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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 25, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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the it will stay at my table without missing like the seventy s in the seventeen units. that's it said that i wanted to investigate. objects can be linked to the most in life
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the shooting pains. he was given to the should go hand in with security. security summit in the hague. ukraine proposes a draft resolution to the united nations general assembly. the cleric time he had reported referendum. cctv news and it looked in beijing thank you for joining us. we begin this hour with the leaders in the search for all the missing malaysia airlines flight three seventy after the announcement late on monday that the flight in eighteen seventy with down somewhere in the southern indian ocean. malaysian authorities are once again briefing the media in total import of bowel. the latest on what happened to that carolina and the fatigue in our lives to follow pool. i won't. bbc middle east. if
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using. does he base the announcement. last night jess and lisa. my face minogue was. for many the receiving approval from the investigating authorities arrange them with the main street. it is. it is so huge and we will continue to support the one leading the investigation. all the australian defence minister has thanked the countries that joined in the search operation in the southern corridor and he said that the turning forty investigation process now will come once they are able to identify any of the objects that are suspected to belong to
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the missing plane nobody keeps wiggling to go on doctrine information giving us a hint as to what is actually happened that so we've got to go. i think the telemetry from the satellite. on the umass at satellite. i get a riding on a levi says that women should from the eyes nose and the performance of the a cup of tea is always good to go on a bike. i think the federal ombudsman and that's what we've been to the prom not surprise did anything with respect to this this is a mystery. and until we recover and positively identify a piece of debris if the thing is that respect election. and i'm taking now to australia where our correspondent on each end is standing by in perth. tony there are several countries the ships planes and everything involved and is now. i wore these planes and ships being coordinated down well entrenched and the tinkle of the nation by
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the australian armed forces but here in his fist and this is the center of the apples. most of it elsewhere and was frustrated as regards the label such that there's been some mention today that the only nomination may well take control of this section. on the rescue and recovery. i think in practical terms of baby australians to remain in charge they have the most improvement on the ground they also have expertise operating in this area. being the mini recovery efforts over many years in the spa the south china sea and the australians know how difficult it is they know the competitions and they know how to overcome. i don't own a b c australian air force officer down is that there will be no more assets coming into the area. what more can joke about that well we're experiencing a south korean claim to join the search and rescue effort
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later on today. it won't be taking off all flights a day of being grounded. but i think if the weather conditions improve. and then my mil to get them all lines up in here tomorrow for that to south korean and will be joining the sosa been some talk of a american refueling plane joining the fleet that scary main gates net session that i think would make it a very significant difference at the moment it's taking flights four hours to get out of it into the affected areas they then have to ask to search for balding heads are attending and for albert park so it doesn't give them very much time with the affected area. again these and many officials since they are incredibly testing on the pundits. trees were heading out to those areas but if they can get some refueling held that it would simply give them a longer time to remain in the area where they think they can china takes the most fun reporting from
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the australian thank you dalby it's been some hours now since the malaysian prime minister announced that satellite data shows that the plane has been loss of the plane went down in the southern indian ocean and isn't it a canal to call them cool while correspondent brian also hispanic bought ryan showed me this team is as hard news for the families they are all relative. they are in malaysia taking this news. the countdown to the hotel where the malaysian families of the bay some of the malaysian families and the wait is this no doubt about that. most of the malaysian family members this thing at the hotel are malays muslims and they seem to take it quite philosophically really but they said it was that it was god's will. they were accepting of it obviously devastated but still accepting. and some of them said that they would just happy that there was no relieved that this torment of waiting was over that that was something that was some kind of relief. but even
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the most stalwart of the family members one of the spoken to them you give them the most elite he was very shaken up by the news how when it comes to the chinese family members has been very critical access to them but my colleague top of the jeans shop had taught last evening and today again with a couple of family members and they seemed really not to be accepting the news they said that there was to them there was no proof by the us remains the same country as well there was no proof that the plane and going down that was the degree was the wreckage. you just telling us about site likely to be releasing a sensitive to be in the sense of denial about this and not accepting that the path that their family members have been lost aboard that plane. no i never do in a news conference. they are the malaysian airlines authorities placed to continue providing kiev for the family members. ah what can the specifics of the talking. well from day one he said that they signed professional counselors to
