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tv   RT News  PBS  March 23, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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will we will eye. it taught me a summer break every idiot as the republic officially becomes part of brush up top so the heels of thirteen to leave ukraine. meanwhile the russian side gets a new toy. it was tough to beat it with fresh us sanctions. does a little. i personally don't have a new cabinet but i will definitely open one on monday president richard says he was to get a salary of five c at bank of washington and brussels have more russian service to the section but these events and asset freezes. this was one of them
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being connected with the crisis in ukraine . it didn't go through the rest of the betrayed. tickets thirty books pens and bottoms up the coast of the saudi capital from all across the country . the these top stories that make it. this is the weekly old auntie. my dad celebrated every year didn't go to the contents in a breakaway from ukraine to become a lot of russia the skies with a tub like that was published but if the russian capital had been sued for opel which is the maid says he'll cry man crowds gather there to watch the spectacular shattered and to celebrate once in
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the morning and left very happy to finally be in russia at last a long time team has come. a listener great sending the application of action i think our premiums are happy with that the money now for the russian speaking population in ukraine south the four premiere was snoring is sealed and delivered to russia president richard lashed out at ukraine's new leadership russia strives to build good terms with its eastern neighbor but that it made it very clear that the far right radicals called on the shelves in the interim government of all the soda people mosque and wants to talk to the president was a hit counter the us and europe the supporting young people save their actions have crossed the line. so with due care and other crew in ukraine. you know she's not religious and anti semite kenny still to find
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the country's political agenda. though it's clear that there is no digits in the executive power and screenwriter there is no one to patiently. washington sept of the sections almost to the crimea this week. the us as it's supposed to punish those who threaten ukraine's integrity. it appears that some of those targeted at nothing to do with ukraine but instead all belonged to the president's conduct of the bbq chicken he's a business would be back in nineteen ninety eight founded the club where preaching was trading course aka d and of course for two but that sort out the road to the devil said this is for the members of that same club. a duty to vote showed he's the co editor of the whittlesea a bangle set one of the cheetah cubs fell this does to his bank is washington which is thought the russian president to open an account and have the salary paid regarding his word and the store as i understand this is a little fun. i personally don't have an
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account of the key but i will definitely open one on monday well brussels also weighed in at the mornings to its blacklist of russian officials and that the eu and the us of threatening restrictions against the russian economy as well in case of any escalation these foreign minister has warned sanctions against moscow to make. actually it's europe itself. the books i've listed the eu governments like to differ. some commentators have abundance he says. ashley become a habit in europe to play in moscow. russia has accused the carousel. that's the vision that many politicians in hiring see from the front of the cold war not stuck in this situation you're accused of fondling a economic crisis it is time for dinner. in launching tool if you crave with a victory if they hope to bring to the electorate before the routine election match up with a trailer because it wasn't realistic lighting was not his voluntary based on sound means that political ambition self when in reality came
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into the pockets of ansett which was the only possible camp with the mouth the state dept of my new years because economically you can't go into great country of forty five million people without money and that all would not sell and it is a traditional approach because your cell is me do it if needed. all this in itself and i made a fresh and they are because it's much easier to talk about the situation of conflict and crisis created by brush is meant to resolve the problem of twenty five million off european unemployment. russia's we're too cool for a crime near a street of global flight to the un security council with the us envoy attacked the russian ambassador to the retail mosque in the game as far as putting its faith russia is known for its literary greatness. and what you just heard from the russian ambassador showed more imagination than tolstoy or chekhov he can steal property but that does not confer the right of ownership
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on the squishy of their discussions today some of my colleagues used excessive run which to review its combustion is power. instead of mentioning tolstoy in turn go into the political tabloids to such insults concerning russia are absolutely unacceptable to touch the kitchen the us delegation expects to call cream with russia to the security council on other issues in the future. what this place. but it came in the crimean referendum was forced by russia and is therefore in a different agenda miss christina stardust pen to add a drizzle seven's of ukraine's two thousand and six parliament re elections thinks otherwise the western read that labor will also attend. to try to show that it was. goals from people and they have a lot of journalists in crimea wiley plenty happening on triple m with at best and that as it was very very difficult to show that anyone's going to
