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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 27, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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sectors. so if all the time it gets done or taken the single hold up a little sick but it's. and chávez was . he did stop to scc finally confirmed speculation that he will indeed run for president cc is the why the popular general who abstained egypt's first freely elected leader muhammad marcy from power almost nine months later cc is promising to bring the country of terrorism the man to live glory and ex president mohan bhatt was at the international criminal court in pain. trials of late the day is facing four counts of crimes against humanity linked to the post election violence four years ago. i
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thought to be the world's longest serving a man on death row was granted a retrial in japan over multiple murders committed nearly fifteen years ago. you are too caustic avid start now in rome where bird rock obama is teaching me how france is he just arrived there and not long ago now that first meeting at between the two leaders will focus on narrowing the gap between rich and for the u s presidents also hoping that meeting will help boost his support with catholics back at home with a bit more analysis on the us president to visit with friends is the monitoring international has added into the street and why is it so important for barack obama for cyclists know that catholic teaching that will keep getting the support of catholics back um let's just remember barack obama tee that i need is reelection. we would rather have the support from u s catholics to american catholics especially from hispanic catholics that was in the demographic in a
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selection. so you're right he does what it was the support is a lot of that ran along with the rest of his demographic in the us has waned just petered out his popularity is not what it was so would never hurt to get a little bit of used among obviously the catholic constituency. but his previous visit me we should be viewed in broader terms but lets out a few statistics because a lot the statistics it's the ninth presidential busy us presidential visit to a pulp. we had brock obama is already visited the pope themselves it was that benedict setback in a two thousand and nine. i'm the scene american presidents over the years have varying chemistry with cokes i john paul the second notably with ronald reagan they got along famously because they were both seen a soviet communism fighters his staunch anti communist. so where is the chemistry kennedy between disco was definitely does time's man of the year he's been seen as a real reform minded hope someone out daddy just come in very different. the kid and then the previous pope seen in recent modern history and an oppressive brock obama now
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down in the ratings them that they'd obvious chemistry will be on the economic agenda when you think of this po po francis when you think that his moral agenda. poverty inequality on the whole behold the chance which is going to start the whole jazz with tradition which this pope is the first jazz with the pope in one thousand years or so i'm getting the heart of that helping the wounded helping the hurt obama probably wants people to see the parallels wants to lead to his own economic agenda he has tried to see yourself as a president that reaches out to america's underclass. not just a middle class but the underclass to a concert of left out of the economic equation. he's placed great emphasis on trying to sort of level playing field so he is looking for on a certain level moral validation all uses what's the moral validation that only on religious to get crap such as the pope was and what over a billion catholics in the world can land to a president do what you know no secret is right now down in the ratings can use all the help he can get so any
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extra boost its stature from this pope that is going to be a boon to this president it's mainly an economic issue poverty inequality that boosted moral stature he might get from this visit that is very creepy wenup a storm your issues with a tune and differe contracon abon and gay rights he and they don't g much goi on in the right listen is this pope has been very c yn and barack obama on who is pro choice is the president and then this church you for all of his reform mindedis any issues of poverty and inequality and then reaching out to ut to go to the underclass is pope does have a lot of the traditional the catholic church teachings with regards to abortion. i did that the vatican was very much opposed to many aspects of obamacare health care policy why because it's mandatory coverage of contraception obviously it bt she went back to the tactics that choice in the us ray and i am an advert in the new york times basically noting its profile is it differs a lot
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of american catholics on this issue and that he is not i would say opera life i often use the word anti choice that's obvious and subjective label. but yes on the abortion issue they do not see eye to eye on the gay marriage issue they cannot see eye to eye on the contraception issue they do not see eye to eye on a lot of other social conservative issues they cannot see eye to eye. they are people know about barack obama is a certain intellectual practice oil president he can respect those differences he's made it very clear and i think he's contrite heart to the heart focus on the economic agenda and poverty inequality side when they do see eye to eye thanks so much and i decided that her down the visit of us president said brock obama needed for the first time for francis. credits go unanswered. egypt were few marcella of the folks at lcc has now officially confirmed he is quitting his job as the country's military chief to run for president that long awaited announcement comes nine months after the ouster of egypt's first democratically elected president muhammad more state cc does have widespread
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popular support many tensions are tired of the more than three years of turmoil of the country has seen since the arab spring ouster of hosni mubarak. hugo brady has more the seventh race of the mystique that iran has supported such an impact on the sci fi book and keep the team to run for president this might be thinking. eat eat eat eat eat and cumin state that he resigned from his position. the upcoming election. you too d i am here before you in my military uniforms for the last time outs. one can see this country has been through alot in the last two years. we are all now is to recover and rebuild egypt. cc at the event and former president mohammad most seem to like in e canteen just the yen after the main defense minister. his teammates the influential figure in an ancient administration the cup and eat it since most the south
