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tv   Euro News  PBS  March 21, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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most scientists against most tattoo as russia's lower house of parliament approves that receipt to the next crimea. social media websites twitter says it's looking into reports that at seven something. i'm in turkey. i did. add to the southern indian ocean received its first day in efforts to medicate discrimination at nine am and three seventy
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widespread condemnation among european beaches of russia's actions in relation to crimea but this you might expect it makes economic sanctions to be announced at the fest at the eu summit would be disappointed. but brussels house after another twelve people with travel bans and asset freeze it while the president of the european council mr prosser with far reaching consequences if it takes that the steps to the state the wreath ukraine and its prime minister has to get interesting. we believe that the depression should become to the coaches and people with the ukraine and weak international community. it's too rainy to duke it out of six. in order to be an award to straighten that things get worse in prisons used to but if ukraine. we need monitoring mission the stories he does not support the kosher then you
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should read this and more entering corporation oration to your print. while you're at it has taken another step to address its dispute with russia the united states is dumped into your request a us president promptly obama announced sanctions against ten individuals underbrush and buying a little place that you eat the chicken in europe and usa will try to in a deposition is on monday the g seven summit of irony was that the senate. russia's the house of parliament the duma and has overwhelmingly approved to treat eat the next crimea ukraine began making films that one of. the on friday to opera house will hold the senate to its completion domestication predecessor the tree tea already signed by russia's president that the mitre ten. for tension between moscow and kiev has escalated since crime is referendum on joining russia ukrainian soldiers in the eastern region of
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the cafe consolidation at the east countries kept some fifty km from the russian border. in crimea itself pro russian troops have taken of the three ukrainian to say this couple. according to ukrainian maybe have been reports the stun grenades were used in shots were fired but no injuries have been reported. the series is in charge. the report outages on friday hours after prime minister to have one for the bishop time access to the social media sites. one is bustling corruption scandal. two weeks ago the kids at that ugly facebook and youtube. after recording exclaiming to reveal shady dealings in the center circle appeared online. up to the edge and that isn't an actual computer is in his absence was eric schmidt said. he said. we have a court order by which it was so lovely the international community can say what they like itunes care. everyone will see how powerful the republic of
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turkey as an. serious a popular protests sparked the viewpoint was her last summer. the ones from the service of us goods the white house denied claims of corruption that was the disruption has talked about virtual bubble. many are comparing tactics in iraq and north korea for social media platforms are controlled. the site of the indian ocean has received for second day. that student jake and i know. three seventeen off coast radio reported that two objects won up to twenty four week is the only thing if i don't like to make it. expats belief that the objects could be debt free from every nation and nine which dissipated on the eighth of march with two hundred and thirty nine people in fort worth dying for a cotton pad to beijing when it lost contact with that traffic control and raid on the fact is now focused on an area more than four thousand km from where the flight began
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bennett is that there's a little bit desperate bonds as a nation of bart's haven't ruled out any possible explanation for what happens they said that the evidence in law suggests that the flight was deliberately turned around to quit its communication systems to staples the french president to cut off the crazy hair day has been tapping conducted by magistrates investigating him likening their actions to visit this town the police best advice i can see is widely expected to stand for election again in twenty seventeen has been published by the qur'an. it's been met with shock criticism by some this evening i'm stoked to see the former president of the republican head of debt to compare our country his country to be standing during that time of the heineken open. the investigation into factories be with him recently about a gay students which he denied that they continue to give back the fun of it is two thousand and seven election campaign
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the revelations of reading tapping of course after a week and socrates kasi and beyond. nine civilians including four foreigners have been killed in an attack on a tree had tally in central kabul. three gunmen carried out the attack at the serena hotel the coalition from the presidential candidates the gunman was shot dead by afghan special forces. this is good. with the adhesive on his own remembers it working with the grounds that it has three check is only eighteen he is the date of claim they were to enter the restaurant before opening fire inside the hotel. the deal the eye sitting in the persian new
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year in style. the cruise which means new day is the festival that celebrates it in a wrong as well as neighboring countries including here in oz the polish on. it's a very ancient home of eighteen forties to celebrate it will look awesome in to get it for us it means read that means you going. the time and dates of them is that different each. this time round the twenty first of march marks the start of thirteen twenty three in the ocean. i went to the celebrations a good sharing of traditional sweets and pastries. when people yell across open to ideas as everyone says that friends and family at this time of year when people believe that wishes the new couple the all iowa. and
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thus the stats on it especially champions league editions of the corner. as it seems that the best in europe either the book orders are
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going to be very tough. a complicated for everyone we are. check out onto the wet he would say that wouldn't be decoded manages speaking geometry coaches perhaps pointing out to the other sides. it would have it tough against us they are staying reigns supreme in the competition at the moment with three teams qualify the states for the third successive year. all activities we have to cope and costs of them. i made up incidentally that's the kind position in the vegan with a nifty rumors of something of a crisis before the champions league results should want to know. they did the stocking the current favorites it is costing me of the recipe and nine goals in the space of eighteen minutes against el cap. perhaps no surprise but the president to go after deaths of seventeen years has raised a few microns. then there's basilan it during a time in the domestically. but dismissed them at your peril
