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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 28, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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the show's only from one of the board on about how we get tickets with light to the store will be the last official opening will be my cute baby quilt. little. any i know. welcome to the world islam and you don't run into killers. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour the australian authorities and shifted the search area for the visit malaysia airlines jetliner based on my analysis of radar data. trade officials have returned the remains of more than four hundred chinese soldiers who died in the korean war. i decide to sell to stop climate change. boosting the population of deer rabbit
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golden outback be affected australian authorities had shifted the search area for the missing malaysia airlines jet are now focusing more than one thousand km to the north east from where search teams have been concentrating their efforts over the past few days the decision was based on revised analysis of radar data collected by various nations from before the cat went missing nearly three weeks ago these continuing analysis indicates that flying was traveling faster than was previously estimated resulting in increased usage reducing the possible distance traveled south to unionize. authorities are hoping to recover the plane's flight data and cockpit voice recorders to get clues about what happened to the aircraft russian leaders are feeling more diplomatic each for their decision to annex the ukrainian republic of crimea. the un general
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assembly passed a resolution crafted to keep further criticism on them. western leaders are working on this number of fronts to contain russian president but they were put in and support ukraine. more from nhk world springdale. the gains won by one delegates at the un general assembly came together to send a message to russia. one hundred nations including the us and japan voted in favor of a resolution calling the referendum that triggered the annexation of crimea invalid. up to two weeks all military occupation. an integral part of ukraine has been forcibly annexed to that the resolution is non binding and it doesn't mention russia it urges an end to any action that would undermine ukraine's national unity when was it. the russian ambassador to the un and ten other delegates stood in opposition to the deli turkey and says his country was just respect the choice of crimean who voted in favor of joining
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the russian federation the un resolution is the latest attempt to isolate russia for an extended it was a ukrainian republic us and european union leaders have impose sanctions and this week the us state department took action to cut up a couple of defense items and services to russia the sanctions through the eyes states and european union have imposed will continue to grow. if russia doesn't change course. as western nations tried to her russian other helping ukraine the international monetary fund reached a multi billion dollar loan agreement that will unlock further assistance to steer the country away from bankruptcy the next three years. and in the us. gays are ninety eight. they may start to the lawmakers passed a bill to provide aid and back oh one billion dollar loan guarantee. ukrainians
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know their economy is in trouble after months of political unrest. people in russia for making things worse. at the same time are wondering how a presidential election in may will affect the current situation. former prime minister yulia tymoshenko announced she's planning to run. she spent more than two years in jail and is an opponent of ousted president viktor yanukovich one of her rivals meet the pro western politician kelly to tinkle. whoever becomes ukraine's new leader will face into reality. any hope of getting crimea back is fading. russian map makers are already modifying their country's borders. russian troops are firmly in control of the republic and ukrainian troops are continuing their withdrawal. bring it on each table. south korean officials have returned the remains of chinese soldiers killed during the korean war. it's
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the first direct repatatio since the nineteen fifty three armistice agreement the ceremony descended on the remains of four hundred and thirty seven fallen soldiers was held at each of the international airport chinese military officials received the conference and loaded them onto a transport plane. socrates preston pocket and offered the director returned last june during her visit to china. on the repatriation of remains will be a while so reflecting on the path to south korea and china with the family both countries' mutual prosperity. a representative from teaching says the return to place after the two nations agreed to work together to develop relations chinese soldiers on the side of north korea against us forces led by the u s and south korean troops during the war in the past remains a chinese word ads in south korea had been sent back through the north. prime minister shinzo obvious as his administration will make an
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all out effort to resolve the abduction of japanese nationals by north korean agents. hello love him and families of the veggies before officials on its official talks between the two nations resume on sunday. participants included the parents of make the meal was kidnapped in nineteen seventy seven. they met the north korean born daughter of magazines and mongolia. earlier this month i do. the cabinet will always tend to dialogue and action policies. the result the abduction issue it all thomas said he hopes the families of all japanese inductees will be able to hold their loved ones. she gaelic he's a guy who leads the group of family said the upcoming tracks are a significant opportunity for settling the issue he says he wants government officials to continue working until they find a resolution with their counterparts in community
