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the addicks just just just the news to him. world leaders are in the netherlands the second day in each of its security summit in me. however the meeting has been at the chalet on what's a mom and russia's invasion and annexation by going into russia's aggression towards ukraine has called into question collective security agreements including those often discussed at international summits the us britain and russia promised in the nineteen nineties to protect ukraine's territorial integrity in exchange for the country surrendering its peak of the weapons that promise now work in an
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exploited making it into agreements with countries such as iran north korea will create ever more problematic xian. it's interesting to me and have been killed at naval station norfolk and kitchenette initiates and passivity and reportedly the suspected gunman details of the incident remains the last week us officials yet to specify how the civilian was killed wifey had access to the baseball what might be shifting the statement he lost his life was an active duty member of the navy and had been aboard the uss men and women to tell to cut the a five point lead to destroy that which is now a crime scene as a crew approximately two hundred and seventy flights tenants . i the rich and aunt j and more. these
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is it. is honored the ball
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jewish agency for israel which consists of members from all five continents are in israel these days for data management meetings and the unique opportunity to hear firsthand from the american ambassador to israel. the former israeli ambassador to washington and the former israeli ambassador to united nations about what is going on behind closed doors at the israeli palestinian peace negotiations and jane one got an exclusive invite to pick dissipate in his closed door event. as everyone keeps talking about secretary of state john kerry's commitment to peace in the middle east the real force behind those talks is the american ambassador in israel ben shapiro was retired to st for the past three years to get this right to talk to each other and seems to know that
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the pope even the greatest moments of string nice it is always taken a position and certainly for many years and as i was impressed i promise you. he says in every speech that israel is a jewish state to nurture recognized as such i think at the end of this process of. that's what we're looking for is the identical recognition. we are working very closely with both sides try to put in place the elements of a framework that will permit. continue negotiations for a final status agreement. it's not easy. every word of a dog like that insensitive. it has to address all the core issues of but i think the conversations have been productive. rational of both sides are committed to trying to make this effort succeed and will hopefully be able to present a framework for the time. the former israeli ambassador to united nations dan gilbert has been in full to the negotiations for years if u to understand that it's something dramatic one happen
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soon. the escalation of my phone will be something as grandchildren will still have to ignore. briscoe says there ever were. a because we have a recall to the american security. who wants the discussion of the historical right to it we have played a leading israeli prime minister who has reached a decision that he wants to make peace. and we have and are also below which i think which supports this continued till we go for it is precisely because of the dangers and threats which is facing from the extremists. well i think that one most important element is the element of trust. i think that the former would say to both sizes. don't trust each other believe that it is important for both your people. they are dangerous they are very great risks taken. they are
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are the risks of war with another intifada when i wore this top return to school for the sake of our children and grandchildren to stuart palestinians will not be able michael oren has returned to israel on the last few months after finishing his post as it is really ambassador to washington. of all the speakers at the symposium he was the one who would get to see these in the most direct way with no kids in his oxygen levels beginnings exactly working on the ground i mean can be hard pressed to find palestinians who are satisfied with the status quo i is an israeli im not satisfied with the status quo i can go and take a picnic and in the west bank tomorrow so that those snotty and that's not a normal situation i can even visit this is very different from even this is a chore as their eye with a passport so i need it if our goal is to create two states that a permanent legitimate and mutually recognize. on the and were not there yet
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and we've got a clue ago when the symposium was the reason he insisted it was supposed to help win to progress in the peace negotiations. oh it'll be pretty tonight. did you end up being so positive for two one on one ticket to david intercontinental hotel in television the air. african union peacekeeping treats to come on the falling from the chewed up gum and was patrolling on the outskirts of current one a town located one hundred and twenty km southwest of somali capital mogadishu which the eu succeeded in wresting back from the islamic militants just days ago the peacekeeper is going on to the african union mission in somalia otherwise known as the sole engaged in a brief on a plate with the insurgents alter or a radio controlled explosive device went off the neckline avoid damaging and only
