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tv   RT News  PBS  March 29, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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need you . only he suggests it is the false flag attack at the sight of that science at memorial stadium. ps excuse to launch a war to prevent. so was signed by gunfire and hostage taking by it that creates an intense got in the run up to its presidential plane. very tense atmosphere here. hear the gunfire. i'll close the doors as high as militants launched an attack it would seem incompetent
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also what's the story mr reveals the inner workings of the above politics but his ego was completed at the un medicine to isolate russia got a taste of tea and then to use foreign policy team could enter please read a club like with the key driving force behind the evil and yet it isn't i support from fossils alamo the new the idiot that crt in national life. last week we have one more thing. this government isn't red faced off to the fields in the nasdaq who plot to justify invading neighboring syria. an anonymous last posted to the oven secret meeting between top turkish officials discussing the false flag operation that would appear to be a syrian
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attack any country team infuriate and i missed anyone who wants to go up the sides of the abstract undertake yet the gun running and trying ministers and uncovering conjecture and face it i must be seen as an opportunity for us. house in form and from sitting across from the tips of makeup and calls for war by ordering a missile attack in turkey. that is the status of ron's a possible attack on the team also mine shot you know prince area. i think a site that a kiwi despair when he guided by check the salt has ended this month on pearl wanted would retaliate against any assault on the memorial. these possible intervention insanity plea to the involvement of us need to analyze and antiwar activists eugene. three add the beans there was nothing twice a week. the nato countries want to let a single certainly the nato countries the united states england and other
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conditions. the single statement backing the rebel forces in syria to try to use this civil war as an instrument of regime change which in itself was unbelievable. they're just so they can change the government and so there's no space between turkey and other nato countries on this so it back there was a batch of forces that were looking for a provocation. it would also wonder what was in the united states and also in europe or decrease in the world i would like to see more of a b westerns and n syre know that these moral forces have been continually agitating all across the united states and in europe and certainly other forces in turkey that feel the same way. se is not using a un probe into taking sen as planned provocation and cut has always been supportive of the intervention and syria to help the rebels then topple the government of the shah said. i would not be the first time it's tried to justify possible manage the action. he's going to put
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my imports. turkey has one of syria's fiercest critics has led calls for an international intervention not only facts. it's consistently providing the reasons for it. he claims syrian forces fired across the border of refugees and floats the idea of calling i need help for reinforcements and protect. turkey from its one of its staff for military jets was shot down by damascus after flying over series airspace and current teams didn't happen for reserving the right to respond and after calling an emergency nato meeting in turkey were mine the alliance of its responsibility to protect member states. turkey site the growing threat from syria requesting that need help to safeguard the country to expand its deployment of patriot missile batteries along the border with syria and what could lead to needle action. article five of the alliance's charter says an attack on any member
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shall be considered an attack on all what's a concerted policy on the part of the north atlantic treaty organization nato. which turkey is a part of has been a part of the songs the early nineteen fifties. it appears that with the strategy was to provoke an attack on from syrian territory on to turkey therefore providing a rationale to draw in the support of united states and perhaps his role as well as britain and other states are better part of the nato alliance. certainly nato members share turkey says sentiments about the serie government both openly support the rebels in their fight against damascus and as for how far turkey will go a new week on youtube seems to offer some insight on that it's a great peek into the way governments operate regional wars that they would like to have happen when i'm on somebody else. a lot of these insurgents who trained the american military bases and air force bases in
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turkey then put into syria syria i also was god and all shipments of weapons i should say the insurgents and us shipments of weapons from turkey. so far. nato has not gotten him fall but with turkey's grabbing every opportunity to say why should strike syria. there's no telling how long that will last. green up or dying art revels in syria could be getting some ncaa crop systems from a very convincing. the unnamed american film segments can be made by some of you may be up as the us president tries to mend ties with its key ally in the details the capital has been hit by ads and other atomic bomb attack in the run up to the next week's presidential election militants fire at them they need action comedy headquarters from a neighboring house but when gunned down by security
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forces our correspondent says the tough and often false. a couple you can hear the gunfire behind the lake and were just wrote down in the independent election commission office that is where the taleban insurgents have staged an attack on saturday that began at about one pm local time the fifteen hours later the bundaberg is still unfolding very tense atmosphere here. hear the gunfire in the air on friday the top of that tactic against hell's here in kabul they were actually targeting an unprotected christian daycare center full of western families. i have said they did burst into a compound run by a us contractor an nco and a suicide bomber has blown himself up outside of the building killing a young girl we're actually on the scene and so that we were able to see some of that as some of that very tense and firemen to a situation playing out now and election office was targeted this tuesday and last week gunmen had slaughtered at least nine people including a prominent afghan journalists at the luxor we could tell that this is really part of a campaign of stepped up
