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tv   RT News  PBS  March 26, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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new new new living room . a growing rift between ukraine's former revolutionary allies weston's an all out confrontation radical activist was retaliation for their leaders is killed by the new authorities. last night ukrainian soldiers need to try to make effective local cotton skirt on the other side of the border towns in the balance of timings the mother is still waiting to hear what the chaos will allow the sums to return also i think he'll make it the torch into our documents according to sharia law
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racing is a bit slowly creeping into that which is legal system which could signal was names that aren't right. obama touches down in brussels with hundreds of secret service agents get sound equipment. these cuts are picking up the bill died and many of you the am. two teams not to continue to fight for most pitiful pm in the russian capital. it's just a month since the canoe in ukraine but this one is not a trace of unity among the items for side by side to topple the yanukovich government gets a base to remain on kiev streets expressed distrust of the current authorities refused to remove the tents until the presidential election. hardliners have all but declared war on some within the new government with bite sized threatening
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to escalate the situation during the concert there explains. together the key to our surprise it was they succeeded by his supporters so have gone all the way to the top while others remained on the streets. what's on for a reality check as friends become enemies are looking to clean and safe and cost. with a human with people who write sector has never supported and does not support the integration of ukraine into the european union. we believe ukraine should not be a geopolitical object way we support the non aligned states of what we are against the placement of nato bases in ukraine and it gives you a membership that has been awful but the price in the reit sector helped create people i can say he gets new in power. and there was anything for a fact. the reit
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sector continued employment and that they use the holdings to deal with anyone that didn't agree with that these videos when stark contrast to the kind of reality an extreme prime minister i said yes he was trying to portray his attempts to believe that what's good and it will be on the program but the general prosecutor's office has boarded the train ministry to remove its political opponents. the plan to stop listening to what you did to the killing themselves will continue right hand me over to the russian special services and let them do it that's the care and protection of the floor is fraught with practical leader alexander was that l a weekly ticket was that all speculation is rife over his that somebody that was the target of assassination conducted by ukraine's security services and covered up by the interior ministry she said. he said. i think it came to power with the help of the right to be
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one of the pie without the rights that the rights to the polls but was told to government buildings the seat of honor having become an embarrassment to them the reit sector is now looking for events is that going as far as accusing the entire interior ministry of accounts of revolution political move to more than what we cannot fathom the ones the counter revolutionary activity of the ministry of internal affairs. therefore we demand the immediate resignation of the minister of internal affairs r san debacle we also demand the rest of the commander of the special forces team falcon and also guilty of this murder. yet it seems unconcerned when his protege was beaten people off even though he often cites the sports he's misunderstood and misrepresented. and this is the kind of person is in the running for the ukraine's next president. another potential candidate is former prime minister yulia tymoshenko also known as the princess of the orange revolution was also not afraid to use more islands to
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get her message across. on on they know it. the movie you it was a blip in the top of it yet the divisional court go to school lor for that they need to worry at this point it's hard to say that's a whole ploy to win. it's easy to see though that many of the people wanting to reach the top are willing to play thirty three the highest reality today is going where no one's quite sure what they want or what each one is doing. people that are struggling to separate truth from fiction can lose us the one everyone's true
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intentions are. the country's sporting leaders have already shown us what they can do when they don't agree with that governments. but the question here is a ball only do when the tables are turned on them and they go head to heads. during the cost of artsy. well christine started to write on the former soviet union plans to similarities between ukrainian crew and other recent uprisings. she says history shows that the guarantee radical elements that helped to grab power will just fade away well you might change. in a way that reflects many other examples of ways to promote regime change a regime change it becomes difficult with dense political axes. pushing forward. nearly always in the school. the mall for violence in the balkans and georgia these people take it away we think we see in libya but then struggled with how cool mix of whom are
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difficult to actually get rid of them in the province once again unleashed on the scene well in crime in all former ukrainian vanity basins and now on the russian come on with thousands of soldiers also choosing to switch allegiances. add remaining oil to kiev on free to leave the peninsula. the situation is very different with droppings from crimea stationed on ukrainian territory aunties course leah spent some time these people that loved ones one be allowed to attend. one of my county in life. i love me that's all i can tell him he was a receipt is too much to bear. i don't know when bree hassan use a piece of cake. the most is not around when as an undead ukrainian can get it done last name
