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in the tea dance. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter. the top story on the m a c networks with new windmill the fan. i knew him you're just one minister at the tablet of luke has called the leaking of the reporting of top security officials discussing possible military action in theory up to the video sharing site youtube page declaration of war an apparent reference to an escalating power struggle between turkish prime minister tony burke a bomb and its rival. the anonymous posting followed similar releases on the micro blogging twitter every two weeks bigger deposits after the flop by political enemies particularly the turkish islamic cleric based in
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the united states wants him ahead of the march toward elections. the conversation appears to center on a possible operation to secure the tomb of the one shop grandfather of the founder of the ottoman empire in an area of northern syria largely controlled by militant islamists. we're in rescue work to continue their efforts to rein in their own exhausted searching for bodies and perhaps a miracle atop the pile of building debris that may wait to ink wash it down and killed at least twenty five people more than two hundred people are working on the twenty two clinging to hope that at least one survivor is waiting for them and some pocket a while which is a square mile wide and forty feet deep in some places the main goal now is to find more bodies and whittle the list of ninety people who are missing in the mudslide that carried the community last weekend
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i know the intended for j and more. . the we're. bob
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the aca. it is you. georgia's lunch. youtube is a caution after port's record is believed to be a senior officials discussing potential military operations in syria created the national security issue. foreign minister mr iemma told luke is called elite recordings the declaration of war the anonymous accounts posted the video following the wave of similar releases on social media in recent weeks was prime minister tired girl on has labelled as an attempt by his political opponents to undermine his rule ahead of this month's elections. turkey is in talks with the video sharing platform and never move
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the bandit youtube agrees to remove the lead content the plot follows a ban on twitter and coincides with her once a battle against the corruption scandal involving a stream of tweets exposing government wrongdoing. this allows opponents to the blocks as one of his many authoritarian tactics aimed at crushing the corruption scandal which has presented him with the heaviest challenge of his eleven years in power. this is not the first time what has gone to such lengths back in may twenty thirteen through the media said the teenager will be widespread anti government protests are the ones that label twitter is the scorch and excuse the side to inciting hatred. turkey has been the world's leading jailer of journalists for the past two years according to the c p j's annual prison sentence. new university students in north korea are now required to get the scene haircuts is their leader kim jong hoon. the state
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sanctioned guideline was put forward in the capital kuan ying. haircuts have been state approved in north korea for some time until now people really lets you turn eighteen styles for women in the room. they are the united nations general assembly of march twenty seven passed a nonbinding resolution declaring and dialled crimea as moscow backed referendum earlier this month on to seating from ukraine in a boat that western nations stage shows to russia's increasing isolation. us ambassador to the united nations samantha power champion the resolution ukraine merits our accommodations for the restraints it has shown and the positive steps it has taken to prevent further escalation of the crisis in ukraine deserves our full support in trying to persuade
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russia to end its isolation and to move from a policy of unilateral confrontation and aggressive acts. two good faith diplomatic effort for my facts. facilitated by dialogue. and based on law we urge you to vote yes on a resolution that in chinese descent rally the territorial integrity. and that calls for a diplomatic. not a military solution to this crisis thank you ukrainian prime minister andre dish antioch introduced a draft measure which of the overwhelming support of western nation over the last months. make your witnessed the most flagrant relations both international since the inception of the night the patients. up to two weeks off military occupation. an integral part of ukraine has been forcibly annexed by a state that had previously
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committed itself to guarantee the independence. solar and jean and territorial integrity of all my country there were one hundred vote in favor of weapon against and fifty eight abstentions and the one hundred ninety three nation assembling a number of countries did not participate in the vote western diplomats said the number of yes votes was higher than expected despite what they said was moscow's aggressive lobbying effort russia armenia belarus bolivia cuba and north korea nicaragua sudan syria venezuela and zimbabwe all voted against the resolution israel upstaged. china which joined russian veto in three security council resolution to condemn syria as the dead and a security council vote on ukraine earlier this month did not cast a vote for us is the designer of it. he was president brought about by nato secretary general anders
