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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 27, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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to work together the government and this epistle side and some under one month. we have to work together to change. when you knew wong you the eye the next in the broadcast over in berlin press and not get the nod of approval and a promise of support for the re unification products from german chancellor angela merkel. she cited agreement to stop cross border mudslinging north korea specifically calls president thomas in different sports at the dvd newcomers station in north korea nuclear security stuff she did quick ball appeared to present box de regulation tried to spur the economy the government employs dozens of regulations to be admitted immediately i've done it begins. eye
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the new. i ate it of yours and korea and hello to those of you were watching from around the world its thirst a march twenty seven here in seoul. i need to hear some live bait is so much for joining us. we begin this evening in berlin where present bach and it has picked up the third day the first state visit to germany. the korean leader who has said unification as the main theme of the trip started off today by looking around art and photo exhibits that represent unification and freedom. she stopped by berlin's east side gallery with this what's left of the berlin wall the morning one hundred artists from around the world painted murals to commemorate the nineteen eighty nine fall of the berlin wall that led to german unification the president also met with a group of five foreign current officials were at
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the center of the story german unification to seek their advice on how best to prepare for unified korea later thursday pot is expected to travel to the former east german economic center of preston and leigh mp tells of her unification policies during a speech there. ending or summit talks with her german counterpart the day before president unsecured full support from germany and charting a course too wordy unified korea present odd and german chancellor angela merkel agreed to set up a cool operative system to repair the korean peninsula for social and economic unity he pleaded who needed them to come along. let's see don't let it go to his home and they suck that much money did you feel yourself open to the haka. i was in fact it'll do until my hand out without me back. when asked about present box recent description of re
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unification on the korean peninsula as a peninsula merkel said germany's unification was indeed up an answer. some of the economics of like montana has any connection with the really the case at all. i think it means that people are sceptical head you didn't know any different. i have been present but also garnered merkel support behind her trust building policies towards north korea and expansion of economic cooperation between the two sides in vocational training in science and technology meanwhile north korea displeased with president aka mr remarks at the nuclear security summit lashed out specifically at the south korean leader. this comes amid worsening air korean relations which until recent weeks have shown signs of improving proposal on as well north korea lofts directions course merits as president in
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hand once again and was then broke a recent agreements made with south korea the spokesperson of the committee for the peaceful reunification of the bottle and a north korean organization dealing with reunification matters told the north's official korean central news agency that president fox recent emphasis on kenya to rise in north korea was called up left and it never ends and that she should watch what she said if you really want to improve inter korean relations. the spokesperson also called pres them pop up old faithful servant and stooge of the united states the south korean government says it regrets that disrespectful remarks. we north korea claims of the south korean government is lending north korea however with you once again emphasize that this is not true. the harshly worded comments mentioning president up by a name for the first since coming out and greeks to stop cross border century that came on that theory
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fourteen at a high level meeting between the two three as the suffering government says pyongyang has violated the deal. north korea is lashing out at and this is place on the new crossing the north that the recent create us japan meeting the criticism against president pumpkin he seems to suggest the north possibly the need for issue by itself despite the harsh words coming from the north and the high chance that more will come. experts say they're not likely to affect the current efforts to improve the relations on the korean peninsula. it's a lot. aiden news. it seems are a korea could soon face consequences for its latest ballistic missile launches a un security council meeting is set for thursday to talk about ways to punish the rogue state while the us congress will also consider new sanctions on the north in may on ga has more the un security council will hold discussions thursday on ways to punish north korea for its
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latest ballistic missile launches. the request for a special meeting came from the united states after pyongyang test fired two medium range ballistic missiles into the scene. on wednesday deputy u s state department spokeswoman marie harp said washington is already in talks with other members of the un security council and its allies and partners to take appropriate measures against the north for its latest provocation. a trip to the korean government estimate. and we've been clear that the sanctions diplomatic isolation and economic isolation of clinical isolation that will all continue as long as they count. she went on to emphasize the us takes canyons latest military posturing seriously since it clearly violates un security council resolutions. that means anything from any ballistic missile launch it in a related move us congress will also consider north korea sanctions legislation