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stay in costa do anything to him and threatening allergic to it. i think with colds act two thousand and ten will call. a decision on costs approach which said the attack. there were no international is set to rule on to things and then got an easel to question could the house. there was nothing taking the romanian national mall. the results came out playing a common crime in scotland it's very difficult for them to use and national in this country the situation. spain now what started off as a peaceful ride the same falcons lost to madrid from all across the country. dozens of islands on the streets of the capital. protest is angry that starting unemployment rates and longer lists thirty cups attacked police. it ended in thousands of injuries and arrests on course for new apis to witness the crashes. it was a peaceful protest rally route so basically the entire time
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until the end what was coming to an end and then suddenly a group called the young radical professors with their face covered started throwing stones at the police the police that a perimeter that they started arresting protesters away from it and then steamed firecrackers being fired at the police and reportedly rubber bullets being fired back as a result the door and injuries on all sides with and actually calling these pastors for peace now and everyone has to be specially built for us to be told that they may be some problems with the police when it comes to the younger of the dust is the younger activists they did expect some sort of problems to happen in a family that's what's happened here they are strongly critical against the government's policies on trade economic policies the third of the spanish economy is going to receive your problem say unemployment stands at around twenty six percent which means that the only other eu states with
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the more serious problems in that sense is nice after breeze comes spain but when comes to the us fifty percent to around fifty percent of all fold the us and spain. i don't have a job bowls of around two million spaniards are really dependent on the state pensions and for the events and so on. which is also applying the additional pressure on the economy at same time detroit off the international creditors and brussels. they are calling for more job cuts for more reductions of salaries and at the same time they're not promising a need improvement week on the economy in the next four years which obviously is only aggravating this choice in an easy time making these thousands of people more angry well before the protests has ended up in madrid they have covered hundreds of films is old photo of the so called mulch that the kids go to tools to work with people and told them why they failed to come to undertake this solution
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the boys vs girls or boys use here. it didn't. why am i here i'm sick of this government with all the promises they never fulfilled. they said they were going to create more jobs and lower the taxes but it's a lot. instead unemployment rolls from forty six million. this is the only way we can fight back. it was tender and sauce is off to slow pace of walking. it's cold and my whole training thing to wear in high spirit in you have to admit to the savage policies. cause you to take part in this march. i had seen many reasons my sons have to wake every day from aids in the morning to find in the evening only to fall hundred euros per month. also i'm a teacher and i know what to expect any and all these evictions. this is insane i'm on sentiment and because a cop walked into the non brussels. we must stop them and detroit. that sentiment is shared by baby in the country. the rustic to
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write protected as part of that he uses people to take part in protests that the government we called him get away with its policies but one thing we stop our progress in iraq is able to get him away from it. read a lot didn't think anything else. responsibility for grandchildren to see he's trying to stop and use to try to keep somewhat. hence the appearance of bread to get some responsibility. this word because he's hitting it big enough to wait like me the need to relate to what shorty that's something you'll future grandchildren to think about as well but what is the old tethered to the pope from these methods he did that. argentina in stopping it. and the devastation it was so neat being part of the act the part of the beekeeper cents. yet he's become
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the most of the banks. so i think that they should stop taking our tax money could be that bad. michelin fear most is to become the program burning bridges is in the richest province which overwhelmingly to break away from rome. more manifest official break the eye. you can. aye. the thing. and
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the eye the chivas goal line you know. she was. you can use that to be grateful. to access keys off. i can do he's put a distance of the country's armed forces to battle the theory of plate in the border region where rebels of the acting president. the scents forces increases in short don't be given to draw kids. as a book
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written by david is there space to allow more damascus in the head nurse all this while syria accuses labor of flagrant aggression. maybe it was fine sitting there. get off qingdao in syria. back to ukraine though in the weekly over the course of the puppy to one of the country's opposition leaders in the interim prime minister often he gets a new creature from the stage many times to promise people radical changes that since taking power he's black treacle maybe all of these promises it is really causing a ripple. a self proclaimed government in kiev to use the power banking on people's frustration over the collapse the deal yet they want it to your agreement is not so great to spend according to article one one one of the criminal code the president will get ten to fifteen years behind us however rates are soon get
