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pastor ninth north korea fires to winter range missiles shortly after the leaders of south korea the us and japan agreed to transfer. now to give up its nuclear ambitions. hold on to the japanese leader for her first time in twenty two months of tensions over japan's national sins and that protect the bar for reconciliation of the two for months if not years to come surely as main opposition democratic party and supporters that mattered one acre at first so don't force it to form the new party ahead of local election is due to the start of our next
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prime time tv. the reds at rei and woe to those of you were watching from around the world it's minus eight march twenty six here in seoul on the pk and shun the baby so much for joining us. we begin this evening in berlin where present in a is on her state visit. turner forty stations expected to lay out her unification policies with hopes of learning from the german re unification experience for that latest on her trip because that line for presidential office correspondence he has time to cool it is traveling with the president is and what's the latest. i can't i have a mac economy having a mind conductor. i knew i mean who
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really had it when they hit the heat to warm up in a database of money at the presidential palace. i gave them that well but at the brandenburg gate and many like him or ranch in bali can imaging agent and he didn't have to read and hear an apple. the leader. when the economic height than the current record low the german cooperation on her being the case in college. i can hang in there maybe you can be that being a stand in the name. i think angela me with a western official. a leading role in turning indication of what their body the following day the president if he had a good read read read and what to keep wiping racketeering of detail in beekeeping collar and tie. and what did she say about her vision of a unified korea and north korea policy with a local broadcaster. i'm back at
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the aggie a terrific diving thing interview with president packer another when they came back she built the fort constructed spot with what can be and he had done it when she caught me and he planned the kind that he could not make and you couldn't tell him and calling it an echo anybody. caribbean people. when asked about her week of the plant in the vacation preparatory committee. i've been back i've been thinking what to get it cleaned out and ignore our first hour and took a red brick and and therefore ending. i'm preparing for being patient. and for related areas and tell us a bit about president fox meeting with her u s and japanese counterparts in the hay before her arrival in germany. the shooting ratio and he had to trek into the tent. back to the king country along with the international community should action again i get
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that done. we are learning that they will not engage in propaganda like i don't think any of our thinking deeply on we need to take me that it keep on going back to me to park a technical writing than on a lovely new future the most contentious issue between coming into camp. at the top of the dial the atrocities that it claimed the korea can sort of took a while and would not run out during qt meeting. he died in the up our eyes and thank you for that that was our presidential office corresponding to use on reporting from berlin. and shortly after the trilateral meeting between leaders of south korea the us and japan north korea fired two more missiles into the ec south korea's defence ministry says the launch is in clear violation of un resolutions or uv on as the details two men range ballistic rocket than six hundred and fifty km
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from an area north of county down. japan forced busing into the ec early wednesday morning. north korea has been firing missiles into its eastern waters with some regularity over the past two months. and this one was identified by south korea's defense ministry has a new little miss l which represents a change. they have an awesome range of thirteen hundred km which means they can reach him not to south korea japan as well given a more dangerous nature of the missiles and the defence ministry held in the news the early press briefing wednesday morning it has strongly condemned the move. north korea's ballistic missile launches an outright violation of un resolutions and it's an act of provocation against south korean international community. i looked up and the missiles is the first in nearly five years and to place in around two thirty a m korea times a matter of hours after the leaders of south korea the united states and japan met to discuss the north korea's nuclear
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issue the other frontline of the new food security summit and me. the filly had promised for a more united front against threats posed by north korea's nuclear program and the launch is being seen as an apparent protest against drilling holes in the international community for this aids in kenya. theres the shed the lodge also falls on the fourth anniversary of the sinking of a south korean warship that left forty sacred act of holding the attack on north korea yes indeed nice to charge in the us launched a series of stuart range rocket launches over the past two months which were seen as an act of defiance against the annual joint military drills between south korea and the united states. yee and i didn't use there was an ally south korea expressing concerns over north korea's latest provocation china and japan also time to the sources say the chinese government that works only nature ally believes the watches were an act of defiance considering they came soon after a three