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though. none of this icy wedding gemini for the quarter finals with my music and receive gold. i go but it was in shock. if the team it should not worth reflecting perhaps at this time a year ago that tolkien european football was a gem and domination and cynical ability to sweep aside the opposition. above all the spanish if i don't know according to scientists at the following on from that top of the bundesliga and in touching distance of the title what's more the team took some stuff go beyond gemini. if there was inconsistency has not got the others with the domestic gold fight for the remaining top places in at the same in your opinion of the copper see a struggle against what is the seat to be a week the senate. with the painting and two other for the club which started in the group stages remain a dossier that is the second one i just cannot progress of returning it to new deficit against the greek god. the optus is the one time president would have to go traffic for more
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than that it was an exercise in taking the face of other pop boss david moyes justice of the manila was getting them and to add that he was said to be five. a colossal when the gunners to the top draw at manchester city they're well just a house in the head of the bike and consistency in your. it all the us and france not know most counties sanctioning site has a relaxed in their domestically and in the european games. of course is a national characteristic you could argue that a second the championship is getting closer. yet the main aim is that holy grail the champions league the club's owners from that i have made that clear with a promise of a huge bonus to win in the lisbon final and there is a million euros waiting for you. that's a promise to each man you have a call that motivation to the capital and. at the meeting that morning so we three months to go to the world cup as the champions league given us a clearer picture of the top
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of the national sides. spain is dominating gemini is the key thing in this country of italy. oh well no presence in the quarterfinals for the first time in five years france is there of course just one club. friday's join me on twitter the lineup for the quarters which kick off on it to the press when the course to catch all the results and stories of the games here and you're new to add him to get a user from the flu on monday with the corner these relations and president obama stripped of europe the us presence spying scandal has damaged ties will both sides tackle geo political crises and try to concentrate the debate coming up next to work on your own nukes i do. each
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due to be fitted to help around the house. oh maybe you just want to attend a conference without needing to be going south eastern france was the place to find the rebel city of dreams during the euro been fed with dozens of companies embrace the centers for them than the typical to take. i mean city. welcome to know. he was one of the styles that this isn't one to sixty five or above designed to navigate in crowded areas and recognize speech on to face it it's kind of design has taken three weeks of israel but in the future be used to help rescue teams and is often cents. you can use to know it's best that is walking it's also illegal to navigate work honestly. that is heavily disguised as the witch allowed to stand on the ground and beaten up and get its bearings which means that when it receives and wanted to go to a specific place. with people and obstacles its way in a david jones. such. another robot that attracted much attention
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as does his fam was the kind of profit over the screen to find californian company tank it was the constraints of the screen by coupling to you and or do we move into. that is in the morning it is he's an easy to use because you have two cameras one that allows you to navigate thanks to a camera and one that allows you to see around you. on top of that you have your own self imposed in case you need to check in. finally she is a cute little educational travel to use it as often as it rained designed as an education tool for four to six heroes it's able to dance sing and see. i do. did. she is. and.
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new us relations damage. why does get old. national security agency to the leaders will is the world's two largest trading partners and allies need each other to face global crises but helped obama win back trust without looking soft on security with european elections approaching europe's leaders are under pressure to look for when defending privacy against industrial espionage obama and europe's leaders
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see eye to eye or will differing national interests forgot to reset the impact on the crises that have. oh and chris byrne said welcome to the network or talk with a matrix of news makers joining us on this program here at the european parliament in brussels. my teacher shock a member of the delegation for relations with the united states and the lines for liberals and democrats group or all day in london james rubin the former state department spokesperson during the clinton presidency and that the euro news studio in brussels eu munster senior director for foreign and security policy at the german marshall fund welcome to all of you first question to all of you and started with bodies yet how much is the present spying scandal affecting relations now especially with regards to who was holding the ukraine crisis it is understood telling me that there is a prob that the trust has been broken into. absolutely the trust has been broken i think the fundamental question for our citizens and
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also for politicians is reading your own. why does it mean. our alliance. if there's no trust. then the meaning of this alliance is under serious pressure and i'm sure will feel the impact jamie what are you hearing from your side. while i'm sure that the crisis over the intelligence revelations did some damage in the run up to russia's takeover of crimea. we're now into a whole new situation where the reasons for nato are clearer and clearer when i think the threat from russia i will probably bring people together and make that. that intelligence issue afraid to back or pianos that is what you say you are or what you think the europeans are hopping mad about this intelligence issues still i think my view is probably somewhere in between the two views you've heard i'm putting it with furniture that this is really pose a problem for trust especially the level of split but not as source of politicians on the other hand i think this kind of a crisis over ukraine
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brings geopolitical realities to the forefront and and and so i don't think it's that much of an impediment of your one about an event that there was a there was a spine but there was also that that outburst from victoria newland the assistant secretary of state for european affairs. making a derogatory reference about the eu how did you take that creature. well is very dynamic and said let me put it that way and i think it's not the way in which an alleged ally should speak about each other even if they believe they're talking in private than it did that really ok so what did that really really affect relations or what. there are people saying well that was just a moment of now i was extremely on elegance and on how full i think we were more surprise that the us government is not using encrypted files but on top of all the revelations of the nsa i don't think this is that much more damage i think it underlines the need for your leadership and i think we should've taken a more proactive in unified position these are ukraine and in that sense i can imagine american frustration. ok
