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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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new. we will win . the us. i don't need that she didn't get the warm reception in another blog to the start of the eleven day tour. american officials that the search for missing the lake like in the street seventy is a bonding but will go on. and for shoes. former ukrainian air base in crimea following an ultimatum what ukrainian
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soldiers they had to read that. and my new job on his sister and reform drive will continue with the market play a greater goal welcome to end up on cctv news i'm going to lunch in beijing. we begin this hour with chinese for the changing things visit to europe which officially began on saturday when the president landed in the knowledge teaching painting is on a state visit to that country his first top only european to work. i will also take him to germany france and belgium and the president will be attending the third new cuban security summit at the hague on monday and tuesday. i want to chop has more. she seemed to be in the first chinese presents even though the netherlands since the two countries established diplomatic relations in nineteen seventy two the chinese president's
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travel and it was a spy a toliet. they were welcomed by dutch kinnock whitlam alexandre and clean next either. in a meeting soon after their ride to the chinese president spoke highly of china and other land relations. he said he helps to visit what helps strengthen the intro trust promote practical cooperation and deepened our friend chad statistics show that neverland has been china's second biggest eu trading partner for eleven years china has been a neverland second biggest trading partner for full years that the teen said he helps those countries can strengthen cultural and people to people exchanges something he said will be greatly helped by discrepancies visits the dutch team leader and former queen bee of tricks later hosted a welcoming state banquets for pregnancy and hiv first lady. this day in the science season keane is expected to meet parliamentary leaders and
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prime minister mark rudd top on the day. she will attend the global nuclear security senate and the headache elated visit france germany and belgium. the show include the event that to the headquarters of the unesco in paris on thursday. it's also a juicy bit of the eu headquarters in brussels. the judge on cctv earlier we spoke about reporting on the me in that age he told the president she is looking to enhance bilateral ties with the netherlands the presence of the tribes and then on and on saturday afternoon there was wall to wall divided that's the way of adding something to add to the voting to mention their boys to serve dinner as well as exams dance and folk dance with her and senate presidency clinton keith second. if it's meant to be well thought out to god and his mom brother and to also attend the time and its
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economic paul wrote in his rival statements presents he was not meant to understand the importance of common in europe. instead he's looking forward to an end to major principles want any bad effects of the corporation would never let out we had this new company that was two hundred strong business delegation. suicides are expecting scientists here is the equivalent of the nt finance culture and politics and it has to give up the bucket seats and even fruit plate on top of the sun to the us congress already achieved last year and a winding presidency will attend the summit of the comic security at the twenty oh two nuclear security summit. oh but that's a well needed as well talk more action to minimize the use of heidi grace the use of more than fifty countries and twenty international organizations are converging on monday in the netherlands for this third international security
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summit began ringing to control the pollution ration of new killer material and specifically to prevent it falling into the hands of terrorists. cctv tagged by reports the shias event is likely to be overshadowed by events in ukraine as well as in ron's new pupil progress the nuclear security summit of the brainchild of us president barack obama who as cold nuclear terrorism the most immediate and extreme threat to global security. over the prospect that the amount of fissile material in the world has grown enormously particularly in countries like india and pakistan. there have also been a number of deaths most of them in the full decided union since nineteen ninety three according to the international atomic energy agency records. they have been sixteen instances of theft involving either hide and restrain him all the time you read that can be used in a in a potential
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nuclear bomb. the john says all terrorists making a nuclear weapon are slim. but analysts say the possibility of using materials to create a conventional bomb that spreads radioactive material is high at the potential would be a very very lethal attack as they have to prepare for that i have to make sure that all this it starts. boeing has already approved agencies like tiny it is me doing that we're really making sure that all said karzai who is up to presents. i'm new to my tears from being silly. the knicks could say the rounds nuclear talks and ukraine could be shattered the meeting soon as the people at the mine since having them around the same table. there is a good probability that the meeting is high time on a line by a crane like crimea. a meeting on ukraine only the g seven countries is already being planned for the summit sidelines. though the official agenda will remain focused on
