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tv   RT News  PBS  March 27, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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presidents as this may return to the cold war but touches on tuesday consolation know it's good to have twenty of the world obama said this was the active intervention in iraq. take advantage of the job on the beach as the intensity that he was stopped from crimea with an historic example that never happened. that's what it was not that interested him the thing was an issue to link let me paint the kitchen with what chuck dixon and passed by the eu and
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the countries of posts don't think that the content of the gospel says is assigned to isolate. and there. he played with. this is the land of heaven. i didn't attach the italian region of sightseeing as well. set in a push to break the world. like the fact that the statement of the european union . he's naturally leads me to vomit it's good to have your copy with the succeeding. tom has present the ukrainian who has the victory of democratic ideals while flattening line he eventually joined russia
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as a sham. he also called moss collection include the indirect aggression saying it's less than the us invasion on fantasy she can tak at some of the season the narrative being put forth by the white house. in president obama is due. while protesters that my god did have a right to overthrow a democratically elected leader each of us has the right to live. as we choose the people of tiny it did not have the right to vote on their future. together we condemn russia's invasion of ukraine and rejected the legitimacy of the crimean referendum according to president obama the us was it me or observer to the revolution in kenya make no mistake. neither the united states nor europe has any interest in controlling ukraine. one wonders if us officials at the same message when they descended on the streets of kiev to cheer on the revolution and when members of the obama inspiration when deciding in private. who should be in
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the ukrainian government and should not. the head according to the government is what ensures they are huge homework and stuff. has obama been suggested that the us into iraq was not as bad as poignant joining russia. we did not claim for an ex iraq's territory. we did not grab its resources for our own again. instead we ended our war. the left iraq to its people. a fully sovereign iraqi state. they can make decisions about its own future. a million iraqis died according to the united nations five million were made into refugees the country was ripped apart five thousand americans died tens of thousands have a life changing injuries. can you compare that. what happened to correct what happened to me at the last two weeks as an obama has failed to mention that the us left in iraq which was becoming a
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safe haven for al qaeda al qaeda that was not clear before the us invasion the president that brought up costs above and white could not be in his opinion serves as a precedent for crime yet they don't re interviewed after the people of kosovo were systematically brutalized and killed it for years but he did not specify how the us into. bypass the un security council and bought the former yugoslavia foot when a half months killing almost five hundred civilians. serbia's capital belgrade still bears the scars of that inspection you're confronted with the belief among some of the bigger nations can bully smaller ones to get their way recycled maxim that might somehow makes right the american people is turning out we have a new generation. it sent to fight another war there's no country that has a similar record of militarism and intervention. so for the united states is a one hour big countries can police muppet is that the law is
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the wrong record canceling the record of the other new two hours. in his speech president obama has glossed over some of the most controversial pages to us foreign policy and by doing that he seems to further highlight the double standards in how the us is up holding international law and works in washington on and check out parking the president's speech has shown quite a nice response from the debate at the roxy condemn russia's actions in crimea has a special place eyebrows not the sort of a common front with us the president as he does hate it so think america was in seeking to use iraq's missile sites with thinking that the pentagon and one is convinced it was of course the war and occupation that came down to a million lights and a colossal destruction. a fact not lost on this put to use us and this continued to him pointing out that the parallel with crimea with the situation is entirely peaceful. it doesn't stand up set. that's just some of
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the reaction to obama speech in brussels. not only obama and comparing the situation in crimea to you about the least question the uft to dismiss all the sleep kosovo's independence proving his point with excess indian historian bhatia monica says i'm just not true. a small meal of serbia after the referendum was organized. outside the boundaries of international law but can cure for cooperation with the united nations and with kosovo's neighbors. that even came close to happening in crimea. i honestly don't know and what not talking about there was never so sure weren't going to place in sydney's east. nobody will present an opportunity arises and speeches. traders need to stay why does the problem is that once we checked into the white house obviously somebody screwed up. it seems but somebody has to. in kosovo in the referendum and