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and many representative ed white chairman of the house foreign affairs committee nbl to stand tall as he addressed a congressional hearing on north korea's human rights abuses. rice said his committee will do all i can to hold the north korean leader and his aides responsible for crimes against humanity. the news the latest knows what a north definitely poses a big challenge to when are we simply improving relations between county and console for more on what we can read into north korea's recent provocative acts and the prospect for inter korean relations were joined by dr king tut is senior research fellow at the korea institute for defense analysis in the studio. thanks so much for joining us again the women. the doc and what you make of north korea is the latest missile launches and its bellicose rhetoric to work for them popping hand mighty think they're deliberately s intentions on the korean peninsula. simply
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saying guess that an angry mold. aren't these the apparent the show will be not what the finest with the spirit or whatever unrelated to the inn on the streets of poland. so by the scheme. the north korea is to not testify and this is the fire going on most recent event but as to mrs for the last two months as they fired more than eighty eight com uses of rockets and top with the normal me suzanne get time to show all the upheaval the tactics particular case time to be in the fire dept the sun although musa boxes from one solid bone china tea with a pitch to a patient whistle muscle tone. was it just most of going out new stuff from the mall but on terms which means that i stayed up to the deck. he kept what destroyed. so it's very hard to get the footy warning well as talk more about these missiles over the past two months. the missiles that were launched for short range
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but with this recent provocation they weren't midrange know what's what's the meaning behind expanding the reach of these missiles so for the last two months old on the city so the stable reading it didn't work because of the composure of the sower koch in washington and the nativity on the stable. unelected did give the times. seoul north korea is trying to selected in the exact timing albeit rather meetings of the meeting. to ability five in the morning and in the mid overnight. i think the north koreans are trying to our news tv people don't miss this. to keep the message you've been to japan the county shelter due to a ten hundred. it took to the two hundred km so that they can reach minutes to japan when indeed they are trying to palm make a message
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against it rather amusing stuff. on our agenda setting for most continue to engage in. almost every indoor don't want says her were followed by a new career and has sound effects were likely that north korea will carry out its fourth new protest or what they had taken more of a on a wait and see approach and the upcoming meeting between the top and you can go cedars of south korea us and japan you know most if not this stupid guy has taken no premeditated one what he does have benefits and cost of that there is enough. so just read it i think the data file for the fact he dun ask cargo before smith who passed away so put down like you said the wish to get me to see our testers but she continues on to me surpass on our own conceived in india so poised and try to knitting so implementation process like of the three
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nations under to embrace me being his soul was let go kill and then to concede the time the us response. so time now without it into going on in that condemns copper pipe into beijing seoul and the start of six to five representatives can get together we didn't call for obama seeks to war are tasty it's best that they can get together in our eye doctor can't thank you very much for joining us this evening and cute the line. your duty to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoy the tetons chum limited and the of the heart of seoul right i need to be done the slide and ten. on the tv on tv next in line. owing its official launch on wednesday korea's opposition coalition party at the ground running
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this thursday morning the new politics alliance for democracy held its first supreme council meeting that the utmost priority in improving the country's welfare system for political correspondent in jail as well i am. i didn't. the new politics alliance for democracy party said sale of the store stayed with the opening of its core supreme council meeting the new opposition parties called leaders in under an inch or so said their focus is on the ball. i want you all as a prodigy to be enhancing people's livelihoods. our trust to make effective it is really the abortive to revise its pages worth of years the proposed amendments to the three bills focus of the team boasts most in need of financial help. if the revisions are passed
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local governments will be able to assist people were in need of urgent financial aid with a particular emphasis on family scorer having a hard time paying their water electricity and medical bills a huge column of the revised with you you get past that someone museum district feminism when you don't mind as i have. we received it from the elements it the rulings handed the party congratulated the new ipod opposition party to go with conditions attached we're keeping a close eye on the new party's plans for strong national security and an innovative in growing economy class to wait and see how well those pledges are carried out. despite the new party's liberal base. it has bowed to adopt what they call conservative values. as for the june fourth local elections. the man and said that the new politics alliance for democracy will
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not engage in the nomination process saying it acts as a breeding ground for bribery and corruption. to them again i did the news. pickering government says it's wasting no time to cut out the bureaucratic red tape that's holding back economic growth. dozens of regulations had been kicked down to and will either be amended or abolished completely in the coming months. freaking giant has the chance the government is heating up as the regular trade before spying is missing her nose all presided over the first name is sarah level meeting on the matter thursday to inspect him that we can come up with follow up measures to crack the fact that is to be a coming of the champlain and the starter with the recommendations proposing working level talks held earlier this week and pinpointed the teaching of regulations that could be improved including one that would ultimately allow for the operation of the trucks cairns said forty one of the regulations can be addressed immediately with
