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the sec one s are gone. bob we will win will eye the art team drizzling and lawmakers are pushing for a bill to protect the nation's net by this neutrality while this book this be another positive result about her son into an essay links the latest just ahead. and the usa. research shows that most of the next generation of americans will be non whites. how might this change american politics or not. and the state of the media. for once came to the tv now about the web we'll look at
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the sydney adelaide and child a fan. wednesday marked twenty six. i can. washington dc on monday after watching him. legislation has prevailed in czech constitution has been true to the country's lower chamber of congress. the law guarantees equal access to the internet while protecting the privacy of its users and making headlines worldwide that's what's happening right now the bill will make internet company subject to brazilian laws and courts in cases involving information on resilience even at that data is stored outside its borders. they also prevent internet service providers from favoring certain web traffic which ensures people use it. the bill is still pending approval by the senate and the president but it's a huge step for the country and effectively makes brazil and worldwide leader in the concept of net neutrality by people
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accessing the internet. any surprise season short. this next month. the countries that host the global conference on the future bench and cupboard. i'd talk more about this out with caroline are rusty me earlier she's the global partners digital associate director and national pension rights act knowledge. after the revelations about nsa spying on selling in springvale initially planned to make internet company stuart aid on servers inside that country. petrol was dropped but i asked her how this bill would affect companies like google and facebook even if they store their data outside the snow i think it was a very symbolic moment. that caused the present and our friend invitation to actually see what's going on internet and how we really can't imagine how that effects ever since and including herself has a pretty cool being. and with the revelations of snow then up the first reaction we take on c there was a very emotional reaction and was a
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reaction not awesome bargain buy a lot of the technical expertise we have probably be perceived in the steaming call me getting connected to the mall stakeholder body. i not the reaction was waking her saying that you don't have jurisdiction over you so you'd need to be some dollar bar tears because anything inside our borders we have jurisdiction to write so that fills up very fast reaction to deal with all of the winds go and emotional pressure when the revelations came up and that wasn't necessarily going to get past all the way to the government out of the six month standoff. yes exactly at me and it was very interesting because he was the first time i play now on be listening to me is that golf shop so there was some i've been a discussion that would actually ever be true because it presents with me to bring relief to provisionally then she would say oh i don't eat wrigley back anymore because we have other type of agreement here but thankfully after a lot of consultation the baltic sea to the site seek business companies which were really
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close or not their beasts involved on that and economic cost the local map and also with the internet steering committee of that provision was changed to say that eighty two his actions that affect some brazilian on the twenty victims action happening servers outside for seal the jurisdiction is perceived is is brazil the brazilian law so that the company that is saving that information is obliged to comply with the examiner servers outside the court except exactly that was actually the case if you look at what it called international private school that was the case brings us already. i'd already had jurisdiction of anything that affect the proceedings. when oh when not like it or not the course of action for the few quick wrap up a few cake and ice correct called trek to the holding of softer and things like that and a big problem was that the global and facebook and add some other companies they were refusing to obey
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die hard decisions to keep the al gore called contract i entered the fact that c we our jurisdiction update us on the block so i can be changed that to be specific preceded legislation that makes sense this huge effort apart the engineers civil defense the lawmakers it's been a huge push to get this through very symbolic for brazilians and they celebrated this on herself because it guarantees equal access to the internet which is equally important. i tell us that the net neutrality provisions of the silicon forest. sure sure and i'm the treadmill trying to was not there. i think that they think i see the society and out. we need is met dorothy out what it is mental. the exceptions for nanotechnology fees when you have some emergency and when you need to choose pre commitment portray sure that it's working properly and is upbeat i'll wean for everybody at my feet up hill
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country skiing in their world had such a boo with technocrats provisions it when cheating the chemicals to have break with provisions and i think this is the emblem benchmarking a moment that the last we are also discussing that mentality that very important for everyone to people access to information. now what's the relationship between the two countries. obviously his shadow was cast over them it's not a great deal the nfa is the extent the acting and i was going to my kids. president obama has talked about rolling back some of those programs in the nsa. adverts none actually came out i was really an statement he made today i he cannot and said that president obama has now confirmed that these massacres programs taxi to the and offended. out of reflex that rather than reason are in fact unnecessary and should be ended. in light of the brazilian response to be that the information that originally came out. do you think this could help repair the relationship. i don't think so. so i think that
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brazil is the very important player on internet governance forum why we are delivering to our technical capacity with local stock exchange points of setting broadband and said in a submarine cables to africa nine weak euro. so we wanna be part of the pile were again on internet governance right and for that to happen we have to peel some trusts and six message from obama i think that's going to get the last two weeks we starting to trust among the twenty patients on it and then until mccain to us. i eat less looking for depth when she spoke the new wine list your right to cancel that saturday tenth of may the day. okay well result obviously says it wants to be player the indians game with this new legislation that passes the senate and the content and not instilling i guess let's see forty five sessions began to have met the crew publicly. i'm trying to clean
