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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 26, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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are going in. the nation still has two chances and that i don't let anybody to move so cute to see it for you. we knew would mean who would. i don't. welcome to the world is climbing to no tummy until till here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. the leaders of japan and south korea have held a long awaited meeting but one expert says that the summit will come so easily. the us government is expected to announce a massive overhaul of the national security agency's surveillance policies. tokyo police have arrested a crew member of vietnam airlines. they believe is part of a larger
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smuggling. the leaders of japan and south korea had held a long awaited meeting one that should have happened a year ago. prime minister shinzo lot and present cochrane and spoke for nearly an hour on the sidelines of an international meeting in the hague. now the question is can they build on this and work for to improving relations that have been overshadowed by events of the past. the world's nautical o'connor reports it's unusual for them he said the company an anti parent to wait more than a year after taking office haven't we saw me thinks fill you with president obama decided to skip it. and freeman president of cleaning and prime minister single on it together. lemme know. i believe this is a meaningful chance to have dialogue with president obama and prime
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minister rabin. obama and needed to park in korea national non human. my mouth off about that the senior white house officials said it was constructed with no signs of discord. but there has been plenty of discord old mates. it started small the nine year old. with the meal back became the first south korean president to visit iran to come play with appropriate controls. then in effect to suck raised questions about the cost. typically still cold cold for cleaning. you don't then you know the japanese politicians should demonstrate kobe his leadership and he'll have a hard thing to hit the pentagon is a true partner leon talley yet. i
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mean is i may add it to detention when he visited destination on. one is japan's war dead. was amended to include he is convicted of war crimes after watching one too. about me. i would use my pitch to strive for a while when people will not stop don't buy into the new school. i miss it. she has no intention of hurting the feelings of south korean and chinese. leaders from both countries. creepy fries i think this fascinating needed to happen. so officials from depend and south korea can stop blocking tell lies within the past two days. but within them that they can agree on something related to this issue. i think they could go the way toward improving relations. i
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am not even speak about the pasta. thank you to know if it's an province. st temple. we had to post by north korea's nuclear development. the prime minister who teaches it. it's not. to test it out if it's enough to lock up and as a coach. it was important to me face to face it if i would like this meeting to be the first of june. forward looking bilateral relations with south korea the next one will it be content it may have to substitute the naive when you least expect. she now says it won't be easy and compromise will be difficult and i'm thinking now. it really does have their own power bases inside the country's one which i'm not willing to agree on making any concessions for the last two posts up meanwhile the conflict is taking people's mindset to go
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in a negative way. this i think the two leaders should acknowledge this situation don't they kristen parker said. japanese media need to create a body to my many faults i told him to walk and it remains on the hearth it is always open to dialogue it is to lay the groundwork has been told by my mil gave it three years next month he's welcome to bring his country's closest allies to counter isn't over yet. we all caught up in a zero years south korean defence officials say authorities in north korea have fired off two more ballistic missiles they say the leadership in pyongyang appears to be reacting to the trilateral summit. the ministry spokesperson says the missiles were launched from a point near search on the north of the capital pyongyang. he says they traveled about six hundred fifty km then landed in
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the sea of japan the spokesperson says the missiles appear to have bee role models with a ran of up to thirteen hundred kilometersjan'efence minisr said they cld pose a security threat. the launch angle suggests that these missiles have the range to reach japan's mainland the laguna has ordered his staff to gather more information. us president barack obama is expected to announce a plan to reform the national security agency's surveillance program obama said the nsa will stop gathering and keeping the huge volume of personal data. he also said the agency will need to seek court approval each time and wants to collect that type of
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information. i'm confident that it allows us to do what is necessaryn order to be aware of the dangers of a attack. but does so in a way that addresses some concerns that people have raised. us media say the nsa will likely receive records from phone companies and hold on to the data for certain period of time. japan's defense ministry has boosted its ite capabilities. officials have set up a ninety per cent units to protect it against cyber attacks. some security experts say two thousand and thirteen was the worst year on record with thousands of the country's government sites hacked. defence ministry to mow the lawn into inaugurated the unit he said hacking attacks are getting more sophisticated to safeguarding the information system of the defence
