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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 24, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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conference and trump card to me. nice line instead she stayed much twenty fifth and casting call and she and took ebook reader so that the major industrialized nations that seek and estimation cabinet in the cage to discuss how to punish russia for its annexation of crimea. they decided not to attend this year's summit of the group of mates. rochelle is scheduled to attend the meetings in june and the resort city of eight thirty. the made in brussels around the same time without question president biden you to attend. in most
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of the sheet in a set of points. emergency meeting of the g seven was held on the frontlines of the nuclear security summit. u s president barak obama told the meeting seeking united action by the group dance russia. the us and europe for largest economy japan and canada russia without it between nineteen ninety eight. then he came to me the show was scheduled to hold an annual summit of the g eight in june in sochi the strength of the just completed winter olympics and paralympics. when you wash it next issue. write me at the g seven suspended preparations for the summit. some readers there's a consolation. we should be clear there's no baby g eight summit this year in russia. and the view from
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the band wants it to the crimea the vehicle the tip of the team's inaugural all. they need to read it to intensify as tensions with russia escalate the situation. he also decided not to abandon hope to find japanese prime minister shinzo abe's the premium prices is not just a regional problem that will have an impact on the entire world bush and all i feel such an awful it is a new ice and cold schneider bill. we have decided that we won't attend the g eight summit in sochi. that we will hold the g seven meeting in brussels. around the same time. we will focus on discussing ukraine issues about time. russian foreign
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minister syed love her so new to the fly and tong kee said today before dignity. we'll be baby to be a big problem if the meeting thousand competing. under the monday russian troops force their way into my ukrainian army base in the eastern area of crimea the largest remaining symbols of resistance the views of the g seven has showed unity in their condemnation of russia's annexation of crimea. i mean the threats of further sanctions. let's send two teams contested the finance there appears to be the landing site to the sound of the rain wash up on the west. gosh it to say. nhk world. backache. obama and in chinese transition game going to come. the discussion on the sidelines of the nuclear summit. they met for the first time in september was concerned about a russian military buildup on the border with ukraine and officials in his administration have pushed
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for tougher sanctions she even put it that the crimes they should be resolved in time. he said the chinese want to have a solid and stable times with americans he said better relations would help them overcome their differences and deal with sensitive issues russia's defence minister and has demonstrated the whole his country has on friday at ten days later became the most senior russian official to visit the region since it was that ranks last week. chili dinner headed to the gospel call the home of russia's black sea fleet inspected military bases and he matched with the ukrainian troops to surrender then asked to join the brush inside. chile is said and they can work with any leads for your next russia's interior minister also visited the region by america local fact that former members of the riot police would be integrated into the russian poets malaysian prime minister najib has not said
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authorities needed british satellite data and concluded that the myth the malaysia airlines passenger jet went down near western australia najib said that in some remote location far from any possible landing sites. it is that is. will you. chorley you need. he presented a zero. in his own. he has the airlines officials issued a statement acknowledging that the gentle and three crashed in the indian ocean. they said a prayer for malaysia airlines workers and the malaysian people. no one to the relatives of the two hundred and twenty six passengers and thirteen crew members. the jet disappeared
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from radar online she ate while in route from all on board to beijing. one hundred and the young boy from china relatives of the chinese passage a friend on the good news in beijing. the market reacted with anger and suspicion. the chinese foreign ministry said a senior official of the ministry that malaysia's ambassador in beijing after prime minister najib news conference. chinese officials demanded malaysia hand over all relevant satellite data analysis on the airliner. i am. demonstrators in taiwan had stepped up their protest against a controversial trade pact with mainland china between protesters and police have left more than one hundred people injured nhk russian issued a report from taipei. hundreds of demonstrators most of them students don't have
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the canyon again on sunday night police monies to post them on my menu heartbeat stuff. instead of the gains to trade agreement signed by taiwan and china in june. on the video he tried to open up the two sectors including finance makers time seems to be on that. i don't know for the south johnstone rio posey the agreement. they say it with that small midsize businesses in taiwan run was doing and when determining element of the money got to be scrapped. the ruling nationalist party decided monday to end database on the mend and moved to bring me into effect. the season added if you read to the protest as and. many increasing chinese in france could threaten taiwan sovereignty. islands to sell to taiwan signed a trade with china its huge economic might
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and will swallow taiwan's small businesses. back after china takes control of our economy. the court trying to unify with the title thailand has been my angel said the occupation of them is a major blow to his ego and she has so far refused to meet with the protesters cross strait relations will be damaged if one doesn't go of the pack to take effect this will also impact negatively on taiwan's attempts to promote free trade. i want to find the right kind of economy and trade. she also hopes to deal with the intent to distribute and a child custody or plastic free trade agreement i don't see i'm tight with people's incomes stagnate for many years due to the continued sluggish economy. jones remains hard to find. some of the city to economic change and baby
