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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 20, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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chu woo woo woo woo woo hoo the eye. the us. our god notice that a good cook but that he believed it to the mid to late to the alliance with the exception of late. add that to investigate. it's become a good note arrives on the open ocean. we did. a new
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u s aid to yemen. wilson interest rates. i do the cpp did i did look in beijing. we start with some breaking news on the search for that missing malaysian airlines flight in each three seventy thirteen days after advantage with two hundred thirty nine people on board australia says new satellite images have picked up two large objects that possibly relate to the missing malaysian airlines jet the australian maritime safety authority analyze the image and narrow the search to about three hundred square kilometers in the southern indian ocean australia and the us that any aircraft to investigate the new incredible information has come to life your license of the search for malaysia airlines flight in mice three seven zero in
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the southern indian audition the australian maritime psyche authority has received into my shin. spiced on satellite imagery of all jake's possibly rely to the search. following specialist analysis of the satellite imagery to possible on jigs or light into the search campaign identified. i can inform the house. that friday post ryan air force or role and has been devoted to attend to like ipo takes is a role and is expected to arrive. in the area. baptist time. three what a crock will fall out these are aligned fiat hostile more intensive follow up search. australia's maritime safety authority held a news conference on the satellite images including objects seen in the southern indian ocean the indication to me is a
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call to the very reasonable size. time and probably a wash with water. holding on to another so that was it the largest image of the same as the sisters being twenty four wickets. it is that basically we have right now that we need to get there find them so you know that saves them. no way that it's really meaningful for now. or was joined on the line not from sydney but our correspondent an adult yet hello handle what's the latest to me at how similar these plain likely to get to the site where those objects were spots. i'd be an irritant. i wanted it to him i should be in the area now thinking that that that gary gary ayres and not caring for the bubble thinking that it will be in the top four but that the kinda during the day that i am kind of. the timing of this news made it into the contest at work and get
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the attention. what did you take him to get off the deep fried in a semi me in mind get this apparent to me that it looked like he went into the sinking ship into port to the hearing implant. i didn't repeat the feat of it. i'm no good effect i was thinking but he did. tonight i uploaded it to one hundred feet before he felt he did like indicated for me lar he did it. and that was all he can beat that. i began to get to thinking i needed that it gave off the bench and then get to pick me up crying the line that the shipping line that not a minute or should we then caught a break in on time. it can contain something like that. i'll be getting at the plate and go
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out to get them all on predestination. i can't eat and the theme of the load of that. i did the sign on to the head. can bank. i wasn't playing the leading lady came up for the dead. and i was looking up for it after me can know and i'll be keeping you are you going to break it i am. the incredible a day each of you have to think too far to turn the site yet no ten and the australian stories or courtney in the interest in the south indian ocean and the how will this new finding and changed their search plane yet for the kind that plan because now they take a chance to experience in the final out one of the up with the bead chain. the night was awesome even think of it than that they want me to think i can do that. i can enter teaching
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me i need to thank the nation and the making. i've heard and read on. i'm trying to get into the third period and because i'm knitting the day the good and happy to get the people in a few hours before it ever again. ten adults are reporting to us from sydney thank you. china says it attaches great importance to the latest information coming from australia and says it will offer any assistance in verifying the floating objects. john is in miss teen australia has initiated an emergency mechanism. untold embassy staff to stay in close touch with the australian government what the new developments staff have also been told to her about all felt needed to australian authorities in the search effort. ingrid james shall has been following events very closely from poland who in malaysia earlier we spoke to him he spoke with malaysia's defence minister to ask what information had been sheared
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the australians. because it begs the question though was the reaction will be for them the nation governed so far of course the baby be given a very short one the hoff has gone statement confirming that the prime minister of australia tony abbott to contact the malaysian be that the key to the site. during the day when days. sounds like it which is good to feel this bicycle things too old to whether or not the arctic sea and eight the seventh year as i have spoken to the defence staff. how she met her she was in a couple of days ago i think that love is the government the more toward the northern corridor which of course in case the whole sliver of land to move away from central asia to countries like china and whether in fact the investigation was leaning more towards the southern part of what he said then has significant barriers now he said i very much hope that all the sudden cordial because it would of course the favourite haunt of the case. get caught. but of course without him having to