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way meeting between leaders of south korea the us and japan and the pain that the reason says tongue in his actions were a direct challenge to victory. we topped tokyo along with seoul and washington has condemned the missile test as a violation of un security council resolutions. for more on the first face to face talks between the ears of korea and japan and whether we can expect to see foggy and chilly relations between the neighboring countries they bring in dr tail and all research fellow at north east asian history foundation the welcome to program. thank you to cheer when did you make of the trilateral summit and you think it laid the groundwork for better ties between seoul and tokyo to call the meeting was that kind of accord nation in dealing with north korean nuclear issue. they should lower. to become a condition where the pro side when from beginning to set the agenda before the beginning of
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the nuclear summit. the oak or impress them up and then had to separate the second meeting with the chinese musicians in pink. and then they talk about these creatures alive. so the japanese news media reported that goes to crunch is one to two beach all day a united front against japan so in the case to a new citizens may think that follow. come ye may not be ready to improve our relationship and detain them until cooked. japan's creation. it isn't really ours. she spent at the basic difference will happen. beat in the two countries who speak their difference the president on softer picket fences that she won't sit down for a bilateral summit with prime minister of it and failed to pay and demonstrates a senior on the cover payments for past wrongdoings or was she referring to here exactly yet at that press conference
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the beginning of this year she couldn't find a christian. the first team instead. during the last twenty to thirty years the korea japan relationship was a gospel based upon the corner statement and grammar statement. this friday she reasoned that as long as japan's government on tuesday night those two statements. it is difficult to continue the relationship the third in the third one is that person has said that and the so called comfort women. dishes to clean their fifty five years to life. and in good christian should be sold. so yes is clearly wants korea and japan to improve its relations to enhance regional security. but what is exactly at stake if we continue down this course with korea and japan on the tense relations with each
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other. the most basic issues debt. i can find it necessary to look against north korean nuclear issue. it is delicious and left it at deb's korea and china may look or getting closer and closer so united states may think that. go school. allied countries. getting cool much of a far away. these days so this friday he hurried to get them together and start to accord nations and corporations from the interest of north korea's new creations and queso lot at stake here. how likely is that will see a change in attitude at prime minister arrived and if you cannot see that i'm keith powerhouses suffering government to react to it or deal with two cal will. of this ride did howard government already said that the napa not talk about his
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creations at this time it's because you could not believe that japan is willing to improve sanitation or not. so in the eight thrill and the textbook screening results with mom and then also the spring festival will be on screen chinese are scheduled. depending on the air and teachers alike if the do something that they give you the last year and the korean government's response would not be much different from what dd last year. all right dr thank you so much for your insights tonight. thank you very much for that the law. i want your gateway to the day's biggest stories in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more going on he got shot limit and the of the heart of seoul. my tiny be done. well i had it on and on tv next general election
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south korea mark this on her anniversary on this wednesday morning the deaths of forty six sailors who lost their lives in a north korean torpedo attack four years ago our defense minister correspondent even been reports from the memorial ceremony. four years ago this wednesday so we went to church on sunday the torpedo the lead of korea. to remember to forty six south korean sailors who lost their lives that day. a memorial ceremony was held at a national cemetery on wednesday morning. thousands of people including families of the victims and high ranking government officials were in attendance. president today was unable to attend the event. she's traveling in europe. but this at a special statement. i'm looking to save or unification. we need a strong military. several locations from the worst
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element to it to retaliate stool prime minister tony was also emphasized the importance of national security. the mother tongue and making continuous threats he also called on the north to stop this provocative acts this. north korea recently launched missiles on seven different occasions escalating tensions on the korean peninsula. north korea must stop its provocations and cooperate with the international community. the men were still on is not the photon to remember those brave soul. so tragically lost a lot the fossils on monday that south korea is to maintain the utmost readiness of their fees to provocations from the north. and then. aiden is as of. that's truly come while the curry and that has a new opposition coalition party dubbed the new politics alliance for democracy
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alliance and the intellectual game changer as we draw closer to local elections in june. upon salon has this report it's an historic moment for the new political party. the new politics alliance for democracy held its official inauguration ceremony wednesday afternoon with hopes of bringing about the new era of politics based on trust and hope. after six years of the democratic party he had two and was on the dodgers to a north melbourne or as the new politics alliance for democracy. over two hundred fifty delegates including lawmakers officials who are veterans and thousands of citizens from all walks of life attended the event and saw this on his olympic stadium. absentee speedster get to the forty six victims had died when the washer and one some four years ago and commemorated the one hundred fourth anniversary of the death of independence fighter and content prior to the mean he backed the coalition will be jointly funded by democratic party