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personal area but causing no casualties. the somali national army assisted by a niece on a tree its caption cover and maybe the weekend in an attack which a new force is safe to post about book by surprise. the town had been under the control of the islamic militants in the last flight is its liberation is being hailed as a major victory essential to teach anti missile operations as the peacekeeping force moves further along the somali coast toward the kenyan border. some evidence the guts. many of them i would be applied to others it is the question how did it take them all it is devastated as much about either give him all get up before you don't need in the digital sean has pneumonia and helpful force it once was. six place the fundamentalist group controlled large parts of southern somalia maintaining the reign of terror and that included executions with things and education's the days to find a good islamic rule. but now we have
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is far from being eradicated it has been linked place recently with a bloody massacre to christian church in the kenyan port city of mombasa and wilson claimed responsibility for the westgate mall attacking nine breaking dawn september in which sixty seven people most at my needs afghanistan's president karzai leaves off this country's infamous warlords are emerging from behind the scenes as political powerhouse and many of them are even running in next month's crucial presidential election. many candidates or their reading these violent histories and several of an increase in rates watch as human rights abusers responsible for the killings during the country's needs me to cincinnati six civil war so far larger cells during elections are to be cryptic it is big and strong politics particularly among ethnic lights are some candid say that such a system can sustain itself i don't want this to mumble jumble
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the people that are good enough for him to know if we could we live in the first anti afghanistan or or africa or the united states. we all are human beings. so linda bracken was no more of an african. because if there is a means to grow into it. i don't. the country in. the in the community of nations to will that mean you thought about giving the reason for their rights and an unwarranted and power brokers in the notorious powerbrokers will fall cannot allow that sort of growth and evolution yes it's fractured as the greeks are more divided than ever over which presidential candidate to support the country's largest ethnic group is past due speed of forty two percent of population. the asa form the backbone of the taliban movement which dominates the south and east of afghanistan get going. karzai is attached to it as are most of the nine candidates in the upcoming vote on the front runner up to abdulla has combined a touch each contestant heritage
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it's a nice website with links to al qaeda is calling for the assassination of french prison for so long after france's military efforts against extremists in africa. the second time the group is called for the murder of the french leader and shows a growing islamist anger towards online these days it stands on islamic militancy former french colonies. ireland's leadership french troops in somalia in january of twenty thirty topics that extremists would take an over large portions of the country please also send troops into the central african republic tell african forces combat ability to travel with the knicks used in numerous abuses against locals security throughout france has been streaking response to a heightened terror threats following the african military interventions the is you according to
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chairman stop this from a creation of refugees or asylum seekers arrived in the country in two thousand and thirteen and in any of the issues nineteen ninety nine. in two thousand and fourteen. aviation experts are predicting another side to increase the number of refugees. he'll give grace to it than the rate of payment of new german government on an icy chill which helps refugees to resettle in germany. all the in the us team coach that attitudes against asylum seekers in germany. and based on you one time a one one the law and based on leaks in a phobia i am under the impression does rain out there. almost two million saddam seeking now. he took vacations here in germany are they going to deal with such a numb. well i think the varsity. the headlight hundred and ten thousand
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women deacons and for this year the company's one hundred and forty thousand but other officials the numbers that were given out by the federal aid office immigration and refugees diminishing numbers of refugees making it impossible to sustain to practise how to hide in the kitchen apartment and made many types. instead municipality sovereignty in abandoned buildings in a small town. some refugees are also being and how to contain s if you'd put people and that's the condition if you don't get many possibly two to work to do with some saying that true. may it remain alive. will they benefit of self consciousness if you keep an open pit straight. at that situation this way. no reactions of people on the pnp all people who will head the dead ants to perfect as it is described by some an enemy islam some
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dead due to the people who reject refugees by itself. i think there's a long tradition in gemini and we should take in refugees looking for the next two to a friend from germany and the necessity for people to be refugees and they fled from the whole road is to treat people like human beings. if you give them the possibility to lead a life that we buy and buy it now owned by one by one of the rules see above the creek integration and you'll see that the problems though that was just a piano in a very soft. who would want to. we mentioned to me. we know the word wide amuse you with the united nations and the geneva convention on refugees. intonation you're unaware that there are always reasons for. the country and that you need a place of protection and shelter although most of the stitches have little chance of being accepted
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repeat using too many thousands are riding in the country hoping to do so the refugees are primarily from syria afghanistan iraq and chechnya. this is wilson to ease with which this one in germany . i. the israeli diplomats to force the complete closure of so many embassies across the one hundred and fifty nine states to recognize israel after launching an unprecedented strike due to disputes over pay the action has already threatened to postpone a bit that michael prentice to israel which is one of twenty five to spy for the issue affected by a work slowdown that began in march if half the wage negotiations produced no results the diplomats say they will bring a halt to all one hundred and two of israel's diplomatic missions abroad
