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tv   Journal  PBS  March 25, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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will you . why did these idiots never let this is the journal welcomes and brian thomas did at you with us and i met herman coming up in the show. harsh criticism of russia from the g seven states. no more sanctions and lines of communication arts remain open. families of chinese passengers aboard the malaysian airlines flight demand more answers from milan. sounding the alarm on air pollution world health organization says it's time to act to reduce the number of deaths. here's the drop in
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the west of trauma tentative line under the ukraine crafts as improbable as that boy obama backed by his western allies has agreed to hold off on any more economic sanctions against moscow that is provided for us it is not an ex anymore territory in eastern ukraine of a new position was laid out at an international summit on nuclear security in the hay president barack obama takes the baton for nuclear security. the us coast. the next summit on the issue. i didn't think reading and have overshadowed the meeting in the hammock on its final day. obama again warned russia against taking more ukrainian lands he said moscow was now internationally isolated russia is. the regional power. that is threatening some of its immediate
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neighbors. not a strength not a word. moscow was signaled a desire to maintain ties with the west. russia's foreign minister says he's not concerned by the country's exclusion from the g eight use your words. it was club has lived its usefulness as some steaks and will change we will discuss economic and financial issues at the g twenty. it's unworkable system. the remaining g seven leaders including german chancellor angela miracle to have cancel the g eight summit that was due to take place in russia in june nickel criticize moscow for damaging global security by an x in crimea. dr sent to state that has guaranteed the security of ukraine's territorial integrity in a specific man that has violated its territorial integrity on this scale. this has been very bad precedent i hope it doesn't eat on
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the third lesson. most of all a good cause. western leaders have now left the summit they'll continue crisis talks on ukraine in brussels our correspondent boss and hardy was covering the stalks for a stake in the hague he joins us from the end of boston for soft. president obama says russia's annexation of crimea is not a done deal. is this wishful thinking. well politically and militarily speaking yes jaime as for me in the hands of russia. it's being controlled by russian troops and russ has also started full political control over the peninsula now i'm speaking in legal terms that's a very different story because the us and its allies have staff have said that they do not recognize you go status quo because as saying that russia has breached international law by annex in crimea know what happens tomorrow in brussels where
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there will be more talks on crimea can respect the decisions there probably note no for the decision states that said each year that bad that they would impose further sanctions on the if there were further escalation of the crisis but doesn't obama with is that nato headquarters tomorrow and there is likely to emphasize again as he also did today that made sense firmly behind its member states and that is winning at any cost to secure it to guarantee the security of its its member states against any political threat then we moved on to the eu and that's likely going to be other topics that will that will be even more important namely the free trade agreement that the us and eu are currently negotiating now what about the original agenda in the hague in response the nuclear security was on the progress there. yet they said that there was that there was a lot of progress made over the last two years since the last summit here
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countries as the number of qantas has agreed to enforce stricter regulations when it comes to protecting nuclear material. some countries have said that they will decrease or even deplete their nuclear stockpiles but they also said that there's still a long way to go there is um a lot of what to do in the run up to the next and presumably final sum in two thousand and sixteen in washington when headband they want to agree on. legal regulation. when it comes to protecting and securing these dangerous substances awesome party for his extensive knowledge of boston. well in the ukrainian capital kiev the parliament has voted to dismiss the acting defence minister over his handling of rush's annexation of crimea more than half the deputies in the four hundred fifty seat parliament supported dismissal of igor ten young and old for right now folks he'll be replaced by the head of the ukrainian border guard. many have offered to resign in the wake of anger over how quickly
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training positions were taken by pro russian delicious in its investment structure fell apart when the soldiers wanted to defect only the russians. and in crimea indigenous customers are considering their own referendum on whether to be part of ukraine or russia thus according to the leader of the muslim minority off to her off the challenge that could further de stabilize the region. representatives of the three hundred thousand strong community will meet on saturday to discuss the future. uncertain of what it holds some have been reading crimea for western ukraine. we visited one such tale this man works his and ninety special and intimate tone controls. given the condition of independence square in kiev and would rather not share his mane. in his apartment he's taken in a refugee family of fines members of the crimean culture ethnic minority in the right to remain anonymous to you. they still have