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twenty seven of them to be amended in the first half of this year in regulations that could be amended by administrative ward in house measures should be completed and ready to take effect by april regulations that require legislative amendments. let's get them done by the end of june the operation of through traffic of the mill will allow the remodeling of traps of the loading capacity of our savior point five square meters. if the trucks will be able to do business and his men and being part of the latter half of this year the ministry says it is working with the casper and industry to cut regulations on attorney of automobiles as well so long as it does not affect passenger safety there is to promote the use of vehicles from your purpose is to get champion cars and caravans hebrews the country's auto component industry. also on the line from other countries i think that i'm an estimated ten
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thousand new jobs will be created in the regulation on the medical education sectors all up and down the canyons and our record breaking sales year korean automobiles accounted for nearly nine percent of car sold in china in two thousand thirteen. now kenny miller wants to set a target even higher with plans to build its fourth factory in china for sunday's sun reports on how the nation's cars are accelerating in korea's largest export market korea's two largest automakers lofty rhetoric eight point eight percent market share in taipei last year. the consultancy turned the key of autumn moniker as the third biggest other brands in china. it's a significant feat considering the cream on a curve only entered the chinese market around ten years ago. market leaders gm and all that and have been in china for several decades. but the goal
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is to lead a ten percent share in the chinese market here they come and guarantee stable growth in the un in history. to that end sunday motor is building a new factory in china as midwest sandy miller and searching the biggest city is a region agreed thursday to build their fourth local factory there. that means additional production of three hundred thousand cars a year. and with tm owners three local factories. the combined production will not exceed two point three million cars a year. even so the aggressive move was unnecessary as china's market leaders. jermaine both bagging group and gym owners of the us. while both the production capability of the ramp for mealy units by twenty sixteen. after recording over twenty million car sales last year the chinese on the market is expected to grow by fifteen percent this year. china is the biggest and fastest growing auto market in
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the world. we demand that is expected to reach thirty five million cars by two thousand twenty. there's no other market of this size and momentum making it the most attractive an important market for all global automakers korean car maker is missed all seven for research and development and green energy cars so he abide by the jeans regulations aimed at tackling the country's chronic pollution problem. so decide itn news. the stories making headlines on the global front of the discovery of more possible debris from the missing elation airliner the latest report on the rising number of executions in the world to collide for poly at the new center all its star with the new developments in the search for the wreckage from malaysia airlines flight from seventy what's
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the latest in the investigation. well time satellite images have found three hundred footy on jason the southern indian ocean near the remote area where international contingent of aircraft and ships had been searching for pieces of the boeing triple seven according to the geo informatics and space technology to build an agency beyond tax rate from two to fifteen meters in size. there are scattered over an area located about twenty seven hundred km southwest of australia. if confirmed it would be the largest potential debris field yet spotted by satellites supporting earlier french images of the possible crash site. the director of agency told afp that the latest information has been given to malaysian authorities. but several days are still needed to process the data. aircraft and ships will have to wait on following up on this latest clue as gale force winds and severe thunderstorms hope the search efforts for wreckage on thursday. malaysia airlines flight three seven zero is one of the proceedings have been lost at sea after mysteriously diverting from
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its course on march a platoon of thirty nine people on board. trained to ukraine the international monetary fund said thursday they would extend a rescue package between fourteen to eighteen billion us dollars. injecting some much needed cash into the ukrainian economy the crisis stricken nation will need to agree to top reform measures which experts say will have a large impact on the livelihoods of millions of its citizens the imf said the actual size of the financial bailout will be finalized once ukraine's new western backed leaders implement the reforms united states has also pledged one billion dollars in loan guarantees with another two point two billion expected the company european union the win down to egypt where the head of the country's armed forces has announced his bid for the upcoming presidential election general abdel fatah labasa see officially declared his candidacy for president on wednesday. the army chief to alice city kids first freely elected leader muhammad
