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walk with them. i knew the blah blah makes the call to speed to promoting democratic ideals of the people of ukraine welcome to my shuffle beat reigning twenty oh one and that the points that have already scrubbed accusations of double standards. going with the new green revolution piano life reflected an all out confrontation as radical activists who want retaliation. so when a baby this is killed by the need for it. the d train is sold as creamy as the playdough political called grips on the other side of the four
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that hangs in the bass parts he needs the mother is still aching to get what they see it. how the funds to expand also coming again diet international uk lawyers are told to drop document according to study and a lovely thing is that it's not convenient to the british legal system. none was left high and dry. what's the next match last month he would need to bump it into epic company with up to take a look at our top story this hour. barack obama has given assurances that there will be to manage the confrontation with russia on in the pot of may till or the un said that the situation in ukraine while speaking in brussels the us president also said that we had not gone with the thing i returned to
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the cold walcott and russia's isolation will deepen our washington correspondent and it is again joins me now and i don't want that in the us president was backing of powerful speech and they go through to some of them point out that speech. oh come on in less than divisive speech in many ways although president obama said this is not another cold war we are entering the whole speech was warded in a way that could have walls between us and then between russia and the west the full speech was meant to address the crisis in ukraine and was talking about ideals about values about the bigger countries cannot bully small ones and this one up for so great that few eyebrows given us his own foreign policy record. he talked about upholding international law or take a listen to this that generations of the deaths in the trenches the instructions leadership is challenging true is that only a few weeks ago seem self evident the twenty first century
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the borders of europe cannot be redrawn with force international all matters the people and nations can make their own decisions about their future. with this prison obama has basically dismissed the will of the people in crimea as the ability to secede from ukraine after revolution took place there enjoying west of here. it was here in europe that a particular set of ideals began to emerge the belief that to conscience and free will each of us has the right to live. as we choose the belief that power is derived from the consent of the governed. the mall's an institution should be established to protect that understanding. so quantum
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president obama. so according to president obama and people like mike gundy had no right to overthrow a democratically elected leader but the people i knew it did not have the right to vote to decide their own future. this piece has raised a lot of questions as to the us its own foreign policy and whether the us really wants to de escalate the situation around ukraine because it's saying they want to de escalate it saying that when i didn't ring another called work to be but at the same time the obama administration actually is actually renting out the cold war rhetoric. it is again be in washington getting us up some of the southwest and somewhat to the prison obama had to say except when to stay in a washington not to discuss some of those planes that said i have been graced by that in there with that. i expect yellow ninety two national to speak about this executive intelligence review magazine's list of the stream and joins me now. they knew what president feds would not facing a new cold war yet
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he's also called on to out in full rush at sea basically ddd i feel a tent. how did these planes come together honey bee or side by side. or you can not believe what president obama said. we are in a very dangerous situation that could escalate to a world war. the decision is that the president obama has made are not his own. he's effectively and to a wall street and the british financial system. and they have declared war on russia and president putin the court of the leadership role that russia plays in the whole eurasian continent which is moving in a different direction the financial system on the western countries is in a full state of collapse and that is was driving. this president and the europeans
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to an escalating war against russia an awesome time. why would you believe president obama because he actually is not that intelligent and not own person. if the os in this day as when condemning russia's reunification with crimea at mr obama said that all comparisons with possible ironman events that day he also mentioned iraq. let's take a listen to that kid first. we did not clean. an ex iraq's territory. we did not grab its resources for him again. instead we ended our ward. the left iraq to its people. a fully sovereign iraqi state. they can make decisions about its own future. well he said. we really have to run to the people in a foul but if they knew of action available understandable that in russia in crimea. because wasn't in
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the next game not because they'll do what you make of this parallels. did we know it the real truth of the matter is that the us government obama. using people from the cheney administration cheney and bush. organize a coup in kiev victorian new and historic weekend. i have been organizing the safest over the years to overthrow the government. we were pretty well known neo nazis and white wing patches. to legally overthrow the government in late february. and this was going to try it the monster into a new response and the russians responded by allowing people the mayor to lead to read russia which they agreed to