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montenegro to place in two thousand sixty that reference work for him to pursue all its features. and he can't tell what caused the montenegro and secondly that's not exactly a paragon of democracy in international law. all of these you can make informed decisions if you don't have the information if you're living in some sort of internal spiritual world in which packs for whatever the you say they are. so we have to start asking ourselves with good writing. president obama speeches was attracting president and president of policy and corporate agendas of the people that we don't see. the un general assembly has passed a nonbinding resolution calling russia's reunification with crimea in eagle one hundred countries voted in favor of them in with eleven teams and fifty eight abstaining on tees lineup of mine has been funneling proceedings. one hundred votes and i in support of this un resolution the un general assembly resolution fifty eight on member states abstained
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eleven voted no. now this resolution reaffirms ukraine's all you did the eye and sovereignty and rejects the referendum in crimea. nah that would essentially be legal. i also calls on all countries. i've tried not to recognize any alteration of the status of right knee and that might be even in the future and it also calls on all parties to pursue a peaceful resolution to the crisis in ukraine russia the zealanders holly to get called a confrontational uppity also highly in some aspects of the text he said should be implemented anywhere by all parties the procedure i just use it against the proposed draft resolution by the general assembly. it is confrontational and into the draft. it seeks to put into question the need the meaning of the referendum and creamy that it took place which already played a key historical role. it would be counterproductive to
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challenge the epicenter we think it has some important in the correct statements for example the call to refrain from unilateral actions or inflammatory rhetoric which could lead to increasing tensions with the wind ga revolution in ukraine is non binding but it is symbolic and it does send a strong political message reflecting the position of the majority of member states belonging to the united nations. after the event and the un russia's ambassador described the result is giving the optimism despite the fact that the resolution moscow has had to be in the past. citigroup the seawolves has happened is a positive development even the mildest majority of the general assembly happened to be in favor of the renovations russian pows i still like betraying the same. an increasing number of countries are coming to understand the specifics of what has been going on in ukraine and in crimea. many have of
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staying. some have cited when russia voting against the resolution. the trend is evident. following the vote of the security council somehow it was up and rushed to declare rush on the link to see what this time around it is obvious the reasonable isolation would imagine that the majority behind us and nine. was it really is. with little kids. ukraine is being pulled from the brink of default by nine am after the age of fourteen to eighteen billion dollars have been promised to keep the government running but this does come at a cost nineties and into capital hosts a pill then told us all about this. ukraine would finally get out matsui the past and they will hide will poole quay and out of an economic awful at least that's the comments on the backs of like the recession since two thousand and eight. they say the money will save the country from d files now the fourteen to eighteen billion dollars from its
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national needed a helping hand dyed it comes or succumbed to some of the house is affected conditions we see as the lifeline will be given in stillman said the next two days. in the meantime kiev has deep roots to the imf that the is capable of enforcing the necessary cause for this cause i look back at the consequences of this demo with this level of the stairs the inflation is predicted to increase by fourteen patients and that tdp to tell point three cents. i may be almost certain to come out against betis heating costs would all find from fifty pence and snow and he will still praise you with more expensive. i still think is because of inflation but intense heat kills the force is set to skyrocket as well he kind has always had difficulty paying its energy bills. even with hefty discounts from russia sit on top is my second they
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get how that is made on tok about overweight is the case with a cake at a seventy seven when his cause for sector what is on to the top dog says teaches a nice man at that number will cost qantas me the man took a bath and since the facts as he steps to halt the current value this means the elderly who have seen make ends meet while paying rates and rising utility bills as well as the ukraine's the country well. the sunset at a desk a lineout said is not the mouse had carried out the good daddy. ukraine needs an estimated six point even the dumbest idea next few months just to sundance. its current data. well he was neither has there is for russia's for the isolation ago but could be achieved whitney and more sanctions in his speeches and brussels no textile united american you know puppy on bases the last race in europe stand united on this issue the twenty eight members of
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the european union are united were united in our determination to isolate russia and impose costs for russia's actions the centers against russia the eu is not as united as the us president would like utopia. the ac in the czech parliament has spoken out against introducing penalties on moscow and in the latest twist to meet with the merkel said that matches the station should be taken brother had been pushing russia for the ict lesson. he is insensitive to forget that we haven't reached his teens when we need to impose economic sanctions yet cannot help but to avoid eating again and i'm not interested in operation beyond me. i went to monday's commission on the situation yet that's what. identity is not the only country reluctant to endorse the eu sanctions and despite some cost letter in britain plans to start bringing in guest directly from russia and as low as