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out the senior associate at global partners digital and interactive attention to the knowledge. he left this earth is big and not just protecting the president but partying like there's no tomorrow. we descended from columbia yesterday. the day three agents sent their head the president's visits were turned around and said right home after spending a rather tumultuous night out on the town. it surfaced that hosts phelps hotel staff. how after it won a contest on the hallway. according to the washington coast the trio was made up of three members of the counter assault team. a similar scandal nearly two years ago down in clumsy on eight thousand agents were caught out. i didn't catch anything with prostitutes ahead of the presidential track following that incident the agency said it plans to reform itself to reflect on its effects look really cute and i can get. but as it turns out the peasants did make it to his destination
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facts he gave assurances that there will be no military confrontation which to brush up on the part of nato or the us over the situation in ukraine. ah speaking in brussels the us president also said we are not witnessing a return to the cold war but the rush of isolation will deepen our washington rt correspondent that it's a q khan has more president obama think this is not another cold war we are entering the whole speech was warded in a way that would have to walk between us and then between russia and the wed the fourth beach was meant to address the crisis in ukraine and was talking about ideals about values about bigger countries cannot bully small ones and it's one of course the wreath that few eyebrows given the lessons of foreign policy record. he talked about holding international law or significant is that generations of their deaths in the trenches georgia's leadership is challenging true that only a few weeks ago seems self evident the twenty first century
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the borders of europe cannot be redrawn with force international all matters information should make their own decisions about their future. obama has basically dismissed the will of the people inside me and the ability to succeed from ukraine after revolution took place. russia is here. it was nearer nearer. a particular set of ideals begin or more we've been to conscience and free will. each of us have the right to live. as we chimps. power is derived from the consent of the governed all is an institution should be established to protect that understanding. so according to president obama and people like my god did have a right to overthrow a democratically elected leader
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but the people i knew it did not have the right to vote to decide their own future. this piece has been a lot of questions as to the us its own foreign policy and whether the us may want to escalate the situation around ukraine because they think they want to de escalate it saying that when entering another cold war but he added the paint on the obama administration actually. next we're renting out the cold war rhetoric. it is connected to come to party. danielle former ukrainian military bases are now under pressure command thousands of soldiers switching allegiances. those remaining loyal to camp are treated to a situation is very different for draftees from crimea stations on ukrainian territory. hollis later spoke to some families who fear their loved ones won't be allowed to return home. the italian line. i love these two. that's all i can tell him. here is elise
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he is too much to bear. i don't know when you read this sunday is a piece of cake the most is often known as an undead who claim you can get down on me explain mind that sometime you need with its americans like me. these women on the phoenix who knew her. my son and his friends think that the woman returned home to a tree to tell him to stay calm. ukraine russia and the cranium authorities will still at this venue will be back on anything to keep him calm. oh yes and then assures me. some eighteen year old son. it takes me not to reveal his name on camera this woman's son took off to the canadian army in the hunt and creamy and was called to keep the faith. no honey is called to assure you i'm afraid the suns could be seen as the enemy within. having
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been forced to speak ukrainian parents of one cents and told me that this time near the base introduced to the swiss canton based hang on to russia's southern russian city they live close to think about themselves and thus his fiance is slipping in western ukraine. two clues on who all the time when excuse to be for him. he phones ringing. just for the silver rings defence ministry has avoided the ukrainian ministry forces to withdraw from crimea. as many two bases like this when the ukrainian soldiers have paid speeches to the crimea no fun to tease him in ten have said they welcome to go home if they so wish. very few had he get the call with customers. i was pleased. i still feel the need. but the worst was that we don't want the thoughts in our head about what happened to them i'm afraid that my son will come back to old. the crt
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some truffle honey and the first time in american history non whites who make up half or more at the next generation of cream to a new study by the pew research center. poverty and generation x generation y and the current millennial this next one doesn't yet how many researchers say they've already charted out some of its social and political characteristics. i was doing earlier by three c of them are out academic political analyst and editor in the americas and asked him how the growing number of hispanics will affect next generation's political behavior and what that big issues. mia's june quarter median auction is going to the lineup. i did studied the conversation between republican son. i'm a moral or groups of workers in the now in the news the mold is willing to put the parties but hopefully these numbers again reflected the fact that many would have put away the fourth wave of new groups emerging right so lucky in that case it is no doubt that