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full restitution to discuss additional steps nato could take in response to russia's annexation of crimea. since russia's invasion of ukraine's crimean peninsula last month obama has been at pains to reassure allies in europe the united states and the rest of nato would defend them if there were ever attacked obama said nato foreign ministers should make sure the alliance met up with a contingency plan to defend all allies including those in central and eastern europe we've already. help others the importance of male and what a difference in weight there will be a ministerial summit. coming up with. i never asked. it's your duty to one quart of green daredevil sides the city. in
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order to bolster their confidence. all in. newton said they would intensify its military cooperation with ukraine and would review the viability of its relationship with russia obama also signaled that the united states. we use the credit crisis that the pressure on european allies to contribute more to the cost of their own death and nato forces in march held military maneuvers in norway the alliance has also beefed up well with their fourth with additional u s fighter jets. eye. eu. like eritrea which with the u s state of maryland wants to build the purple line that the trolley system intended
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to relieve commuter congested north of washington dc. now a critic called nine hundred million dollar us federal grant is being threatened by state politicians who want to bring the issue of holocaust reparations into the contracting process. a holocaust survivor leo brett holmes led the campaign to force french they don't ring me and said see after the operation before making contracts in united states mr brad holt was instrumental in getting more than one hundred fifty thousand to sign this online petition. only few days before he was expected to appear before the maryland house of delegates for a panel hearing. he passed away at age ninety three. his friends are carrying all the work. i made a seventy six has gone through. i made money on. i would shake her head in. content. instruct it to their employees on how to close the door. they
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instructed their employees on how to push people and so that they would get as many people in. i am. all they try to change history. they told the maryland state lawmakers that they do not want to say the cf for their american subsidiary tls to profit from taxpayer money without paying reparations many of those survivors live in the state of maryland. many of their descendants live in the state of maryland. and they are now faced with the prospect of their tax dollars going to pay to him going to accompany the profits of a company that transported them and their relatives to death camps and sand cs american subsidiary keel was already runs another commuter railroad in the washington suburbs the virginia railway express issues not prohibiting them from getting the shoes making
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sure that they live up to their responsibility to survivors in the states. like they have lived up to their responsibility to survivors in europe at the cia has paid reparations to france to this in their negotiations to the american government are still ongoing. persecute restoration to the diminishing community of elderly survivors of the show swiss and austrian companies to pay. european insurance companies. saic and stands alone in his fuse the refusal to pay reparations to its victims. the president of the city of america accuses maryland lawmakers and distorting the historical evidence he said that ring company was forced by law and the threat of death to implement the transports which he says the company did not profit from them we were the hard work in this enormous extermination machine. this extermination camp of course we have that
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knowledge we work hard and did we have expressed their sincere regrets about this but this regrets are not enough for the victims. we have to be commensurate our lives because of the situation is just the right thing and so now i've been thinking that they're going to get away with something and profit and we don't want to. the us title tree into administration is warning that the holocaust reparations bill could put the construction of the purple line at risk and that is due to pre existing laws which prevent states from imposing a social policy which adds to the bidding and construction costs. now at the same time top lawmakers in the us congress are reintroducing the holocaust real justice acts that would delay any provisions which prevent foreign entities such as asean cf from being sued in american courts. this is priscilla hot french and one in chevy chase maryland. i
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the i mean surely the cheeks like semite most direct a spot amongst the investigation into the pockets but most times at least in the lead bullets detectives and officers from the looks on julie's on the apple police departments said lawrence cc profit to twenty five separate locations across lopsided killings including highlight text itself. a string of reports of the kits that some of the next terminal which relies on places prompted an investigation which involved months of undercover work from office is looking a long solid pocket on the list the majority of those arrested twenty employees or ex employees of the contacting companies holly attack on the pitch son not actually employed by the airport itself according to a place like months
