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tv   Journal  PBS  March 22, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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little of the journal here need to get lunch or a margin in berlin. our top stories this hour. russian forces storm ukrainian air base as they search military control over crimea. denise foreign minister had yet to show support for the ukrainian government. we are proud of this problem for themselves above the relegation zone and wyatt have to wait another week to celebrate the twenty fourth league title. sugar
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porch was the crimea storm one of the us military facilities on the peninsula still in ukrainian hands soldiers smashed through the front gates of the bell back their base with armored vehicles. gunshots and explosions could be heard coming from inside to call the plaques at least one ukrainian soldier was injured earlier officials at the base said russia had given them an ultimatum to surrender. well russian forces have also been seizing ukrainian military assets elsewhere in crimea. earlier in the porches of us uphold it took control of ukraine's only submarine. russia says the vessel is now officially part of its black sea fleet for more now we go to our correspondent your ears shut the news on the ground in sync on a pole. you are a plenty of dramatic new developments tell us more about the milbank airbase how important is that the seventy
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a few. russia said it had been generally to look for the kill apple. only politically. if you look in the uk. two of them all protected the multiple. we needed to. take photo. going to get it. ok your russia is in the process of discerning full military control over crime units clear what else is even seen that. you know what direction to take the plunge last minute debate
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that could be critical to her feet on the cheaper to do with it. i love the change but to the critical to preventing me from time to get a bit which may be a complete it. he didn't take any until the end goal in two thousand and ten tall. all four kids. i've spoken to them to keep it clean. i wake up dead. she's like going to look north. the look and open them all the time. since the ins and all the thank you for bringing some today while diplomatic efforts aimed at preventing a further escalation of ukraine crisis continued on saturday but un secretary general but came in
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and german form of a supply of fish by maya held talks in ukrainian capital kiev. his statements time i condemned russia's annexation of crimea and accused moscow of attempting to split europe apart. he has since traveled on to the eastern city of donetsk and a team of international monitors is also been dispatched to ukraine building keeping a close eye on the tense situation in eastern parts of the country. but then not being allowed into crimea the german foreign minister met briefly with un secretary general ban ki moon on the streets of kiev. those held talks with ukrainian league is. i'm still hunting the diplomatic progress up to russia's annexation of the crimea. as a news conference with ukrainian prime minister on sydney gets a new shine man condemned russia's actions of the teenager now. they are kinda stuff involved. you can divide the monks being written into the effects of the ground and not consistent with international law
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the danger of a new division of europe and with a well received in the last decade that is something we cannot commit sin. and above all week and also the return of the chicken coop. this blog previously selected. on friday in moscow agreed to allow six month monitoring mission in eastern ukraine on the auspices of the osce the first advance team of runners on saturday eventually up to four hundred monitors will be taking cars that have access to key at the eastern ukraine the most and what led him to the crimea which it now says belongs to the russian federation. in the eastern ukrainian city of donetsk several thousand progress and demonstrators demanded a referendum on the future like crimea they want to speak from ukraine and join russia. she did not adopt came up and start my eyes meetings with local political leaders. i'm not a step in
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the international community's speed to stop the crisis on europe's doorstep and present ukrainian unity. the other new developments in the search for malaysia airlines flight three seven the chinese authorities now say they have picked up satellite images of what could possibly be debris from the missing going seven seven seven. the old vic's were reported to be floating in what is the southern search an area of the remote parts of the southern indian ocean chinese ships have been dispatched to the area to join the international search this is the unidentified object a tiny sensor lights posted in the indian ocean it's estimated to be around twenty two meters long and thirteen meat is white the message preached to the nation transport minister in the middle of his daily press conferences the chinese ambassador. on tuesday the second is over looking the best interests of the cargo. anyone has any steps to verify such is
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already in the area looking for possible to resign to dinner guests outside images provided by australia. since then planes and ships of the timing of boston area about twenty five hundred km south of. bad weather has caused problems for such efforts. and there's no notable strength in mourning for the area which is known to strong winds and powerful ocean cards. get some clear how far beyond its main already have the blue the chinese satellite imagery could now give such as new clips. he's going to be desperately waiting for any news the relatives of the missing has been holed up in staging its own for two weeks. they are furious with termination authorities. we don't even know that the family members are alive or dead. we should never let them treat us like this . but no it's a race against time
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other countries are sending things to join australia and new zealand and the such ponting will take time for more ships to reach the area and the aircraft's flight recorders which will be key to any investigation. in the sense of timing signals one month. magazine der spiegel is reporting that the us national security agency has been more retrieve e mail and when staff the traffic of top chinese officials including former president hu jintao. citing secret intelligence documents spiegel reports the nsa targeted tech giant kuwait in two thousand and nine gaining access to the company's client list and e mail or color. us intelligence agents launched the project out of concern the chinese government might also be using one equipment for espionage purposes. cool and hasn't yet responded to the report. north korea has test fired thirty short range