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family in crimea. the mother is eight months pregnant. he was cautioned me to talk about it. when salt is everywhere and april st at eleven thirty. it has exceeded once in a pot. my coffee to the fabled the oppressed again. the fall within. mr bell. i can't and two suitcases of closing that's all they can take with them. a few images of their hometown incline yet remain as mementos the family father managed to bring the prayer rug too the thirty six year old worked as a security camera he just saved up enough money to build a house for his family. slowly more than ninety people in the cornea is to say eight percent of the tops of trees just a touch of what they refuse to eat things like they have to
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so in my book and pluto the needle patrol is a cpm one point one million activists that the former anti government movements a fifteen count our families have arrived here so far the former protesters have set up an office in the city administration. from here we find private shelter for refugees. the regular russian troops least keep an eye the basil staples is calling themselves valenti eruption self defense groups in twenty oh three is going to pay the sole anyone keeping with the ukrainian instead of the russian ninety the fishing port financially these refugees are supported by their host and a handful of lawmakers in kiev. they were allowed to withdraw their savings from the crimean bank account they can't stay in the apartment until the baby arrives. move over to egypt
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nowhere near the seven hundred alleged supporters of deposed president muhammad morrissey have gone on trial the defendants include the muslim brotherhood spiritual leader mahatma gandhi but the proceedings were adjourned after a single session was a judge single pass sentence on the court reconvened to the end of april. this same judge has sentenced five hundred twenty nine islamist death on monday the murder officer. it was the second mass town in just three days six hundred and eighty three people were in the top. in theory at least a small number of the defendants went on to the pool to cool it the trial went ahead despite a boycott by the defence know it. the defense lawyers didn't attend the tribunal today in protest but everyone should know that the lawyer syndicate will not give up until the rule of law prevails. to top that connected to a wave of my mob
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attacks carried out by supporters of ousted president mohammad mostly gospel danced the night and came up to security forces killed hundreds of tamils he demonstrated it through to clamp down. the defendants now a child and the bahamas but the leader of the muslim brotherhood has seen him after his the restaurants here. to top the chicken tasted any of his teeth hundreds turned out to be a nasty nothing done today monday is that they were still five hundred and twenty nine people sentenced to ten suns human rights activists in egypt. the un says the proceedings constantine into school the sentencing whole mass of people to the death penalty. it is is really holding me to come possibly have a fair trial in two days. one personable and five hundred and twenty nine thistle state of one
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thousand two hundred defendants in the two cases will have the opportunity to appeal to the day. it seems the egyptian authorities are keen to send a clear signal to the internet. they've invested thousands in recent months in the ongoing crackdown on and within minutes syrian rebels say they've seized control of the mediterranean coastal village on the turkish border if confirmed it would give the forces seeking to topple presenter sean was on the first axis of the state reported capture of some of the key problems comes a day after rebels said they seized the area around nearby saw azam is the last government held border crossing to turkey the province is the heartland of us. i like the syrian air force has been responding with heavy bombardments. least four people have been killed in afghanistan as the tommy gun attacks election commission office in the capital kabul a gunman stormed the office after a suicide bomber
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detonated a car bomb outside the building. five insurgents were also killed by security forces during a standoff that lasted several hours the attack comes less than two weeks before presidential elections. the tall blondes boycott of voting for him to kill anyone to explore. it was a day of anger and anguish for the relatives of passengers of flight in each three seventy two to the streets of beijing along with their supporters to protest against the malaysian government's handling of the situations is quite fast more than two weeks ago australia said efforts to find the green in the southern indian ocean where one resume on wednesday after being suspended for a day to gale force winds the give us some families back to the relatives of chinese passengers on the malaysia airlines flight seven hundred people vented their fury will march into the malaysian embassy in beijing. they're demanding more information about what happened on board the flights
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and they're not all convinced by monday's announcement that the plane crashed into the indian ocean over two weeks ago leaving no survivors. she yelled their mocking us. they know the truth. they're not telling a single before. he's referring to the malaysian government. kuala lumpur says it sharing what it knows about the plains states malaysia's transport minister was unable to give much new information at a press conference. but he says satellite images of help to narrow down the search zone for six years now the southern corridor. in the area having some four hundred and sixty nine thousand four hundred and seventy four and kumar. but that still leaves a vast expanse of open seat cover bad weather and some of the world's roughest seas have so far hampered efforts to find and recover debris