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morrissey is widely expected to win given its popularity and the lack of serious competitors. houses he made the announcement on state television saying that he would retire his military uniform to defendcement also ce hours after egyptian authorities ordered some nine hundred members of the muslim brotherhood to stand trial on charges of murder inciting violence and sabotage. and let's take a look a new report from tennessee international a sharp rise of global executions. the report released thursday shows at least seven hundred seventy eight people were executed last year for crimes. that's a jump of about one hundred and two thousand well. it also represents an increase of around fifteen percent worldwide. however the organization says the actual figure could be much higher as it doesn't include the number of people executed in china as a death penalty is a state secret and the sea nausea choose to rise to an increase in executions in countries like
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iran iraq and saudi arabia there etc look at international stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here tomorrow night. the two prime time sports and even checked the list are with the ongoing controversy over the sochi olympics figure skating result the international skating union president will copy us and one that says that he's yet to receive south korea's formal complaint to what i was in japan for the world figure skating championships also said that the hard evidence of the elected on their judging in kenya nice silver medal finish would have to be provided as well. the colonel of the committee and korea skating union said that there are still preparing the complaints. yes you cheap is not a stranger to controversy. he's received flak for suggestions to drop
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the figure skating short program and to get rid of some speed skating events at the olympics. and building on south korea to comb the male and female overall titles at the world taekwondo federation world junior championships in taiwan. in the junior male division of korea to the top spot with two gold medals one silver and two bronzes for a total of sixty three points beating of russia by night. meanwhile were females korea earned one gold two silvers and two bronzes for forty nine points successfully defending its title from last year meanwhile a former formula one doctor has warned fans of michael schumacher to expect the very worst. dr gary hart steamboat on his block that the former f one champion lost a crucial time quickly nine neuro surgical medical center right after the accident in december. he criticized the rescue system for the inefficiency and
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recording his comatose state parks the added that the longer trips for schumacher to awaken the lesser chance of a recovery. and shifting gears to tennis the world number two novak djokovic and bitter defeat in defending champion and amber heat to advance to the sony open semis. but the wind was mired in controversy. murray was down six five per cent when his opponent crossed over the net and slammed the winner the chair umpire said nothing while murray objected to the old elites seem to bother him until the very end when both were cordial in their post match interviews but you can bet that murray was still stinging from a loss. now let's get to the kb ltd l playoff semifinals. he as canines and the mole this famous clash in color with a series i had a game apiece will convert it to live in the first half. well this is when play on the fifty five point lead going into halftime let's face it at
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their heels. thanks to her needs and company like they just can't overtake the moments when six seventeen sixty two to go from one of the series continuing on saturday. and that's all i have for now this has been feeding chair i'll see you back here later for more from the world of sports fans there was a smarty but warm day here in seoul and tomorrow looks to be warmer than today. for more let's go over tracking them down at the weather center gap. the evening that is it really feels like spring but the warm temperatures and the blooming flowers today. daytime highs in celebrates twenty point four degrees and numbers blog up to twenty three degrees tomorrow. this is about ten degrees higher than the sun had risen to the early summer like weather is largely due to war era moving in from the south west but does when we got everything was perfect
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buying that this fact earlier today levels soared to one hundred and twenty micah was hard to make me very well and that's now down to ninety five like that tomorrow's daytime highs will be between twenty one to twenty six degrees though they look better than that showers are on their way on saturday either white tents you may get less and buy all of the visit is that tasted like smart guy taking a lead at tomorrow's breeding holiday with your treats that mid twenties vase was that tops out at nineteen. looking on sale at their b day. that saves you get twenty four and twenty one degrees lot to do and i got hit in the team about an hour and facts you can. this workout and broadcasts on this thursday nights and contains all natural and thanks for watching all season. i do on
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book soon. having this debate. in many of these seats about forty years of age. ninety six to tie the rule and if i don't have a set of two two. i was one of fourteen if i made myself and i was fourteen i wouldn't recognize myself. this of course that person today is the same spot on the slide normally we're off to reinstate well know everything about being cut it off long beach. i don't know these guys go to the disabled when the apostle team tuesday. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes you will be the same tomorrow's job. so i try to
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be. looking at the horizon and new year song or something. you don't know what to do this. along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for. i think this is a move by monday. it's a man who was longing for something he's only had this long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i do. each
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when will . the u s presidents as the snow i returned to the cold war of issues from russia's people isolation and the re unification with a crime a group of officers is what's an american is america's intervention in iraq the american people. each time we have a new generation gets sent to fight another war. x but slate that double standards in upon his speech with his comment that big nation should not put a small ones particularly grazing on grass. he was not one that refund agrees to a multibillion dollar americans united for ukraine. it


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