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missiles in what analysts say is a response to u s south korean military exercises south korea says the missiles were fired in the sea of japan all north korea's east coast. north korea has carried out six such tests in recent weeks seoul and washington that perth pyongyang to stop what they call provocative actions the heavy casualties in northeastern syria as rebels attacked the crossing of the turkish border. as many as thirty four people were killed including a number of civilians. the clashes took place in the coastal region of the pack yet which has been a stronghold for president was shot on sight authorities have accused turkey of assisting the rebels. the attack was part of a drive by islamist fighters to open a route to the mediterranean sea. sport is now owned by a munich have a chance to secure the bundesliga title in record quicktime the reigning champions needed results elsewhere to
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go their way but did their bit with a two nil win against mines. bruce mines made them work for it though and only goal from boston's five starred in the mail gets it in the last ten minutes sealed the points for the bavarian. to dortmund one too though not to prolong interest in celtic league until the next round of matches in midweek. you can call me and one three nil however with all that but i don't speak reading his sixteenth goal of the season chuck also did their part discovered by a party planner is the third place throw with one three one against bottom placed lunch by. well as the facile for the europa league spots in ten supplies falls for excel which the late draw poker old will play matches during the final whistle and presuming to god i have been showing they are still a force to be reckoned with as they head into a three nil win over dapto the poles took awhile to get going with three goals and twelve first half minutes to knock the stuffing out of
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the visitors from burleigh then it has been an eventful weekend for teams of the bottom of the loop bundesliga to check out the relegation rivals have heard one nil on saturday afternoon and on friday night five book made it to the emphatic wins on the trot with o michael three one victory over claimant. let's see how the day the coach was inside. i had to go on the offensive and they got the message. in the fifties many many women wanted the same in gold and ten williams says dr gorgeous male. the dog didn't like what you're seeing this i tried to even things up the white vote at the opera at scotsman two to fifty minutes. so was late to meet with babies. but the truth and substitute means it isn't that the incidence of
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the port but it was too little too late. it celebrates its second wind the battle to protect its integrity. he didn't buy another dismal performance like that. take a look of the results from the weekend's action so far and still to come on sunday noon back of a six pointer against uncut on what the etiquette is an open palm and we can see how those stores like the bundesliga table. milan have to wait for confirmation of the twenty fourth german title dortmund chart and the decrees and make up a champions league places. in the bottom half raw version of the climb out of the relegation zone after crucial victory is bad news for her number unknown back the battle for survival looks like it will go right to the wall. well hope through all of what all of that we're joined by our sports correspondent at his trial. the bundesliga title is all wrapped up by by end
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of the champions league spots taking care of two. we were told at an awesome moment in the miami the season slump in form as it was longer than anyone expected the bottom one two of the last ten matches to get into the current apartment to the chasing pack like who do not act like this but maybe even months has been very good this season and that is the site if there is a hosted by making seven out of the gym and help them out of the champions league this season. now when they can focus all their energies on home with me going on previous winning a fourth place. relegation by just looking very serious for some teams especially for amber could be unthinkable. it's funny that if he was aware that i've been wrapped up since november when that bind the woman in the intricacies has been able to take the stand and the input method has been relegated but neither of the pickup stopped watching them as well they would've expected in sinking the table season. but
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it yet but i'm having prevented me to make this on a chunk of stuttgart blog out wednesday of the hamper will be hoping to get us into balance with the new coach stevens them but norm rix was a little fright that the seventy when a new release to cut gold mine in a single peep. what does the defense on the site about when buying wrap up the title perhaps the scene is cheesecake. let's look at the champions league quarter finals. droll for the moment it's the first place or in ten days or so. mixed fortunes for the germans time definitely in a fine goal at the network going to school they conceded the week is ninety nine excited about a decade going to face that's anything but semi final against nazis in the madrid enough to be asked. you've got time battling injuries all season and three we read and sing their shot inside the program is paid out last season's i get the stuff in it the focal point. companies bring this up today and we're
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going to leave it there thanks for wanting to join us again and check out our internet website the speed of the dogs pe. the us. do i you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw on the future. the media center on dw to eat them. unknown to
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me. the day. it's easy to see a photographer who took my toes weekend it is not me seo fuss of it the day i i i we are just a few kilometers away from the crisis region in north eastern nigeria the government has declared a state of emergency. we have some secretly had come with checkpoints. the police and army are on edge. for years the islamist militant group vocal iran has been terrorizing the people here last month alone more than five hundred were killed in attacks i the eye. i wanted
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to but it is a village just outside the region where bocce ball roman waged its campaign of violence. it sold more than a hundred people sought refuge here. men women and children. though he thinks he's one of the refugees to johnny. sayid tells us that people back home are terrified all the time because of the continuous attacks the monument. there's no peace he says. and nobody knows when the terror will reach a point that even when you leave the house in the morning you don't know what will become of it. and when you come home and you think you can't sleep everyone is scared. who knew that is why we left the village. mind you this to you. in the end. a family
