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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  March 26, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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year. we will will will will the eye. yet to agree summit is an important and much needed events and allow the participants of the third form decide its fate. asic's as one of the few states that have the moral authority to speak out on nuclear issues not only sees its future prospects but also proposes to pull the next summit on its territory. usenet group from around the sun the moon on a proper record which was so cold the next summit in kazakh stamp we have the moral right to me this invitation was in the summit's decide if we talk about this time it seems
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the resolution of cybersecurity issues secondly covers the issue of nonproliferation of nuclear materials them to know them families that nuclear control should be strengthened in all directions. ever since position is simple and clear iaea should strengthen the monetary including control of nuclear waste at the same time the ends to actively use the persuasive measures regarding countries compliance with all the rules and adopted conventions as experts predict that the ukrainian issue was discussed in the seminal outside the anti nuclear topics numerous bilateral negotiations which are holding the fort out of the rivalry the two days included a discussion of the situation in ukraine the kazakh leader devices comics to cool down and then a lofty rhetoric and seek peaceful ways of resolving the situation from which to do to improve. rumors of a book to show things that happened happened and is concerned spring as well as the city to cool down of any lofty rhetoric accusations threats and sanctions. we need to see the way out of the situation peacefully
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their proposals from the russian and american side and a purpose to hold peaceful negotiations on this basis that come out of the situation together with them and simpler don't know what. you're going through the region. isn't this a cartoonist immediately after the press conference was last about an hour. the catholic leaders delegation proceeded to the us and the sinners the president's iraq obama was leading for most of them as an eye for the face to face talks in mecca leader highlighted as is his contribution to the worldwide anti nuclear movement into a state of the heads of state the united states confirmed that it supports the retention of staff to place the bank or unknowingly curing human can expand the newspapers the washington times interactive have published an article by the kazakh president obama survive which is dedicated to the string of nuclear security. the article noted that as accent decision to voluntarily give him the world's fourth largest nuclear arsenal when the foundation for it as it stands leadership in this area according to the top of the semi special concern is
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no cosmic endangered their six roosters groups gaining access to nuclear weapons the us nuclear terrorism has become one of the pressing threats to national security in the article the prison focuses on the global security system which according to the catholic leader should be based on the destructive capabilities of the nuclear arsenal. but on the creative power of reconciling interests and meet internationally teachings prominent figures of kyrgyzstan. even in season it does extend to abandon nuclear weapons in nineteen ninety one as a historical initiative of quentin and the position of the key to atomic energy exclusively for peaceful purposes. largely determine the political future jazz expand the decision to abandon the nuclear arsenal was one of the first decisions which was accepted by the leaders of the young sovereign republic in a situation in the world community was more concerned about the nuclear arms race. this man represents four thousand i became an undisputed break in the humanitarian spirit the catholic president outlined the position of the country supporting only peace initiatives assistant
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has shown catholics whose bid for full incompetent participation the dialogue of regional powers was promoted like cd to the far sighted policy of the country's leaders. yet do. nuclear disarmament to any kind of disarming and is only sixteen means that the case main goals are to reject the war the main purpose is a peaceful diplomatic agreements in all key issues which concern the minds of people there for it is an outstanding humanitarian gesture in defense of democracy and in defense of peace in the world. within two to approve them. at election time has been put into operation along the river is sick. thanks to this the city in the sink with a population of thirty thousand people is now closer to ensuring it is to be self sufficient speed of the moment the needs of residents are aged ten megawatts by the company has invested one have been maintaining this area in the construction is hydroelectric plant costing hundred million think it's the size therefore here is among the rear racing continues for power plants will earn your demands the use of three of them
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because action on the fourth aerial decided later this year. animals to be put into operation. in addition according to local specialists the other rivers of the territory of the district suitable for the production of electricity now and again a one megawatt hydroelectric plant is being constructed. it'll begin operations later this year soon the construction of an alice thirty five megawatt hydroelectric plant under each unit will begin as well in addition to this band to create or hydroelectric plants with a total capacity of twelve megawatts along the large allowed to channel that passes through the button band is in for a few flaws with you. in total in two to three years the industry causing physical generate fifty seven megawatts of electricity because of hydroelectric plants it will completely cover the electricity needs of the region but oh so we'll cover the deficit that exists in other areas of the month reaching almost a week ago but the giveaway. in addition wind that blows her continues to tread the year is also found to be used for electricity generation industry. the first filling stations are expected to be commissioned in two thousand sixteen and was is very important because as the kazakh president noted in