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especially for the republican party is coming and the challenge to be able to respond to a continual a a a a mocha ride was totally fine and mostly which will be no light in me the means to integrate your story and it's not it's not like we were discussing not in the office today. it's not just about integration is also about inter marrying and all of these things different phenomenon going on in society. so how is the rhetoric of one particular political party in starting that are going to have to change. in order to speak to these voters me. he has to change a week to any closer than he that you'll need a global pollution the play a role forty new people on to win world cited the us on most of them are coming from countries where the government has to be a strong christmas being the mom they in eighteen eighteen in the human life in general. a government is
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concerned i will kill case caused a mild in quiche on a house in a sadistic or so the republican party needs to change their decision to go see santa on a petition on the open two more christmas so the government the other women that can be concerned about a twenty two raid on more equal society for a new one a steam the right to dissent to the one piece of the featured guest at the plate. president obama now leads in the stocking of inequality. he quoted the economy of the important issue for completion in the next two years so it's not just their social issues holy you are talking about spending on education costs are demanding that health care for their families by a son attended the service of the important agenda. i think the best light we see no that will be looking to buy it minorities here we may end up economics is that it did he do when we move deeper into all of the abt him since he'll be at the states you've got to respond to those needs
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a job that we know only the male white bullet and bought him a noticable the bus because his arm around the plateau analyst and editor of income americans. it's no secret that media has changed in a big way. the last fifteen years the internet era has shifted the focus from network news newspapers and magazines to online content especially broadcasters him to be tripping over themselves to capture consumer focus of everything from toilet problems and chris ships and planes must see. collecting information from the pew research center ibc to the media reports they just issued at six point four of our newspaper jobs were eliminated in twenty twelve on line media sites of which there are thirty. i have added five thousand jobs in the last six years on cnn fox msnbc last about three million prime time viewers obviously those viewers are going somewhere and we could go on and on about these numbers revenue losses and so on. let's do something more fun. what media companies are going to keep your attention
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on the tv screen or the computer screen when that moment of life. marat the fate of the media. i'm joined by rt corresponding maria i am in a new york city for eschewing nowhere is that when the media this pew research center finds that it's been a surprise to us in fact let's take a look at the link network is willing to go to keep and read the recent plane lost that feed on your screen the plane go missing at the climate some other smaller jet with the sky. of course include one another playing the missing too. can you get something like that out of a plane like the seven seven seven could get ugly battery fuel oxygen shortage of actually turned like three study into what some are calling a zombie play a lot of people and ask me about that about black holes and on and on and on all of these conspiracy theories a small black hole is set in and terry universally known fact that media triangle is often the weather and our last is
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that tv show. during one of the fam at how the editors are willing to get it you are paying attention that tv screen and how high it shows that they're willing to go as far as they how do i and if that means i dragging out the story for one week to week three weeks either bringing in a psychic to guess about to get south where that plane might be tabled to that because that is with cnn did i put on and on and it's continued to go one night in search of this i last cleaned and it's been trying to go in the story but if you words are looking for any other news of the day he would be quite difficult for them to find it. i'm cnn that cnn is not ideally one that dad tries to pull his story and drag it out for a long time to turn on fox to care about the war on christmas if you turn on msnbc ill here are a lot of their commentators in correspondence defending the obama administration. all three networks will go on and on about celebrities go into
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rehab or politician seeking self the cell wall to wall coverage of trials and da oftentimes that is not what the viewers want to hear changing the channel doesn't even help anymore not like that he was reportedly stated that in the news media finds that one third of american adults are now watching their news online and many are turning to social media such as facebook or twitter to read about what's happening in the world and while on not on my own review sites like lace media and huffington post are among those at hiding overseas reporters in operations due to their companies in many tv network news networks are actually shutting down their international bureaus to cut costs because they are losing viewers and your example shows why they might be losing losing viewers. but you know i gotta say they are keeping an eye mask that this is funny entertaining. let's take a step further. cnn producers in new york to actually gotten out of the cops from each ride to
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the evening when big and security act one world trade center. they can do journalists don't have run ins with the wind trying to get a storied i mean if it happens. but my note taking and no one in the nation's most important symbols of survival and enter a terrible thing that happened in the nation this is the symbol of us now and getting thrown in the clink are trying to sneak into it. what is this a word about the media ethics around trying to get viewers right now. one cents a share in referring to mr in particular it looks as though these two c and plans were actually trying to create a story and not even follow a story he says cnn employees on made multiple attempts to get onto the bride to ground zero before they were actually a rest a cop sees that miniature go pro video camera a full size video camera and their tripod these men were charged with trespassing upshot take on governmental property and disorderly conduct of police