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ministry. so henceforth it is essential for the protection of japan's peace and security bold added it's no exaggeration to say the international community is always vulnerable to such threats unit chief. most of his uncle says the risk of cyber attacks is very real not something from the future he said his team is united in fulfilling its duties the new unit answers directly to the defense minister. members will perform around the clock monitoring of ministry and self defense forces networks and respond to attacks. tokyo police have arrested a vietnam airlines employee on suspicion of attempting to bury stolen goods out of japan. they believe the crew member is one in a range of up to twenty workers involved in an extensive smuggling operation. nhk world chianti she fell on reports the attendant when he got a subject of a boarded up crew
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bus uncle company international airport carrying twenty one i can still including in his own blog about one thousand two hundred dollars when deny that i didn't think she was not aware the audience were stolen. the clothes the jackets crumple to the japanese band he could police suspect when he received a strong and close some kind of get the nice woman date on it she is leaving a blood test me the woman has already be honest it end times. also make a speedy her sister who lives in vietnam has received and sold stolen goods from japan. japanese fashion and cosmetics on increasingly complex in vietnam on the back of the economy grows the sophie show since the shop lifting of japanese goods by groups of the attendees has presented over the past and eas. we
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seek a deal with a round one has no such case if each ia not the first time. airlines have enticed into a sentence of fifteen. to tie the knot eight. well kind of getting numb airlines was the best it will cost fourteen stone beds i'm into place and he's department of peace justice and twenty employees what to blog again i need to be equal to its operations. these have approached the airline's existing funding for youth including apple pie that present themselves for questioning. jackie scott on nhk allowed to kill. search operations for the missing malaysia airlines jet resumed on wednesday after the previous these atrocious weather conditions eased much of the tracks along in bangkok as the story australian government officials say the senate is
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back on covering an area of about eighteen thousand sq lake unique is that the more than two thousand he has all have to search crews have still to find any physical evidence that weekend and an hp seven who had to crash. on wednesday australia the united states japan and the other countries involved in a separate or myself could we at eight a tool of twelve croft with him and the australian continent held and the many signs that the passengers with some of the funny man this kid keen on running a state any appetite to do everything possible to find the wreckage and the flight data recorders quiet place to prime minister not to browse at all malaysian. full stride and cooperation in the recovery and investigation operation a chinese ships have a riot in the southern indian ocean for the said about two thirds
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of the passengers were from china we will carry on in a linear formation and search every inch of the ocean. asia said new satellite images have revealed more than one hundred objects that could be temporary and australian authorities also said three small objects have been spotted in the search is evident. the search for the amazing thing is still headline news in china too on wednesday china's special envoy sent by president xi champion of the nation government in the twenty ten eight hundred and eighteen at bats. china's state run channel one news agency reported that she obviously who is also china's vice foreign minister can baby she's breech is through the main asian continent on wednesday. i mean that the chinese nationals on board and be active and ready to mate and i announcement that then topped ones are presumed dead. i think
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the thing itself has not been found. government is seemingly changed its approach to this that makes three seven air several times it helps had infuriated passengers are nice. we feel the disappointment of the attitude with which malaysia airlines has handled at a reasonable amount of family members. at the same time we're furious into a malaysia airlines has repeatedly deceived the world aside from tommy xanga many deadlines attitude has also aggravated the chinese pub date. china is the nation's largest tree contest and received his nation's tourism industry has seen increasing numbers of chinese tourists the disappearance of an hp seven and could have adverse effects on economic ties between the two nations and death is to boost by natural political relations the caucus tiny taiwan and
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headaches. this is by between dimensions and the nation's government will be the top priority and a bit to find peace now said news of violence. i managed to wash every match with negotiations for the puppies tiny town of buying any of this month in the capital is on the bikes the government has been in talks with the largest constituent has since february and march and the caucus tiny town of london yesterday announced a month long ceasefire and the use of shariah negotiated for the time told afp on tuesday that the top priority in the next phase of chokes is to extend the ceasefire it's due to run out next week. experts remain divided to the real motivation for the time on an announcement just before hand i was done in many fields domestic ban strikes in the insurgent stronghold of north with the rest on some added this avatar on opted for a ceasefire that will wait to buy time to prep a counter