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anti government protesters in thailand are gearing up for another mass rally on saturday. they're demanding the immediate resignation of caretaker prime minister you will auction a lot. they're real hedonistic and the political influence of her brother constitutional law who lives in self imposed . rosalind of the bali nine in bangkok has the story thousands of anti government protesters took to the streets of bangkok the fifth straight day on friday on the eve of what they call a major rally. they have to mobilize half a million people. police say three to fifty thousand is more my thing. not as good a shot in the bottom a week ago when the constitutional court said italy's general election is in damage. the court said the team did not take place on the same day across the country. it never seems far away on thursday night two grenades were thrown at the office of thailand's national anti corruption commission. every province police discovered grenades
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rifles and other weapons near the office no one was injured the anti corruption body is investigating and not for failing to stop corruption and huge losses in the government's price subsidy scheme. the scheme helped propel you into power if found guilty of negligence the prime minister could be impeached by the upper house and suspended from office immediately tuesday to submit her depends on monday. by the anti government supporters the company's east it won the majority of the supporters have protested the poppies. it still seems little sign that the country's political turmoil one and anytime soon this deal signed by teens government and its biggest muslim rebel group is being held as a historic step to end decades of conflict the southern island of mindanao has been the longest and the destination. lasting
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peace for me these hurdles okay well kathleen o'connor reports. in the vip no shape to begin the end of the loop if any family in the end of preschool. and as jeff on for more than twenty years. more than one hundred thousand adults. so when the people of suffering for so long. so many of our stakeholders of works so hard floor right at this point. all i will not let peace be snatched from my people again. in may nineteen eight the main anti christian crunchy. watch the ten and take a chance to keep emotions uh. mindanao the increase in teacher use to beat accrington to go with someone. that the new mini muffins and fruit area either. men tend to be
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shamed into oakland and reach more entries the students. in the eyes that we cannot describe how happy we were head over heels. these peace deal is for everyone. lightly and for the education of new generations of the summer of people it is now on to make a stand and evenings in the coming chinese national economic growth. daniel and chris to come by just a bit crunchy. that means he can be defended. teach me to stores to stand on end. the school its economic fortunes which each. now that it ever end the extended to the eastern front. she backed the deal and opponents could cause problems. some groups and independent next year. one of them. the hostages in
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mindanao. if the style against government troops. he chanted the beach and found what i did that instead. then i just add them to the new responsible for ninety meet each week and the creation of the new autonomous government in two thousand peak the community. it went. or for good reason to think the show. also there's a chance. isn't that the patient condition of passage. a lot to be debunked the art on this beach. make the same in the face and he did awesome. next break points. the party seeking unpredictable. i used to
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sixteen. they did. it now it does. pretty sad vineyards. i read that right now they are huge. with copics. to that and it's back to acting. apple. well blended. ch. bangkok. experts with the world health organisation's state india it is now officially polio free. they say there have been no new cases for three years. the organization's director for south east asia praised india's leaders for their efforts to eradicate
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the disease marks the completion of an armchair in this region. that's it for you i think and achievements the daily show says eighty percent of the world's population now lives in a polio free region that health workers are still battling the disease in some parts of the world. the dummy he chose as polio remains endemic in pakistan afghanistan and nigeria. the organization has set a target of two thousand and eighteen to make the entire world. polio free facebook executives say they will try to provide internet access to people in remote areas of the world using drones and satellites the officials around the world's biggest social networks say they have set up
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a team for the project team members include aviation and communication experts from nasa and a british drug manufacturer. the group is already developing solar powered drones capable of flying long distances facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said he is aiming to make basic internet services available to all the people in the world. another ninety giant google has also started a project use helium balloons to provide internet services it plans to offer access at speeds similar to those of three g networks to areas forty km in diameter the biker sa ceo has unveiled a new version of the company's popular opera software for its rival apple's by dad the application includes word processing and spreadsheets. it's pretty straightforward. it is to make sure that no one billion office users than going to have access to the high fidelity often experience on