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the potential for nuclear terrorism. it's our progress will be made at this meeting ah that's already been acknowledged that a key element will remain unfulfilled. that is the system for tracking accounting managing and securing full with this all nuclear material worldwide due to disagreements that plan is not guilty to the blueprint things. jackpot and cctv the hay. for more on this upcoming you can to secure the summit was joined now by our correspondent jack martin in the hague. hijack how serious is this threat of terrorists getting their hands on nuclear material and possibly developing their own weapons. is it is urgent as the obama says it is. radical groups tiling a nuclear weapon old building the older child. she did actually very slim. what is considered much
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more likely that the group getting their hands on one the radioactive material and using it in a conventional weapon to make a dough ball to calling it did you fall under that went into the trafficking companies will shut up about a decade ago that countries have reported the leak to the hospital and traitors to the international atomic energy agency in open on to that of a charge of gold project that or illegal transfer of all radioactive material that could be potentially used in such a weapon so it is clear from that doctor that the vehicle to have to keep all the potential weapon with radioactive material. why do it in the real knowledge and we know a number of of the issues will be discussed on the sidelines of the summit. who's going to the meeting who were there at eight. try one of the heart start beating ukraine. that will be face to face one last roll of postgraduate school
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between the leaders including china's president sheik in pain. but the hate reportedly discussed relations between the two countries also called them up to boise issue of security of the collision peninsula. she all but planned to hold bilateral talks with u s president barack obama will lead to depression can lead to an extent. president obama will be with the president of the trip and the prime minister to pension the body thinking that he is widely expected to focus on the intention of ever reaching from territorial disputes of the local other issues as well as a list of rising nationalism in japan jack barn reporting to us from the hague. thank you and still to come on the program will bring you the latest in the search for the move was to malaysian airline air flight three seven zero. that story much more just ahead. but after a short break. fan. i watch. it
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all is you smooth. she's human. i was thinking of the country's international trip before. and tell me to amy. new shipping out in northeast asia. research the world from northeast china. warts and all. schemes to us. stick to amy. shoot you. shoot you. on to a tee
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the gd. the show he means business. from all across the americas. stories of people. her hopes and aspirations. part of the investigation. cultural and social inside. i miss out taking the time and the one in the backcourt. michael vaughan's cctv about
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the weekly news magazine called the giver. americans now the eye. welcome back remember ten mcq tories just held a news conference in the country cap will convert the authorities joni almost a visual searches are continuing for the missing malaysian airlines flight inmates three seventy in the sea area where suspected debris had been spotted some lights and it may take time and the remoteness of the search area presents a huge challenges. you might recall we did find a search area based on the satellite imagery. we had that for a little more steps lead to injury than previously. china provided us with the end is an image that lost art provided that to us. and that we incorporate that into
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us and planning. and today is really a visual search again hands. initial searches take some time. they can be difficult. the plan is to continue seeking to make stockings from. the visual search. looking for the old tricks of intifada satellite imagery. we did make time one starting yesterday afternoon which was reported in dances with your lives. i am. what if a little more they tell. i malas wanna risk deportation standard shapes. restored gospel. he gives a very short rundown on the thick of operations for the diet. no one said and done that with following up on what was i guess. american like to restate the research planes are resuming operations in the southern indian ocean based on the latest chinese satellite images which show a large floating object
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australian maritime authorities say the plot of the position of the suspicious object the satellite image use it as being twenty two point five meters long and thirty meters wide. the beauty spot atop the keys in the area of the southern indian ocean that was searched on saturday it's along the southern quarter of the malaysian airlines plane may have taken and is floating around one hundred twenty km southwest of two of the optics located by australia on thursday costco has promised to tony abbott hopes he's increasing the rate increase and a possible that the new plane will be discovered. however the last twenty four hours they were a significant developments. new satellite imagery new charlie satellite imagery. the same decisions at least one live chat all shakes down their consistent with the old chicken really a satellite imagery discovered which the like. a token