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say that much more sense to understand that if indeed that they went off into the incubation all for taste of the disney show off the pace of australia that we can very basic pc and of course that that pain and make him packing disintegrated at that particular point the malaysians have come under fire over the last thirty days to wait to see whether or not they would cheat relief when the nation with total bill tuesday to meet the family for themselves how much they will choose to reveal eyes away we'll have more diesel use on this ongoing story and jamestown here think one of them will take to the airport but it happens is that the team casey's dad malaysia's defense and acting transport minister says the country's military and especially aircraft and vessels to be ariel for floating debris was spotted by a satellite in the southern indian ocean the act comes into this opening day you know how huge it is. the lord. does that
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mean the principal. given the consistency was very fun when people are previewed the persistent weakness hussain told reporters he'd not seen the satellite images and was on his way to meet with australian officials there when quantum will the minister said negotiators hope they will be able to give for the information within a few hours. well the latest on the ongoing political crisis in ukraine ukraine's interim government has announced plans to pull its troops out of crimea where pro russian forces are trying to take more foreign control over that region just two days ago crimean leaders signed a treaty with russia to formally join the russian federation. well in a referendum in which crime you overwhelmingly supported splitting from ukraine. one report from the crimean capital of wednesday's failed initiative by kiev tourists all this latest confrontation the interim government in kiev has been attempting to
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calm the situation in crimea sending a delegation including two ministers to discuss the various down and all that to be raising tensions on the peninsula ukrainian media reports are that this is within my permission to enter crimea by the pro russian parliament's appearance in the rubble the interfax news agency quotes a crummy as prime minister said the ex gone off as saying they are not welcome in crimea. all this on the same day as crowds of pro russian activists broke into ukraine's nato headquarters in the southern crimean says it's the best vocal pro russian forces have been behaving that pace for a while with ukrainian troops trapped inside. on wednesday around two hundred people some of the mom's group down the cakes and folded into the base video and crimean tv show the commander of russia's black sea fleet and rebates. some ukrainian soldiers the region he said they were not going to surrender were observed leaving the base in civilian clothes. others remained inside refusing to give up they are also reports that kiev has demanded the release
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of ukraine's navy chief who was apparently contains a similar situation was reported in weston crime and with the tracks are used to ram the gates. no shots were fired in either of these cases but they have raised tensions. despite its efforts to try and calm things down tomas in cctv simply awful ukraine's security team on different tv is calling for crimea to be declared the demilitarized zone by the united nations. he wants both russian and ukrainian forces to leave the pendants greens candidate has asked for the united nations to recognize the territory of the economist republic of crimea is the de militarized zone. the troops of the russian federation to leave the territory of the economists republic of crimea. who also compare the conditions for the relocation of ukrainian military units from the occupied territory of crimea into the continental territory of ukraine. we must prepare for the evacuation of all citizens who decide not
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to stay in utah news republic of crimea. and for more from russia and the homeless combat correspondent natalie to me she's in moscow. i will now play with adhd have us there from the russian capital. well today i remain ahead of the united nations is he in us that he will be meeting with president saddam in the same as he tries to bring about that did not say as sedation seed raising tensions the weakest hearing about that tomorrow by seeming to be heading to kiev to meet with the confessions of a seat trying to get the two sides at the scene like to lie to oversee very difficult but given that russia is leaving that to make the crimea and parts of russia. today he said that both the russian paul scholes is set to be issued in crimea at and kiev responding by saying the russians will know me and pieces add to that ukraine has some great despite the efforts and they stood by its lights the scene
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to the meeting father pops milne and leigh be either in the us imposed sanctions on russia and watch some russian officials and threatening more measures. what could this mean for russia. while these officials us and threw it into a couple more pounds imposed on them and the eu is meeting today to discuss the damage is actually pretty creepy people place that had to present the tenant retain his place of a disciple ahead of publications in something that could open target. some of these is a nice so nice breezy at tightening of the neatest on its own russian is being taken. i know this is causing uncertainty about the country for foreign investors for example money continued to drop to russia. and if these tensions continue at this kid stopped to affect the russian economy because people will he's confident the net new for me to do is walk down the street it was good to see
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daddy's most of the state is now the arena in international economy yearning for some the trappings of wealth entry to share before significant benefits to other countries too. base the us in something or say to the top sections with russia means took the twentieth. russia has a gritty scenes sixty billion dollars of capital for cca. according to the economy ministry is that significant me twice. trade sanctions are imposed effects of which would prepare a damaging to russia's economy without kind of capital outflow according to our estimates would bleed them dry in russia. quite deeply into into recession. a weakening of russia's economy businesses like primary s imports the worst was worried about the possible leak is in the door of his peers just mentioned the rule does fall on scott street twenty five percent more than a year ago i can put prices up that
