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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 22, 2014 6:30pm-6:41pm PDT

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will . the us. the room
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world's first electric vehicle expo was held on the southernmost island of cake in march fifteen twenty first. economics correspondent died and gone without the best performed unique stand up to one of the electrical. the benefits of what people says that they are eco friendly and cost efficient the problem is that these peoples are expensive and our lack of places to charge the battery. while a lot of interest is being shown in electric vehicles against report the best insight into that carry these types of electric vehicles in short this was needed to commercialize them. this will be no elections are known as the cast of local election the competition among the weeds had a party setting standards has kicked into high gear and the team's
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fourth local elections the term lawmaker tumbled to pass a lot of experience in the political arena. former prime minister the hon sheet as forty years of expertise in the administrative center and there is the supreme council member the man who was well versed in economic matters the three competitive candidates want to become the party sort of may oral candidates. this in the party will decide on its candidate for the soul the world rates on people when they don't get what was up to date with the results. this week cultural tours on the one introduced a very special story on the national center's two thousand fourteen performance schedule the first performance was good to know teddy not be used to be performed in front of him. i think should try it during wheel ancestral rites rituals and dynasty. to
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really taking up which is a collection of instrumental music song and dance is korea's import intangible cultural property number one and was designated by unesco as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity. in two thousand won this performance was all the more special as the audience could see the full length performance she won a court was a piece that the ninety are interested korea's beautiful cultural heritage. i am me add. she's been growing up i've always wanted to be that great eagle one that delivers the news every night on things like that and i used to watch and i think that read carried on till the day i think that if the role of a reporter to the common people but i've heard that
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there is that the future but more like the storytellers and then i felt the urge of telling my story since it was a child i believed in a news reporter in the perfect option. my case i'm talking to people if they fit. i think the best part of the footage that you get to do this on top of the times going for the people with my family it's still dark and sunny. but one person is moving quickly into a desert campaign in seoul. its reporters in sydney and who is the rookie reporter with just six months of experience in the field. this is the sign for coverage today the delicious cakes and cookies are eye catching. i was wanting to meet him and then just to stop that. call
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will i survive. i may. and he's getting ready to connect line to korea today. will i ever has and if i can cripple me silly every time i was visiting department store inside real and that there had been a lot of lines forming in front of dessert shop so that triggered me to think of why and what the desert cranes what people are so i'm excited about to be in line to pack and then later on i started reading articles about the concert industry booming and what the industry is to link to supplement it to me and turned the profane to market and then there was that white in korea march fourteen to wear them then i get e mails. little sweet treat now and i decided to do a cover each line of clothing industry and the search for korea today. going to do and
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it is. the pool. isn't it actually today to send its first ever live connections that is why she seems to grow more and more tents by the minute and it was over her script over and over again. shops and shops. it has been enjoying the pool leo. mornings in june and the desert seems that no one stole it and also this isn't the only spots where bunnies and didn't like it does happen. and these individual stores aren't the only one who seemed to lead this week by. well spring and he's
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elected. morning tea from a script to the way she looks at the camera. danny has to pay close attention to a lot of details for the life connection has been. some of uncle paul. under the changes would be. the day. it's just not the decision not to the digital stores. they show finally began. the morning the kids to korea today on this friday morning i went into alongside names out and get your morning everyone which flowered you think represent the springy the bill. he'll let me know intertwined to a reporter should stand in for more on
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this trend senate where are you now. beattie's nose and in turn. yes singular and when i'm at the concert started. each tale is already at the shops just like this having feeling the desert race in the market. we can tell from her pulling stunts and in his notice. in the lead to cancer rates it was built in so called false we've been thinking about kerry. everything moves at its best. once again it's because there's another lanka next week the percentage. i didn't know in eighteen ten it is anxiously waiting while the vcr is plainly is currently on the shelves. as you would expect from a rapidly evolving marketplace but the turnover rate in department stores producers in and went to a tough time but there's nothing quite like hardening your shell as a reporter. tonight was date
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was set today for sending us back to you james. it was my first live connection ever and i'm very nervous. up until i mean even during my reporting hours and looking back at my first life connection. i am not into peace and calm think i might see my flaws and a little bit of string thing between time knowing that i think it has been a great experience for me to a realm and future for different and future life connection. the news. i mean isn't the only one experiencing new things and learning from them the hard way. it's the same for a reporter once asked cheering her on the job training period. so when shadowed senior reporters and picked up tips on how to gather news materials. sch. don't they
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it was a nominee who will survive. and today she's assigned to write a package on an issue that's been developing over recent days i want to write everything began the scientists all it can be. stories about the economical stories political story is everything and i like that we did get the chance to read and will tidy up stories as for me i have been writing a lot of stories about the medical strike you in korea the three funds on seeing how she develops and also i feel and they have responsibilities since i should be the one who knows the most about that issue in the hole in his room. these days she doesn't write play nine innings. she's writing articles that are being


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