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representative to hamdi an independent lawmaker and tyson for one year until it can lead the party chairman and leadership next year they completely calm esther is for dissolving their previous parties and on the register as a new one with a national election commission. the new politics alliance for democracy will hold one hundred thirty seats at the national assembly with the vast majority of them being members of the former democratic party the intended party currently has one hundred fifty six seats in the parliament the alliance adopted its platforms at the ceremony which include a focus on forming a just society and maintaining peace. it's our party in a scene of the party can find a smart way to go about it. strong security and better inter korean relations can co exist. we can also foster welfare and promote democracy together progressive or conservative that's not what significance the people's livelihoods are now that the new politics
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alliance for democracy has officially been on the party will focus on garnering more support from the general ahead of the june for its local elections. so i added the news. the current economy grew for a percent last year are accelerating from an earlier estimate of two point eight percent spa let's cross national income also rose four percent on year but it sounded views of times and tough spot. korea's central bank said wednesday that the nation's economy expanded three per cent in two thousand thirteen for mature earlier. that is faster than the band's earlier estimate of two point eight per cent and our peace is the two point three per cent recorded in two thousand and twelve the bank of korea said robust exports and a steady rise in consumer spending growth in the high near the nest in a performance despite sluggish facilities investment. the upward
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revision comes with a cabbie out. however as the nation's central bank recently adopted new international spend our time calculating gross domestic product. under the new stand arts the back and change the base year to two thousand and ten from two thousand and five and included contributions from new sectors like research and development to the nation's gross domestic product experts point out that the new growth rate does not necessarily mean the delisting economy is on track to a stronger economic recovery. one of whom took to the domestic economy showing mixed signals this year exports which account for half of the nation's gdp look bad in the first two months of this year the consumption and production were decent. to date korea's gross national income and age of the people's purchasing power are also rose four percent in two thousand thirteen from the previous year. the first half bad actually and i stood
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at over twenty six thousand us dollars last year up from around twenty four thousand in two thousand to twelve meanwhile the central bank said that the music and arts could also impact the band's new growth forecasts and said to be unveiled early next month but added it's too early to talk about the degree of change. did i the onion. i know the stories making headlines on the global funds from new satellite images of that missing malaysian airline eric to the crisis in ukraine the gulag for poly at the new center. so all we hear families are reacting with anger and even violence in malaysia over the missing plane. how are they coping with the latest news. it's been eruption of grief and anger summit taking the news as a sign of closure. many of the families that some one
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hundred fifty chinese passengers on board flight three seventy refusing to accept that their loved ones have died. citing the absence of any wreckage found a protest was held tuesday outside the malaysian embassy in beijing than any ventilation authorities release more information meanwhile us law firm says it asserted multimillion dollar legal proceedings against malaysian airlines and going in what could be the first such expense of legal battles over the last plane. redick launch party international said in a statement that i believe co defendants were responsible for the disaster. after all what about the resumption of a search for missing passenger jet has there been any new clues to where the calf cramps. when the latest press briefing wednesday the malaysian government says new satellite images show for one hundred twenty on jack's floating in the southern indian ocean indicating possible debris from the bowling triple seven acting transport minister his honeymoon and hussain said the images were captured by france's air bus defence
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and space group on sunday however no confirmed cases of the plane had yet been found. and over in kiev ukraine's prime minister a sunni yet syntax as his country would be prepared to fight and russian forces across the border into south eastern ukraine. speaking in interview with pbs news hour it's an accent is the duty of every ukrainian citizen to protect their country the support from you. what we ve been crazy and we refrain from use of force in order to prevent the launch in order to cope with the entire world. that is for military construction regime complaint. the ukrainian territory. who has made a real impression. i may decline to relations between the west in a rush over the annexation of the crimean peninsula. western officials say they're now focus on moving forward economic sanctions against moscow brandon trying to persuade russian president vladimir putin to get back crimea. and