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some comfort to tackle next with typical replaced by examining the economic section or distorted due to concerns over the possible negative effects that intrigue the free trade area might help if they think that's true regions. you all easier said than done apparently wants to have to actually realize all the pros and cons. looks like everyone's on to what's being called the government's meat trade with contradictions reigning supreme the word promises from kiev to join nato and get as many weapons from member countries as possible. the draft law on the resumption of the process of integration of ukraine into nato has been filed and recall that provide the maximum possible material and technical assistance in the form of more than military hardware and armaments once again something that suits me. as you know of that to keep ukraine undivided. we've decided to keep the sections in a tent. i'll set
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the agenda. then the guy. all those performances that and the russian language yup though that the bill but the ukrainian youth to st depression. i told them to speak english. i will make this my top priority. i want them to travel to europe this is my assignment only to be human. new goal. no one's trying to take away your right to speak russian according to this solo in all regions dominated by russians because russian actually every july and de facto official language initial have the same rights as the ukrainian language that was a quick one eighty and in stark contrast with its previous convictions. it is urgent for options was announced for a few hours at one point. ukraine's national security and defence counsel to the decision to introduce a visa regime with russia
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today dismissed by gaps in the very next day. ukraine should not worry with introducing a visa regime with russia and this move must be in that show the loss of market and all his doubts and has failed to solve what he's capable off rights which he did not follow through on what has been made as to whether his long term policies will be as allah saw and as easy to take back as the ones that we've seen so far. during the cost of artsy. many in ukraine's eastern regions are refusing to recognize the new leadership thinking of taking to the streets in defiance of the interim government several regional centers rebuilt and protests for celtic using the new divas in kiev on me and auntie leaving they are insisting the us to present yanukovich is still the legitimate leader and some according to findings of the crimea and hold a referendum on joining russia others pushing for federalism in ukraine within the mod concrete simple to me from here. this is huge and
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its has become one the main flash points approve russian protests. thousands were running that there was sunday and today as well. run a deal is that rossi. thousands of people taken to the streets again this weekend in the nets and demonstrations across the city. by this weekend in support of the president the chemical that she was ousted by the pinto twenty oh six is wedded to it that i would run as opposed to the simple yet according to a close look and be tempted to take them home the main focal point of the demonstrations over the past few weeks to be with the guts the referendum for the region. it has continued this weekend with a large portions of the demonstrations boxing and the regional administrative building to demand a referendum of all the beacon of dumbass of which yes is the pots up so it seems that the crime is the friend last weekend seemed to worsen federations the people he seemed to be inspired by the demonstrations they really got the momentum going and what they believe that frank has made me become a reality but the people who insist this is not just because they head back to
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wichita speak but she is also economic reasons. but i feel that getting closer to russia they already have many business leads. it makes more sense to link yet to come closer to the eu. her husband she could see some severe economic hardship in recent years. i believe that in a young preacher and his russian be much but the pasta was ukraine russia and the race we all need prayer that we want to be together and divide it and told her we should live the more we should divide the eu and america. so the paper as saying that not only been on the night such as the government in kiev. but that the chemical that is still delayed its present of the country. maybe he can be the month. dumbass which is his local region and take the bus back to russia. bank robberies of this raging try to wreck it seemed to be the new reality in ukraine where security forces are struggling to maintain control of radicals . these are the pictures from preventable to produce and
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told her to school this week when obeyed. the beef to be the circled my dad put his thumb suggested that if by shareholders to seize the stall. witnesses say police appear to the scene but did nothing to integrate well that's what understandable to see you begin on this one. police in the cubby under attack from radicals will see him walking down the street. the veins of the day was to rob a bank in kiev. the group was allowed to walk free. remember the true prosecutor general seems to notice that the inhabitants of the country of america isn't it. awesome awesome. like you lulu. what about the robbery criminal investigation is underway. meanwhile the radical be a reich sector group is registered as a potential policy analysis leader will be running for
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president. the price of milk now the new leadership in ukraine and those rising to power. the man in an age pension is into that ukraine's new column in the end. to the country's information and techniques design the resignation until the tops of the kind of ukraine's national tv channel hers. well now the former the silliest it's been signed to a resignation. shut up and take your hands off me like i told you. initial resistance on the rugged amputees to seem tame. with telling me that this is the paper mule signed your resignation. they were told that just because he's handled it comes to mention presents and harassed me cry needed. also i need your options beyond the eye in the ukrainian. you are on the ukrainian some are on the government of speech and is a member of ukraine's ultra nationalists the boat