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the families that here. i'm not not one special counsel of the family but some to the hotel assigned to the hotel. they've assigned cake it is a thing called lisa both malaysia and wind stopped and had some training in this area and volunteers and they've been assigned to each family basically to look at the base needs to talk with them. i so want that they did come under some pressure to get that the new scarf and some people suggesting the families of the bcp still walked away and isolated in these hotels in malaysia airlines that no that wasn't the case that was just trying to make them as comfortable as possible and try to preserve their privacy because that killed thousands of media trying to get access to them is to be doing everything in that how these families but the families are expecting to hear that they were about to be flown off to perth but it really is something that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon because australia is saying and two it has what it's calling more definitive proof establish proof that the plane went down in an area such as debris of the assault wanting to go on these into any of the people that need visas to go to
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australia. brian is reporting to its from almost four thank you. no more chinese search teams are now hitting to the southern indian ocean to try and locate the wreckage of that plane. the chinese icebreaker show long or snow dragon is now a one hundred thirty nautical miles away from the target area of four they believed the debris from flight and three said he is meanwhile a chinese ship carrying special equipment to locate an extract the plane's black box is now on it's way easier it will more chinese ships are expected to join the search efforts earlier on monday chinese planes combing the area spotted two floating objects military vessels that had been searching along the northern church court for an hour getting to the southern indian ocean as well. chinese vice foreign minister show hong li shan has summoned the malaysian ambassador to east and austin duty on monday night michelle
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expressed concern that the chinese side a normal malaysian announcement of the missing dad had gone down he urged the malaysians to disclose the full details and evidence in making that judgment the show on. she also emphasized the search operation cannot be stopped andrew to malaysia to continue to deal with all of the relevant issues in this case and for more on all this now we're going to talk to our guests here in the studio where this is our commentators the midst of it the gala and the senior captain sean june issue he's the vice president of the naval research institute towel and let me start with you captain. what should be airlines and malaysia are going to be doing alright now puddings row. his surreptitious provide. i told them to halt the park and
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made it into some of. the i was intent on finishing my advantage to three seventeen i do not think they are from scraps to use it because no good for johnson to poison me so we'll be stopping there the fact that after the bye on the country's sole duty of the eu to produce a two month at the greener side show to provide more details call more from asian countries. these oxygen that forbids the line. mr gal bdo with the specifics are they about that they could in fact possibly put out about this i would say it's a nice hint of what she's teaching me to several things one it's that they need to be very very
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straightforward it's been very honest in coming up we go for information to the chinese authorities to the authorities in other countries. the all went to the old and what exactly happened and that will help the daily tips of the passengers to read books for the closure of their particular situation the small number two teams that should not give up hope that you continue to exercise leadership in this international rescue and search and rescue mission and i'm too old. one of several objects of farms and connected to the missing plane. i seem to any kind of a false alarm. i've just become moments. all jump into the comp for jumping to conclusions without real hard evidence. it is actually not very helpful. and i would never get to meet the british company or set only say that this review speaking new
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technique to two to try it too. confirm that this plane did in fact go down but still small about a gps and kind of techniques that are used to the top. i'm missing it. this week and talk to her. he was and is a gps system can also view on this earth. carmen is also used the international maritime. this outlines of the school. it was nice to communications between happens to cross the traffic controllers. in the usa. as a pro. all teaching and eunice got this instead of down time concentrating on the east region. so the opportunity to do for a mini surprise sometimes i'll concentrate
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in this area so i think the other countries the peas and beans. this would also provide for her. the funniest thing to happen by the second highest concentrations. in order so that this is the truth is that the information we can make a fair judgment on fire judgment. with the fact that the prisons. it has crossed all the other trees. captain jones genius europe and is depicted all thank you both your analysis. well much more to try it reflects the evidence the eye. yours
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welcome back chinese machine thinking is stressed the equal portions of development and new commode security while advocating global cooperation to make sustainable progress possible he put for the chinese approach of the third new killer security summit in the heady on john the media reports. high importance on new music and he sings about the new energy should never be at his expense. the tiny front and stress for me to put global corporation copper partisans to improve on policies and technologies it's written on paper asian