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much. this carries on i will feel betrayed and all but one book at the expo from russia to take the hit the tree is affected in the coming months but the many russians there is one major concern the weakening of the will bulldoze lead to a build up of inflationary pressure. and if you ask an average russian was the single most painful factor the number one consistently with around seventy percent. with inflation. but george will also feel the effects if russia response to economic sanctions with countermeasures. yes woody as i mentioned the counter measures could still happen in a rush of pit stops on the back is freeze the sounds of dollars into emerging markets that current season trying to bring some of the pulse of a chef. add the russian government has hinted that this technique could also increase trade with outreach and moving away from the west at an economy saying that i could really anti semites the economic
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recovery in yoruba as well as senate president bob and i think it also has his eye of bargaining power when it comes to considering his next steps. natalie few re reporting to us live from moscow thinking and warm this unfolding political crisis began to turn down to the andes to put our correspondent in kiev. india as russia moves to absorb crimea what can we expect from the fledgling government they are in kiev and how people reacting to this day it was about to start off with the court to get to know that they should buy it. but yes they do that when she isn't quite yet the government and the opening theme and did not the russian with them application of origin of a washer. latham international
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are wildly different due to the field that scored two and um but i didn't admit that the situation on the ground here it is like that. she wants. the wall and it took a few options. kenya. a minute she wanted which will not and did not meet good for unclean because you think she compared it to the show. no branch of god and know nothing. now andy key as major back to the european union is due to hold a meeting in brussels today on more sanctions possibly against russia and tell us more about that. you know look into the work he appeared in a way of that yet the dockers enough to reconnect with the common good and watching the show
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they have called for a common lunch and we will be very damaging russian economy and that the debate opened yet the deal. the flesh aggression. what if what they call your home. an enterprising and i can keep the government hadn't been opened to the album. i didn't want to do and then she asked how the future of the good ones. the newly installed chair of the us federal reserve janet gallant has hinted there could soon be on rising us short term interest rates in her first news conference as head of the central bank yelling gave the clearest indication to date of when the interest rates might take place the fed's benchmark short term rate has been at a record low since two thousand the committee states that in determining how long to maintain the current zero to one quarter percent target range the federal funds rate it will assess progress
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both realized and expected great objectives of maximum employment and two percent inflation. on wednesday the us federal reserve also announced it will continue to cut asset purchases to help support the economy the expected announcement was made at the end of the central bank's two day meeting the fed said it will proceed with its plan to reduce the massive bond buying stimulus program by cutting its monthly purchases of us treasuries and mortgage backed securities from sixty five to fifty five billion us dollars per month. the fed also said he will now rely on a wide range of measures in deciding when to raise interest rates. it has been almost eighteen months since the bank adjusted before guidance that link interest rates to both inflation and unemployment. cctv has been speaking to the president and cio of merck investments. a california based investment
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advisory firm. i like merck says any changes to us federal reserve policy can have a major impact on the global economy especially on emerging markets. the key difference between us in demanding mocked and declares that the us we have the image of me and use it when there is uncertainty. we have more boxes to move up and down and whatnot but in a week a magic marketing potential of the lack of liquidity is pleasing but the only thing you can invest in some of the weekend that the markets of treasury securities. when i'm digging the flight is on of these markets and everybody runs the very small exit to the end was announced that the economy including china out of money at stake you can invest in real product in one instance he emanates from the dentist money doesn't feel right away so what we need is course and if we have a steady course from the fed is very tough because the fed is walking a tightrope and things are gonna be fine but if you think that we have some some tough decisions ahead of us is gonna be very tough for the weekend that
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the markets in particular britain's finance minister george osborne has revealed what he called his plan for resilient uk to meet the country's annual tax and spend budget announcement is the economic centerpiece of the uk has financial problems watch closely by economists looking for evidence of recovery. richard the state has more from life. cities the uk consulate george osborne's they have the budget. most of them do that against the bleak economic backdrop the economic mood music this time of growing to construction of up to use the tent and a factory output and exports on the wrong he's adjusted yet. jacko the right honorable jawed all fourteen months from the general election in britain. mr osborne said he was able to sound positive night the economy is continuing to read about recovering the pasta back in full cost and. the so on. i'm sick with
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the british people we count on them. despite economic growth and improved job prospects may speak when britain will pay packets to be more in line with household costs. spending hours about seven so it is a lot of stalls it for the financial crisis. he should propose a new place new ship the best haunted that there is a river that charlton says austerity is into the unit in this the world's sixth largest economy. yes that is a city founded by parents. now in the coming and it will be down by day off but it is still one of the highest in europe. so today we take action to bring it down nevertheless britain's budget watched all the office the budget responsibility predicts the uk economy will grow two point seven percent this year. along with a sound economy but with counter the expected says the country