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strike and hollered about last week. i use to dye one of the house to be in such a rough go of the jewels on a number of o j said in a fairly small area in the oval last friday inserts time finally the stitches think jointed i bought for additional a crop to the chinese in crafting to jeopardize our own hands china's maritime search and rescue center said the number of chinese search teams are now leading to the top area of the search in the south indian ocean to the rescue ships there we headed for the north indian ocean had been diverted south. after passing through the swing of the lock. other ships that were surging areas in the southern quarter one of two possible after texans on the plane are continuing the emissions. time is an arctic research vessel too long which was adopted last year it is also on its way to the area with the debris was spotted out for a long way is aboard the shul with
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the latest on smash. a bad deal worth forty hours to chill out for a whole it was not treated. okay cut the meat grains that span marriage and on to my aunt eight hundred knowledge the mountain we departed to cheer me up. in the ocean not to win it at the height of the above. you don't go miles an hour which is above me and ran it in on the mound monday. to those that wanted to have to adapt it to her and was decommissioned and the temptation to tow it back to meet the new target to carry on with it later. there ought to take off your lap oh and the mother of two on board to continue to pour the can around him and gain knowledge though it too. on the way i didn't want there as an army the eighty seven remember it go already began to compose mode on the issue
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of attack. it appeared to be now we hopped on and it emitted in the ukraine. still uses tiny satellite images showing possible plane debris of very helpful and valuable to the effort. that's according to the chinese ambassador to australia mom joe show the mets again. so do when the seasons easy decision will continue today according to all studio floor cheese. there will be a telstra employee is stitching in the designated areas including the area alliance highness which of the suspected a break the two appliances and buy it i know i'm not preparing to join this as soon as possible. russian forces in crimea and seizing ukrainian air base after an ultimatum for ukrainian soldiers they had to surrender expired
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just hours before the seizure a ukrainian soldier and april russian cossacks killed in an attempt to seize another military base for morning in the capital. tom martin reports on a day in the rapidly changing crimea you did. marriage the minute she confrontation in crimea. for the day. you know service in the regional capital bought these are the ukrainian soldier to production costs at a mall and side by side they were killed in an attempt to stall the ukrainian minutes keeping students and local. but such depths of this crimean crisis recent issue of reason of his hard that we can turn back time of his duty to feel pain. i don't know how to explain. the teapot is the goal is to not mix. yet this dish is the potential for units the crimea as well as divisions. in ukrainian minutes it takes to the south another kind of sent me some
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for opel that is a funeral but here it this long table for the bell back at base these officers and men are celebrating a wedding. it's not long before most of its income stream from russian forces surrounding the next one hour to surrender the festivities disrupted preparation for that reaction hahahaha custody to face them with self respect shouted dumped in shooting two years so we don't have any casualties. follow my instructions exactly. when it comes the russian assault is ensnared by ukrainian fine the russian troops instead run into furious indignation that he is listening. they just end up in crimea. it's a ukrainian that it remained defiant despite key of times to withdraw its troops from crime. boston cctv go back when secretary jo my ki moon is in kiev is on his mediation trip to the region
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man voiced his support for the ukrainian people and the interim government while the ukrainian interim prime minister a senior samuel appealed to the international community for support. i mean the cyclones who then lived at the end she should experience. sure i was so dead. the putra and government to call me. he's kind he's kind of slipped it in. we recognize it's referring to. we strongly believe that the international community to wheel condemned exception and quite inappropriate for spoils. tool unreasonable the aggression. in the region. ukrainian church
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moscow is mark rugby union but the russian federation with a huge fireworks display on the streets of the russian capital there's overwhelming support for the financial break away from ukraine. but a few people remain concern over possible negative consequences to the outcome our correspondent that the fury reports. the key to enter this restaurant and bar thanks to you. watching the show the twinkies sixty two. regarding prices in order that was. whatever they like and don't see the giving of the one in two thousand he was different. we've been through. all kinds of problems. seen the show we eat or use for this. and on friday night. why was the toughest fight of the most rudimentary johnson and when he is the entry every kid. despite continued opposition from seven a blast the extension received massive support in the sky then we welcome crimea with happy a new subject has joined the federation. it's
