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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 25, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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were one . and what continues on a wednesday much twenty six and counting till angie and tokyo. the leaders of the japan and south korea have met for the first time since we both assumed office japanese prime minister james l a band of south korean president couldn't have been caught up in disputes over history and territory. they sat down together with the eu once president barack obama an a she was teaching us and for points. the leaders of japan
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and south korea finally agree to talk on the sidelines of the nuclear security summit in haiti. prism obama had pushed both leaders to me and then strained relations before supper showbiz it to the asian region in april. as the first sign of the three of us have had an opportunity to meet together and discuss some serious challenges the wheel brace. obviously japan and. the republic of korea are. two of our closest allies in the world the present market. we had to put the significant opportunity for the tree to sit down to get there. when i get to know. i believe it is a meaningful chance to have a dialogue with president obama and prime minister the company. prime minister of defense president obama and reid is present pop in the green line which. i want
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to sincerely thank president obama. i am happy to meet present. it was very happy to meet you because of its upcoming fifth on the new one my muscle. nothing that the fifty minute meeting focused mainly on the common security threat in the region north korea. they discussed the unpredictability of these interchange opened and the country's nuclear and missile development programs they also discussed humanitarian issues such as abductions by north korea post japanese and south korean nationals are among the other piece of defense both leaders for their collaborative efforts to solve the sheet. the three leaders agreed that it's likely to strengthen security cooperation on north korea in the region. trilateral cooperation is a strong signal to john young said its
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provocations and threats will be met with a unified response. present concrete cubes to meet with our day in the past over historical issues. this included the so called comfort women who served as prostitute trying what would today. auspicious day goes by the two issues are not released in the meeting. prime minister of eight expressed his hope that relations with south korea has improved. to assist it up to it. go up up and pass it up. what do i felt that it was important to me it's a place to practice a bit of it like this may seem to be depressed at eight a ballot to develop oil for cooking on a map relations with south korea ap that the deepening. this extent officers say all their hopes this time it would be the first that for the thaw relations between japan and south korea. most governments
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are preparing for diplomatic working level talks. how does with the alt is yet to be seen. the passage in a state as the world. but hey. well the bears who had gathered and that nuclear summit was to strengthen security. need to reduce their stocks of the weapons grade uranium and for tony and to counter terrorism. there's a shift in engaging political and financial support for the international atomic energy agency. japanese daily gets single women are all highly enriched uranium and plutonium from the state facilities and will have the materials that if the us counterparts for disposal president obama says the leaders need to do even more. we still have a lot more work to do to fulfill the ambitious goals we set four years ago. to fully secure all nuclear and radiological material civilian and military so that they can no longer pose a risk to any of our citizens
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obama initiated a comment in two thousand tacky us shills who heads the next meeting and twenty six team. south korean defence ministry official said authorities in north korea has fired up to ballistic missiles. ministry officials say the missiles were launched from a point north of the capital pyongyang. if the current six hundred and fifty km and now into the sea of japan. they say the missiles appeared to be a medium range model called the no dong and lifting so i'm trying to find out more about the launches and what the north koreans are trying to do. pentagon officials confirmed the launch. they said the north koreans should stop provocative acts and work to improve ties with their neighbors. japanese defense mistakenly or the debt has ordered his staff in self defense with this amount to continue to gather information. an insurgent attack at an election commission office in the afghan capital kabul. i
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plan to find people that he intended to set off explosives twice at the entrance to the office and stoned and died on tuesday exchanged gunfire with the security forces for about four hours. police say the victims include two election officials and one candidate for provincial council i can tell that he issued a statement to claim responsibility for the attack the group declared earlier this month that it was sabotage the april if the presidential election has been targeting police stations and hotels used by foreigners. the worsening security situation has prompted the organization for security and cooperation in europe to decide to evacuate all fifteen members of the election support team from afghanistan. student protesters in taiwan i standing firm in their stance against a trade pact with china time last june. my angel has refused to speak with them but now he says he will welcome them to cox
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demonstrators have occupied the legislative building in taipei for over a week. not release a statement on tuesday saying you might get in the present instance as enchilada. this would be glad to accept the invitation eighty three percent of people who answered the poll conducted by a taiwanese tv station say the president should engage in dialogue with the students. my initially rejected demands for direct talks saying the protesters were occupying the building illegally. has that when students broke into the cabinet building on sunday. about one hundred students held a rally at tyne tees national taiwan normal university on tuesday. they show their support for the contest by boycotting classes. oh and she goes worried that i want democracy may be granted china controls the economy i
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didn't get it in chapter fourteen is criticizing the police for fourth to the ever living protest is from the cabinet debate. in i was. i do. it was tense standoff with other governments so my actions in crimea appears to be taking its toll on the economy officials with the economic development ministry think money is pouring out of the country. the estimates the estimates capital health loose alert to seventeen billion dollars in the first three months of the year that's what the investors made out of the country in the whole of twenty to team officials don't expect to put any economic growth for the first quarter. the deputy economic ministers in sanctions are not having a strong impact as they mainly affected individuals. still he says related factors are hurting growth and
