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knew and didn't know who the city is hitler. this is the joy of giving us a ride the money contests coming up in the show. germany and china fought a long term strategic partners. that's the message has invested huge and painful spots with all the math. what's happened to flight and acacia trees that and how it all day softball sit in the news that's that was missing out on. and after thirty nine years of silence a british woman who was able
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to hear first. she's in penang has been holding talks with german chapter on the macbook air berlin big business on the agenda and so is china's global geo strategic role. don't press conference on sunday an eccles of intense discussions with prison she ate way too focused on the strategic partnership between the two countries. the telco for talks on foreign policy issues ranging from crimea to china. she highlighted that they had been able to change different opinions which included a human rights dialogue. well following their talks. both leaders oversold the signature of a series of bilateral agreements including business deals worth more than a billion arrows. tammy is
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china's largest trade content in the european union. asked about russia's actions in crummy of the chinese president said his country had no quote private interests in the months now he added that they she always insists on non interference in other countries' internal affairs and that it respects the nation's territorial integrity. with sino german relations deepening let's bring in chief political correspondent linda crying let that there's a lot of talk right now about germany and china building a new silk road between the two manufacturing giants as meaning a step in that direction. well in many ways the silk road is already there these two leading export nations are the two hundred forty billion barrels worth of business with each other every year. chinese germany's third biggest trading partner and germany accounts for a third of all china's trade with europe so already very significant numbers there but the focus of the german businesses that have been quite bullish on
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china had been expecting a little more ambivalence lately calling back a bit now a number of very big deals were signed today so perhaps that will reinforce those strong business ties and there's another element it's quite interesting test america said that she would be pushing for an eu into buying an investment agreement that is seen as a precursor to a possible free trade agreement between europe and china. and that's big news indeed if you bear in mind the fact that just about a year ago we were talking about a possible trade quarrel for solar panels so that shows how far things have come very big change there you know the geo strategic question right now is of course brought to everyone's wondering where is china lining up with the last war with russia. china's remarks here today in a press conference were fairly restrained the president sent to china. it basically is looking for stability and looking for dialogue wants to see a political solution on
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ukraine. but analysts here say that china's recent abstention in the security council amounts to a distancing between china and russia that china is very concerned about lack of stability in ukraine. so i've got meetings there. here in berlin. human rights has been appealing to germany to press china on human rights tibet is one issue that's perennial what is the chancellor going to do shoot balls. she put a lot of pressure on china she found a rather elegant formulation in her press conference. she reminded to china at that creative and innovative nations need to have freedom of expression freedom of expression must still risk if the nation wants to stay in a bit but we know that the chairman president and a mystic how he put it much more significant pressure on china. i think that if that china needs to be real rule of law and needs to develop its judicial system further texas and stronger words there from the german president monique
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rain forest in linda's ever thanks. the thing it's another unexpected turn of the now almost three weeks that's for missing the nation and as might be seminal australian authorities are saying the new readers the latest data suggests the plane was traveling faster than thought. probably crash farther north in the indian ocean as a result of such a zone has now been moved by more than one thousand convicts. it alleges acting transport minister said the shift in focus does not mean that debris spotted in a new satellite images wasn't from the last line history and authorities have indicated that it shifted its issue price to one thousand one hundred km to the northeast. because abortion drift. this new surgeon has to be consistent with the potential of text identified by previous images over the past week see you
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mr explained that new analysis of radar data had shown the plane may not find a spot as previously thought investigators say the plane's higher light speed. what made it ran out of fuel per year than previously assumed. leading them to shift to such an inclusive to find three seventies take off point quantum foam. as a strengthening us planes took off from perth western australia to scan the news that area. the state authorities want the search could still take some time in your area is about the size of poland. meanwhile the way for information goes on for the families of those on board. in the malaysian capital prayers were held in remembrance of those lost she was she an excuse to go and look at this would've bought the tickets. that song until more information comes in praying is just about all the victims' families and friends continue. intel has