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here has taken in more than forty refugees. many of them are from your booty on the town where cocoa around stormed a school in late february. murdered forty three students in a dormitory don't go around means western education is sinful and therefore right to kill students. you know haji ali gave birth to a son just a few days before the attack now she doesn't know what to do or where to go. she doesn't care where she lives as long as her son can grow up in peace. the people of your miles today but have welcomed the new comers and offered him help. i know. but it's clear that the refugees need concerted organized it the villagers have barely enough to get by. since
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the government in nigeria is barely functional. nobody expects any assistance. so we were surprised to find a team from the regional disaster relief agency interviewing refugees we can't do. due to activities with them and then go back and went on a completely gratuitous again people tell us to ddt only spring into action because we are here. we had to go meet the capital of goma the state to talk to staff at the national emergency management agency which is meant to coordinate aid to refugees from the crisis region. first impressions are not reassuring. although we're told the warehouse is well stocked aid supplies were not allowed to see for
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ourselves. oldies. still she sighs. his attention was caught too. the willingness to do with the speech it. he still you want to teach security forces appeared to be overwhelmed by the islamist insurgency the chief of police says he doesn't want us to film because he feared reprisals by vocal iran. when the army will talk to us either. he is latino. the next day or contacts gives us a shocking video material. he says he received directly from a member of cocoa. it means that the phone the footage depicts scenes of extreme violence. islamists are known to attack christians. he also attacked fellow muslims make up the majority of the population in the region
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the militants were entire villages. the murder of men women and children the two men who go around. dr checked out the people in long rambling speeches he talks about enforcing islamic tradition. rails against the enemy. what he says democrats have turned away from that regard. their hearts are sick. may god make their hearts even sicker he says that they will suffer pain because they are liars it also go to rome was founded in two thousand to be one of its stated aims was to fight for the interests of the people of northern nigeria. bill served by the government. she doesn't mind or are clashes between security forces and cocoa around. its founder and leader mohammad yousuf was killed while in police custody. from then on the crew became increasingly violent. no it's not entirely clear what its fighting for what is clear is that it's
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become a powerful fighting force. some experts say it's better equipped to manage your your army. it's estimated that iran has killed several thousand people. report to police officers and soldiers are frightened and right away rather than protect the civilian population. they have reason to be scared there are plenty of videos of vocal from korea the captured soldiers . other. this morning we headed west to grouchy the journalist whose research the history of the group . muhammad has reported on vocals around for years. he shows us the spot where it launched its first major attack four years ago
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does it. it was good then a policeman stops us saying we are conditioned to fill the right. this is all set or what. tips. the top of the sceptical about its history. for dinner. i support them. cheese the spencer trust to the police station. this incident highlights just how tense the situation is requested for an hour and then two weeks. we suspect a senior officer instructed them to let this go. muhammad finally has the chance to give us some background on how the extremists are able
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to recruit members. due to these employees continue to pollute to haunt him when he was in the united. students of god which he didn't tell most of the month. it is he must ease up on it to his openness of education. and up the data which is nice note with no employment with a novel twist a role model this she may be too easy people in need. but that doesn't who may be ready to go on and a good sport about it that way it is connected to. many recruits are thought to be found at islamic schools where boys studied the koran the students are known as the omen juries. when they're not learning texts the bag on the streets. there are tens of thousands of roman series end of july. those are the children of course farmers tend to town to
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receive religious education observers say these uprooted and vulnerable boys are an easy target for poker grump recruiters. it was one of these boys. he goes from house to house singing verses in the car the bench watching someone eat some sushi. me. is it. the usually do given the tt. sometimes it's hard for them. it takes this to school. there are no modern teaching methods here it's a boy doesn't sing a verse loud enough beeswax to
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can fourth. it was. don't necessarily gender violence mature trees. some of the programs reduce heat and it ended expensive western schools the teachers here tonight and the sinister intentions. comment is that each piece here. calls on all islamic scholars to do the same. does the koran teaches peace and nonviolence against those who think differently. last stop on our visits nigeria is the capital today. in contrast to the impoverished north is astounding. the country's political elite has made itself comfortable. we want to interview government officials. we called the interior defence and
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information ministry's that nobody will talk to us. eye god didn't choose you run the nigeria office of a german political foundation we are in a building that used to house the newspaper this day. it was destroyed in a bomb attack on iran in twenty twelve is one of its few incursions into a brooch he is buying tips on such shows as the situation has been bad for the past two years. deteriorating and will probably continue to do so it wasn't just not sure if the government is unwilling or unable to address the issues which i suspect it's more the latter they will face high as fifty feet long and evita. for years the political elite has managed to avoid dealing with nigeria's massive problems our impression is that ordinary people feel
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abandoned by their government and for the international community. all the players so far failed to solve the problem. unless that changes the insurgency and violence in the northeast are set to continue. i am. once bb gun get him to resign. tsk tsk tsk. nm
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