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encouraging investors to pull out their money the ukrainian ambassador to japan has called on the g seven nations to put more pressure on leaders in moscow eva coach and co made the remarks in an interview with an hk in tokyo. we are to lead you through the steps of the ukrainian friends and partners including. vintage is so important to you. of course international ports we have friends and partners whole or in the world scheduled for the race. hope to do with each other. we should use them. nothing says he appreciates japan's promise of a one point five billion dollar package for ukraine. the apollo applauded good rejection of the incorporation of crying into my jack. the suspension of the country from the g eight. ay ay ay ay ay ay
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fishermen's she had agreed to a plan to re use the build up of contaminated water that she meant ninety nuclear plant began meant that the japanese government and officials at cookie like a part of any single pump groundwater before it becomes contaminated releases into the ocean an hp will struggle to meet andy has more fisherman from a coastal community and you like it the first accounts of southland's the season. as part of that aisle facing the setting alone because of increasing the prefecture every team is doing this think of anything. after testing. the salmon was concerned. the crowd was a really pleasant me i can cast doubt on their caps. but they felt they had no choice. we didn't want to go ahead. we can't just be thinking about
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ourselves. we understand the measures necessary to be commissioning to proceed with the other night. that didn't work on decommissioning the time it's subjective the build up of contaminated blood in his hands are in progress. officials say four hundred tonnes of groundwater flows into the reactor building and free day the crown allowed to mix it with the cooling water for the reactors and get contaminated. the plan is to compound the groundwater before it reaches the b take an additional level and he lifted into the ocean the official take the help that the standard for relief at more than ten times lower than the government's conduct they think the nation awoke and found that in the build up of contaminated water by one hundred times. members of fishing association to increase or not it can
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cripple of the plant on tuesday. they have the government and church officials to make sure the water really is not contaminated. for two little white ball. not all of us work for the planet. we hope the government and tactical will not undermine our trust because we made it very difficult decision. since it is. we believe in tackling the problem of contaminated water. proceeding with the decommissioning. are important for reconstruction and she mopped it up. some of the gym and are asking for an independent third party to monitor the implementation of the plants and trees to mention tidbits and quit the to ensure the credibility of the process. good week and is
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too low. the engineers have been restarted a keen water treatment since then that the nuclear clouds the system malfunction due to this series of problems due out in the three lions at the advanced liquid processing system are alps were suspended on monday after workers found water leaking from a storage tank the workers change the packing honest i had to the tank. you're able to stop the leak. and their neighbors the probation on tuesday afternoon. a week ago what this from what otherwise was performing poorly so they hunted the entire system down to connect that to be capable of admitting almost all of radioactive substances waistline. the fishes have to put alex into full operation as early as next month. and the two top executives from the nuclear industry are being brought together to tackle the crisis that grisham and ninety at the official site drawing on the managerial expertise that the country's major manufacturers to help oversee
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the de commissioning of the reactors. the new body will have one exam kit each from the anti ge nuclear energy. toshiba and mitsubishi heavy industries will serve as senior officers in the past these accounts had it with separate tasks such as removing spent fuel and developing robots to probe hide the real deal and canary as the next month the bank is to be involved in the entire d conditioning process to provide their know how to help solve problems related to contain polluted water and cooling nuclear fuel. tech l and m n officials want to start removing melted feel from the damaged reactors in and out to fix the errors the new bodies and a strong pressure to ensure that de commissioning work precede it complete i am i. scientists and government officials from around the world having gathered in a city south of
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tokyo to talk about the state and the planets and tending to lead a session of the intergovernmental panel on climate change ipcc. it's the first time japan has played host to the pens were discussing how people can better prepare for extreme weather and other challenges change the world can have the time go points. about five hundred scientists and government representatives of more than one hundred countries come together to talk about a problem the fuel is only getting worse the queen for the latest report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change this is pork or beef with mongolian national and sub national governments with an understanding of how all women want men to adapt to the impacts of climate change but also make it possible to walk right down to the deliberate in providing a basis for this issues and initiatives on a definition
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scientists think the impact of climate change everywhere record rainfall and flooding in britain. heavy snow and bitter cold in north america drought in africa. these types of extreme weather events. you're still occur once every several decades there's no happening with greater frequency when participants. the ipcc meetings are discussing the second of three part report on climate change. it deals with how humans will need to add to the ipcc released the first part the bleak assessment of what will happen if patients don't reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the report says the average temperature could increase by at most four point eight degrees celsius by the end of the century kelso levels could rise by a