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the eye. it looks european parliament elections. this document is among the fastest reported act isa protest genius as an engineer in united kingdom is the site the number of key aspirations from the jewish community before but it is at the palms in may. use relationship with israel religious freedoms anti extremism on this course teaches r is for focus points the cpt together say they feel it's representative of the concerns many jewish people feeding across the european union. it's going to give the jewish perspective to the very very big issues which face in europe the moment i think in the season really troublesome tied in terms of the rise in anti semitism in many countries and also the um difficult relationship which many european countries seem to be having the gazelle
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intensity. the boycott divestment campaigns are we trying to address some of these issues in a very profound way. so the question but that just putting together a document like this will be able to have any significant influence within the european parliament's one of the ice pick or no peace in your own jurisdictions says it's a positive step for licences in eu member states to be raising awareness. due to school because i would say reach out to members of european parliament which he left lifted to the people which are elected in europe with its two councilmen or your local mums a problem at the national members of parliament and of course members of the european parliament. just before time of european elections already elections the middle east as a forum to share information to educate in the season long to process does not happen overnight to just sit with one top with one piece of paper but rather a constant educational process achieve that change mindsets and eventually educate into thinking it with european audience. the department
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issued a manifesto is close to having an impact on the proceeds to twelve. this means well and that that's his statement it had fused and said to my door step into tt in this contest at the weekend the european union. chief at present very important to me next week and our security but one which is in it well into great is what is happening so i think it'd be no way i'm the baby theme the way to be the judge it to be taken straight to an extent that they at this. the feeding of awful threat to the inquiry about the kids in the bellwether for how out of the minor speeding tickets might be fitting to when nasa by the two one of the new european parliament of what effects it could happen but it is life's was the time by to pace that seems to be up whether this manifests as is the side effects from the european parliament on and off the threat of a resurgence of far right groups in may's elections
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means that the european jewish community would be taking the issues if prices fall off its back foot and one of the european parliament's in stars. eight you need to strip the masses of that locks her in the iconic reaches the area's history. cos after two americans watched the petition. the website no low blocks was created by new yorker and part time for region the cia in silver and french american citizen. lisa taylor opted to go to the spirit's love blinded couples from juggling the bridges. the site has been viewed by thousands and hundreds of supporters have signed the petition. an estimated seven hundred thousand have blocks are sprinkled throughout the city the bridges are actually being physically damaged by the weight of the locks. by
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the rods that goes past this from the locks onto dead to mention degree ice. by the environmental damage to the river from the keys that are thrown in and arresting that the senate you know has been polluted and they've been working to clean it out there is to be just the sheer ugliness of it and that it really i can take something away from the beauty of the sun entered the stadium the quality of life for presents. it ruled the world and the locks with the hopes that their love will be eternally strapped to the side of the bridge however there remain two clashes are likely to turn to rest within a few years. so we did the math. and that would mean that the pump is not right now is covered with ninety three metric tons of of metal. i and that is about the equivalent of three very large trucks being parked on the bridge at all times. i have a very hard time believing that this prince which is a pedestrian bridge
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tsunami is done. it was built to withstand that kind of constant pressure and weight so i really believe that if the city doesn't act of going to have a catastrophe and that with that which it be that the saddest thing pearce is not the only city facing this problem says for moss gets to billboard her burdens with the heavyweights of excess metal. a series of flight profile religion based films of the use of the most this year with some predicaments be successful son of philip extreme a bit that the history channel's the y pool mini series scores fifty five million dollars in just four weeks. why nobody's going to exit this is due for release in december. i think the things entertaining is held successful right now direct response of the religious community to the type of entertainment that the one to see the light we have options if they can take their family to enjoy together not have to worry
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that a jewish directed darn darn on skis hundred and thirty million dollar baby two epic noah found in units of arab emirates to talk and bahrain for its portrayal of old testament prophet noah is due for release this week. i think that people coming to a religious point of view who will see that it's out. it's very rich elaborate telling the story and an up and he is an expression of the themes of expectancy. knowing and loving in this story i think if people were not coming from a religious background will find the themes discussed are really timeless and universal. and now find parallels in our contemporary world. she is the ex's low budget drama goldstone that has been the million dollar profit in just days i think hollywood is a fickle place i think that today it comes and goes you know um there's a hundred and sixty million plus. christians are they call themselves christians you know he's that big of a