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any of the device enough to use. such a mandela who became the ceo last month made the announcement incentive to scuttle microsoft is helping to increase profits by strengthening the new service that enables i add users to retrieve data from any computer using cloud technology users and was thirty five countries and regions and download the application from apple's app store. japanese government officials have taken major steps to boost business opportunities for companies in and outside japan. they have designated tokyo. and then its neighboring areas as one of the nation's first six special zones were investment restrictions will be east officials say what they call national strategic special zones will provide the world's most business friendly environment that appears on covers an area that includes the port of yokohama and the beach airport. the fishes are hoping to turn the area into an international business
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another strategic zone includes course aka chemical in kobe in western japan this con size own blog established to serve as a base for promoting business and research and advanced medicine aye aye aye aye japanese government officials have estimated areas that need to bolster their preparations for possible major earthquakes and tsunami. prime minister shinzo unabated designations based on advice from the government council on disaster prevention. the move is aimed at being ready in the event of major quakes are focusing on the possibilities of one hitting underneath tokyo and the other along the non kite trough of central and western japan doctor who don't know these are traits could have a serious effect on the country's society and economy. the capitals in two thousand and one can only cause like print damage. may
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you find that the efforts to implement a disaster managers a total of ten to ten municipalities in tokyo and nine neighboring prefecture is designated as areas that need to take urgent and disaster cents seven hundred seven municipalities spanning nearly thirty three features remain as areas. such extensive preparations for another type of quick officials say the regions could be hit by a tremor with an intensity of six months or more in tsunami waves three meters are under the japanese intensity scale runs from zero to seven. they say almost one hundred forty municipalities could be inundated with them thirty minutes after an antiquity the communities have been designated as there is eligible for greater state support to help repair four tsunami. the former governor of tokyo dome he knows it has paid a fine of nearly five thousand dollars after a court found that he violated the offices election law
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the court in tokyo in unison to pay the fine on friday without holding a while. he also was accused of receiving about five hundred thousand dollars from the cocoa shoot a medical crew before he ran in the token gubernatorial election in two thousand and twelve he said did not report the income he initially claimed the money was a personal loan. but he later admitted it was partly for his campaign. his admission came after the former head of cocoa shoe guy and a son told prosecutors alone was meant for the elections in austria step down voluntarily last december. after the scandal came to light. prosecutors to this into consideration when they decided not to hold a full trial. aye aye aye aye farmers in japan's northern prefecture of hokkaido are facing a big problem. global warming and the disappearance of predators has resulted in him too many deer which are
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threatening the farmers' livelihoods and carols around the five points the northern japanese island of hokkaido is known to the treasure chest. why when animals such as bears and eagles. local farmers in the area are suffering. they say one species of animal is eating too much of the spinach and other crops. and they blamed years. the shoot. it's frustrating. i think we need to cut down on the deer population significantly the government of hokkaido sets the population of deer has doubled over the last decade to around five hundred and ninety thousand the amount of damages from them in agriculture and forestry sectors skyrocketed
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to sixty three million dollars a year. three years ago. local government turns to self defense forces and hunters tuesday the pest control company. a sunbeam commission's regular income but guessed it up for going above. hunter's of ground where the candles and children of the government is still getting the reports of damage experts cite several reasons for the ballooning deer population. first people haunted him a natural predators. wolves to extinction a century ago sick and deforestation due to land development has helped them find them easily and lastly the number of hunters is dwindling due to the changing population for physical which caused it to an expert on the wildlife management. he
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says shelter which is due to global warming proposals during the compilation troops or for worse. do you do own a minute and called qian da you get to quilting and gardening how to pull up come read yours. it's encouraging to me. warmer temperatures have felt like the publishing of deer. not only in japan but also in parts of europe and north america the two most of it for this. like the change due to offer you thinking new home. we caught up to the teeth. windy climate change. excellent food all over the north north of india
