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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 21, 2014 8:30pm-8:41pm PDT

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we knew we were. will the tiniest line. i need to tell. techies government has blocked access to the social left clicking trying to protect the move comes after the posting of corruption allegations involving premise to manage it i am to one guaranteed has appeared on the side had of local elections scheduled for march thirty am. i'm keen to get down to one account the social match but come thursday and one said he didn't catch what the festival will have to say about his action. it became an important tool for ten ish people to criticize the government protesters opposed to use the messaging system to call on the eighth
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sampras is a street address to treat it as she says instructing them on how to continue trading by sms text messaging message is critical i missed i don't want to sit and chat on twitter. it encourages us to the coast and funny things that i missed a chunk of the end of the things of that presenting the site's logo the posting to meet evan originated from. with the intensity. he and commissioning charge of an irishman stepanek in the issue this statement expressing deep concern about the ten piece band known to attack. he suggested to me it could negatively affect his keys and fifty joined the eu can access the group threatens the protection of european values and sentence north korea will receive official told to mind the atf japanese diplomats were worse than no income declined. then comes the abductions of japanese nationals as well as
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the north nuclear and missile programs. the two teams from the two countries the foreign ministry's a great reason to official in iraq after hitting only in shenzhen china on the sideline to financial records talks the national gulf until cooked to cancun and that two thousand trial. the scotsman says the discussions will be held over to thinking thinking thinking to achieve level officials of the foreign ministers. now he presented nineteen eighteen epidemic to channel the asian oceania thespian else. cami is likely to send some to call the template for normalizing relations with japan. she was a little more than usual. i think the abductions are a big issue for japan. we would like to have proper discussions on that age. a
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deal with it. he maintains that the abduction issue has been sent on earth straight into allow the parent of the best team in camille attack to the north of the envelope and do it any mobile yet. some japanese officials even eighteen and noting the change in the north into tears and ending its international isolation. michelle obama has said that chinese test in teaching pain and is quite at the start of a weeklong visit to china. i was accompanied on the trip i had to go upstairs and back to france they did mention a tiny skirt to find anyone on friday morning. high school in the capital paid to the child to have committed the house to play table tennis with students. you went to the pulling power and how restless until they can stinky was greeted by a pest in she a tiny seed snp
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believes that even us president obama. the two countries to what i mean a great town relationship to actual facts lazy day. i'm looking forward to meeting him when we attend a summit meeting here today in another in today's target. china central television gave ample companies to the meeting she and mrs obama exchanges between defence league east the master po and next wednesday the fourth and she's expected to do the best built in eighteen twenty and education and cross cultural exchanges. she and her and turned just in time to visit the ancient capital of sheehan and the city of canton. her cookbook and as a deterrence and makes it all we can meet state coalitions and ex tennis water resources ministry bias to stand down during gestation and he's conference on friday
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stelmach development projects are responsible they like emphasis on protecting water sources. only thirty seven point four percent of china's water sources that the state's pollution crying tell yet. down towards the shares at eighteen eight the scent of dams and sixty seven percent of their best to meet the standards the twenty oh eight percent of the lakes climactic unacceptable the fall just as the country's forty launching system but the enhanced. or situation has become a social problem in china along with dan's mom. he has been reported in which he did or said was discharged from the trees into their pens. i have been important and prevented as having plastic cup and officials and vista says because there were two sources acting contaminate it officials say more attentive a tackle on tree hotel in the capital kabul. nine civilians including four foreigners were killed in
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the comments. and by introducing the market town in central kabul is touched up the gun battle with the kinky forces. in terry missed officials initially said the point of this week killed and it is to take the gospel movement. survey finds that the cats the hotel is called come on for next stop was at the japan international cooperation agency usually stop that. the official state he actually did all the snow from the hotel of containing information in terms they could be attacked. the two teams was sitting in the run up to a presidential election in april. the taleban has threatened to disrupt the balance and the opus dei goodman group attacked a police station a nice enough to stop killing eleven people dosage so scary lor it is in the southern indian ocean but they still haven't located
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and had tremendous indonesia airlines jet. this image is being concentrated on the coast of south west to north canyon. images taken on sunday showed two large objects floating in the ocean well measured about twenty four meters long and the other about buying meat eggs. australia and the united states and send a chill place to watch as two thousand three hundred km southwest of pack on thursday and friday. close to him and received official to visit he was interred in the cruise aboard the planes are now searching for the umpteenth capitulate. no new findings have been reported. said spain's top micah bowie secret with transmitters to connect current and wind data in the area where the objects response it. officials say don't it could have been carried away by the commons data from the tories will be analyzed to memphis to relocate the pieces. we will
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use the stitch area according to where the window. hence as moon. that's where the water has moved i've been on airlines plane was carrying two hundred thirty nine people. eighteen of march eight. it disappeared from our traffic until then the screams of the south china sea. the weather forecast was directed to tease. hundreds. i was. it is
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this dish he's lying
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creek's bits. it is. highest peak in africa. does he reach


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