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church once a month is this that in the united states that's a pretty big core audience. and i don't think that there is that catered to very often so when hollywood does cater to her when she is like her place caters to it an amazing outcome happens no kids since two thousand for epic the passion of the christ he divulged a new era for religious films which failed to materialize but that now seems enjoyment to be set for a revival this year. eye. for taunting which started the contest traveled to florida state at a miami team will be awake is the stadium funding for his new club victim is pressing for its new major league soccer franchise receive state funding for a stadium like many of the school's teams from florida enjoy policing ouija is important for us to meet demand this
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today because honestly i'm not just promoting. i want to bring an incident in some only insofar as its miami it's in the mls. and we'll see once again. i decided to pull this all to see the other franchises in time and he has a very positive light. we had no prophecies you know that's exactly how much you think it's important that the things done family in town and annuity everybody was lovely hanging tree looks really nice the site. if you have to have the support from cdt and stuff see the image. the stadium will hold between twenty five thousand and forty thousand seats depending on whether the university of miami greece to play american football games the development of the thirty six acres stadium saw text based in an area known as paul miami would cost around two hundred million dollars and could include shops offices and hotels. former
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roman trade majesty not stop but couldn't due to the mls to play family galaxy in two thousand seven while so close to peak of his career as part of his deal with the mls victim was in puzzle to start a new franchise to twenty fundamental is avoiding he could secure funding for new stadium. while in america quickly became a global brand and international superstar most recently featuring unique spin on thursday and it's easy to go. the lee the month of anticipation the official announcement is finally here the rolling stones coming to film in israel for the first time the two people is it because local promoter has been renamed national next to his will for the past four decades including such when melamine as madonna barbra
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streisand and capability it's the longest negotiations with the bed. it started in eighty eight that the forces of the city for the state of israel will restock today we had the date and ended up in the two fourteen. that the stones will be a writing it sort of making out for a historical default we had with the bbc did it was coming over and so very happy to be a top tier teams at making up for history and drinking just don't deserve that the linen that they had eaten the stupid partner to keep the kids who's responsible amongst others the artists who come to perform you get exactly what they can and analytics to more so that there is no the experience will be experimental. we received her medical ordinary today for a touring rock n roll band. the days of
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the elements are premature everyone teach it to the profession. they want whenever the need to make their stay here comfortable to make a few less close to home as it can consume these people wake up every morning and if it's the end of the country around the world begins to move the stability of the descent. knowing where you are knowing the basics you need are there for you and will give them everything they need. the biggest owner of the biggest an honor to have been for awhile. like you are a lot of people. a lot of interest and logistics are going on in the behind scenes and around the show to be a lot of logistics committee over the lot of fun this tofu squeezed in a social between performing in sweden and the netherlands which is of great significance to israel as the country. james didn't attain into the channel pants and leave the month police
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said the cancellations but artists to come perform due to pressure by an israeli troops. rolling stone is the greatest active bands on allied fourteen performing so having them coming to israel i'm taking it better than that daniel adair from the same generation as roger waters who sat i was lobbying now try their hardest to cancel their shares in israel and i'd be giving free to come to israel so the fact that they agreed it is great just the league as having it gives credit to live there artist to come here performed year to forget about politics. one of only fourteen cities across europe the stones will perform and tickets will cost between two to eight hundred dollars and go on sale this sunday the thirtieth of march at nine am. israel time. in those cities the tickets sold out within an hour or so israelis will have to act
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fast. which in one and one jacobson did and tell him to leave. i. the rule. i do. do we do. and we are. i do. for
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all the eye new news. it is
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is our the eye. i want my child. during a press conference of march twenty eighth grade tanya chua said he respects the position of crown st a consensus agreement comments and do a task in the methodist council with drafting an oversight mechanism for crossfit agreements. now for those of the pack should be returned to the fact is that a committee for an article by article three few


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