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attacks pakistan has long been a hotbed go with the multinational combat forces to which all tapering off contest on by the year and expects a stint in caucus night is extremely important for the whole weekend. and that will wrap up our planet and the time i checked the acts that one in bangkok two struggling with. he told its citizens to whom and to proceed. creepy. she will come. don't tell them to complete. the world. so when prosecutors have indicted thirty officials from a dozen international companies for price fixing. they are suspected of or reading bids for the construction and maintenance of subway lines in sao paolo. new united include a former official
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from the sea of japan officials from siemens of germany and omar da of canada prosecutors said on tuesday that the officials allegedly ran all kinds cartel between nineteen ninety eight in two thousand and eight. their beers for subway contracts totaled about one point one six billion dollars reportedly causing a corporation that order the works to lose some three hundred seventy million dollars. the court has yet to decide whether to try it the officials but local media say they could be sentenced to prison terms of two to fifteen years if convicted bt says it has been informed of the charges against its former official in brazil the company says he will cooperate with the investigation is asked to by authorities. trade officials from japan and australia have been trying to craft an economic partnership agreement for seventy years but they've hit a roadblock in their latest round of talks over the tariffs japan
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levies on beef imports japanese agriculture the distribution of the higher she met australian trade and investment minister andrew robb in tokyo. isc said australia is an important trading partner for japan. he said he hopes the two countries can boost agricultural trade. ron said he wants to make progress before australian prime minister tony abbott visits japan early next month. japan currently imposes a thirty eight and a half percent tariff on australian beef japanese officials propose potentially lowering it to around thirty percent over ten years. but australian officials want japan to actually reduce the tariff to about twenty percent. the two sides couldn't find common ground and agreed to continue talks. all in tears in northeastern japan are restoring some reminders of
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the past people up and down the coast are still finding photographs of the debris of the earthquake and tsunami three years ago the volunteers in iraq to prefecture have collected more than two hundred thousand teachers and they're looking for their owners. she painted. the world. this woman's keepsakes were swept away in the tsunami. after the disaster. somebody found this cool motivating and a oh one and this and that they cheated. i was so happy. for this i thought i'd lost everything. it was too cool to disaster survivors printed pictures from the days before digital are often their most precious record. when someone returns a photo. it's like restoring the family's memories
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the photo recovery team works from the small intestine to the town of the ummah. we started immediately after the earthquake. a lot of success at first but over the past year. they've been able to return fewer photos this is because people are moving away. around fifteen hundred people have left a lot since the disaster. start to gather information about where the owners of the photos are. staff members guessed it more than one hundred and twenty thousand photos are waiting to find their owners. the search continues it is temporary community center in old city welfare workers tried to
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uncover clues. some critics and eighteen eight. our hope that the teaching of the year alex goes on to his supervisor. she joined the project just a disaster you up in. her team faces obstacles. money is about right now. and even if they want to do so i can only continue for the year the owner can't stand it doesn't she know that people are finally settling back down to the disaster. but they don't have to teach us if they could choose either to produce it and i know it would keep them straight. i know what a preteen i grow more determined to return
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hence the challenge gets harder. the team's belief in the power of photography keeps him going. the injury means to return every single photo and complete the circle of memory. search and rescue efforts are continuing in the us state to washington a massive landslide has left more than sixteen people dead the mudslide hit the village of old so on saturday destroying or damaging dozens of buildings or so is about ninety km northeast of seattle. the search continued on tuesday with a number of rescuers doubling to two hundred in intermittent heavy rain. local authorities and firefighters say they are trying to confirm the number of missing. they say they can be more than one hundred seventy. notice boards with information about damage from the disaster and the names of the missing were put up in neighboring communities. it's pretty much family of helplessness community and so everybody is hurting about