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the main altar and in some places a few and far between as art is nice and crispy that your breasts to drink the soup rice and doesn't back down and ukraine the eu and us without calling for defections on economic sectors including finance and energy a crucial russian exports. the reality is very different candidate wheel wells. the full steam ahead to start importing gas to the uk directly from the set for the fact i even questioned and had pizza with his hands before but it's comforting to lower rates if it sees in mainland europe despite stiff what's inside since the deal between the current cast on finding two thousand and twelve is still teaching dogs in that great of a silk tie it back but civil weddings from the institute of economic effects as you take it straight in russia's energy sector would be cutting off its nose to spite its face
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clinical didn't count on an issue price is a must and sue told me to clean your teeth with the elderly and the benefits of some the most colorful people in society and also the danger will tend to push and get it ready to be strong and west of russia will increasingly look to sell castle going to china welcome to the use of the longtime the skirt that backfire spectacularly. since expects to get to the forthcoming from a friend and ally the united states either a bid to win the authority golden casket hands to the us that president obama was on reduced the king that if a european officials but the concrete disagrees and expats dispute its vibrancy and safety. well if she asks is this the eu and us may find out on anything. opps. i mean this can mean him from a key element is national mall than two hundred radical
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activists from any of you not like that tend to have some round of the ukrainian parliament to copy paper to storm the building that's because in the can right now i'm not coming from. yes debbie and the protesters are demanding the resignation of the country's interior minister. tensions between the allies the radicals an interim authorities to let out onto the kidding. one of them like at this police state with the rest gone wrong. his fellow activists i'm convinced it was a targeted assassination. what if it's a radical protesters on to have more details on the story as it continues stay with us will be right back up to the shop break the eye. he gazed at the make
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up and down like that but on the deal saying i have the breath that night. twenty three. the house. guru. i like these. the research
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the eye. that's the mrt to match the land inquest into the death of russian art a god but it's not a bad result he has concluded that there is no evidence to suggest he was married to testimony from his body guide indicated that jerry his last months of the self exiled tycoon was depressed and think of suicide which is what has the details. they did that twice as often as not dead that's what number on the jets and finds this offence the inquest into his death. lots of evidence pointing to the fact that he was in extreme need breaking down at the time it is actually happened was lost. i know unspeakable amount of money back in nineteen ninety seven forfeit estimated his wealth that every baby and don't miss tonight's planned to meet in london he was nothing to having a steamy all peanuts and ostentatious lifestyle he enjoys doing things as welcome as long as
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it has a name for it. i'm into financial trouble spots to number two will face the axe love as the mother of his two children. i've cleaned several million pounds off the pavement honey publicized court case with the owner of chelsea football club remain a problem that's times it wasn't even on a guided lot of people who will remember that the judge in the instance ruled in favor of printing abramovich the same time just looks so nice thing about the advantages that offers pairs of skis didn't say he was publicly humiliated states and the press and helps to add an immense amount of money on things hundred million pounds worth of illegal fees been reported that could pay off a three pointer his party on saturday he fell into extreme depression he often spent suicide he then asked when that i'd jump away to his intense cases with times and one of the most poignant question comes from one of his bodyguards was when he
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set eyes that he wasn't in any mass and in fact the porous nine in the wild only an unofficial referendum and the meat and then sold the majority voted for independence from nz and the allegiance of this hymn is now seeking to think long and it's not just about to baking away some of the campaign is wanting to meet in a circle and respect with the current round of commitment and the next step and the speed of the reasoning behind the push for secession. we don't trust any political enemies of the season anymore. this proved to be effective in solving the problems of the country. we are beyond any reasonable doubt. for me the single body shows that the system itself. separatism is rapidly gaining more and more support up costs and the european union facts us what extent this back in the nineties and even to dream job loss and