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his address. according to many forecasts the next fifty to seventy years will be a lot of opportunities for large scale breakthroughs in gaza and the spirit of the favorable external environment will be maintained. also growth in demand for resources energy and food caused by the so called third industrial revolution under these conditions a development agreement and children casks and closer to some dishes all the time the top thirty most competitive countries in the world the demand for the tri city new mexico that district is just thirty megawatts. he's a nexus energy can be exploited as the local authorities assured says plans meet the test of president obama's their bank to develop clean energy as well as increased export potential of technological products such as accent. cows extends dong gun people are cooking notice crazy and using their unique recipient and in the spring at the knox a rich dish consisting of seven ingredients is called off the doldrums add noodles to the best edition along with cereals grains and beans and peas. people called the chinese people making
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into kazakh steppes from the east one hundred and fifty years ago i still don't know names east of the language of the sceptics he kept saying that wharton graduate and an acronym that period the missing this was warned that governments during the winter month of december. it was very cold and lost many people in the mountains of things done firstly we settled in the town of marion later in spring look to the same period. the leader of immigrants was called kazakh lenses and threw it in silver bowl or the mall of abundance there for the donor people hold in high esteem because the customs and traditions we also celebrate a traditional festival of the turks to notice only the lavish the perfect additional dishes and national pockets. is it strictly following their own recipe. then the ninety s to perform kazakh sun is behind the festive table bus to come today casting is home to over fifty thousand coupons while respecting the traditions of the kazakh real sick either st result culture and language an annual student wall dedicated to notice holiday was having one of
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the leading universities in the united kingdom the university of warwick has extended students from all over the united kingdom came to participate in the event which was held for the third time that gave the ball was held was also the last day of the semester the kids. almost ex students having the chance to study the link to my knowledge into his six balls like this one and we're really grateful to our state to our present imposed on salute to have such opportunities with me eric as a person feel how close the canucks art each other in how we can gather together and celebrate moments that are important for us the novelty of this event was the awarding ceremony of the best asic student communities. the prize for the best achievement in sports went to the university of manchester london's oldest can you tell them not to use the allen received the award for creativity organizing events universities of sheffield and leeds were honored for friendship and solidarity universe in edinburgh was distinguished for their hospitality can succeed in society the preacher to activities and activists of the city
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university were awarded for the best production of gas expands image abroad by the way two thousand fourteen is the last year the graduation of bachelors in or on the minimalist program. henceforth only masters and doctoral students will study in one week according to the students first of all no this is considered to be a family holiday away from home students become good friends they have common interests korean people's achievements are not just a pastime but also an opportunity to feel the warmth of their homeland the latest news is that three w dot cardstock stash tv got kate said. smart fillies will continue to push out pcs from the markets according to forecasts of experts the largest share of the market will be occupied by comets and smart phones personal computers will however continue to be demanded by a more narrow sectors of specialists such as programmers graphic designers and game developers
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among the factors behind the great demand for more portable devices expert will be active lifestyle has extended citizens grow popularity of virtue in traction and development social networks. other factors that a high rated at a technological capabilities of the devices and affordable prices. certainly you can use a computer. prices of units as well as most of the sites are falling apart with his company because breaking up production capacity is increased it even costs are polling results of the good work in three years. we're seeing not only cheaper but also functional and visually appealing device that stores myer board effects on i discussed what it seems as if to remind according to the research conducted by the abc company at the end of two thousand thirteen sales of pcs decreased by more than fifteen percent of the same time a two fold decrease in the sales of desktop pcs pretty typical consumer sector was reduced as well sales of desktop pcs for the corporate sector fell by more modern ten point three percent while sales of laptops decreased with eleven
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point six percent. the only market segment where seven percent growth was registered with the segment of laptops for corporate use. and also one of the world's largest investment management companies pacific investment management for two thousand fourteen are forecasting a moderate rise in the gdp growth rates of us in europe and slower rates for china and japan will see journal reports. the companies expect it to quench by fifty percent gdp growth in the us economy the euro zone according to analysts will grow by one to one point five percent. japan was the only developed country for which experts forecast that slower growth from the two thousand thirty three percent level to two thousand twenty one percent level. giving a reason behind this load and will be the reduction of stimulus policies as well as a decrease in government expenditures and rise of tax rates in china the slowdown will lead to six point five to seven point five percent growth rate. the federal reserve and the us is discussing the direction of their monetary policy as your newsagents reports since