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that explain why some time along with its americans like me. the swelling on the phoenix who knew her. my son and his friends think that the woman returned home to a tree to tell him to stay calm that ukraine russia and the cranium authorities will still do this then you will be back on anything to keep him calm. all this and then assures me it was also an eighteen year old son. it takes me not to appeal his name on camera. these woman's son took off to the ukrainian army training hard and creamy and was part of ukraine in it no crummy as coach of russia in an era for the suns can be seen as the enemy within. and being forced to speak ukrainian parents of one service and told me that this awesome european based introduced a password to enter the east hand the russians. so those fascist everyday live pause to think about themselves and us his fiance sitting in western ukraine. two phones on one of the time when exclusively for him. he
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phones when you can just picture the sultan's springs defence ministry has avoided the ukrainian ministry forces to withdraw from crimea. as many two bases like this when the ukrainian soldiers of cakes to beaches to the crimea and the parties' killing ten have said they welcome to come home if they so wish. very few had heeded the call with customers the news please come. i still feel the need to follow but the worst was that we don't want the thoughts in our head about what can happen to them. i'm afraid my son one combat at all. we see auntie some falafel crimean now that is rush's not be anyone paying the price for the ukrainian crisis according to britain's guardian newspaper eu taxpayers have laid out more than ten million dollars to spark a bomb in brussels when summer for debt stricken and the gop's can of reports thousands take to the streets of madrid against twenty six percent unemployment. get your job and salary cuts for
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professors eateries fighting against the austerity measures from the sort of international creditors brussels is spending over ten million euros for none other than costing u s president barak obama as meetings with eu officials and need to talk about with supporting a major nuclear security summit in the netherlands and now i came to brussels accompanied by a nine hundred strolled on to rise forty five vehicles and three cargo plates no brussels has introduced our unprecedented safety measures a whole block of rabbits are about as cold towel. will be closed for traffic and pedestrians three hundred and fifty police annuity personnel have been deployed and also that the armored vehicles on swelled to a sport. the us leader while for the sewer patches along his route had been sealed shut. usually annoy eu summit costs of brussels around five hundred thousand euros with this particular to visit is costing over twenty times
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more than that it's not only european taxpayers will have to cough up the cash about obama is officially the most troubling president in the history of the country and this only has the toro is costing us taxpayers around six and a half million dollars. of course europeans are paying for obama isn't our tours ego said washington is spending so it means to keep the president say america's leaders getting around around dawn on me the most expensive air force one today to cost almost two hundred and thirty thousand dollars pot. however according to some estimates a study by the national taxpayer union foundation also shares and twenty seven percent price hike compared to last year but of course is just one plane. now the secret service protection and prom i usually start securing on them in a pear tree long before the president arrives on for the sums involved expect the most professional media from agents. it turns out
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sometimes not always the case with the bombers gossiping sent back to the us for disciplinary reasons. off to one of them was found drunk by hotel stuff. this isn't the first time in the team has disgraced itself in two thousand and twelve but doesn't c i a agents were caught drinking and partying with prostitutes in colombia the u s security service admits the troubling culture stressing however that the president's safety was compromised in are the cakes sweeping austerity policies are affecting all walks of life in the eurozone. i couldn't turn down with reports of the human cost of this budget cuts grease on his pj's most at stake. saudi arabia as fuel to the fire in syria calling for more on this to be given to the rebels despite international concerns that the threat from the anti government forces. so coming up off with a short break. eye. tune in. what you not
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see international non sharia law might be creeping into the british legal system. you can order has now been given guidelines on how to drive wheels comply with islam these could see women on non muslims being illegally left without their share of inheritance. auntie sporting boycott and looks out the implications of the new rules. the society represents joy as the england and wales in a new guidelines told the house and soft. if i make wales. the state this clash of the show that is the drills dropped it in compliance with survey in oil she's been in and of course add enhancements as well as in tiny discounts don't need this in its assets and abducted children and is prone to adapt the class from some toy is adequate to campaign as the mist and sons
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that's a parallel legal system is in nudging from prisons at msn and immediacy is true love has not been enshrined in the british legal system in its electorate to search for cool part is going on that basis however what you'll start seeing the dogs play st missed practice maneuvers like that. they did to symbolize the normal noise and some employees tribunal which is inherently discriminatory and also cites in tonight's commencing cypriot all in the uk you can i say since that was me this morning to demolish them. and then do this but the neat lines on how to draw from wales which won a share vs exception of rules. reports that the law society is promoting sure real law or in a trade in human form the law society responded to requests from its members for guidance on how to help clients asking for will's that distribute their assets in accordance with sharia practice. that number it