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jamie what what do you think i mean was it was that he did that today that relations ms newman's elders. the bottom line is in the run up to the ukraine crisis. neither the nor the united states will win any diplomacy towards it. i have been handled beautifully. what has happened now is that mrs merkel united states primarily need to get it together figure out how much pressure to push put on moscow and then do it. did he and what what about the switch gears a little bit of one of the free trade agreement how much is that a danger. because of this break of trust. well i think this is actually a more serious point because you know the geopolitical crisis over ukraine concentrate minds of a certain very direct way. i think these kinds of issues will be put aside when it comes to something like feet in height he delivers in parliaments and elsewhere on these issues of trust of
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opinion and displays a real role. i got busy and going into the corners away reaching out of the other free trade free lodging a lot of unfortunate are a lot of things that are coming into play that are delaying an immediate hit with i was a competent writer to do it outside this doesn't help to sharp broken body to write in here get your pretty intimately involved in the seventy two negotiation for trade. do you see a big slowdown by that how much damage from these and can tell revelations by the trust issue again is very important so that not only space because our european parliament house to give a thumbs up or thumbs down at the end of the road of the negotiations and our politics whether they are critical about environmental factors are worried about genetically modified foods and they now have another reason to be an opposing team's it but i think that that's that is not helpful when i think the united states strongly underestimates what damage the nsa revelations have gone to such a help. how we fix this i mean aside from
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the fact that these prices are pooled pushing us together. what can mr obama say or do to to reassure the europeans that bad this and that we need him there that we can put the spying scandal behind us i think in the context of russia's newly posed a threat. it's time for the west united states and its european allies to have a new approach to nature that takes into account defense capabilities intelligence capabilities and political cooperation and adopt new policies on terrorism intelligence and on dealing with russia in that context i think we can deal with him you how do you see that how come can we fix those relations. well all i think i love the crisis in the diplomacy over it now across the atlantic one thing is to be very clear night is this question of the united states still caring about europe and islamic relations is the result. obviously we do to obama the station is
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putting a lot of effort and time into this all this question of us get away from europe might think is gonna become less pressing for europeans and that i think a contribution to trust in its own right. ok my teacher what what about the fact that the eighty two when for just a few days ago that the us plans to cede control of the internet to an international body. how much could that may be reassured the europeans that the us or is not going to be listening so much to their foe well that should be at convincing through actions not words i do think it makes sense that the us recognizes that noble character of the internet's and the fact that there needs to be a global sense of responsibility for keeping the internet open. whether we're talking about the internet that were surveyed and or security i refuse to accept that security of freedom after the zero sum i think that that's a balance that the us has to strike again what about this this this this kind of dilemma the mr obama and his democrats are facing elections coming up. they
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have to look tough on security. the europeans are coming up with elections they have to look tough on privacy how would you try to resolve was to show that these relations between the two are more harmonious because of this this crisis to me. i think for him and his legacy is going to be determined by how the united states and europe manage the crisis in crimea and all that flows from that. i think the pay that probably was an unfortunate approach that misled europeans into thinking that the united states no longer felt the same ties to europe that it can and does when something goes wrong in the world where the rich crimea or libya or syria when not looking to india and china and japan to help solve these problems americans looking to repeat its ok then what about yesterday's selections on both sides of the atlantic at how much is that couldn't make it difficult for these leaders to get together you know the truth is i think
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with surveillance and security and privacy issues americans and europeans at the level really don't view this very much for me we've done some polling that shows that others have as well. i think it's a question of getting the balance right is has been said but again i think there will be of very strong focus on transatlantic relations with the result of what's going on in the world i think that'll do a lot to restore trust. ok jamie good as anything remind you when you were a state farm spokesman during the clinton this for some short the face of difficult times with his european counterparts. how do you compare that to now. why think the difference between now and then die is that it those days the feeling from europeans was that united states was over and crawled over and gage. that's when the french foreign minister between labelled the united states the hyper power. i think today the fear is that we are a trench in the united states is not engaging in the world and all i can say
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is that are perhaps the crisis in crimea is going to be a wakeup call for americans and europeans that america needs to continue its role as the indispensable nation working with its partners not doing too much but not doing too little thanks to all of our gas money to shock ed james rubin and in lesser un chris byrne said until next time thanks for connecting with the network news ay ay ay .
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the let it. the thought of that. basically it matches
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each. xd each week. zero i
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she is. as you. i peered years and the eu and its ability in the series seventeen ninety and are
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watching them. i knew. lou we were with will the game welcome to the world is love and you know telling him to a kill. the fall out from russia's move to amex crimea continues to spread the eu and the united states have announced more sanctions against russia moscow has responded with that's all the leaders of the twenty eu member states. this cast of the annexation is issued in brussels today announced that wall for russian and ukrainian individuals who will be subject to travel bans and asset freezes


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