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want everything to go and who is responsible for the situation in ukraine it's the deliberate policy of united states in the left of the financial system to try to think in russia as an effort to weaken your age and russian policies for economic development the speech had president also stressed that neither the us will you am i interested in controlling ukraine. do you find this believable. course not. we wanted to use ukraine which is a very large country with a long border with russia. we want to weaken russia. you could watch a good look or russia is doing which i know that indian other country in moving forward in terms of economic development space technology and development infrastructure. the west right now was going to the most severe financial economic collapse in its history in europe and alan
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united states of food supplies dwindling energy supplies are not there. we have no forward progress of development. until the west and financial powers are using obama in using intended to use ukraine to weaken russia. and that's why we went for this to overthrow the government in kiev. and that this is blatantly clear and the tories will win. who is left over from the cheney ministry issued me a very clear publicly she picked a new government and said that we have spent twenty years and five during the hour is building up the so called pro democracy forces in ukraine to overthrow the government and i hope that they could do go from there. two hours to overthrowing of the russian government which the former us ambassador of the fall. stated quite clearly that that's the intention he had. now when he was ambassador. as part of the project democracy now works with to bring any new government a new regime
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i need to rush it. so there's no truth in what obama is saying and you don't forget you get into war and war war. usually our body mistakes in its calculations had not but what would people say what they intend to do and russia and china on any of the west and the global financial system right now well even by famous alliance of free men sharing his analysis they on that speech given by president obama. now add the nuts beautiful says the effect of intelligence all but a review magazine live from washington thank you this is the month with a thick in ukraine but there's almost no trace of unity deaths among patients what side by side to topple the end of this government not the activists remaining on his feet this pest is a distrust of the current authorities and the future when that didn't end until
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the presidential election hotline and have all but declared war on and some of that in the new government led by side threatening to escalate the situation as the cost of a thing. together they came to our surprise this. they succeeded by using force. so have gone all the way to the top while others remained on the streets. but now it's time for a reality check as friends become enemies are looking to prevent any cost with that woman with people who write things are has never supported and does not support the integration of the train into the european union. we believe ukraine should not be a geopolitical object to support the non aligned states. we are against the placement of nato bases in ukraine and against eu membership. with a pull up the price in the reit sector helped create. people like to see who gets in power. and it
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was in favor of us in the reit sector continued employment methods they use to possibly get a call placed to deal with anyone that didn't agree with that these videos when stark contrast to the kind of reality an extreme prime minister i say yes he was trying to portray his attempts to woo the west's political wing of the program go to the general prosecutor's office has ordered the interior ministry to remove its political opponents. a plan to start with the donated to the killing themselves open to new life into me over to the russian special services and let them do it. that's the care and protection of the story is for whites with a practical leader alexander and his exco a week later he was that. while speculation is rife over his that somebody that was the target of assassination conducted by ukraine's security services and covered up by the interior ministry. she
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said. here is the peak it came to power with the help of the right to be one of the pie without the rights and rights to the polls was talking to believe that he tried to get into the habit become an embarrassment to the right sector is now looking for events is that going as far as accusing the entire interior ministry of the constitution. we cannot fathom the boys the counter revolutionary activity of the ministry of internal affairs. therefore we demand the immediate resignation of the minister of internal affairs r san debacle. we also demand the rest of the commander of the special forces team falcon and also guilty of this murder. yet it seems unconcerned when his protege was beaten people off even though he often cites the sports he's misunderstood and misrepresented. and this is the kind of person is in the running to be ukraine's next president. another potential candidate is former
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prime minister and tymoshenko also known as the princess of the orange revolution there's also the great cities while as to get her message across. on on. yet he is yet the movie it was the baby the divisional court going to school for that they need to worry. at this point it's hard to say that's a whole more poised to win it's easy to see though that many of the people wanting to reach the top are willing to play thirty three the highest reality today is more aware now it's quite sure what they want or what each one is doing. people that are