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concluded that simple emily too prominently in stock that will become of the audiences next second she general film that is the leader of the ways labor party was the country's prime minister from two thousand and two thousand won again from two thousand by june two thousand thirteen. as cassie to head nato was supported by germany britain france and the last film that plays denmark's on this whole process and has been secretary general stars it's about. but germany has announced more support for an eu military mission in the central african republic poland says is providing two large transport planes in an air ambulance to a country has descended into sectarian strife of the mostly muslim rebels topple the government a year ago. some six thousand african union and two thousand french troops of comment in the country the eu plans to send off to a thousand soldiers but governments have been slow to provide manpower and equipment. this president
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barack obama has emphasized the significance of washington places on its strong relationship with saudi arabia. obama arrived in riyadh accompanied by secretary of state john kerry the crisis is syria highly agenda and a meeting with king abdullah. obama says the us was considering allowing shipments of air defense systems to the syrian opposition. the saudis also once called the reassurances the forthcoming us against nations over iran's nuclear program will not affect their secure. president obama is calling for russia to pull its military back from the border of ukraine what he says is an out of the ordinary buildup of troops. ukraine has responded by deploying the bulk of its forces in it the board of regents. but in the capital the political leadership is facing a different threat hundreds of extremists from the so called right sector are blocking access to parliament on the protesting the killing of india by
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twenty cents want the new interior minister to resign the slogans and carrying sticks and clubs in and as of right thing to take up positions outside the ukrainian parliament the extreme right wing nationalists furious at the death of one of intrigue is apparently the police shoot out three weeks. terry a minister must resign. it was a political matter. such things didn't even happen on to yanukovich statistical report said. this helps out on the call to self protection. two days ago he told us that government should be tumbled into bed to die he doesn't want told him what the reit sector seems to be working on a teenage which has been widely criticized in recent weeks. and only one to be superwoman and passionate speeches troublemakers. well this is a time restraint. i think we need. ten cycle
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the union was in the week which i don't want war the reit sector is getting the kremlin exactly what it wants. and that's not something we just noticed today even when she arrives right wing nationalists are still prominent and its independence plan. they made a significant contribution to the popular uprising that brought the new government to pala. the rules say that since been lost much of the support they've been stealing the up peoples jeremy and humid is over not going to need to write this and have less than one percent support in the most recent surveys. come on it's likely that the crew will continue with these kinds of actions. they went on a major impact on ukrainian politics or so it was important outside the commons last week is kind of debate being held inside the tent up. and in a victory for rights to the filmmakers wanted to comment inquiry into
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the match was played on the right sector may participate even though the protein has ninety two teens in parliament afghanistan now with taleban militants of force to be holding west town hall stage is funneling attack on against tennessee in the afghan capital kabul the buildings are thought to be holding for foreign hostages afghan special forces around the bad guest house which is being used by the us based aid i agreed to taliban insurgents force their way into the guest house used by foreign charities with this in an upscale residential part of the capital kabul. security forces surrounded the building and exchanged fire with the insurgents inside. relations to double the attackers had died in the attack. one is believed to have detonated a suicide car bomb outside the compound launching the attack. bill but only when the area when an explosion happened in a nearby building the explosion we surrounded
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the area. the woman i saw some people wear in the building and called on to us that there was some attackers as the afghan girl and the driver was killed by the explosion several other people arrange it. late in the us anti mine checked the route to peace in the west and lukas has been held hostage during the siege at one am free and safe. it is us after now and the murder trial of paralympic track so asked if the story as has been adjourned until last month the judge stopped the proceedings because they are expats who will help in recent weeks and reading his sake and in the hospital the announcement came on the day that defends the tennis hope the story is expected to start presenting the case. it's not that murdering his girlfriend to the best in town. he claims he shot by accident thinking she was in nebraska. well change of pace now and it's
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the highpoint of the f agendas and i'm pretty sure that the german film awards the company of honors and about three million euros the best filmmakers the nation the german film academy and announced the nominations today so here's a quick look at the favorites. no mean yesterday as the events. this was the time. i am i the dark valley of the favorite at the german film awards. it's a western set in the alps and its nominated in nine categories including best picture and best director and his staff can tell the stranger and isn't an isolated mountain village trailing the german language jonathan them of the disco six nominations went to the epic drama home from home by old german master and the tights. mike tice the film back to his time on our homeland trilogy the most recent film depicts the meager light of