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epoxy content by the european parliament back in two thousand and twelve. for its racism antisemitism and xenophobia. do not from the social national county which has a swastika like logo. the numbers of these days and all that far right policies for when they take on ukraine's new footage contains cannot face the coming countries need the language. i mean i can choose to business today with the one statement don't you come here and i was enjoying their freedom. then just talk to me jump shot on the buffet well mikey right now being deadly disease that is ever that has been craving thousands of lights and some kitty. for the gospel to the whole bed is of an epidemic of racing over the highly contagious virus is thought to spread across the border. more details of
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the laces outbreaks of the telco. also there is a natural search effort to continue to produce all the disappearance of a malaysia airlines but the booking of new objects to the ocean. fresh life can be for the ministry would be so typical. so it is actual news stories a brief footage over the brook police quickly classroom tested. capital one of these breeds squares to show that i get the police and state repression. susie q's offices of taking dna from individuals. what forced out of the fact of the ball it's not even bothered to get our ozone hole has no significance to the streets of the german capital. but by police. people are being killed a fresh wave of clashes in venezuela bringing the total death toll of the protest to study for geography breaking four weeks and soaring inflation according to its activists
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accused authorities of spiking your position because of the discovery the protest abortion to the medical groups. oh well the faces are similar to struggle to stay with us that abortion has killed at least three ap the blues remain unaccounted for. authorities say the suspect the picture her critical security staff to the area. looks like will say this for thirty houses and forced baby back to age residents of the year the europeans protecting the right to self determination with referendums of its scope and displays them again. later this year. well this week nations joined the club voted to break away from it to the casino and said that's around two million people when they bought over the din province. gotta get a letter to the referendum was for babies like being a good old wreck of the aspiring but the bubbles and i'd make a repressive political statement. giovanni done about is the head of
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the incident an independence movement says the kurdish separatists and trade will only grow further. these two it documents the two will present to you more models to choose the eu students. and we will. the pressure for the recognition of independence on the street he told new york. the fourth century. paul for the european nations. new nation. and also land in houston. i think people are stocking them don't like to use this to you mortensen plays. it's a lot of people in sudan. with this and didn't use the new economy
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and social problems in antiques to be the third season making back to local communities to the dogs the importance of self determination. this is. this is kind of new gold which is why we need to do. only when he eats eats. a good thing for war. what nice to just hop in the meantime engineers and designers recreate russia the miniature do agility. i eye. the zz you. i am residents of sunnyvale california are being forced to turn in any magazines that they have to hold over en
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route to the government. i don't call the high capacity magazines to one thousand dollar fine or up to six months in jail or both. maybe you partially built one comes to be legal but there are many people in this world who feel it is their right to happen. the question is how many people are what action when the stick up for that right. it is easy for chocolate can be on tv tell you he will fight for your rights when there are cops a church or in black uniforms are crack your skull in all fours isn't a tiny metal box with a spring in it. many people are going to give in a given up connection takes incredible amount of bravery to normally defy the law based on principle and that is why very few people do it and that is what overtime in any society your rights freedoms for everyone to call them are going to be voted away tyranny happens because people like you when they are willing to pay a thousand dollars for our rights but that's just my acting. room
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my name is miriam was the baby. and then our streets. i kept trying to run i've been thinking more than ten years. i'm back and he did it in my pocket book. my life. i couldn't imagine the doctor. i can't keep secrets. i'm thinking to the music. change me from julie thank you for me the communications fund to discuss the two pink. and then finish. i don't know then i can use the area. i just get out of my stash them in pink. i forced written on them and sickening and entertainment. two on and on dang and female as well here are the navigation or teaching. constable on
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the other language. you know if it snowed up there on the no this is a completely different and it cost you one or two. that he had it for like ever i killed it called a variety of costumes. argh and then goes to women who would be today. some of them has their fortune. some of them have the opportunity to pursue the dream. but some of them now. ford issues than i can be fatal. my goal to bow to the young women are feasting on these that may be just the continual the hard work and be brave and i made that the saudi four games there. it's just that show on the war god father was to have it. the deep other food authority behind instead. aye
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aye. and good . i knew would love to the journal here and he doesn't want anymore. top stories this hour. turkey's military ships syrian claim saying it violated turkish airspace russian forces tightened their grip on crimea amid fears the kremlin is preparing to grab more ukrainian territory. and in the search for flight three seventy s more indications of possible that were in the stock from a french stuff


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