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the migration act. he's prime minister at the time. not that sat on the eu was to become a single political and economic body and has possession of a cut and achievement on plant and ascended to the us was also one of the continent's news but no the esteemed french accent. some regions experiencing the downside of fiscal uts drink of milk and the humpbacks off the pitch isn't that have fled across the block. nice and neat onion and region felt a teeny and the meantime i'm desperate to break away from ryan in belgium this effort is made when qantas has long been an issue while the uk having problems with the finnish independence that isn't in me and if the am and finally in spain. a long running independence movement in the movie as well as the boss country stronger than an appeal from the second is to again be like eating so the idea of the benign to newark has lost its appeal for many. everyone
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knew it was three when the european union citing the show they are beyond into europe as a whole the historical moment and the achievement of those teams that have changed for me. something went wrong the discrepancies between the countries that don't do your own to make people happy it's sunday has always had a strong attitude towards independence. we really good it expressed itself with the final of a recently constructed from scratch a new political enemies are consistent. we acknowledge it it'll be good feeling that it's about time we go to ourselves. on the reasons they believe they can manage the future and back so the main central governments on our website at auntie dot com also one can believe in a stellar album the mighty got a feeling that there is often defined the last day of the russian tiki before his
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death. the upgrade of the people that she might note that all content of the contents of the eighty s to meet him at the expense of all one hundred and fifty blend of orcas. i had to get away with eco activists from the neo was expecting to have a salon and the ukrainian parliament and pads to film the building the numbers i estimated at about sixteen thousand tonne seems like it is from ikea. i protest demanding the attention of the country's independence and slt words like resignation. tensions between full and i went over an internal authorities that out one can expect to need it it was a nice long it's been an activist on clinton was in the targeted assassination
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witnesses say some of the radicals out medical content says. on his knee the headline set one person has been a mess that as students in madrid to continue their protests of education reforms unemployment and a sexy mentions several groups have us from a university building in the spanish capital in drafting process. police detained at the fifteen people on wednesday when students and documents and sat on it too. he has blocked access to youtube just a day after a court suspended the ban on went up. the move comes on to recording emerged and the sharing of the country's intelligence chief discussing the ministry of police in this area taking a seat and spent on
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protest the game striking out on internet reforms. and this is for the missing malaysian passenger plane has been halted for the second time due to bad weather. rescue teams left leaning to go check the area in indiana issue a korean satellite images content about one hundred objects potentially from the bench. jackson meanwhile small objects have been discovered in this niche area of the nation didn't get to subpoena the two weeks ago at two hundred and eighty nine people onboard. next the ninety and the sky is a gives us his take on why governments struggle to justify expanding. i was i. i will. the nice to spend
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sixteen elements. makes six to age twelve. this leads to cancer. it's going to use it to new heights. schools are free. the parents can choose to write to send a chill to private schools instead missing are doing things he was detained for two oceans to go. there's a limit to ski lessons contained between thirteen and fourteen. and each class is based in utah something ends meet the season forty five minutes. interesting to compare the school day consisted of tickets and more
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the great too often in demand each elementary school class has its own them teach. it teaches the course of six japanese language math science and stuff the logo on it the range of studies becomes more comprehensive and include subjects such as compete. six graders. home economics subjects like sony it is. when getting into sewing which consist of reading teacher is offered when the teams expansions some subjects like music pupils leave the room into a special touch the music is tuned to a cooling you can tune in to play instruments and to see. the so people's
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needs and to cramp. if the intimidating. but any content on its report. for most of the table with us two treatments of spikes to stop doing some sports. i know. the sports that need some special equipment. don't in the gym. periods. it's time for lunch. most schools pupils will cleaner and faster. st jude has cleaned the doors trim and of
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the common rooms. joining us so just to make new friends since each club will have members from when fourth to sixth grade. it was a great greek cross. children really enjoyed these two positions are allowed to choose what most interests. some people choose to help with the directive and running of the school. some point during the lunch period. others take care of contaminants being raised on the school. beating them and prevent an end. he says. japanese elementary school education is designed to be called recruits
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developing tools for his personality. this was a mile you will the eye. i do neverland is a general welcome. coming of the show it was due to the termination of the day with turkey is contemplating military intervention in spirit. the imf expects to try to catch a lifelong prices to new levels. into trailblazers in the ends together for the first time he poked him


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