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go wild. kicking in. here are said to be highly fertile and can eat a wide wide open global warming. not only affecting the electrical systems but also causing you rundle title. you were there should be whether having an effect on part of the eastern united states our meteorologists likeable read more on that sucker. instead the tears had the over the eastern areas of the us from the gold coast into been a blast. the thing system has produced at least seven when a no things are in iowa and hail the size and hyundai in surrey found the system is fueled by ample moisture from the cold made up of mexico crashing with cooler air from the north and this system is still packing a lot of energy has increased the lead of the gulf coast near
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thunderstorms large hail damaging winds and even corn the book when you cry. note that once the foundation the north coventry mixed with enough snow for montreal it was on a data system will make its way towards the new bill won't go there to make the picture will continue to tweak and across beaten us in eastern canada. now in the middle of the u s clients and told to bring peace to every sky the wind fire's a growing across the southern and central plains. anyway once again over the western part of the leading candidate to incoming no pressure to and from the atlantic. this is due to a series of low pressure systems were expecting when your brain to cope with the next several days about three hundred millimeters likely for the coast an area that is not to produce and more christlike as plausible and mind blowing snow will likely continue for the month and locations. the rincon valley duel to the coastal areas and fourteen degrees in seattle ten degrees and then convert
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night conditions in adelaide twenty ten degrees on the twenty third of the content finally getting back to the double digits in washington d c s was in year eight. across japan it was a beautiful day but sunny weather and very warm conditions like make that carried the thumbs in the prefecture of any. we enjoyed a few cookies and now this area has a baby themed cars coming at us with an ordinary as attorneys want to cry so we need to play chords ignored this thing goes for the korean peninsula. spent the entire year to lease the best i can keep an eye cherry blossom viewing because it's going to be funny and very modern rising to twenty degrees tomorrow the main menu on your sunday because it hasn't been the increase coming in from china. this is my intention not to produce the irish are spread across britain. you may fold about one hundred millimeters for places like she's at the prefecture and sub prefecture in parts of
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the yamaguchi prefecture to the coast and plunging temperatures will remain on the one on the back brace to put the circle punches with the open areas. the finally over your bed very very unstable conditions for the mediterranean countries that includes the southern part of the bullpen can fly and much of the turkey across the eastern part of the black sea region as well be looking at a very nasty conditions to continue into your status at me looking up some snow to fall open and lying areas across the west very unsettled conditions for the western part of the book the great lakes region and much of the iberian peninsula what type of lighting as well. just when the western essentially areas will finally be she knew he could be decreased on your weekend to nineteen degrees in plain sight for a lean mean it imparts his extended forecast a nice weekend. the room. i
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did. it is. the artist has been recreating some of japan's oldest test mules with a little help from modern technology they're using paint brushes and pcs to bring back images
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destroyed by fire sixty five years ago. the murals dated back to the late seventh century. there are painted on the walls of the buddhist temple forty two g in the city of matter but a fire in nineteen forty nine reduced many of the panels to ashes. professor must i keep me as some call from a university in tokyo was leading a project to restore the paintings. he has to do the scan photos taken before the fire they used seashell powder to add texture to the sheets of paper printed the images then got out the paint brushes. you might think the re created paintings are an important achievement that we can preserve our cultural assets with his combination of analog and digital techniques with an epidemic. the team is still working on the reproductions they say their innings to finish all twelve year olds by the end of next month. one of
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the tarantino talking with you. nhk world tv. a collection of programs he returned with diapers. this time the teachers are key to a night in a world class violinist who is holding an international music festival to mark the anniversary of the great easter. an earthquake. a book project and features an oyster farmer
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me out the oyster farming industry of north east japan with the breed average in the march eleven disaster you're careful study and hard work she had to hunt the key i might have been attempting to revive like that. finally any tv documentary on sunday to present the latest on the fight against all times number of people suffering all timers rises rapidly new medicines are reaching the final stage of development. we treat all timers in the future. nhk documentary investigates what type of them i had to wait times thousand and eight and nhk world tv ch. it is. i
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am. the over two decades until two thousand it is not a single commercial film was made in the local people's democratic republic a country doesn't


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