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effectively paralyzing most diplomatic work with other countries as well as the united nations. it's the first time in the history of the state of israel that the foreign ministry is on strike for striking because of the finance ministry are trying to destroy the multi service of the state of israel and will do everything to avoid this. foreign minister at the door to leave him and has called the strike irresponsible be read to just visit and a display of loss of control on the union's part. the diplomats are demanding an increase in monthly salaries was thankful it happened to me seventeen hundred and twenty six hundred us dollars they are also asking for compensation for spouses forced to quit jobs due to foreign postings israel's central bureau of statistics said the monthly wages in israel in general that it's twenty three hundred us dollars in two thousand by two thousand and thirteen reaching an all time high at the age of two
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thousand six hundred and ninety u s dollars in december of two thousand and thirteen. four suspected militants arrested in india last week and may have been posting an attack ahead of elections next month an a to the leader of the terror group the engine which it had dean was one of those captured according to police a large quantity of exclusives was found following the recipe up the three members. the indian mujahideen an islamist militant group has been accused of thousands of farm attacks in recent is the grape is still sold to being behind an attack on a rally by prime ministerial candidate no end to mold the last bow tie but that killed six people and wounded more than ninety degrees deadliest attack came in two thousand a night when dozens of people were killed more than two hundred but injured in a man about the fifth largest city in india terror attacks are a major concern in his government in november
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two thousand and eight ten the government killed one hundred and sixty people in them like in four consecutive days that she teens and killings shocked little community. the us and india plane to predominant stomping minutes agreed to the attack ads that say the operation became the template of the grapes including algebra to claim responsibility for kenya's wednesday will attack in september last year a tooth now spent over israeli diplomats were also talked to new delhi indian media reported a rush of a ross miller tree that carried out the attack . it means acting president lives and at ritchie has ordered the withdrawal of all the country's remaining military forces from creamy of falling branches in beijing and annexation of peninsula of the ukraine rejects precious claimed ukrainian church in austin he gave the order as a way to protect the safety of
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military staff and families russian troops have surrounded military bases you're out the peninsula and taken over most of them when you korean soldier was killed last week when russian forces stormed a base the regional capital of sindh for opel ukrainian soldiers have been recognized for their bravery correct direction basic refusing to defect to pledge allegiance to the foreign forces seen one met with the pre treat in caribbean earlier this month inseparable and figo cia where they've been under pressure to leave their posts decrease basically the cia was one of the last peninsula to the seas direction for six russian media have repeatedly reported infections retreat service minister that the military invasion of the independent reports and figures from ukrainian governments have largely disprove those allegations up. hence the jewish art collectors her belt she continues that point the restitution of the medieval collection of artifacts as to make the tea was around two hundred and fifty to two hundred and seventy five million dollars
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it follows a gem in state commission's ruling that concluded there was no evidence the gem and jewish and this will force the sale that i just wanted to race in nineteen thirty five pounds as a consequence did not have played into it. instead it will remain in the dublin museum. the dispute centers on the forty four piece twelve collection some of the pieces can be seen here they include gold and silver crucifix is altars and gems despite the ruling the claimant remained adamant the cheese on the pressure to sell their valuable pieces to the nazis for a price lower than their wealth they say the facts the cyclists will weaken our spy kit is chief deputy have been garnering not into country of troy's is the pits. jewish groups have been pressurized hegemony to return thousands of me to doubt what they write to understand as well as jewish congress has the local elder said the stolen pieces of the last business will report to you interested me to da was received late last year
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up to more than one thousand four hundred outlets said he was one point three billion dollars were discovered in munich apartment belonging to cornelius who lives and the crt this on another triumph of sixty paintings including pieces by monet and renoir was discovered in his outlook fifteen last month the age one year also is the start of negotiations with half a dozen claimants to go to website attending the origins of the trip the eye. thousands of people demonstrated on funds to mount the second and the festivities that angst apologies we killed it dead tissue to speak but not a coincidence the internet in march two thousand and twelve she is on many of the situation to see this is the month. entire cities and other major cities. despite the cold but fun to stitch and putting the crib. that