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struggling to separate truth from fiction confuse us that whatever one's true intentions are. the country's party leaders have already shown us what they can do when they don't agree with that governments. but the question here is a ball only to move the tables are turned on them and they go head to heads during a cost of artsy. christine's diner right on the fullness and its union please see similarities between the ukrainian crew then on the recent uprisings she's administration says no guarantee medical and instead helped grandpa loved to swing away. now you might see it in a way that reflects many other examples of ways to promote regime change in regime change. it becomes difficult when its political axes. she scored her is nearly always in the cold the mall for violence in the balkans and georgia these
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people take it away. we frequently see in libya for mr were a powerful mix of food grade difficult to actually get rid of them and upon the swans that being unleashed on the scene. and i love mail has an edition of young people believed to be radical activists from the mind set time gearing up to pre election activists and the ease of ukraine but can't show this month meant somewhere in ukrainian flags tasting and stitching. a troubled man at knifepoint after finding the ribbon that the symbol of russia's victory as the germany the activists of cbt. one man and then taking the rest of the police. i love the nice comment from the fund including upon teachings of such actions us and sent it. i think it would to god not on and he brought the dogs. the sixty when the video wasn't as shocked as many of the place us in the east of ukraine the city has seen in mathematics and
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the black isn't called select a random finally the corinthians waimea all from the ukrainian energy bases on the line the russian command with thousands of souls is also choosing to switch allegiances days remaining loyal to kiev awfully to you the peninsula but the situation is very different one to tease from crimea stations on ukrainian touching hunting closely at the nt some families have given up once when going out to return home. the debate tell him her legs so i love these. that's all i can tell him. so he she is too much to be there. we know when the sun is what the future came. the most is not around but as an undead who crimean can get it down last names that explains why a peaceful
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time you get some of the somali man and beast woman on the phoenix who knew her. my son and his friends think that the woman returned home a treat to tell him to stay calm that ukraine russia and ukrainian authorities will still at this venue will be back on anything to keep him calm. and then assures me that a box of eighteen year old son. it takes me not to reveal his name on camera these woman's son as he crossed to the ukrainian army three hundred and creamy and was part of ukraine. but no crummy as coach of russia never trade the suns could be seen as the enemy within having been forced to speak ukrainian parents of one service and told me that this comes near the base introduced a password to enter the east hand the russians. so those for sincerity there was asked to say that involve themselves in us his fiance sitting in western ukraine. she keeps two clues on who or the time when exclusively for him. he
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phones we can just picture the seldom cranes defence ministry has avoided the ukrainian ministry forces to withdraw from crimea. as many two bases like this when the ukrainian soldiers have paid speeches to the crimean appointees who in ten have said they will come to the home if they so wish very few had heeded the call was to speak off. conyers police to come home still has his teammate. but the worst was that we don't wonder thoughts in our head about what can happen to them. i'm afraid that my son will come back at all. when crt some couple time yet. it is reunification when russia is increasingly dividing european acts press and politicians. the eu as of the few to read the book is the tt but warned more high profile think this condemning such policies that may lead to an example from a german chancellor helmut schmidt said. assures me it was understandable. while clay
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was punitive measures on the heels of the city would be far more beneficial to hold the g eight summit is needed to eat instead of canceling it to helping piece to ukraine. more debate on the situation is also coming up and crossed up late at this hour on the money is the condition of granting can stay with us tonight she'll be back. julian how the world change with the advent of this most recent ukraine crisis. are we experiencing the new geo political paradigm shift. western politicians and media warned russia isolation. how realistic is this and who is on history i know. well come to shine
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its identity and name i wanted the places you to go to. she's entered do. a stench. police are trying helio. i do the news. into the death of traction on the couch. but as of the house but new revelation this time from his mighty god he claims. the softly spoken by the loss of the most of his fortune and spoke
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frequently about suicide at his eyes smith has the details often play consistently. these paintings at becky's a perfect take pictures but it's been so ski at the very end to describe semester break and that of flu in the north off at three billion pounds in damages claiming things i wanna buy more that a young said he was according to reports financially crippled. i was struggling to pay his debts that he had several costly court case is leading up to his death and the bodyguards of life resort to giving evidence to the inquest in which he said that they thought he had told todd that he wasn't opinion that he was the chorus not in the wilds axial says that he was on quite strong anti depressants leading up to stephen off to this cold case and you can understand why i mean the days of peace is a spectacular fall from glory he was the exact mythical creature in the nineteen nineties. what an estimated three billion dollars in nineteen ninety seven he did to die for that which lost