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should be and how many councils in england and wales in all parts of the official court system but they help muslim communities result civil and family disputes by making recommendations. it looks ok but david cameron announced that britain will be fasting on muslim countries to sell acts phones that can be cool when most of the best is in accordance with islam a financial hole. to sum it sets a dangerous precedents the effects of extreme liberalism and indeed the knowing that is conducive to compete again at the same loan from the meeting them and to change from external forces cummings country needs adoption. there's extent of olson's news is that this is the unintended consequences the money to listeners external forces us to have an effect of increasing domestic or less free society. he said the call for comment inquiry into the extent of the flatmate off in the uk when he'd like an aussie and ten. our website we report
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before he could not see feud between tuck in israel is close to being result the nominees of those killed an israeli raid on the fertility gods are back in two thousand and ten the gti compensation under a deal that expected to be signed get the full story about speed up call. oscar canadiens and takes the survival of the fix is to a new extreme. in two lines on it but the cops the softer spot global outrage by putting down a healthy joe roff find out what's behind this on our website. the u s intelligence officials are warning that some fancy assad point is mason attack america the cra i had planed on clay days using the warnings area north of assaults on the west despite that the arab summit in kuwait some of america's allies according to send even more arms to the rebels with saudi arabia existing it's necessary to end the impasse that. meanwhile the un
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special envoy is insisting a peaceful way to end the crisis political analyst chris about race as a diplomatic solution isn't possible. now russian participation. i think what the west should be walking on his tummy discussions in folders as a russian around by the possibility of some thought of changing sites into which maintains the backbone to issue now was that it was concluded change it all. you know i don't think god building around and most school would be of a bus to the course that unfolds diplomacy in paul's discussion of what's on tonight the exclusion of russia is really a disaster and tons of fun getting to know that peace talks. just the sweetest as syria and the west is posting by claiming that to the radisson national council represents these rebels. may i also laugh at me isn't going to say that the warren said these people afflicted with a laugh as the campaign of terror is what eyes out one with the source of terror would seem the way to the rack they were gone. this is the same fight scene
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campaign the horrific violence and seven hundred people killed civilians killed in iraq last month it's part of the same wore these people are waging an asset at the moment. two other news now making headlines around the globe malaysian officials say at the one hundred and twenty objects possibly from the missing malaysian airlines flight had been spotted on new socks like images shapes on the cross from six nations have resumed the search for the bonus you get off to the hampered by bad weather. the operation is now focusing on the southern indian ocean. and then malaysian prime minister declared. i was two and thirty nine passengers on board. the last two nights ago i was talking outrage from great tips. north korea has for the first time since two thousand and nine or two medium range ballistic missile aisles and they've has been criticized by washington as a violation of un resolutions. pyongyang's text of children repeat. it
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was a storage company fourth anniversary of the sinking of the south korean ship. still uses its neighbor opened to new topic and forty six. free venezuelan air force generals has been arrested. welcome to overthrow the governments according to president nixon during the suspects are accused of having ties with the opposition will report to tickle fight to the office is doing tons of good weeks and two government protests over the country's financial problems. left at least two more people died. such teams discovered more what these boats touching the scene of a mudslide in washington state's twenty four people who think the new bedside up more than one hundred and seventy remain unaccounted for. the search been ongoing for four days a week the landslide remains a danger to her students marines of greeks who found themselves out to walk since the start of the financial crisis. many families
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the harsh reality of having little money is highlighted by the children more more parents are struggling to provide them with breakfast before school ends and charities this town between them and hunger as maria production reports. when a man that every school day here in one of the poorest areas of athens. the games the same to me. we didn't eat any breakfast. it's nothing extravagant some fruit sandwiches and juice from an ankle injury and too few young brains and bodies something that families can no longer confined to the east of the kids at the school come from troubled families financial hardships have left one or in some cases grandparents on employees and simply unable to repay children's basic needs. we've been asked not to feel the two dreams fantasies. the families and veterans struggling to accept the speeches as the country's