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the family in the german countryside in the nineteenth century and in a way of emigration to the united states. it's officially stunning look back and german history. last minute he wants to see him as the tackles important issue which as you can work with artistic ambitions without relying on big special effects all the latest technical innovations. this was on travel through the film as a cold tomato plant and as an economic fact of the effect of the sun. just being nominated for a german film award carries a cash prize of up to two hundred and fifty thousand euro. so that's maybe a warrant an important asset for emerging talent in an homage to have a shot into world the first fictional feature by commentary and confident about that five nominations. it's an episodic black comedy that sad arises german society and various sensitivities of different generations the rest of the german film awards will be announced in celebratory
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gala in berlin on the night. second one. the bid to sell and that's the one that you would like to say isn't it interesting that dark dark dark was a good deal of light coming out would you be shedding light on the two koreas in germany help them do not stay with us. don't you. secrets of transformation. our internet so you he's on the winners and losers of transformation
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many emerging markets and developing countries undergoing rapid change. why do some great progress on the road to democracy and prosperity while others back slide. secrets of transformation. at dw jaunty slash transformation. welcome back well in asia it's not only china as we've been reporting the scene germany increase its allies south korea as well as scenes as the medical promise to lend support in reuniting the divided peninsula. south korean presidents packing can hang has been on a state visit to kiev. i was interested in the end she drew parallels between germany and own country kristin is the symbol of the price for popcorn played to be awarded an honorary doctorate degree. it seemed like he has to be communist east germany. so this a clear
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parallel with the korean peninsula. i'm convinced that just as it was essential to reunite germany. so also is an essential historically to re unite korea as well the dignity of the people and their desire for freedom and not the oppressed will go all the potential puppy and he knew that. cox said the communist regime in pyongyang abandoned its nuclear program. south korea was to paint off a wide ranging cooperation in the south could help with things like humanitarian aid in building infrastructure she said. even humble kind and now more than ever. salad and north korea must intensify their interaction and cooperation. what we need is not one offer promotional events. but the kind of interaction and cooperation in evil ordinary south koreans and north koreans to recover their sense of common identity as they help each other and eating. the south korean president described to me as a good example to
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follow it. well will it work as an example for more on that we're joined in the studio by our asia expert going to accomplish good to have you with us welcome for seoul south korean president said she'd like to establish a high level panel to quote prepare for reunification how gross it is. most of the unrealistic to be frank the school money will be established and cheese it has to report to her personally be the president. because she wants to have a team from the un control of all the different to the team was proposing to date with the north south cooperation different beats. you may need to read nietzsche is offering two doubles. she's offering cooperation in infrastructure reconstruction because it can be in for the global north korea's agriculture north koreans and opens to boot that's their idea to get on the field to do so and they are really how stupid that
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they should come and give it again feeling we are one people this again can you into it to me even informally and also then finally she touched the team in notional part of. wide according to the pc wheeled one people and each week you will step through the mall and bills and do things like common language common history common cause had to teach and preach little surprised to find. to give it away to read like the lights that this will only lead to north korea plays along you've been to north korea. would you think i will manage in the a meal one react to all this. on the apostles feels defeated google free despite the presence of god is on beach tackle each side of the possibilities own condition. these offerings will break on condition that north korea for the prolonged cold feet and the activities to achieve nuclear moment and
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this severity that the high road loop hole that old green region so it's very improbable that people react positively directly and everything in these latest comments from the president of the director that the north that the south is the audience becomes be directed to the north to go snorkeling the people of siegfried itself from any inflammation from outside but is it directed to the bone community because she was asked of both community for supporting proposals full trying to rewrite the voice for unification cream treats and cruises between north and south korean goods or cava our asia expert thanks very much. well some businesses affecting travelers today pilots of flagship carrier wisconsin say they will go on strike beginning wednesday of next week. this action is not just about more pay in line last week strike by ground staff will cause as i think the four hundred pilots also one to one planned pension cuts in aid of action which is due to last two days. well