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not lost i am very happy not just about yet but other reasons too. i hear other countries want to be part of prussia. now it is inside listening to my station for security and cooperation have arrived in ukraine. meaning that the likelihood of russia sending troops that could be diminishing. it's so nice. i knew she would wash up and tx agreement with the european union has adopted a shift in world order. i can actually kill time. general director of the u eighteen communication sent to western powers to decide that the car just a cool way i want for our worldview and all that is more than evident that he was older and we should go and see if the helm to the table the bears are rashard west and polished china into other states and to think what to do next. hilton says the cost of integration is irrelevant are the shows. hobart
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the post. young people from work. i also bought a preference. some states the cost of the russian people may still be felt somewhat down the line. if western sanctions estimate that the people will stop running when they can afford to come anymore. we've lost a job were founding members lost their job. or they don't disposable income has to work anymore. but now i have it use the occasion. what is now at the show. that's the theory cctv said. welcome back. chinese buyers for these young though he had reiterated china's commitment to deepening reform that the china development forum here in beijing. in his welcoming speech jones said the country will improve the legal system of government red tape and noble for a market for both domestic and international companies he added taxes on consumption and environmental
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protection and real estate all are on the legislative agenda this year. john also said the country will carry out financial and fiscal reforms as well as improve social welfare. china unveiled his roadmap for comprehensive reforms last year which analysts say he laid out its development path for the next decade. today development forum opened on sunday. boasting a number of dignitaries including imf managing director christina dodd and the west oval the chairman of caterpillar and also the court she hears of this year's conference government officials ceos and academics from around the globe and gathered here in beijing to discuss ways to make to smoothly transition when rapid growth departed the group and comprehensively deepen reforms on the show she reports the theme of this year's china development forum has time and to comprehend so we deepen
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reform. thus the need to move from fast growth to politics world. it needs to address certain risks such as local government finance issues as well as looking for new growth engines. today delegates around the world are gathered here to discuss how high they can maintain sustainable growth in the long run. she even made to leave rome the key to keeping reforms to avoid financial risks increase in the sweet efficiency and promote innovation we need to be prepared to deal with the recent and institute will create competition in industries such as israelis and telecommunications another important factor is too fun to open up the services sector to private and foreign companies i believe that the growth prospects are very significant and the improvements of living standards will be high. but the challenges are also being because china is making a transition to a new growth model. and i'd suggest an emphasis on clean environment
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of low carbon energy systems to really build a sustainable economy for the long term one reform that stood out was government deregulation and letting the market for a bigger role in the economy as it is directly correlated to foreign investment confidence in china. industry efficiency as well as resolving the problem of over capacity these sell for the tea break in each and all governments forty seats sold out private investments. well the car which will be reduced from the d a case the pool which were rejected by the government forty six. so the bbc altering few beers and told him that y'all are the baskets us number one every strong economy has winners and losers. and some decisions are good and when arizona we ended when decisions are bad losers are to disappear. and i think that the administration's record i said that has to be part of process but again it's a balance of supply and
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help with making this goal without the negative impact of unemployment. for example so they really get it. be careful with this palace but certainly move towards open cattle markets which will correct. over time the overcapacity and in many industry the softer today reform requires a combination of top down design and trial and error experimentation. there's still a long way to go in the economic position but one thing is clear. china is determined to work on reforms at all levels to speed up the process shots and cctv the team. i am. the key to
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the use of cctv america than ever before. get real time updates on our various of the forest and catch up on your favorite clips from our news and programming. check this out on twitter facebook and youtube. let us know what
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you really think. i knew i was. i did. and. do. i do
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chu woo whoo whoo whoo whoo hoo the air. or. i don't enjoy your weekend is here on nhk will put james to get into to welcome two new slain soldiers supporting russia have seized control of another ukrainian military installation in crimea the escalating situation in the southern ukrainian region is growing more criticism from the wax. the question militiamen used armored vehicles stormed the ukrainian air force base near the hospital and seize control. the pro moscow militia had been demanding ukrainian forces at the base surrender. ukrainian troops have had


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