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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 28, 2014 8:30pm-8:41pm PDT

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will. i want to miss the inky night to tell. west preston parker palmer and his russian counterpart their content has spoken about the crisis in ukraine be going uptown to discuss an american proposal for a diplomatic solution and agreed to have their foreign minister spoke about the next steps. what else officials say obama is to pretend to support the ukrainian in compartments and that's amend the constitution and hold elections. the seal on the restricted to pull back troops from the border with ukraine and reduced response in writing. staff at
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the motion passed in july this anchorage until obama extremist groups are active in ukraine. the cd often it takes them anyways the international community can stabilize the situation ukraine's as it has adopted an approach that as a step back into the spotlight. he made his first statement says russian next crimea. he said everything ukrainian region should hold a referendum to determine its state is that in the country it is believed to be sheltering in iraq shall be typed as lucy has he then carried his cross stitch the people of ukraine the use of force or threat to the mosque of crying. in eastern regions of ukraine has demonstrated because they wanted. re unite with one shot. critics said the treatment of his sixteen he claimed sovereignty and territorial integrity. he
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said a presidential election scheduled for the yankees know that. i took nations human rights council is putting pressure on north korea is demanding officials then paste into natural justice for crimes against humanity. also adopted the resolution by japan and the european union. he says though she didn't think that six against. once trumpeted as a nation in response to a un report on north korea's samsung points violations. hi and abductions of foreigners and harsh treatment of political business and described them as crimes against humanity. jeff as he believes that it is that due to investor community including united nations to respond to the report. you know that two thousand theaters this series the state's alcohol or four scenes. every mortem will be
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torn into it and it was to create an enormous amount of prison system. they didn't enter puberty in total chaos are you joking. and he makes it a sorcerer system. making the cut off that interesting she was just feeling secure the council to launch judicial procedures against north koreans have committed violations. it is the un high commissioner for human rights does that little guy is a shame to conduct a continuous investigation. can a means of reaching out to handle this in the north. she made our flight she described as a simple peaceful unification i want something the district of people who don't know what the expected attack. it commented in the first group to create and calling him names dr unite the north koreans must give
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up their nuclear program accent the south koreans would provide healthcare for expecting mothers and babies and invest in infrastructure this is a solid economy and cambridge streets exchanges japan's prime minister she was on the census administration will make an all around effort to resolve the abduction of japanese nationals by north korean agents. the ftc official talks between the two nations could see him on sunday. dean critique of current sensing camille attack was kidnapped in nineteen seventy seven they met the north korean born torture of making the mongolia and he and his smile. throughout. all weekend to dialogue and action policy is to squeeze all the abduction issue at all it was. said he hopes a
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fairly simple japanese inductees will be able to hunt them out to others. she leads to release the grip of the families said the upcoming talks on a significant opportunity for a sampling of the shield. he says he wants cup and officials to continue working until they find a resolution which take on deposits in town. south korean official said pretend the remains of chinese soldiers killed during the korean war. it's the best director penetration since the nineteen fifty three colleagues disagreed it doesn't have the names of four and twenty seven on them such as those held in china international airport chinese officials received a call to develop them on to a transport plane. tell him to stand. i know that it doesn't pretend. last june during a visit to china. on
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the repatriation of remains will be filed. reflecting on the path to south korea and china with family both countries' mutual prosperity seth and eighteen cents to ten to stand up to the tunisian to want to come back to the top three nations chinese soldiers on the side of north devon against evil and four says that by two lessons soccer interest to me it caused me to chinese border in south korea had been sent back to the panel i was. i know. chris trying to find a missing link in the lineout coming to the end of the week of disappointments. this is just becoming a race against time in the end of the three coastal plains like a total of one ounce of pot and stops moving its completion. i know went missing on much anything its way to paint and it was carrying two hundred and
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twenty nine people. officials said. the plaintiff likely crash in the south of the indian ocean. thirty spent twenty three weeks eighteen likely areas without success. then they shifted their focus to the northeast australian and crews spotted a metallic objects. a tiny ship is heading to the area to check whether there are some pics from parts of the plane. chris went to find and the car behind as the flight recorder and cockpit voice recorder the flight recorder eventually had enough battery power for one month. it signals a temptation in the team political paintings your status and equipment for detecting the sounds to the same taste in the australian city of hat the content has been of recreating some of japan's oldest interesting emails and a little help from modern technology using pink shoes and pcs to bring back
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the image is destroyed by fire and sixty five years ago males due to the late second century. on the walls of the buddhist temple course reaching the city of not identifying nineteen fourteen nine bt has commended the panels to ashes. my seventeen years ago probably didn't seem to care is needed a project to restore the painting is key in this two disc and was taken before the fire. seashell content to add texture and two sheets of paper. the images and cut out and precious. you might think of every created paintings are an important achievement if we can preserve our cultural assets with his combination of analog and digital techniques. with an epidemic. also working on the production is the fee
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they need to finish off her appearance by the end of next month. the weather forecast was correct it is nice the ruling. thus this means wind and jacob and i tell ya
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the us. i am. i know. i can some kids. he is. highest peak the research. i am


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