cease to be a bright idea that the people into seeing the other flower is in the warmer weather yesterday the finalists will be at their peak next week who unlike the tv and able to endure these beautiful flowers and ter classes will start to pull in contrast much of central japan said and let's not get re still talking about some midwinter night temperatures as well as heavy snow we have an incoming fifth in the evening and set apart from that beautiful picture and let's not really going to be beautiful at all heavy rain thunderstorms heavy snow fall in in store for us today. we easily up to six meters high and especially around
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the pacific coast guard sent to hunt and twenty kilometers per hour that could easily downtown alliance and the trees and an aging structures where high in the advising him to wear your warmest jacket because the temperatures are going to be falling into the single digits in many locations across and worship and soap but thanks rings c aircraft some of these areas of the plumbers every evening but then again another win tonight when their boss the snow will be found here in northeastern areas of the korean peninsula. heavy rain in southern china that the conditions are dissipating the air conditioned so that her own tea will be continuing to be quite good in and around beijing. here comes the philippines we have a tropical depression it's a very slow moving system and its guarantee to continuously bring heavy rain across the southeastern corner of the country. in temperature are as follows we know that the eighty three with chances of thunderstorms. beijing and fifteen degrees with twenty of sunshine can kill and eat
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agrees with the rain breathtaking game. across the america has at least i still have snow to talk about the winter precipitation is planning to create links region and into the comedian mary times they like and see about twenty five centimeters which is the heaviest falls in a northern anemic twenty centimeters like a merry cans about what centimeters of the great lakes region will be dissipating by thursday we still have the upper midwest covered with snow and another round of winter's time to pull in cafes will likely see about thirty centimeters of snow fall. the permit less about half of that dough course the south of man each time i know that condition but it's going to be windy again so the critical fire weather likely to be in that time and place in oklahoma city especially twenty one degrees temperature was in fulfilment of a fashionista making it a double of twenty four degrees pretty warm out there. the warmth of wanting more and don't we call it has been shifting towards the east another round of that the high pressure system
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will be pulling into the east meaning that than the truth and meaning the summer like temperatures could be done about twelve degrees in your average range but on the other side downgrade in moscow thinking enemy in the spring like temperatures could look for good reason boundary that's double your average temperatures cleaning of three extended forecast for the think the city from above. i am to noon. the road
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this is the sin of nice line for the think the city from above. i am to noon. the road this is the sin of nice line and passing landscape
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