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killers and the current wave of protests by students. she knew she did and if you are typing with. anti government protesters in thailand are back on the streets of bangkok. after keeping a low profile for several weeks to her supporters to join a mass rally this coming weekend this treatment and was apparently re energized by last week's constitutional court ruling that knowledge by last week's general are rather last month's general election. several thousand protesters led by former deputy prime ministers to continue to find much to bangkok's business district on monday. for what they think the major rally on saturday to press for political reforms. ten ten people in the march and the day this week to drum up more support. i think what the court's ruling. he says isn't she beautiful
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the school record much is written into the streets after thailand's constitutional court ruled on friday that the general election held on that very second it was in balance because voting did not take place on the same day across the country at the dam that has to stop voting taking place in twenty eight constituencies in southern thailand. joachim candidates for my history. he also does his polling stations on election day with the nearly twenty percent of the constituencies the council voted it the clear when a new election will take place. i keep adding them into quarters or better than middle class and elite against the wall or from the populace north and north east of people in the majority in order to have taken time to relax unwind and her brother to former prime minister tax and she don't want to listen to the head hangs out. he remained in political limbo while black uniform in parliament. it seems to be a sign that the country's political turmoil will come
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to an end anytime soon. a court in each it was sentenced to death more than five hundred supporters of the ousted president mohamed my seat for their involvement in an attack on police last summer. the death sentence is handed down on monday to five hundred and twenty eight people charged with attacking a local police station in central and chips. the attack last august left the deputy chief of the station to net debt. he is reported to have been trying to murder and crimes that although the reasons for the building had not the me create the ruling comes as the military backed interim government continues to tighten restrictions on egypt's largest islamic group the muslim brotherhood the government has branded the organization as a group and arrested a large number of their members the brotherhood denounced monday's ruling as in legal analysts say that really made for the field beslan includes anti government protests. aye
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aye aye aye. members of the one and pushing the prefect of the largest in fisheries collaborative since they don't support the plan to release in groundwater from near the fishing and ninety nuclear plants into the heat. officials from the government had to be like a parrot campaign. i try to prevent water building up inside. readers of this allowed them a collaborative say they're concerned about the safety of the plan but they agreed that urgent action is necessary to prevent any more leaks utilities want to pump up groundwater and will be fixed before it makes this with contaminated water use to cool melted nuclear fuel then there's the petition as other maine cooperative had already approved it. crews are working in shock and conveyor belts have begun tearing away land and feed northeastern japan struck by the march two thousand and
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eleven disaster. they're bringing a huge clouds of dirt into residential areas the amount was set up in the event of attack he wanted the thank you to promote restoration work in the center of the city. a large suspension bridge was built upon some that are put a piece of machinery. people in the community have now dubbed it as a range of home the conveyor belt chance would swell at a considerably high speed from a nearby mountain. there used to base the ground leveled the city center and a half to two meters. the new community including the filter on it the belt less than three km by the end of july. it's my desire to bridge approach becomes a symbol of his duty and that it will speed up restoration as soon as possible. i'm happy to see progress towards rebuilding
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i also have a nice ending to the senate and state constituency to be changing officials say the mountain to it needed to fill the region would take trax and dedicated transport. not to come to bounce can carry four thousand truckloads of soil per day. they see the work will be shortened to two years ago sister the landfill projects and being planned at thirty one locations in the tsunami stricken be pictures. however due to the cars that can be a downside to be used in only two city. we survived intact nineteen to get past the end our children grandchildren will forget their stories. us forces killed thousands upon thousands of people during an air raid last month of world war two. now what man is trying to preserve the memory of what happened. key to living in the least the district in eastern
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turkey or put in a moral certainty commemorate the creek to kill here it increases to sixty seven year old team teaching if it is the first president of the local neighborhood association were born after world war two. it's his job to organize this or that. on a nine to two large tents nineteen forty five the bombing by the us military destroyed the neighborhood. history has the advantage hundred thousand to give residents died in two and half hours hill resident told the annual memorial service to pass down the stories they read. but fewer people take part each year. like remember use the services are fading away. it's sad but i think the country changing. he became president during this
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period of transition. he had to scroll back handed down to each new president. by the names of almost all of the eight hundred people have been input killed during a raid are bitten on the school i was amazed at how many people were killed and how this record to buy. when i think of all the lies that ended in march and i'm doing an enormous responsibility because she needed to get experience for me. he began interviewing survivors. today he's hearing first hand stories of three survivors after me. he seemed to want to add human element to this old me with that the survivors to tell him who has to wear and what their occupations were do you know. he said. don't even
