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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 24, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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will whittle. the owner welcome to nhk world of islam and you know tommy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am emergency ties between g seven leaders are set to get under way to discuss their response to russia's annexation of crimea the students in taiwan are continuing to rock the end of the parliament building bears in protest at the front that read acts with me when china and it stands and industry professionals with a goal to
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have and haven't made festival in tokyo. somebody has to lead america are eyeing the nasdaq market products and ten. readers of the g seven and austral as nations will discuss whether to expel russia from the group of eight as punishment for sanctions in crimea. they will hold talks in the hague on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit us president barack obama arrived in the netherlands he had called a meeting to consider the group's response to the crisis in ukraine the leaders are expected to discuss their support for the ukrainian government as well as possible for there are sanctions against russia over its annexation of crimea they're expected to consider removing the country from the g eight and go back to the g seven framework. europe and america. for united. your support of the ukrainian government and the ukrainian people there were united as imposing a cost on russia for
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its actions so far. ten european countries that have strong economic ties with russia are conscious about imposing severe sanctions analysts say the attention will be focused on whether the g seven can agree on a tough stance to prevent the ukrainian situation from deteriorating even further the us japan and other g seven members are set to discuss the possibility of expelling russia from the g eight framework by the hand of any decision. world leaders will be considering what's needed to stabilize the situation in ukraine and whether russia's expulsion is their best option. we spoke with you cause to be a professor at the show university in tokyo specializing in the u s russian relations my job without coming weekend. she's seven and g eight countries can try to rush off to the g
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eight. if we attempted to deserve them but i think they are less powerful than they used to be. we can only tackle the financial crisis under the framework of the g twenty which includes emerging nations. so keeping russia and the western full to the be better for the future global order. in other words the course in russia. our key without serious thought. it will hurt the interests of western countries did who does the most effective sanction it would probably be to hold arms exports to russia and the intonation is a major military power. but its hardware isn't modernized in the hope that one. brush up to five battleships province and other countries will come in you. there were no delays in delivery by two deep into the russian military might to
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you. another potentially effective sanction. it would be free europe to stop purchasing energy from russia the score up to drastically cut its imports of you. most of europe can produce gas from many other notable country. it's a cross border a network of pipelines that allows the sharing of gas and other energy sources within europe meanwhile in the rush of who relies on energy exports for about one quarter of its gdp to clean you up to the country sales of seventy to eighteen percent compared to gas up early in your locality. no one among the europe ongoing. wielding click you can tell total damage from the russian economy. he will put sanctions on russia. it will cause a decline in
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the russian economy. this relieved to slow down and the economy of germany as the two countries have strong economic ties. but then it would be like imposing sanctions on ukraine will go on because we are not just to russia is a big trade partner with ukraine. i think tank said the leadership talk about the meeting. not only the sanctions issue. also how they can support ukraine's to go. below you will come to feel that it would be wrong to call it the new cold war if we only look at the situation in europe however a month. what's more important is that the pressure gets cast in europe. gilchrist will accelerate the so called east ship. which means that russia will try to get close to asian countries. that would be a drastically turning
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point for the postwar world order. but the western countries should be very cautious in their handling of issues with russia. traders in taiwan have stepped up their protests to gauge the controversial trade pact with neil and chris china and clashes between protesters and police have left more than one hundred people injured. nhk real shoes issued a report from taipei hundreds of demonstrators most of them students don't have that kind of building on sunday night police monies to force them on. what made you a heartbeat. those are the gains to trade agreement with china taiwan and china last june. on the video inside we all cleaned up its own sectors including finance and make their services to the other highlight of the sometimes strongly opposed agreement. they say
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it with that small and midsize businesses in taiwan run was doing and don't mind that i'm really going to the mining got to be scrapped they decided monday to end database and the man and moved to bring it into effect the decision i need if you read to the protest as under many men on increasing chinese in france could threaten the sovereignty. by wednesday to sell to taiwan to learn to trade with china its huge economic might. will swallow up taiwan's small businesses. after china takes control of our economy. we're trying to unify with taiwan thailand has been my angel said the occupation of the legislature that these illegal. and she has so far refused to meet with the protesters. cross strait relations will be damaged if
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taiwan doesn't go of the pack to take effect this will also impact negatively on taiwan's attempts to reach it. i want to find the right kind of economy and trade. she also hopes to deal with the intent was to stand in the trans pacific partnership free trade agreement. i don't see on the timing is interesting to discuss tightening for many years due to the continued sluggish economy. don't remain hard to find. some of the state's economic change may be feeling the current wave of protests by students. she received it and if you are i pay for. the search continues for the missing in malaysia airlines aircraft within two weeks since it disappeared from radar efforts are now being concentrated on the southern indian ocean after settle and speak up images of floating debris rosalind of aaliyah has