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the support of the human kind the data needed to take my fancy. to them on the police and the yet again. like in the state of the everton military target. everything went. but the full sentence and he's becoming president that constitute the weekend to meet evil. i think it should remain. support someone else otherwise you will say that it was and i'm hoping also to run for the presidency said the viper intellectual. critics accuse him of peeking into the fourth becomes difficult to political and social unrest. according to amnesty international. more than fourteen hundred people have been killed in a crackdown on with the support is and thousands more iraqis the campaign clinton the death sentence. my current estimates of the muslim brotherhood. now
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our book group will and he stood in the bouncy seats will. as a reminder of the team's handling it quite nice. one student was killed in iran wednesday to protest the court to. the now the right hand man to live during an ex presidents number back bo is at the international criminal court in handy. trials are legally day is facing four counts of crimes against humanity. those are linked to that deadly post electoral violence almost four years ago in ivory coast for sure ferguson has the details these constitute a hate charged with crimes against humanity is doomed to fall into the creek and east. tell me he did the one telling growing time the next president will i pay now joins his former boss at the international criminal court in detroit native paced and action billion to twenty ten and eleven which cost eighty three the continual
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basis for helsinki did much to drink. when handed the young country its meeting today don't really support that night they refused to concede defeat in and actions are trying to find one to ninety feet therefore that used to date as individual criminal responsibility diuretics. it returned atrocities. he's calling me to go and pray one for her ankles were repealed. do you hear talk of peaceful solution is right under an ordinance in front of everyone's eye. united nations representatives in twenty oh one terrorism and kill and commit atrocities and no one says anything today such as court appearance thursday class gender race and hormone crazed if the whole concoction takes. i raised in the league since he seems twenty seven. of course yet to confirm the charges against him pending further investigation. a misty international has issued its annual report on the death
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penalty around the world. in twenty thirteen known executions went up by almost eighteen percent. last year's thrilling trees is due in part to more executions in iran and iraq all the nice lady arabia. the numbers of executions in the united states has gone down but it's still among the top of the country's leading and most people today. a related story a japanese man sentenced to death nearly fifty years ago has been granted a real trial. you will have come of it is thought to be the longest serving death row inmate in the world. he was arrested for murdering four people and earning their house down. in nineteen sixty six he initially confessed to the crime that retract it during his trial saying he gave a false confession under police torture. the seventy year old hot commodity said to suffer from mental illness due to years in solitary confinement. supporters say
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he probably doesn't even understand what today's ruling is a back issue ninth of june sniper in. it's hilly and dimpled pretty. the trial of the month in rent for more than pulling the teeth. he would of been on death row for so long. you deserve to die. it's time to heal support from baseball. thank you so much and just think every parent. amanda's friends and family who for the needy hospice and taking his name. the foam of folks in the seventh pick in nineteen sixty six for the matchup is false and cream and this is how many throughout the trial. not that keen on the charges and claimed to see me since st is he still compassion was told to count to ten. despite its appeals to turn supreme court upheld the death sentence in nineteen eighteen. repeat it
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the monster in the trial that he detected until he truly is present in front of the past becomes tedious again. this suggests that the original crime scene evidence the maps to conduct dna. c'mon now seventy eight. the speedy the beagles longest setting definitely make. his family hence the retrial of finding the truth of the things that sentenced to fourteen eighteen fifty two the biggest muslim rebel group in the philippines has just signed a peace deal aimed at ending four decades of deadly agreement between the morrow is like alliteration front and present meaning of queen anne's government should alert when the new southern autonomous region for the philippines muslim minority. the elected leader should be in place two years from now. decades of fighting there in the philippines has condemned millions to provoke for tea. the search for the missing malaysia airlines plane is on hold for the second time this week due to bad weather. planes and
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ships have been searching for some of the hundreds of objects that have been spotted by satellites minimum of an indian ocean and so far no debris has been officially confirmed that leads to the airplane heavy rain when some of pat's have cats or trains on the ground. five ships are still continuing to hunt for any of the kids wanted to. out ukraine with the international monetary fund has agreed to a badly needed bailout deal with the country's government this after warnings that kiev rest are running out of foreign currency. business editor stephen carroll has more now on the up to eighteen billion dollar bail out. the imf says that women to funding of between fourteen and eighteen billion dollars for ukraine what's more important than doctors that if eliza to knock other foreign aids at that we've seen for example the date from the european union to bring in a kool aid package for ukraine will total twenty seven billion dollars over