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something. the service for the day was held at a nearby park on tuesday night. psycho mori from the weather team has more on the current weather conditions there. so i could give the summer the latest. it's around this time on the sheer we have now also the landslide over western parts of the washington step one find is not settled on going with this area. the distance and only one of the worst and are forced to leave they will likely continue at least until early next week with the west coast of the washington re themed areas of strong low pressure center coming in and a series of low pressure system lies in giving into this area for the next several days for the new locations are expecting winds and heavy snowfall up to thirty centimeters likely for the northern rockies this one the cascades and s release and also accompanied by quite gusty conditions. that's how the strong winds full on
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three conditions are happening over fixed and we have some interesting video to show you can collect. as the storm coverage of the minx arizona on tuesday you can see the crew moving on with the cd has to be a queens of up to seventy two kilometers per hour cause of problems with the stability of the show's instructed the sense to stay inside and on the nose because of the poor weather. now on top of the sandstone there is a high potential for. why hire steve did the combination of uno sian abt as well as the strong winds we have the wind spread that wind fire base for this area the worst is going to be happening over the health of the reason as well as new mexico. even sure i understand the likely for the midsection of the plane strike on their swords mean that the thunder showers and thunderstorms with out pain all the epic nine one point five years to build real conditions are also occurring over the north east coast of the us and eastern canada to
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transform the north east or the atmospheric pressure is about the under sixteen s house which is dancing people and as a hurricane wind gust could be up to much as one hundred equine his power and sixteen year wait till likely set the cost and beach erosion in coastal flooding and he learns no one strong winds could cause a blizzard conditions for parts of the main is that i want you can adapt with us twenty four hours. think of the clean up what most of the northeastern u s and temperatures but it finally climbing tomorrow obviously i was buying it or say either winding up to seventeen degrees in finance capital on friday. red cross in europe that they're in the conditions are still ongoing over the mediterranean countries from italy in the iberian peninsula. one course lead to severe weather will likely continue to be sticking to her. they're staying and going to be in the middle and that on my side over the mediterranean countries across the eastern much time
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here and i embrace it and cleaned the current sixteen carries and you could miss a day where still going up to nineteen degrees and sunday salon want the crust decent cars to the euro. then finally over asia. it's quite settled over northern half of china. showers with discount of at nine am now looking quite fine over the korean peninsula and the northern half of japan cut its three new but over the stubborn cars have at hand but by thursday afternoon things to be clearing up and sunny weather is freaking class and temperatures are going to be quite a winemaking team at the weekend in atlanta twenty four the precinct and compelling pass the ball the cherry blossoms. here's the extended forecast. i don't who will win. the eye
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it is sumo wrestler cut could you be celebrating in a cheap and that's bee time coming after twelve
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years to nearly nine hundred pounds. he's been promoted to the sport's highest rank he becomes the seventy first you'll close enough in the fourth in a row to come from mongolia. due to his professional debut in two thousand and one. he reached the second highest rank for sixty two years ago. he got his first tournament victory this month winning fourteen of its fifteen weeks. members of the japan sumo association delivered the good news. it will be george. your usual route when jordan shoes doing all the above model the show can do the chores all you really are and who has no problem going. who knew him as james bond star and you know tony is still
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the mall was your hero. great game. i hate it were to be. a collection of programs that speaks of mine and here we go at first. create one. this time the teacher actually goes to a night. a world class violinist who is holding an international music festival to mark the anniversary of the great east japan earthquake. next saturday. both words and features an oyster farmer
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from me i can respect. oyster farming industry of north east japan was badly damaged in the march eleven disaster after careful study and hard work. see after the chaos has been attempting to revive like it. finally any scheme documentary on sunday to present the latest on the fight against all times the number of people suffering from alzheimer's rises rapidly new medicines are reaching the final stage of development. how might we treat alzheimer's in the future. nhk documentary investigates. i left that i can get you in your times and dates and nhk world tv the us
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noo noo. in this interview this season. selling all his teeth into cheap. it is jerry sms. sleep eat and he was hired to come to utah. he needs to read it. since ancient times. like cherry


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