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officials say that these guys were trying to prove that i did the security surrounding the world trade center site where so weak that even a teenager can access it. we love these two guys couldn't get on to the site they tried repeatedly to add these in this muck raking reporters up proved that he and the beginning that they can even be higher to the investigative journalist because they're trying to create a story in an intimate in terms of creating a story they got arrested that's not normally would. journalists are supposed to be doing to grab headlines. can argue with you there. here is where you and i are at a distinct disadvantage with the coming generation. so the university of southern california journalism school is offering this fall classes i would be dead. they teach the students have to tell stories with global glass. i started this new generation of and communications and media majors. what do you think about. taking this this sort ofogy to
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the nth degree. two to get a story that you add this sort of storytelling with an alternative reality to let your opinion on that i'm just not ask am curious why i think the professor of discourse is trying to do is get my head of the team he wants to use google class ii to try to create lisa tells stories instead of allowing the social tvxq it defeated second seed or twitter and facebook were dictating how journalists who is working in this particular hike least i did the classes cannot focus on thinking of ways to tell stories using augmented reality and go class so i have not been able to try and clear blue black shirt you have when it's not even begun to be sold to the general yet but the students are taking the scrap class b will hop up there to go last of the past week reading apps i've enhanced news consumption figuring out how readers can create life stories using that technology i think he will meet the isolated society even
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more so now we see people causing looking at their phones either face on a computer monitor concrete and consume news. this is a new way that people are going to consume music and create news its entire state of the drawbacks about are yet to be seen. all right we'll be very interesting to see how close these stories are told to get my hands to care about the things i can write our team won every fortnight in your course the clock the discrete the torture but it's doubly accident at chicago's o'hare international airport footage from a surveillance camera inside the station shows how frightening the cops really was. now you can see two men at the top of the escalator chatting can also see lights of the street rioting and it's ugly. right here in a crash and oh my goodness into me and papa men launches up the escalator the men quickly run away or not injured. we're going to show you i that crashed again be the deal appeared on youtube just this morning on total of thirty two people were injured in crash including the train conductor
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all were taken to hospital suffering minor injuries conductor told investigators that she fell asleep and that's why the train to stop chicago o'hare station is the last stop on the blueline one of the city's busiest taking passengers to and from the airport and very lucky was in rush hour. when that happens. before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king. now i guess our house jamie and her fats from the cbs sitcom on the speech. you'll run away our sin is. it is punishing the queen mother the show. i think i know i seem to share today she sets the tone and she landed him the error of law see if they invade sad to think this year michael bell wizard behind the curtain. i think the bad news to a two team we really to police and could tell this to everyone's work with both eyes is similarly. she is a similar work ethic to mind and i think of them know what's
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important and what's not important and we'd like to have a set where one feels welcome and everything i think a fifth plane actors and talk about the slide that ad and twenty three posts have been in hollywood for a long long time to realize that this is so rare that two women get to be found the storytellers. and in a comedy and a half hour comedy in hand. and in port perry with immense difficulty of that i am i counting blessings everyday i can't team. for now from the stories they cover to go to youtube dot com touch team i went to the conference usa follow me and the effects
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noo noo is a teacher and trial it's been officially many as one of the top if not a top aide for speed trap according to miller that she and i was needing this day top rank high on the numbers of speeding tickets to motorists have been to the area. we cannot generate more than half of all their income from speeding ticket i think they need. now for the legislature there something must be done about it for the weekend congressman steve and i went on to that. what does it need municipalities to make capture more of their money to speaking to kids that need to track down the hill nine fifty one would require this town to find any posts i need
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all around it blinking lights and label the area at the beach i read that being said if the bit to help teach the be discourage people from driving at one end and people fly. too many towns are exploiting eating again. that is the way to make money. in that there should be themed tracks out there just to pay for salaries. and that the speed traps are a disgrace to louisiana the opposition to the bill maintains that posting find that they need a trap when blinking light like the sort of broadway play is wrong the thing the minute i knew i meant to warn drivers to follow the law. never mind they shouldn't be that the by posting these but if you are thinking louisiana might be the tracks and tell but it's really not the only state that has probably kept pulling over everyone driving a fraction of the speed limit in order to make money
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the oklahoma department of safety recently announced that means the small town there are no longer allowed to enforce traffic laws and state and federal highways that run today that began that truth has generated over four hundred thousand dollars for more than seventy five percent of their total income in twenty thirteen and speeding ticket. few technical things that are treating the illness. using a lot in the rain to make money we began treating the symptoms of tuning in to take it. no wonder why our justice system is getting thicker by the day tonight's but to talk about that by filing. the rest of them. ch
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we used one. a win win win in march twenty seven and captain comanche and telltale the leaders of japan and south korea have held a long awaited meeting prime minister shimon sell out that the president to enact disagreed repeatedly over the past two years on they spoke for nearly an hour to work on the sidelines of an international meeting in the hay. he was naughty kolkata points


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