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two years with a much wider freedom are expecting from the imf the imf says the province bad greedy dates yet. the first charge of eight went out with the page ukrainian officials say they're like it's got for money from the european union momo to be in touch with donors have committed money to them. with twenty k line that doesn't come without strings attached the imf has demanded strict economic reforms from ukraine we don't have all the shells of those yes we do know what the key maps of contention with subsidies gas subsidies provided to consumers in ukraine the imf wanted as richie's we've seen since i'm already on wednesday the state and gone from being ukraine that's a price increase of fifty percent in the first of april which warns of further increases the tree now in twenty eighteen steve not this is money that ukraine desperately needs where does it need it the last twenty three across the economy foreign currency reserves is one urgent mastered the country only half the price enough for two months to cover what it pays for its imports mcbride huge the pitch in the economy of
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course there are generally more wider economic problems in ukraine ukrainian government says the economy will contract by three percent this year unemployment is not that bad but they say that with eyes the austerity will come with an imf deal. things could be even worse the country's economy could shrink by ten percent on the key could even teach full time status. its content and business editor stephen carroll. right now we have for you some dramatic image is from houston texas where a construction worker had a truly left the state i hear he can see and being rescued from the balcony of the burning of villages moments before that time truly see the planes come last he dangled his body from the fifth floor balcony in and for once out onto the balcony level just before entering the brief announcement of the act the pretty impressive stuff fortunately the construction worker. he's saying i am
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they are. you what you can see kevin sheedy human parents to stay with us. well the gore into the semifinals of the french top of the thrashing second tier two hours last night the capitalist model into the us cost to the home side in front of students in it in toxic debt that of the dreaded open free flowing the exchanging cards with the minority at the pool second just before our time the gates opened up the break we get to the uo campus again. i don't go my mother to decreased to sixty one. kendall twenty and the role of the site can be angled cut it short cycle to take extra stuff we bought it back from suspension the incident which led me to achieve this goal in the seventy second in its full year outlook has not
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told my son to tn and will radiate from a host of striking it too despite having rule of law sent off for offside. a second idiots get to do with him but some clubs nineteenth successive away games in the competition in the bundesliga by live it isn't and that not much drama without a in all competitions but the tea cups but typically suing the school we go to another excuse to go this season it's a little too surprised that not all rugged up in the toilets in the distance and so on. we still put me into to the ground. every catherine from deep inside its own how to make it straight once and that reason some feel he has been slated for the final champions league spots. like joker which is due to the semifinals of the miami mark siegel defending champion andy murray. like a better joke that when the players match last year's winner final to set up a helpline to bush from that point to the senate in florida. maurice get a break to three to up his second
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official told the puppy to succeed. this joke of a tree off the next four games. we did seven five six three victory. just over an hour on top of it will placate the xi corps in the seventies japanese surprise winner against religion. there is a great day for the tickets it will cut it up into the pavement it's going on in my family. like it was going to turn down that way. leo month as her quarter final opponents in years to run from scott took the set coming full circle to the site treatment went to the weekend to attend. for the second set tiebreak. i'm joining a victory three six six six three cheese nominee through the semi finals. most of the reiki is the top ten will start next up is the number two seed in our hair was the action in straight sets. they displayed in cycling is what he wrote
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to me is when the first mountain stage the scenes tour of catalunya and to be overly opinionated demand had won the opening two stages to hold like green jersey. that was exchanged. it's already stopping the pyrenees yesterday. one hundred and sixty three km smoke pot meal that included three tough climbs. last week's rows to finish it the money now the final kilometers the big guns rule still in contention the cuts on that successfully hunted down a number of escape attempts mum heavy hitters was rodriguez who was the cadillac racing polka to show that broke away in the last four weeks is to take a picture a reason that react to it not been too cold to go chase down to his toes trying to finish second in the colombian writer on top frost with a history that could only finish fifth three years leads towards goal by five seconds instead of a race. momentum is today
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the route or next year subject to a rally is the number of bytes who denies this. starting and finishing in argentina the ninety thousand two of the course will also travel to chile and bolivia the world's most famous rally raid began getting to south america. the rabbit direct eighteen nothing was getting all nostalgic to be in custody. it's true that the saudi fifteen am not look so alike that the twenty oh nine in twenty ten with the state to which the obscene amount to one of several schools in three countries argentina bolivia and chile. the study stage the competition was hit just like last year there are about two stages. the novelty of this edition is the opium of the state is for everyone many a twenty five year absence whole lot more times collins show the hardest ride as twenty ten with a couple sites considered to pray switching to four wheels are falling like wings. i just like a train. there are some great motorcyclists likes of the house only to the auto guide to successful crossover but given the devil and all