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two dollars and ten million pounds house is a color called teeth in his full she had apparently been declined to separate its key front himself unable to pay his legal battles and events see the end was that he was found in his hands often with a deterrent effect it would be a fall from grace. a website where we're putting on a fully independent in between turkey and israel as close to being resolved. families of those killed in the waves on an age when selecting got the bag in two thousand and ten to get compensation under a new deal. get the full story and i teamed up on. i was an interesting one and a website. i think the survival of the fences to add new extreme spending two lions they had was that the fifth of global outrage but i'm gonna be too rough. while this is happening and i teamed up spain's
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constitutional court has ruled a planned referendum we got along and independence of the eagle. the base of the region secession from nj this etsy. from november this yet with pompous population set to support the move infuriated essential government not an act gay and from other european publishing for independence and drinks will do everything in its politics companies in breaking away. it's not that into the situation and only have real nice guy to see consumption. so that's really have anything to the absolute majority in parliament members back in favor of these referendum. the reason why that's times the speed that uses all of them they can listen to god and to avoid them overseas the practice of democracy these because they know that that that is stopping the referendum is the only way to cap to stop probably happen as pets billion
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the state of some other news making headlines around to picking a one person has been killed and a good portion of the kids went believed that the student protest at the cairo university. many died in monday's death sentence on country needs the fortunes of the muslim brotherhood times and attacking police. the anti government anti p diddy cranked on the uneven footing domenici who is president will see in july last year such teams that have discovered wall by the small slits in the scene of a mudslide in washington state twenty four people had been confirmed as they follow a woman hundred and seventy remained in the context of the six has been ongoing for four days while the pretzel i'm not a landslide remains a dangerous rescue us. the old maybe camping and the british legal system the uk layer but now being given guidelines on
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how to draw up will's compliant with islam. and if you see women and non muslims being in the net without the expansion of an inheritance. i just leave but couldn't that the implications of the new rules. the society represents joy as the england and wales and they need guidelines took the house and dropped a flatmate of wales was made to squint at the show that is the israelis dropped it in compliance with survey in oil she's been in and of course add enhancements as well as in tiny discounts in order to be this intense and that's kind of tilted children and this prompted an outcry from some toy is and what if the campaign as maids and sons that's a parallel legal system is in nudging from criticism is an immediacy is true love has been trying to continue her to sleep assists in his electorate the report will is going on that basis however what we will start
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seeing it on my street has practiced names like it they did to somalia's normal noise and some employees sure it'll which is inherently discriminatory. thus the sides in tonight's commencing survey at all in the uk the organization said responding to denmark from and menendez guidelines on how to trough wales which won a share vs exception of rules and number it should be and how many councils in england and wales in all parts of the official clock system but they help muslim communities result civil and family disputes by making recommendations and hostile to that david cameron announced that race in what the defense non muslim country to cells that kirk's phones that can be bored minus ten in augusta is in accordance with islam a financial hole. the summit and dangerous precedents the effects of extreme liberalism and indeed in knowing that is conducive to compete again at the same
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loan from the meeting them and to change from external forces cummings the country needs adoption. there's extent of olson's news is that this is the unintended consequences them underneath all this but it still falls see how it affected him praising him as liberal as free society. he said body called for a comment inquiry into the extent of the flatmate floor in the uk played like an aussie london and now it didn't take a look at this house is secretly even in the face of a name for an hour ride to get that we can get consumption wake up from houston apartment complex trapped on a balcony. i have a good idea to get this economic climate frightening come to the rescue. the walls of the time has not collapsed ten in the media is that while the ninety two page to find out more about what happened often now not incidental to the bells guesstimate of the ukrainian uprising and the future of
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crimea. aye aye aye aye aye aye the he said. he needs back then. come back at the offer. watching it again they are dead. i think. read here. here's something new and restored order in the series seventeen ninety
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and are watching and eight. i knew. still on the deed of the city as here in berlin this is a journal and brian thompson said well coming up in the show. president obama urges western unity over crimea and tells a rush of the brute force winds. bought by bishop applying pope francis accept the resignation of a senior german church leader accused of lavish spending. and by new celebrates after winning the german league title in record


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