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actress. china has seventeen reactors in operation in the under construction. my country's commitment to nuclear security. our destination and then some racing cars ones that brought great progress in the regional hub and to seek any construction in beijing china has been commissioned to research reactors in converting another to minimize the use of heidi in which the reunion renovations have also been drafted thomas could play a leading role in my momma stunning and times of london regional. in building capacity for the nation pacific countries especially in the nation. experts call for greater roper time in their security. i think that china has made good progress in working with the united states. i also think that they're committed to this issue. what i would like to see in age that generally
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the race to the top on nuclear security with and another for fifteen twenty years. what happens. stenson will need to expand this. it has been put on safety. it is not something sounds more countries are more dangerous to humans. twelve others were three huge quantities to have taken actions to secure their stock. we changed it was fun security is only as strong as this week is ending in china said the well minimizing risks in the overall security risks would otherwise be catastrophic. china says it would leave nothing to chance cctv ok. chinese president eating thing in his us counterpart barack obama killed or forced meeting this year the hague. the two leaders met on monday at the sidelines of the third vehicle a security summit
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this is the thirty fifth year since china and the us establish bilateral ties heating things the two countries have large areas of cooperation in a complicated international situation. then she gently re offend the commitment to building a new type of major country relations with the us he said the relationship is based on policies that no conflict respect for each other a knowing wink operation. he also said that both sides to the control of differences and the sensitive issues. she campaign called on to us to level the playing field but chinese investment and to speed up talks of annuity mass compacts. he also advocated the continuing to strengthen made a trip to iraq. i'm all exchanges and join trails. she championed magic tree house financial cooperation in fighting against terrorism and transnational crime the chinese president stressed that the us show
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the respect china's sovereignty and territorial integrity on the taiwan and tibet issues. speaking of the east china sea and the south china sea issues teaching things that the u s should hold a fair and objective back into it and make more efforts to promote a proper solution. president barack obama said his country does not intend to undermine time is devoted to all contain it and it supports the country's reforms of the mass and the us is unwilling to handle its differences and attractions with china in a constructive manner and to work with a chain to send a positive signals that the two sides are both committed to developing better nation's president in champaign fact president obama for his recent phone call about the missing malaysian and i know she didn't he also thanked obama for us efforts in the such but the plane obama sent the us would
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continue its efforts in the search operation. talking cctv. all four more home the miracle of some of their they'd we joined our correspondent doug barton and jack the meeting there is in this last day how much progress has been a. we're always dealt a blow to progress was going to be made here that seems to be the case of the main reason is you crying not just because it's also the site meetings on ukraine yesterday including that special g seven meeting which suspended russia from the gi laudable practical level because it prevented russia and the us from a bit of info little bald expected to be a renegotiation of the strategic arms reduction treaty which then would allow the us to uitm and forth with ratifying the nonproliferation treaty in it and that wouldn't allow that it is affordable place that nato has to ultimately end of the production of
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fissile materials that could go into nuclear weapons help those with a really the key elements that that would be used in reducing the stock piles around the world. and because of this crisis. it means that that that hasn't been afforded all the best we got to get out of this meeting. unfortunately these incremental judge. know jack about how real is the threat that terrorists might get their hands on youtube of maturity. well according to the global nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency. just last year alone there are about a hundred and forty cases of unauthorized use of nuclear materials that eurozone gone missing in a small bomb the offence. the bars are alarming statistics. perhaps even more alarming is the number of protest groups that have breached the security systems just to show how weak they were but double the highest profile examples was back in two thousand and twelve a group of people have breached us nuclear weapons facility in
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tennessee the country's three security fences eventually made it to a building with enough nuclear materials to build thousands of warheads ultimately that when confronted by one security guard on inquiry into that later found that the and private security company involved with the security there was of course incredibly negligible but these are really loving instances listing has happened over driver again and that really what they have been trying to prevent at this summit. so thought with a lot of fortunately jack are reporting choose from. the hague. thank you we go back to the latest on the missing malaysian airlines flight three seventy the families of the chinese passenger boats all that and his passenger aboard that flight have returned to the legal whole tale here in beijing. that's after some of the movement to protest outside the malaysian embassy here. they say that authorities had mis handled this whole crisis. and y'know