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the help of other not just of the time comes it's going to get some advice. today's deadline the bliss of having an attractive car competition with the return of mojo. it is that participation is being compelled to take the edge of the great beautiful story with the cover story which goes back many years. that was participation was in nineteen eighty seven with obama budget is four times that i got a wonderful time so that bodes well for some great racing. the competition. last year's route takes on the road with cars title in midweek while another study my bible was king of the bikes on the ktm the pleasure of their eyes once again on the prize handled well and he see's the way he's going with it as an egg and some of the silly things in your mind. coming up on space and ask any of the profits from eighteen ten to ten hours. national ban on sending it to christmas. they
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stamp appeals to tease toward a skyscraper. a certainty to banks. see the way of leaving afghanistan kuwait. this match mathematical and he she it was written and full with my dad he hopped into a rage and afghans participates in the upcoming presidential elections the best man scheduled to take the fifth it was produced for the synagogues and competition aimed at maximizing take the test contestants must align the mayor next thing i cleaned and checked them out to the competition website according to a tax rebates to my alaskan cruise to the official language is past and that he may convene a mention of any counted at all critical posse. it's very tasty when as for thousands of entries and over but
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the one thousand college. and has constantly been answered us that means that i am reaching out to the complaint is that. i was so neat and won the women's cat to leave it to the tee and went to vietnam afghanistan three d animation ten on an uncommon in the ipo from small afghans to cost it takes just twenty three bases participate in a previous presidential election two thousand and nine. so i was thinking on it wants the uk ministry of justice in a city is planning business being stands next to me this cause the government's incentives and privileges scheme. i know still aims to counter trafficking have any
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complaints they have been met with widespread consistent cost is correct and chief executive in tn. how would leak the pinoy film sunset than an ounce from politics to come to uk. she describes as international punishment may seem expanded his business education and rehabilitation. my cousin scott has great skills of time this afternoon i sat there a senior scientists to rethink these new rules that ban business permits the apostles containing fictional cent basic essentials is just a taste and adjust in sixteen states suggesting screens waiting the man some eighteen thousand feet it is interesting day. many feminists responded to on the government's website depending upon the sea and expanding the business will still have access to my place within the detention facilities. he swam to appease critics. he maintained that the tree the game. assigned to it and
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keep you safe when he's in no time wasting at this event attendees to imply that the well to begin thinking he'll stop and then panicked and sixty eight. i only just noticed recently. nineteen of swedish tibet this posting to this and analysis to date and send me an entry somewhere that the need for an easy and sent to catch the eye for talent at this rate my space to craft a seat in the french capital. some twenty six nineteen nineties kid who will have to like something you'd see it go. they seem to think that together last rainy and agency said that she teaches infection at some of the obvious questions and sixty percent and ten. a nice touch is why did i get my weight for age comes up for two thousand tons going on my mom making inquiries i felt inclined to date twenty one how to get away with it
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at once. he sang to me dh and has unmatched in the uk is set to take self. the oldest santa fe as its name suggests the panic and then faces in the heat and sometimes touching items and tasting it had taken a stake in ukraine's has time to buy seed and last week he said she was inspired by jim carrey in the film yes man athens and other expenses on a state senate takes up the facebook page now cause i'm the one hundred and sixty six pounds and nine. back in september and base jumping james two eighteen ten. these are the owners themselves of meals. the teens read and talent. and to teach is now available on the cheap the tree a tough thing to a skyscraper in the united states the stands at four hundred and seventy meat is a staggering eight times
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the legal. the devils on now facing criminal charges. he is doing his rounds as one of four thousand agents cost the painstaking job of conducting a census in kabul he goes from house to house armed with just a clipboard and pen. i got up this survey
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helps us to the right dates collection helps the government a proper decisions for the welfare of the community. in the hope that this survey is useful for us because as a result of more schools hospitals and other institutions will be built. gemstones last census was conducted some thirty five years ago the population is now estimated to be about twenty eight million the only reason official to count the opposite that she is a cold plate. the people of kabul very guarded. showing us said david distance avoided sharing family member names. people said they did not quite sure on the shed information remains confidential or not. it's a collection of testimony the mammoth tusk began in two thousand and eleven in the road to the comb on improvements to the project was first listed even though they are. resistance has to
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do it. a group of nations says that he is census statistics are invaluable for the new rates and the needs of the population of each province. the final results won't be known until at least twenty sixteen if everything goes well which is never guaranteed in a country that has experienced so much chaos and new. when will tenth of one mind. will we choose the peace process was for many years. twenty oh eight the next britain is on trial for fraud to get into. i know i like grey and white. think
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about. chu was one the eye stay to read aloud to anyone sick of holding the team in the development in that roughly sixty thousand i've also met with his k his colleague i was a combined during the talks the two leaders discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations including prospects and trade economic investment in water and energy cultural and humanitarian cooperation between directions of the joint kazakh his investment funding to the two are also considered nursing years relation to the stunning bishkek of ensuring a positive trend during years of independence


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