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december the fed has been trending down its asset purchase program but ten billion dollars each month stating that business is fitted in the country is recovering. this kind of item purchased mortgage assets and treasury bonds may be decreased to fifty five billion dollars. the main criterion according to experts is the state of the labor right. if ever have this year rise in employment exceeded expectations and unemployment decreased to six point seven percent in november two thousand thirteen this indicator was at the level of seven percent central banks in various country since the beginning of this year have increased their investment in treasury bonds of us with thirty billion dollars in comparison with december two thousand thirteen. as the internet edition by doug reports site can be used to fight with the treachery of the overall body matures and grows but i've put a trillion dollars in the first place among foreign central banks of china with japan in second the biggest sellers of us that our ireland sixteen
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point six billion dollars norway nine billion dollars and russia six point eight billion dollars according to the date of the u s treasury department in january russia was a well placed among the largest holders of us debt. the fourteenth of march the overall amount of years that was registered at seventeen point four hundred and sixty four trillion dollars out of this amount twelve when fifty five trillion dollars is treatable that which can be freely bought and sold. across the world thirty percent of all the banks are planning to change their automated teller machines but two thousand sixteen. as business with a capital buckeyes and reports overall more than two point six million machines are installed globally. it is forecasted that by the year two thousand and two. this amount would rise to three point seven million which is forty four percent increase the ay ay ay ay ay ay. going
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and. and. . i am. the two
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gore. ch ch. to see several onto nineteen ninety three inches of lord of the e it's a state agreement on tlc problems was signed in accordance with the decision to head the central asian state's defense and sometimes conference on province of uganda with us help entice him to the conference was
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chanted by the president of kazakhstan kyrgyzstan tajikistan and just think it's time to stop the diary every sunni against the region's environment is a global problem. it's the mission requires during the attack saying the media action that the state signed an agreement on joint action about resolving the problem of the sequels in the harold stevens. seek see if the dough in two thousand and eight s street renaming seeming he was counting on mounts the moment nobody asked me what remained after the great statesman can lead to healthy care of the kazakh ssr was no need to maybe help us discern a bit of help to others i spoke telling and graphic parents uncles aunts house to use their own music went to dismiss the case monique god's coming sixty two timothy and to the county was the means of sample an unseen by using the phone to me the link to monte. and he was not in the cities of the national holiday to know
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those midnight. they detained two thousand and one like mine to be casting my thinking starting with the recent increase in cost as you. sure or scolding the book is a rusty so you catwalk show. two of the markham site has been his director since two thousand and six. still makes show all the students arrive on time will tell it i still get to do with it. one last ditch bid to show good people most
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of my. this issue. beat on low cost epa which taught to sew the little one up on it gonna start as a scene that improvements in its educational services for default that our bunch who doesn't want ot pt thousands of white meat and children's court with tears. since international intervention the tudors recent two eight million including premium goes up. with five million children still out of school the government is working hard to provide the much needed boxes dish. will put it out for the job on top of it well it was ugly the patrol car seat. we all went out though. the chip
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most of its type in the dock the solution. to be affected due to the digi and what not to know what yet. she does the decision but a television that that that is that the bottle at night. and i embed it into these programs which include classics at least receive arcs biology and a beach in the short course code has been able to provide education to bed and we met up to forty five years of age or some of them squirming so once in a lifetime opportunity. but the photo above the sea so that it was he says. but then did i break it would do well but then even more to that. that was monday and there is no dummy pass he didn't get to post it here. that's what
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the beastie equitable and producers when private spending. guardsman. it refuses to listen to them the new restrictions which was a candidate. some of my league. much like to stick to my stash but it took us about them. but the ticket sales same. obese what to do. if you let it be known as the sun will be sure that we as human. moreover only shut the lid. how about that. i get on a budget in increasing numbers of tourists and poisons close enough to start minister that the patients biggest challenge is currently facing debacle trained teachers essential equipment. luckily infrastructure. nevertheless mr maher the inside says