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maximum eighty two centimeters. an expert from toby green university says ninety one percent of peaches in japan could disappear ipcc researchers say it's extremely likely that human activity cause global warming since nineteen fifty government leaders and officials have struggled to craft an agreement to tackle the poll. i happen to come up with the framework to replace the total protocol which that emissions targets. once the old one. eye. adult is not made their recommendations. some would say. yes i know. we'll probably twenty people know this. the new report will show was the precise picture of the year is conditioned to be stored into scientific
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research. we should be brave enough to take another stab you in making policy changes in order to overcome the crisis of climate change will keep your mind participants will meet all this week to talk about the ipcc findings. gather in delhi next month to discuss third and final part of the panel's report. the doc that will offer ideas for how human can tell the impact of climate change. no title your world. oklahoma. japan is doing something unusual to help people deal with their grief. he's getting the chance to find closure and move on with their clients. he's doing that by collecting their personal lives and sharing them incomplete. it shows you the gui. this is my first
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exam. listen to you. when i get to the serving bowl and this was a concert hall. most people in the audience were middle aged and elderly. dear martha compassion local shows organizer in center. he's reading a letter from one and two is to see why. momentum again thinking about. tell me we're going to talk about silly things to do. sometimes we sampled physically. chosen a theme tuesday's would really peaceful and happy. so i'm going again. you can dream can't she. like we have to challenge me want to show me the key to invite you to dance instead. she began collecting personal letters fifteen years ago after a friend showed him the look on her strength and healing convinced him that nothing
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can match the power of a hand written word. and she too has collected hundreds of personal letters. some of the people sent in letters actually heard about his collection on radio program caution not to work on. more number of times these last moments as soon as january she and the messages with his many people as possible it is. you can to keep me and my friends. i couldn't do anything to help you i'm sorry. i'm really sorry the girl that she wanted to attend every recital. she says his hand to keep her in courage and. and. she was for her lost twenty seven years ago. a traffic accident took the life of her teenage son her husband has also passed
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away. now seventy two years old she lives by herself. one couple had gone into the finals. in between. in court. matters the new the list and chico is listening to a message from a woman to her stillborn baby oh well. come on. because he views the keys to move to issue a disclaimer of your life and how long he was still inside the role. due to misuse them and slept with
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doesn't it. just four times seen on the squeeze on tuesday. generally we will use them. gold coast open title. i assumed. the mission teams to my cleaning stalls somehow. she is the theme and then. it seems willing to reach to make positive about applying for helping me discover that life is beautiful. i ninety in. th the searing experience helps listeners find their answers
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he needs to know. the lead and mike if he cares the eye it is. the project was there with mine showed me my commuters into a killer scene creates this morning. friends today. i think respect that this morning. the official start on the cherry blossom season during tokyo yesterday japan to an agency announced that the village of these beautiful pictures. artest is wanting to prevent the capital century as
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the currency strengthened the city's first bathrooms here they are marking the beginning of two weeks in which it is part and look around and schools and streets were experimental and indeed be beautiful things and implying. well i can't think the intent and meaning it's going to be the start of the one or two b to b unit with the intention to halt the whole field celebrations and matt did the cake. but like the crunch will be on the way up to no effect on the japan hokkaido you can chill and indian in me. it also represents the purity of life that only about a week to two weeks when you can enjoy this time it's fully into it here in tokyo can be about twenty three for twenty two degrees on saturday and sunday. the beautiful weather to enjoy the company here. i have been going back to whether we have this text indicating that in providing any real well and thunderstorms across her korea as well as western and can even begin to enter japan through the course of today hundred millimeters of
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rainfall fell over the course of twenty four hours here in south korea and is likely to bring you lots of thunderstorms week and lightning as well as damaging doesn't even help or tornadoes could be touching down throughout the case of the swatch on this one the bigger picture we have a high pressure system dominating much of mongolia in northern china of the day and remain dry and also calm conditions. i find favorable for the air quality to deteriorate. beijing the non hazardous level of their bad air quality in shanghai he likes to feed ethan on the lead down here. showers will be lingering across southern china with temperatures reaching twenty two nd time and hunting and in ten high. here in tokyo with a rainy day for us americans still have those two storms that are common the croissant up with this pathetic incoming storm system that dominating the pacific northwest away the key in the western the wings which is creating
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coastal rain falling on the very head the size and heavy snowfall to win tickets are up in the sierra nevada's up to about sixty centimeters of snow fall camp and is likely to bring their ongoing event with a brain in washington state where that landslide occurred. i was frustrated for them and it's going to be at very high risk and we also have flood watches and warnings increase in western washington. now christ killers they each have this low pressure system which is going to be out huge massive destructive event. i still want to think ethan two meters at the likely across eastern maine especially with the blizzard warnings are many and paste it into the goth associated with that one hundred kilometers per hour wheeze will be up to six meters high the stay away from coastal areas. these are your temperatures with a cold killing her three is for you are high on your wednesday the flip side not too bad houston ap the senate and risk being in the high teens
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are now free to protest the news. i know. and. has
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risk being in the high teens are now free to protest the news. i know. and. has he. each
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