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from nh three seventy. all this criticism being directed at malaysia we ask correspondent jonathan perlman and call on for what the reaction there has to like in her counter and had to try to do it. when it does i'll try to distort or the bullet and get to wear that. i'm pretty sure that all of them. at the airport overlooking with the plan i'm obliged to launch such a kick in temperature that the board. quieter less emotional. i'm with a total addict. only for talked about wanting to look that you can peek into account when the pork on. i don't get what they can opt to deflect
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critic. that led to a lot of the government. the cute tutu in the wake of gold into my chest. with the touch improvement of the system won't work. a quick cry when we come back the outbreak of the deadly ebola virus. went to study in germany. and you still have lots of questions you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses admission requirements qualifications costs and much more. w don't the east injured. the first quarter pole for anyone interested in studying in germany. he's operating again its most wanted and popular sentiment. my sentosa posts
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as our nominee. horrific satire on tw or re create it costs to be critical. make way for cutting edge commentary. on the wr radio and on tw to the splash pad fears are growing over an outbreak of the deadly ebola by its tests have shown that a canadian who visit the west african country of liberia is not affected as had been here for nearly sixty deaths have been linked to the disease and kidney. authorities in neighboring liberia sierra leone are also on alert and say they're investigating the deaths of suspected evil victims of viruses spread to the contact with fluids blood sweat and to the handling of infected box. we're joined now from baltimore and the story by gw science
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editor to get to also asked to daddy with us for soft what a bowl of symptoms and why is it so badly. when it starts with many harmison comes to an accent and sunday and the people on the contract and evan now on they feel we are today get a headache and so on and to date on it. on the ap in the stomach around santa gets diarrhea and in the end of the van up in the meetings and tea on the skin of the meetings is what makes them die and some now so there's not much anybody can do about these. you know there is a lot of concern that this virus could spread what you think the chances that. well it depends very much on the hopi to the heat on it went on to the bottom of this is not as contagious as fuel perks up when
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the consummate to gamble on you can only be transmitted by direct contact. nighttime is not on the body to its soul and in a few of them very strict hygiene who was and you really have to stick to them the gifted program that is not something to isolate if the patient to use chaos to talk and also on the government in piniella said to him. the keepers of the school to a few loads of people have died of it blown up because some in the attic which include contact the violence because it causes us to teach us don't care that is a very clear of that advise the nl tables around since the nineteen seventies. but as of yet there is to soak your wise yes well it takes up a lot of time. warnock amount of money into new battle to lax and vaccines and to be a mean
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bone in its jaws or new to dig a bit of luck. maybe i'm being on just remember it every time somebody such as when half the rookies on a vaccine against it into a really fun. yep it's that time. well they haven't succeeded yet. salam and it can it's a little bit. on top and sound in the end with it or not the only thing one can do at the moment it's time to demand it from spreading the kiddos on from the abuse signs that things are very much. staying in the region the government in ethiopia has been using foreign technology to spy on citizens that according to human rights watch accused of monitoring phone calls to crack down on the opposition your innovations as companies from europe and china might be complicit in providing the title. using my hands and the internet in a kinky can be risky business. in a new
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report human rights watch says the countries using foreign technology to keep tabs on the activities of opposition politicians human rights activists contend with it's nice to people on the streets of the capsule with africa. again this time i have added to the community hospital. it's a shame to see how it's a shame if the state exchequer was a chance it's a chain of human rights watch has recorded numerous cases in which members of the opposition were roughed up coming sunday in its activities in one instance of political activists was accused of terrorism. he refused to confess i was tortured quite badly. each night over the course of several weeks. the applied electric shocks to his feet bbq with whips. rights watch says chinese and european companies have been equipping new kitchen cabinets with advanced technology since two thousand and nine. and that
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they are risking complicity in rights violations the agenda government to regulate and slicing the control of bags was a technology that can become a lethal weapon in the hands of the wrong people we could get it. so far the government and by then send a sign of willingness to impose restrictions on the exploits of savannah technology from diamond company. well investigators here in germany have again searched the offices of the country's biggest bank deutsche about in frankfurt. several managers of the bank accused of having given false testimony in the trial which saw the late media magnate whale catch see two billion euros in damages from dodgeball. told you. he said last month the cost of over one billion euros to the back well since the crimea crisis is like going to leave germany's economy and stays the closely watched survey shows declining business confidence in germany this month. a photo index fell