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said to dismantle its population against my thing antisemitism. she is off the wonderful blast occurred to me she's in the vestry that that was a man that man by the commandment of remembrance. it sounds like small highlights the changes to anti semitism and crown. i don't know reassuring week as very easy is a trait that has been in the east end which is growing. there is no awareness in the community the importance of such a tragic events the council's when it's in memory of the full thing since miriam on to make and rabbi jonathan found and fifty cents adding can't be all that grandpa was starting to look at the cake is done to catch prayer the sun the audience the need is to claim the pakistani team towards her. the nikkei is down by team i hope the media partially responsible to take away the cover information is
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totally biased. for instance when mr adams's goes on to explain why because that would have liked and the kids write a full day on foot the rally was attended by hand just mean it's even adjusting to cement association scotland. many can distinguish today's anti semitism from the old extreme nights. zte this new anti semitism feats of hatred against israel. it's the first bite anti zionism is anti zionism is the gateway to anti semitism the offense intended to stay with the current performance is like tiffany and her mom her mom that they could cryptic efficient states he says he can criticize fan sites and hatred towards his possessions government is not to step up the fight against anti semitism and busted out all i think it was important to this day of commemoration was also a day to spread awareness. we owe it to fix his coming around to fight constantly and relentlessly against all forms of anti semitism and racism does it mean. ahmed twenty six is
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generally not sprout sheltered and if it expands and cold that seems to need to come change the of throats long without a ball thrown to the frogs. the media. just as much as we need every other page. the prelude to the french. he proved to be both jewish and french have to say no loyalty to the world. french represent more than ever the republic and our bodies the decline lingering on the cheese crust and a teaching from the minister's comments from overseas. i don't really have the proper dental hygiene in the trial that was very moved and expresses satisfaction very strongly. the signs but still the tenants that many will head to the mainland than enough to let the about the changes antisemitism kind enough to think she's at
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the kitchen to remain in front of me using this classic animation sentosa months why can't those present at this beach is so fun to stop officials including taking tennis than on your pals to see the stunning addition to his hand down the comedian to carry on down to not needing to just take this on demanding that the design facilities and also sought to understand is cool since such events mean the hand of man i'm christine and i counted this and one in ties. i did not to take twenty known former england captain david beckham's planned stadium have released a ranger inks showing what's his mate unique soccer complex would look like at the recommended support the plan we saw it the open air stadium would have up to thirty five thousand capacity along with the use of the plate in downtown back and explains why he chose the location
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the main. in miami's or about the war. you know about the culture oh about that the other and abducting people say that enough time and luck and if it helps lady in the sauna the zoo about this cause i need to without war to open up to that. so she seeks a cure stadium so it would cost about two hundred million dollars and include shops hotels and offices connected to the mainland by a pedestrian bridge deck and had to work with local boss keyboard the miami heat to resolve any issues. i won i won a walk with them i wanted strings and winds and trains the mind the fact that we all did to help the community and helped miami and help the people in and create something that no it's not just to be seen around the mls. every time that lady in the zone today. this can indeed white. season the team will begin to play in two thousand and sixteen he made his victory in the us and europe to america in two
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thousand and seven up to signing a five year deal with some of the l a galaxy when he joined he instantly started receiving the league's highest ever price salary of six point five million dollars a year since arriving in the us he's become a advocate surface of the charities last month appeared in a sick girl the joint eighteen am brushes an extension of ukraine's crimean peninsula spectacle is a must do to keep your pcs will cut us republicans and does not condemn cuts have received the chairman of football's governing body fee for the achievement of russia's participation in brazil russia has been drawn to face south korea belgium and algeria in group h there is preston fold expansion of sorts when i woke up we do to stop the turn of the nineteen ninety four pence after series of united nations sanctions in the form of okie state. israel which successfully hosted the twenty thirteen european under twenty one football
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championship would replace rusher to be a palace or this patent from taking cars off the jewish state commission that place and russia porch with mcauliffe going great brochures are certain to bash the gt has the twenty eighteen world cup having won the discredited from its record to be secured by bribing three for officials bt said it is called for russia to be kicked out of this year's tournament have also joined a chorus of voices including kurdish politicians who are calling on russia to easter christmas delights in twenty eighteen i eye the rule though. new booty. to me. the city. we
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are. do. will. gurus are
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the eye. it is like the elephant and would cause a person democratically elected on ministered to make the readers of this in taiwan for the first time to read a speech and instead of gdp is used as a national economic above the key indicator of the world but would talk to us to launch its gross national happiness indicated to


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