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new form. we should be on as i could never imagine that my family will find itself in such a situation. i'm unemployed for two years and so was my wife. it is a small out to breakfast but imagine it's a huge thing for us this man tells us that he and his wife concede its toppings and bake pizzas were little changed at being unable to supply it always with a breakfast box and then off to none. meow to find them amazing sushi vulnerable areas. khan's providing children with even a slice of bread which many consider it in the east important meal of the day. thus according to research carried out by a leading charity in two thousand and twelve the school's principals has low attendance is a considerable increase. we noticed that kids can get good grades. and it becomes hard for them to my new material. this is our responsibility to protect them and to keep them in schools and to keep their education level high. this is
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why we apply for aid the school is just one of many police presence in the challenge is more than three million greeks have lost their jobs. some of the children are often forced to work out of desperation to stay afloat this they will put in all the witnesses have told people been unemployed for it and this happened to that a sunbeam now. open it to keep it going and getting things have been nice to settle in japan comes to leaving the community in png are providing a to b school has a room. it gives the same how to hold children how work for a wealthy than the grounds are to save a family owned. i can get lucky ones. thousands of other greek east coast two weeks in a short piece of bread for breakfast. retail shop t pass things increase i know. new
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eye. post a photo of a vacation. you can. well it's different the last repeat the same old job. of course him. ex girlfriend. stupid tear jerking poetry. he counts. ignore it. we post on blog reading mentors. or to your facebook usage i i i i in the spirit italian drama fall in crime. nothing and no one are what or who thinks the not distinguished looking on to win. now police officers. not only that. my children. or even fisherman
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eleven. super huge. don't answer it it's inspector fred ghostly was laid back manner weis has tried to get the truth. i tool. the is the ultra so fast. says salome is that. and it's in it's good. indigenous when cast includes interviews with the system. some areas ability to uncover the truth may be his greatest strength but also consume in constant conflict with his superiors sydney nsw women also like the real thing. it is open to change it to the top selling the tickets are one of the final two commandments most of them really. as a
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monument of insanity conduct recently scored a goal come up. the new pc. recently only to go. racing well in the name of the stall. most of the time he maintains an impasse and exterior which masks the ever present grief over the death of his wife who should be consuming kendra is really pretty you the streak or so. when is the answer. the series. this into question. i am i the when seeking. to me. it
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is. stitch. what do i see it he's not comfortable with other people's expressions of feelings. which leads to what may be one of the italian television's most genuinely awkward moments the kid. ty is somewhat more open. fall in crime stunned and enthusiastic television audience eventually we ran for three seasons in two thousand five and two thousand and nine. the story is based on the novels of the larry ovaries which became popular for her sense of history and their exploration of the aisle causes of crime. only two of
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his novels have been translated into english and the books serve as a departure point for the series episodes rather than providing specific storyline. mary is played by a local barber and he who brings a depth to his trail of a complicated man. in addition to his acting career barbara. he is a well known figure in italy because of his political involvement having served as a member of parliament since two thousand and eight he became famous in nineteen eighty three his association with the notorious horror film cannibal holocaust. a film so unrealistic its director was arrested on murder charges barbara. he was one of four actors killed in the film who sign contracts requiring them to stay out of all media for year. in order to fuel rumors that the film was an actual snuff movie. only the contracts were canceled and the actors appeared on a tv show where the charges against the filmmaker truck and as you. the issue. humans
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the love interest and funding crime displayed by russian actress natasha stott can you tell who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and has the popular tv host. before stepping into became famous as the model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow study metal engineering. stir until smooth. so nice to use it biscuits. i salute you for speaking i mean character in the series is the river hull it shakes alinsky the climate and alliances to people who live on its banks
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both rich and four. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen. it's how it's affecting its history can never fully understood mueller says people are. and it also hides her sleep secrets that one species are discovered by people like frank goes to miri to have eyes to see. i do. the house each. defence sources said
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each. it has and you will who will win will win the news barack obama has delivered some of the sharpest words to vladimir putin since the crisis in ukraine began the us president speaking at the end of the nuclear summit in a little brush up calling it the regional power and exclaim yes from ukraine in two weeks because he could no longer get ukraine to cooperate. obama said the united states is similar to russia in the jazz influence on its neighbors but the us is different because it doesn't need to repeat its neighbors in order to have


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