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what. for the latest on what's going on with the fantasy in beijing. women talk to our reporter wushu she's at the hotel. bush you what have you seen at the hotel and calm the situation. the aussies a gearing up for something important. officers began to isolate the hole the eighteenth at around two thirty. nobody is at that and elite fighters at a milk am an old technique like the men are allowed on sale with writers were trying to lay still as you can see media telling me how sad the ability of the hotel. of that we hear that family members together in a meeting will not add to watch cctv for information and the malaysian ambassador to china is also tipped to comment on friday pm to break them. they are gathering to watch the news conference which is supposed to take place in the long war in two
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hours. the name and date they went for an a for a contest in the malaysian embassy they were angry with that makes this announcement from the taste of the field pm and they feel. add to what she did and the demand for that excuse what this is the first time that that the odds year and a activity as an eighteen month as a girl previously there with the client the really didn't mind too spoke to media and exposure. but today we saw them wearing in the same as auntie sherry to twenty states with words on them. st pray for him and takes three seventy eight also full of vendors ended up posters coating the rich part of their loved ones at the same time. organizers were calling the protesters to be at the haven not have many civilized manner to the common and not to love accept things as they say what it means one thing we want is to choose this day was hectic and their loved
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ones back the euro shoe reporting from the little hotel here in beijing. thank you. in egypt. the trial of journalists working for the adult is your network has been adjourned after resuming weekly on monday. it was adjourned in order to give the defense more time to build up its case twenty journalists among them for foreigners are accused of supporting the muslim brotherhood. cctv is yet to keane has morphed from iraq in the trials that session the courts continue to speak to witnesses the prosecution and received equipment that was confiscated when the journalists were arrested in the december. prosecutors claim the accused used equipment to produce footage that incites violence and supports the ultimate bottom of . some comedies of the queues are optimistic they will be acquitted we're expecting gilmore progress
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and as such. thus like the previous system. um the borders of the great salt and a reception and they were expecting more. and he's making it very clear to the doctor this is a nonprofit status of the charges are absurd couldn't be further from the truth. the real test it or not it's going to drop sheet. other award winning dentists. others are not so optimistic. accused and the taking is the son of credit to the digital hub of the day what kind of giving my son. he was a breeze to the bench because the sun and outside the window feeders anymore. this is one i know it'll not to be a fair trial it's all connected what about that the trial has been itching to get more time for witnesses and for that he plans to submit its report the death penalty for more than five hundred brotherhood supporters in another case
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has had its reflection on this one as well the taskforce fears for the families of the tendon is that they could also raise us to make the sentence and this trial. the selected for cctv what a sport seen on cctv has enjoyed a steel bar in beijing begin to separate the chinese super league were big jim was on a chance to extend their season beginning winning streak to three on monday and they play host to him on arrival with the name sean i should lock the beenleigh branch on high greenland and the new campaign and win for beijing what if the missile a first in the cfl. big up less than seven minutes to debate these injunctions ya almost opened the scoring thanks to mr for sean i think he is unable to convert left footed drive goes just wide. couple minutes later more from beijing's a nice passing building the pan and top with
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a better opportunity. so this is. beijing with all get on the board before the break junction on brought down the area. the scent of shawn she jumped from the spot geelong would convert the manila the capital. after the interval you talk appeared. beijing has received the free though with coldness loved that we needed to be outside on the replay though the cold just roots he is so einstein. so beijing arrived there from going out to tell him to get a second four minutes later nonetheless. when i got recruited to help large in size since his win streak to twenty matches had to deal with the final days in one of the three for three on the season placed atop the cia still stands. serious cheerful about herself and dog fighting is cursed with kids. the building to get three love opening set it to
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grab the flame bicycling score line. that just seem to wake up the five time runner up at me then carefully started a control work in her reported around the court for the winner. he rushed back to where it would be smooth sailing in the decider for shareholders. we're all thinking that one fixed line the dotted border. also to be finally she knocked off i e money. after dropping the opening set in a dusty would not lose another game to one in three sets three six six love sixth month. on the mend so i do happen and all was ruthlessly efficient is he not stopped this is the minimum bet is that the world over one that lost one game to said demolition six one six love is how the summit and the temp was thirty five year old i've touched in orlando and arsenal board artists his side knocked off the central
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coast mariners to the attack but going out to the first and second i'm back with its like eight forty pm beijing time until her due to the app and don't see the cute couple hours. says. it's all a show in this week's episode. i made a service dog walks with a tomahawk. that's the shot lead but dr the friday prayers also shape the ball


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