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the story. despite a massive international average searchers have still not found any of the missing malaysia airlines jetliner and claimed an expensive alleviation radar while flying over south china sea march eight. the herd is now focusing on step one object spotted by satellites in the southern indian ocean you were actually cut each sheet of reports from australia. the guys from the steady at ten and any france fought to make it out with the object on the plane i don't mean covenant had a fun addition to cause if the team contest and was back on track. for insurance haunting. he is analogous to present new material because of that in a completely different locations not have to buy hundred and fifty kilometers north of the current search area so we need to take a nap as well ali told the sunday night people bought an amazing dad
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a cleanup from china. dm posted by electrons would get from one thousand eight years car that had a change in ocean. ty is definitely get it all is that the epa's want you to read it when i do like object. he also described by many is mono one squeezing and ideas above. cammie kids the squad aircraft from other nations to all the other side. as at that time is painted white onion chopped up well. from analog one. sent off to a depth that he oh so proud of but it's a frightening. let's hope we'll do our best to find a subject as soon as possible. it then you settle on the deal well without doubt the dead from an attitude of meat is to try and buy flight information. the death rate
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watch a bottle of wine to any kind of update about you wanna post i am a stay at twenty one men are still at an afro find the mom of two hours it to the father and english. a staff of all debts are different from that one spot to buy it and it's cool once the house. norm for the ryan report saying two cakes the prideful graeme sake of jake a mistake and an orange rectangular object. a a ay the top of the family at the end of it yet. on top of the area. anti government protesters on park on the streets in bangkok after keeping a low profile for several weeks. they are supporters to join in the israeli this coming weekend. this treatment meant
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was apparently the energized by last week's constitutional court ruling that number five last month's general election. a thousand protesters led by far my deputy prime ministers to talk text and marched in bangkok's business district on monday. they plan to go to the same with the medium. on saturday to test the political records tapes and two pm marks every team does. more support. i think what the courts. she needed march is returned to the streets after thailand's constitutional court ruled on friday that the general election held on every second was in the night because voting did not take place on the same day across the country. protesters. each
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constituency is in southern thailand. it dates from the district mr to seek instructions on election day forcing nearly twenty percent of the constituencies dickinson. when you actually take place. thailand's political divide up its anti government supporters in the middle class and the second is the girl pulled her from the population depend on these fundamental rights supporters of caretaker prime minister he or she watched her brother from near extinction. that means in political limbo one there seems to be in the sun in the country's political turmoil will come to an end anytime soon. adjusting for air passengers is intensifying in southeast asia. the colonies had seen the worst in the number of airlines serving the region singapore airlines already enjoys a high reputation for its customer services. now
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let's read all the efforts to attract even more passengers like josh hill reports. i think. singapore airlines unveiled its first class seats last year. it says will offer passengers extra cold for it. a line spent two years developing the seats in cooperation with the bmw group. as i have seen their premiums. never mind she's the one and remains in you to go to commit to live with us singapore airlines has a great deal of their forks into improving the quality of the cervix. our crew was granted special permission to visit the training facility dedicated to this purpose. i
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am. this is where are you tired of independence or training. competition to get into the facility is the errors. beeline employs a total of eight thousand sq cabin attendants. he recruits undergo sixteen weeks of training twice as long as the industry average. dressed in traditional some wrongs trainees are taught how to walk sit and greet passengers gracefully. and so the retrenchment of their teeth on the beach is not as easy as you might think. new recruits are given counseling training in how to deal with customers in each specific situation. but you don't the president is above
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the tube out going but i think i look up to full details of what the. soft serve makes them think they'll all adults giving the answer right away. and that means. i'm a condition that you have all of you chinese are required to think thoroughly about the meaning of each action and it worked out the solution on the air all the overall goal is to provide a flexible than optimal service to customers she makes us think and then add in that we he doesn't put the acid content. and then on because of that. to think in anything non families the insurgents linked to real life situations are held regularly. crew members
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hostage. singapore is aiming to become the hub of media not only in finance and audit to transport patients but also in civil aviation regional airlines throughout southeast asia. no trace and cut throat competition especially from freight carriers from the gulf region even though it's the national carrier singapore airlines is being forced to consistently re invent itself. in order to stay on top of the game. you might miss your god. nhk world singapore. that wraps up our bullet and her husband and only act in bangkok crews working a giant conveyor belt have begun caring so in the northeastern city in japan struck by the march two thousand and eleven disaster. they're
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bringing huge piles of dirt into residential districts the conveyor belt was set up in the prisons. but the prefeure to promote restoration work in lower susnsn idhe city. a blt acrhe for the piece of machine peoplen the community have n aed as the bridge of all the conveyor belt transports soil at a considerably high speed from a nearby mountain. they will use it to raise the ground leveled the city center by up to eleven meters that it can mean a team will be rebuilt on the belt will span three km by the end of the block it's not it's really designed the bridge approach becomes a symbol of the city and that it will speed up frustration as soon as possible it is i'm happy to see her back towards the building. i wasn't