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turning to the united states where rescue crews are still searching for victims of a massive mudslide in the state of washington. rescue workers were able to recover two more bodies on tuesday with signs and eight were killed in the landslide that devastated a small town near oh so washington. that brings the likely death toll to twenty four with as many as one hundred seventy people still unaccounted for in three days in search and rescue efforts were launched officials said the chances were low of finding additional survivors amid the mud and debris authorities say the disaster now a race one of the most deadly as landslides in recent us history. the reps overlook an international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night
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the two prime time sports and speed in check. baseball fever is starting to grip the nation with the twenty fourteen k beale season opening this weekend. and of the league's ninety one has emerged as the team to look out for. according to a gal korea poll of over twelve hundred people. these come from why. seeing her in baseball. replacing the giants at the top and on top of that he did that the respondents also believed killed when their fourth championship in profit this season. and in order to reinforce their title defence alliance prospect of making your better in the tunnel for one year deal to bolster their bullpen. now let's go on over to the majors where the los angeles dodgers have replaced the new york and peace as the highest spending team in baseball. the doctors had the projected opening day payroll of two hundred and thirty five million dollars each player an average salary of about four billion dollars that's a whopping
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thirty one million more than the yanks and not only that espn says l a will emerge victorious from the nl west with ninety three wins. that means all costing roughly two point five million dollars for victory. and heading to football by guarantee and a cap won the bundesliga with a record seven games to spare after winning three one o for hertha berlin i have been dominant throughout the season having won twenty five of twenty seven pictures without a single loss. in fact they have been lost in the bundesliga in the two matches since october twenty twelve which is also a record and with that he can still defend their historic treble if they win the champions league and the league cup and moving on to tennis action at the sony open is heating up as the woman heading to the semis and an end the quarter finals the woman's defending champion serena williams will meet reassure pope but in the semis for an exciting a
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rematch of last year's finals meanwhile the men's defending champ andy murray whose fresh off a split with this coach and world number two novak djokovic will question the quarter finals with eric twentieth career match up. now let's head to playoff action in the kb yell but kt sonic boom hosted the ltc acres for crucial game three of the series down to. to prepare topping fifteen the policies it. but its algae and the jefferson dominating the paint fifty nine point lead into halftime kt for some knit picks it up into third place. lg is just too strong to win the game in sixteen eighty two to sweep the series and head to the finals. and that's all for now this hasn't been checked out the bank you later for more in the world of sports. temperatures rose
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to the low twenties here in seoul today and we can see a number of people walking around wearing a cap sleeve shirt that's right for an update on to mars whether we can apply african bow down at the weather center with and allow the evening guy that looked like a blossoming flowers will begin a couple of days earlier than predicted days due to the warm weather. the two thousand fourteen times and ellie military often as the ball which will take place. thank you to know is one of the most famous sites when it comes to terry boss and also the two thousand fourteen as of late terry lot about the bulk will be held from april eleven through thirteen as of late. various concerts are planned for entertainment that makes it easy to get out. this is the address is eleven degrees celsius but where forecast to get an early summer temperatures topped the weekend sprinkle the forecast on saturday she had me at the printing and other reasons and as you can see where seemed clear skies across the map. tamara like
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to be a bright and sunny day however we may get a high level of buying that nationwide with the exception of taste is taking a look at tomorrow's meeting. holiday table in punjab make it to the mid twenties while the sun reaches the nineteen twelve and i'm soo not everyday that the ten saves in his twenty two and eighteen to respond to and not to back top out at eleven and a team. i see that waddell and after broadcasts on this wednesday nights and it became so strong when things were watching all season. i did. the school at
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the bullpen did succeed. but the potential of a sudden the almighty. and it's free thank you wait what's that the you want me to read you wherever you go. in a treehouse for your family this program schedules on demand video. my name is pete write a book. so in the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research into the network
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new new new living room . a growing rift between ukraine's former revolutionary allies weston's an all out confrontation radical activist was retaliation for their leaders is killed by the new authorities. last night ukrainian soldiers need to try to make effective local cotton skirt on the other side of the border towns in the balance of timings the mother is still waiting to hear what the chaos will allow the sums to return also i think he'll make it the torch into our documents according to


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