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prospects for the kitchen in the country part of me up well modulated. needless to the gullible. there will be filmed and speeches. it was israel's top scientists are leading the charge in developing alternative energy bio fuel from one of the world's most abundant light winds. algae. fossil fuels like oil rapidly disappearing. finding the new low energy sources is critical. that's right touch of meats more than eco energy is finding ways to help local and international energy suppliers and infrastructure companies go green. she believes algae is attractive because not only reduces costs and outside and smoke stacks. it also doesn't compete with cops for farmland. algae as a biofuel could be just thirty times more oil per acre than other crops such as corn and sugarcane. it will also be
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non toxic. jason also provide context and that i don't agree quickly it's not the gpt group and the ppt the amount of the twentieth anniversary of the eu single market. we're also looking at the future of the single market and how it can cause acute europe's economic revival by creating more jobs and strong regrets. perhaps the most promising prospect is that digital single block in the sector. abbas potential to haunts our lives on the prosperity. early this year the european commission tabled a proposal to reform what's known as collective rights management many artists and performers use of organizations called collecting societies to my sis then went to commercial uses like tv stations radio stations and online music service providers. collecting societies also collect income on to halt the band members in the form of royalties reforming the way the society's what is a major
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focus of the commission's proposal. ariel got a french member of our group is common and scrap or so on the commission's proposal and she is in listening mode just yet but still medical dossier eight. i'm looking for it to death and into a bull fight that the debates. ppp has organized the hearing and my goal is to work together with the other countries which are sometimes taken a negative view of collecting societies and to avoid disputes that are preventing cancer some copyright issues. we need to work in the general interest and in particular in the european intact. i need on the condition and he commented that the wealthy out of tp. collecting societies themselves acknowledge the need for more transparency and the need to adapt to the new opportunities and to months of the digital single market dun accept represents the swedish performing right society. our structure from our western society is to not act on a purely rational
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basis test of all the bases but to seek partnership with other societies orange and european services. that's the debate she cheats for teaching a thing. all of us stick. the commission's proposal is being driven by the possible economic benefits of effective manage digital marketplace but also by the sheer depth and breadth of europe's cultural heritage. he does he know make them want to know and i spent in comparison with other digital markets such as america we have an extraordinary cultural diversity. it's an economic sector that's very important for jobs arms for growth. we need to get me beyond its achieve a satisfactory result of one of the songs. a dual grateful for the most in a bbc poll pdf is it that or sexism. the commission's proposal is part of a wider strategy to develop the digital economy within the context of the eu twenty twenty strategy to build a sustainable knowledge based economy in europe. any piece
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of home being champions of the digital economy for the benefits it brings to the citizens they represent that is the afghanis of kurdish member of our. it's very significant to the proposal. said a form of weeks ago a group e g pete bought specially i think we're close ups because then this the philippine postal on from the european and a commission. specially not of course looks performance and publishers. thus becomes yours. of course you'll always be able to watch the ppt these digital content online reading on. the city on a few days in a sixty eight to compete at any given and this and often on the tv and the skin by this time it's the vandalism of the cba china's white skin is running on his feet to get this wednesday. the white city of hope that those who have lost their sight. pity
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she didn't get teeth and under the seat so cute just so that he can apply for jobs in the private and sector it's a nice because he just gives me the paper gets to watch it on the tube system and a bit of what you come on to his yuppie computers the foundation for growth and stay with the world economy so closely connected having organization with a mandate to keep the international financial system and an even keel is more important than ever the international monetary fund has warned from the lessons leaders took in the great depression and the global conflict that followed. membership has grown two hundred and eighty eight countries the imf is a forum for discussing policies that promote stable economic growth. it's a form of credit unions whose members contribute money you can borrow and daring. major blow for the imf has helped prevent crises and resulting when you are. so when the global financial crisis
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began in two thousand and eight. the eye mask policy advisors to good use by countries to create what made the local response. the imf also provided funding and a non acid and its tail. also on the web. and they've seen the torrens title. is. steve
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the u. we will will will. i want. at that spot. beginning at six pm. are you talking to you. the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob
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lou was warm wool . fan the addict. norton on tuesday and this is the team's center are to lead its headlights. the prime minister's residence the nuclear summit


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