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happening to the senate and a speech on ttc changing officials are to be allowed to be good to feel the region would take drugs and again to transport the conveyor belt to carry four thousand truckloads of soil for days they see the work will be shortened to two years by the system. similar landfill products are being planned at thirty one locations in the tsunami stricken pre pictures. however due to the cost. the conveyor belts are to be used in the two cities including the present i do. animation fans and business professionals swarm to one of the world's largest carriers at the weekend films from japan and abroad were shown to transcend buyers at. i mean in japan two thousand and fourteen
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this year many japanese professionals have their eye on expanding into the latin american market. nhk world cup and oxygen to reports animated and two thousand court. it is more than one hundred and ten thousand people. forty two friends held a dance and show their latest works at the event held in tokyo. many visitors keen to see trailers for upcoming releases. and by their favorite animation related to it. leone. i got to see a lot of new and upcoming enemy and with a very fun event. new developments in the stands and interesting people to attend the event professionals can get a firsthand look at the excitement of the beach and the various products read up a mexican lunch of esting company this year he's now looking for content the taste of the american
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people. but the receipt of a problem. breezy. in a way to prevent a worldwide with or without the company supports he thanked the gods of bounds want to get caught in the dying to watch it japanese. these freebies you will find. the sharing anti ddt parking problems and america. that's why i asked him up with the idea of testing japanese animation for st on the internet and make a profit from advertising piece. un american animation market including animation related content is growing annually jake and internal affairs ministry estimates. it'll be worth one hundred billion dollars next year. until this year. only act like you work in the us europe and japan have been popular demand
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america. calder so animated and two thousand words long given an opportunity to broaden their market. is it negotiations are going on the production company with japanese content and the rs broadcast oversea. makes me calm my mind off they go by there is too much content as latin americans. so i weren't a chance meeting with her clients from mexico. a lot of soul. he was yelling at the asian markets are much easier for us to be here close english speaking world the bubbles. now we are focused on how to keep up with the spanish speaking country. the american market has great potential. there's so many problems solved. but japanese companies are hoping to help the winner in the region as japanese enemy grows in popularity
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according to the gym and any ski world cup stormy weather is affecting western europe sank a lorry from the weather team joins the site. it's been stormy weather is starting to affect western europe. the declines are started in goal. the british isles and the enduring influence on this is a different heading for an oh so very strong strong when maker. we have only put about one hundred forty km per hour winds and high so the final and an assist and is now pushing towards the east end of a new brand of rainy weather is now moving towards the east and you can see that snow is likely a part of it this politics thing we can next twenty four hours another nasty weather maker is now located over the next section of the euro underneath it to the thunderstorms have you painful tale is well and even corn it was not the rule that
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has nothing to like to continue to local areas with an exceptional case. and this is going to be my son in west and especially yet but get this increase in drilling and ten degrees in vienna and across the east extensively warren nearly twenty degrees and sunny weather for an answer with the high of eighteen and decrees the plant here in sunny weather for most of the americas. now i've crossed the west looking quite thankful that they could leverage and the weather maker is communion with an extreme people are still things would turn away and we'll be starting on here to stay in the pacific northwest as well as produce columbia. that could be a sweet heavy rain could hear that it's going to be moving across the eastern seaboard in the next couple of days. i it's going to be cricketing brain addled snow showers for two locations and in washington dc in your state. since no pool areas. i knew wednesday. very cold in the north and east. only minus the rain will turn on until the real reason york
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city and six degrees in human capital and the cost of chicago. we typically swinger which no wonder many of them staying quiet cold for the next couple of days prior to getting back to more official air force on you or say so. the next couple of things much warmer conditions are waiting for you the curry lover asia a wee house watching a tropical depression eleven years ago in case the system is now located to the west of the philippines the opinion somewhat of a painful for the west coast and the philippines. king herod in the northeast winds and low and not just the west but most of the east the preceding potential brings back is facing a potential flooding as well as my bike. since then has formed over southern china and bring you like respect this topic the korean peninsula a swath of western japan by tomorrow evening now barry walk across most of the continent to enter and tokyo rising to twenty one degrees on tuesday and clicking on this day and
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cherry blossoms are starting to bloom across many areas of japan which sent the chances are you contact her. i started to bloom a month and sayings about that time they've only had them all many people gathered the park is huge and nice people twice in one way yesterday. and powers will start this time. i got that from now. my sister and three the new. check it. that's
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just want to sell. each. they
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are. and. it is. he's all
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music is pulling you will support the atonement the region down in the coming week. schools he says is an inspiration for graduates and is in khartoum and currents music brings back in hometown. this is an essential part of a boom town festival called to the tunes full re union to


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