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needs of sound pounds the fact that he is instead there's this little fella is being replaced. instead the pound in britain. it will look like this. twelve so he did call and talking back to the old company that from the days before we even had the decimal currency. it is this take cctv on. dazzling designs ranging from antique chandeliers to plastic pipe are currently on show in dubai. this year's design day's event has attracted dozens of exhibitors from twenty countries around the world. let's take a look of what they have on offer one of the highlights of this year's design davies is a collaboration of mold on with brett antiques. this natural rock crystal chandelier with a million us dollars was once part of the collection of the untimely and bro need to dash the family composting with a seventeen century
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tapestry of king david is this a warm night by random international which resembles a swarm of bees but reacts to sound. and this is a molten take on the traditional grandfather talk. time is penned in every minute with a black marker pen. today we visited a kid again if you buy a wee nap needs to get a contemporary art with antiques you feel secure in the whole month of every refined collector who would have collected pieces from different periods of time she sculpted home price created this cherry orchard from plastic pipes because originally used in bathroom plumbing. meanwhile artist's name and domain it is easy to converse college installation to say nation's survival instincts. she has created a new material smart been to create objects which adapt to fluctuations in lines temperature and humidity life very interesting topic on the head with this as an aborigine and insulation and
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why that's not what the resurrection sons and a sergeant and does that jordan is also making its debut in this year's event this one called palestinian front depicts an old map of palestine. sharing palestinian towns and villages surrounding jerusalem. the doctor said in an installation. i watched this that she needed documentation of the pulse of the ages the pedestal. some of them is a convinced. i then stamped into my nest is sonya lee of the prevention of pancakes. businesses in the show will also enable someone to my aunt's demonstrations. this issue it is said to be the biggest in the men's three a history and runs until friday. the mets possums and cctv. time now for some champions league football and manchester united the sewing some new signs of life silent qt with that in all the rest of the sport. simon would have it's useful to get on cctv
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is einstein peasy in beijing we begin to soften and shy with opal and a little bit of damage often for manchester united fans for years they've been known as the team to come back from the brink to win against illegals and finally offer a horrible domestic season so far david moyes is meant to just us in the champ is a dust mite it's also they were two nil down on aggregate to an npr pills to take from this novel the man cuz he secured a three nil win the scene and three to the core finals as always a special feeling old trafford on europe an einstein to see that i won't be on a good position to present all getting to the rest to give more than just a free kick he did this with the goalkeeper punching and to hear them and tidying up the resulting data but he and joe campbell hall before often you can see why that meeting commencing with a lot like he did stay on the pitch was a feisty encounter with hunter didn't get scolded for this challenge on the ecuadorian well michael carrick was also a good yet it is on the red lines on
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the spot kick. and the schools it into the bog like to keep it to start getting a handle that. it's gotten too big to come back to the old second pages but it's like the kids with a bolt of reading the costs of luck with that topic in school fees effect of the time to write cards to make pizza. he tossed his hat trick just off the ball on his free kick inside the home side could use more he seems to advance with this for quite awhile. the walls that it's in pieces but the mountains to climb the way received or been having all sports in the second russian all seasons losing point is this man hope that the accident while driving incidents hope left for the silencing the time. especially when sebastian elevated these roles to keep that in both hands. for now. i couldn't somebody with a single goal with about three to eighteen from close range with two more goals insulting way too much they won game two of the province now i'd like to say that loosely for it to
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the principal the european shall conceive because the asian champions league now what beijing go on enjoy the very first win in the competition be seen the australian side the central coast mariners to want what is stated in the hindsight and also a full strength that school with goalkeeper gang just suspended until craig clare on out seems to giant and don't feel that way i've already on the bobbin so i quickly found their rhythm and six the knee just before fulltime sounds the eye the bruins needed to do the right to be one of the bad finish school from him. and they doubled their lead in the sixty third minute of my swansea. coming up soon a shower and to talk to. it's the last inning the rounds to keep sliding it into the goal. so it's likely to go by. it's like that with this replay showing sanctioned on handling the ball with mick fitzgerald story from the spots. central is getting on the scoresheet botswana is how it ended
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giving beijing that the us winning the competition. i've even been back to the top meanwhile great job and a visit to the posts and plan the plan be taking the lead fifty six minutes in when the brazilian raffia was pulled back by synergy fight just inside the area. one of the sin that made up for his earlier era wage cuts and crossing for the descent down the hall to the high school band and the one all the rage at their first points for that. the flats it from me for not going to get with buckets when isa mines night off now leave you with some more highlights from the bus came all the cba ankle forcing all season well. in
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the i know . new one will sch times got on to the welcome to africa and resident parking bays as a reunification of the two koreas would be a bonanza for all of north east asia and today on the show were joined by someone who seemed to agree. tim rogers investor and author of street smarts next one after ten


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