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know what the pm who was here she still hopes to interview other survivors and passed down to complete it back to the next generation i feel as if it's my role in cute to bridge the gap between the pre war and post war generations. she still hopes to complete and that by next year the seventieth anniversary of the end of the war. i missed the times and business professionals swan to one of the world the largest hands over the weekend films from japan and abroad push on to bands
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and by that and in egypt and two thousand fourteen fifteen many japanese professionals i am expanding into latin american my kids any scale attack on an agenda for flights. an immediate thirty thousand fourteen attracted more than one hundred and ten thousand people. forty two per cent held events and show their latest works at the event held in tokyo. many visitors keen to see trailers for upcoming releases. and by their fevered animation related to it. i got to see a lot of new and upcoming animated hit with a very content. i did the things in the stands and interesting people to attend the event so professionals to get a firsthand look at the excitement of the stamps are the various products and cried. he got from mexico bunch of live video streaming company this year. he's now
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looking for contact and meet the taste of the american people. but i see it if the problem. three men in a way to save the world right we eat out the support of he doesn't want to get on them. i need to watch it ninety three. people will find a way. file sharing and pirated dvd are a problem with that in america. that's why oscar came up with the idea to sing japanese nation for straight on the internet to make a profit from advertising piece the latter american animation market including animation related content is growing annually. jake and internal affairs ministry estimates. it'll be worth one hundred billion dollars next year. until this year. we
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can't let you work in the us europe and japan have been popular demand america japanese content holders so animated and two thousand ports will be given an opportunity to broaden their market. this is. negotiations are going on the production company with japanese content providers of broadcast oversea. makes me calm. they go by there isn't much content and latin america again. a chance meeting with clients from mexico. lol auxiliary of the cats are much easier for us to be their clothes english speaking world the buffalo problem for us. now we are focused on how to keep updated on a speaking country the american market has great potential. there are so many problems solved. but
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japanese companies are hoping to come out the winner in the region has japanese enemy grows in popularity. i'm at the gym and ski world cup the article it might get the gist the eye. i'm in. a
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fine now but i get there the weather with them i should see my good morning to kew resident enjoying a sunny warm to me and looking elsewhere. the learning and clearing jolene is very warm named fact that it was to be the one thing so why isn't there near constant in metropolitan cities in the daytime high will be tweeting to twenty twenty degrees can find. isn't that bad again and be seen that dry air to cover much of this country get out again and that can cause health problems can also add the monstrous is very high and have a high risk of hamlet and fines or a specific across twenty p pictures out of the forty seven here in our country
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the stand wednesday we have an inkling circumventing providing month of the winter weather across western and central japan. this is going to be welcoming brain were the cherry blossom that has already started to bloom in the not yet been tested and to relieve moving toward the north and the comic didn't intend for that month and runs the psycho killer. i can see those flowers blooming around the twenty two wicked witches this weekend and after that i'll drink a liter is usually when it is going to be in full bloom so much enjoyed this cherry blossom season. now on the weather did that to mean moving into western central japan is from this list and if the outline based here in southwestern china is likely to move into the train can instruct and our country here this is providing a pot to understand it is providing a handgun as well as thunderstorms across most of these areas is associated with some nasty conditions
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also frequent lightning as well. mr wanted to know when to place and not a part of the southwestern china and marta train in the un statement for those brain is still very messy across the philippines due to that system cooling and the associated to high winds of thirty two degrees when the pandemic and twenty six and the pelican that what i wanted it for you. there were plenty of that time. now crowd here at the very much missed the picture care costs and human chain in an atlantic system serving and will be providing wet and windy conditions like some nasty weather for you gourmet chef has a report of the large details yesterday looks like this an act of low pressure system will still be providing wanted on his terms on terror. strong hands and even some snow carries a look at thirty centimeters of snow fall an additional thirty centimeters into wednesday's for the next three hours. i think it's going to be. i'm very much a wintery pictures
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than me and i can and cannot seem to be strong the september hundred km traveling waves. it's the teacher's time. but apart from that i had the fifth and twenty three in july can be no prisoners. linking and lots of double digits even in mid month kal at the nineteen eighties when high on tuesday not less than a tent on the american swear had two major storms that are about to take storm is moving in like a good thing about sixty centimeters of snow are in the sierra has been very bad news this time. we have the port of more than a hundred people on anything and everything people there from the landslide occurred in the washington state into the next forty eight hours are eight ashley into the weekend looking and pro along to rain on that can beat it further landslides across a similar reasons. on another storm will be in
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packing north east when up to ten ten centimeters on the snowfall in washington dc minus two degrees in chicago at three degrees in boston were likely to see lots of snow all out there again. but soundtrack to a warming trend here in dc into latter half of the week leading up to sixth in the park i know. i
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do. chad. it is. it is. i don't like it a dish in other news i kept glancing at him do. chad. it is. it is. i don't like it a dish in other news i kept glancing at him joining us
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