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over half a point to one hundred ten point three in march that's after rising for months in a row. legal analysts say it's down to jitters over a possible trade sanctions on russia in trouble in emerging markets and what is known traders in frankfurt reacted to the info in texas look. here's a wee tots. being pro business climate index is one of the most important bits of information for the assessment of the prospects for the economy in germany and the foreign stock market. so the fact that i went down the business climate index in march. not really all that great news but on the other hand people took them in their strong point. because the level historically is still quite high that is indicative of still quite good situation for germany. its economy and its stock market and the assessment of the current level by the seven thousand businesses polled still yielding quite a good result also a reason for the ducks
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going up the state. the fact that in the cranium crisis no word on economic sanctions into these projects the bus in front of their hears the markets by the numbers starting in front of a chimney stacks which fears of more than one half percent to ninety three thirty eight. euro stocks fifty was also on the fly quite as much finishing at thirty ninety six. over in new york city the dow jones industrial average is not training courses and ten percentage point of sixteen three eighty eight at the moment and the euro is down against the dollar slide one thirty eight twenty six now the organic food market here in europe has been booming. he uses is quadrupled in size of the past decade. but brussels is concerned that some businesses in the sector are falsely labeling their products as organic. so the eu has unveiled an overhaul of its organic speculation the changes will see authorities inspect every stage of the organic production chain
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the european parliament and member states still have to give their blessing to this proposal. panama and mexico have reached a deal on a free trade agreement it's been some eighteen years in the making of panama was present with carl and ellie's sign the agreement during a visit to mexico though. will i go into effect and tools provided to compass point i'm not currently has the fastest growing economy in central america and is hoping for big things from the free trade deal with its larger neighbor. panama city looks promising. currently the country only bring some attention on mexico's list of trade partners. most president therefore not only wants to strengthen twenties but also hopes that mexico will tell you what it brings to the nation. the couple said little the disagreement will be of great benefit to buy some lights. we are sure the deal will result in increased tourism and investments places and infrequent in the quality of
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life to take countries. what about the timing of the humble place. in recent years. panama has made huge investments in infrastructure and buildings. the country's construction industry in particular is booming the biggest project is the multi billion dollar expansion of the famous panama canal. the world health organization's decision shocking figures indicating air pollution contributes to the deaths of millions of people every year stroke heart disease and lung cancer. some of the illnesses related to bad air quality report also cites long term consequences that his birth defects in children going to take a look now at china where a booming economy is causing massive pollution in putting huge pressure on him by today she has done is take with me to dance emissions from cars and factories hangs heavy in the metropolis. iris and this seems convenient capital delhi and even in paris. a
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new report from the world health organization says the effects on people of april the portion is one of the most significant global health risks. we are confronting today. the poll found that in twenty twelve some three point seven million deaths were linked to appalachian a can cause heart disease strikes and breathing difficulties. the problem is especially bad in some of asia's biggest cities. and it's not just our goal at the nation that causes illnesses in twenty twelve another four million deaths with links to kindle edition primarily from people looking at the enterprise and inhaling smoke. health officials say it's time to take action. the source of air pollution are cool learning for the energy or into some kind courtrooms when the teachers people who can neither was it cold. this update because coal is the carcinogen it is also a major cause of heart cookies
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the well helpful to my station says small changes could make a big difference to the environment and clean air act to help save millions of lives every year. well firefighters over in the us city of houston are battling a huge blaze at an apartment building just west of downtown. officials say the three hens succeed in high rise complexes under construction with a fire broke out the smoke and flames to be seen. while so i go to firefighters involved in tackling the fire is still unclear if anyone's been heard. what's more to that place. we have clean is just of the journal was great having you with us. it is more a website that said gw not be seen again. i know. i
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can. eric. less the team. i should. by. company to cover
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any of the employee. during summer but among the exclusive. local student like me. the thoughts i will get a good player who didn't like it was totally shock and awe tactics too. no chemo it's no symptoms. sinful several intersections. job well done. it also tasted it
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and do new wingman the tree the daughters of something that gave them a fair chance and i look. i think you see something of what is the great wednesday. i was a bit in the united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact for something which greeted the island. links between ireland and the united states are now and enjoying the time between the two us presidents day my shirt and shorts and t bond between our two. however if president reagan and painted his descendants were trying to attribute to t


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