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like equals plenty of delays and cancellations interesting enough will thousand shares remained robust on friday despite the current labor dispute and as this one was interested in friday's meeting between chinese president jean jean king and german chancellor and the medical college boston has the support from the frankfurt stock exchange the visit of china's president of germany brought an important development for frankfurt as a financial center of the dough to bills and the bank of china signed an agreement with china's president of germany's chancellor looking on the agreement to foresee is that both companies develop the concept for a trading center for the chinese currency one right here in frankfurt that it could increase business of the chinese right here for germany and also his german business with china and of course that could bring many more jobs in the financial industry here in frankfurt profits to boot. the tribune
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poll was of her positive this friday. the docs when opened for the week it's also a proposed two and a half percent. this on the strength of economic data and hope that the ecb will lower interest rates for the eurozone next week honestly the stress from the frankfurt stock exchange is a quick look at them honestly now. kennedy's acts gained almost a one off to st and ended the session at nine thousand five hundred and eighteen seven the years and years of sticky also strong on friday up by almost one and a quarter percent closing at thirty one seventy two. i helped the dow jones industrials carried me up by a fifth of the precincts at sixteen thousand two hundred and ninety six. i'm in currency markets the euro is trading co one used on the thirty seven fourteen weeks. he was a sell down to his promise that it's a tie and no one has more to come on youtube. and that's just days ahead of sunday's no connections these elections he said are only a municipal vote but the important
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because this is the first test at the ballot for everyone's ak party since anti government demonstrations began last year and one is under pressure from the tapes that reveals government leaders talking about creating a pretext for minute reaction against syria and those tips along with corruption allegations the ongoing are putting pressure on turkey's most powerful politician. i knew these samples politicians from the dominance it. and sometimes it is most important local political posts on my mind and the results the scene is keen to chase it makes his general elections. the challenge here in this temple is most apathetic owner of the main opposition party. his rival the incumbent is a member of prime minister bridget i did it once akp party. one has deliberately hiked up to his temple elections. he's always stepping in it because he knows that the akp loses here
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than his political future is in danger. regarded as a kid the candidates addressed the passionate support during the campaign called showed that the bride's neck and neck. seventy various deadlines akp party can expect a strong showing in spots of corruption allegations. the accusations are wrong. they're all just lie to the view that too don't lose it and that people are always having it go what her to walk but he's a good prime minister pollution that's why we're supporting image and our cousin they will support him until the end. i said on fox in his temple is continued tough action. he's a citizen and fifteen thousand coal that's nine to support the major construction projects and taking a hotline to critiques. as was seen in his tough response to the pc
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the testers last pm. he is choosing how we keep our promises a man always stands by his work. many of the students and villas each university to costume lost his protests. he did meet his family against the current government. again we have to be easier just to get motivated to study do i think the akp wants to set up a dictatorship. i want them to be voted out of town were designed to place any good as a moderate and has a broader appeal than some of his hot streak as candidates he just ran against the meaning of tents cots and the guys to moscow. you told me you won't regret it. his
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supporters hope that he can try to take a piece called on his temple. the candidates night that i have to convince as many undecided voters is like handing in such a close race. now it's always good to bring our viewers the kind of uplifting stories to go straight to the heart. our f woman hecertainly does is a fast time has been captured on film. last month she was fitted with cochlear implants the hospital. joe newman was born with a rambunctious internet. and again from that she was overcome with emotion when an instance did the intent that she had human speech to the fist time on sunny days a week. monday tuesday and wednesday. on a friday. so
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today. some don't the moment was caught on video by july mother. can you tell i was coming true but it's honest i love it. exchanging done today the hat. it's likely it will take awhile to do and to get used to the sounds that most of us take for granted when she says the most beautiful sounds he's been so fun music and the voice of the five year old niece the story told in time for christmas. joining us here. i
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have. today's gem. austin is the only home. at its peak though the goal. err. annie
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i mean. the and going. i don't have. the dog is somebody's got to get a chance. in ireland. i think you see something of what is so great about this. it was a bit in the united states the rest of your sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact. it was great. and in jordan the twenty two and was present and to urge her to cheltenham on the screen. our group. however president reagan and kennedy to sentence him to immigrate to the united states


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