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violence and find the column on the group has been dying able to pull off high profile attacks across the country raising fears that the top of insurgency will dramatically escalate at the end of twenty fourteen when nato combat forces are due to leave the country and of course it's the how can people who have suffered the brunt of this violence last year the u one reported a fourteen percent increase in casualties with mostly women and children effect of them really. these attacks these kinds of attacks very often even though they're intended to take to derail the elections and to hurt westerners is often the afghans to really end up suffering here but of course as we countdown to election day a lot of tension especially here in kabul were until recently that i want it appeared to have trouble mount a successful attacks something that's clearly very much changed as the last few days have shown. reporting in kabul for our tea and the sea captain of. well the beginning of the war on terror had initial success the us and anthony van nuys minus two lead up to sign up most of it undermined by the end of the act but for me
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to admit men vowed to retaliate and in the farming as the weakening confidence two thousand and six was the deadliest yet since the war began and at the fifty thousand troops when sent to afghanistan to battle the growing insurgency the green cause i admit to making it tends to negotiate with the kind of bond with next sucks and forty as late as the us has put st establishing its first official contact with them but the missile and send polity of the throne and he kept going and they even includes an office in contact he was of poor laptop from the wartime state is now only months away more than a decade fight scene has came the lives of almost three and a huff thousand coalition troops in up to twenty thousand civilians. and with no end to violence inside it looks like the us and its allies. secondly the stock tanked. it's very embarrassing for them that they have to sit down and negotiating to bring people
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including chairs and bad light you don't make a good thing she's cute eco terrorists. sometimes a call them terrorists and other times they call them. freedom flights isn't. it's good to go back at uvu and to the russian occupation of the funds on year rate of funding is pretty cheap and told them to foxes and then called them terrorists that they said that he would negotiate with terrorists that they wouldn't negotiate on. and that i have come back bigger and stronger it suits them and had us all polls she is the note over it the taliban has vowed to disrupt their presents and then changing to take a snack sets a date with keeping track of the developments in afghanistan and will be bringing new special coverage throughout next week on ninety six. i hold the line
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one of the vote came a month in other democratic and tolerant. but me. the irony is you. the room. there are a couple. once again. i've never had that. they care
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overall . call. russia has no intention of moving into mainland ukraine were necessary in the front retreated back to living abroad to the accusations ava the russian machine built up on the border. it's in
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the western media. he also described the inner workings of the ui in the lead up to a resolution against moscow it's easy win in the past month. the foreign minister has actually made it clear that not everything that was here here. after a major event such as from some of the vote on the crimean referendum. on access into russia is exactly what is pushing to deploy its face value for example even though the lesson wasn't constantly in russia's favor nevertheless after the vote has taken place the representatives according to the foreign minister were approached by representatives of other countries who said that they did not necessarily vote the way to get out of their pure conviction. so in the crucial issue view was nice though. astonished at how some serious countries in using all the diplomatic might that was the arm of the whole world to sneak some delegations are being told they would be consequences if you don't back the resolution we are aware of the ex colleagues come up to us and trust me explain why one or
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another small country is forced to give in. russia is isolating itself from the rest of the world with its actions and that stance and ukraine about russian foreign ministers that the isolation of what officials are talking about is actually nothing but an illusion that is being treated by hippies and their western officials. prime minister will meet us secretary of state john terry and sunday in paris with other talks on the ukrainian crisis. not only reveals that that scary but these neo groups at the right side set is on the verge of becoming a real political movement in ukraine. the group has recently been condemned by brussels. i mean not the criticism causing some confusion as she sat on the blog reports. i should have denounced rights act says he's calling on and to refrain from buying is to get up there on isn't it basically stop hating on the democrats take me now this is a great right now
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they've been feeding the continent in kiev calling on the interior minister to resign saying. finally we have an admission from the needed and often dangerous false as the monks say is that boards about that in ukraine but the meaning of this statement is needless to say the names throughout this crisis in ukraine. the us and the eu have been very much in support of the protest movement that than the foreign minister gemini and went inside and to pledge his support. despite the fact that russia has repeatedly called on its west and honesty. if that's the situation taken to task that's a cross and i broke mine sites and how it has a commonly shared by posting ukraine that dion is that catherine ashton was talking about certain to be still in my life exit from the two decades during the on ground spending to finance against times he might die to
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the assets and debts in eastern ukraine and the greens who did well and he's wanted in russia that this today think acts of terrorism and this is a meimei delay that's running for presidency in ukraine the day. on the scale is evident that the statement said. that means the foreign press into effect. is it not be as easy as evidence that he would have been eu. all brussels that every reason to announce the absence of radical groups in ukraine much earlier but turned a blind eye. as a monster bought the contents of the nation's expert from moscow state university beliefs. for the last several months the western governments and the western press has been engaged in a policy of putting their hands over their eyes in years. in a game of see no evil hear no evil speak no evil. going so far as declaring that the ultra nationalist forces either don't exist. or are trying to present them as a fringe element that had no
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real impact or facts on the events of the year of my dogs rights watch hours of right now actually the reit sector has pretty much refrain from violence outside of the draw to wear as a couple months ago they were tossing molotov cocktails in shooting policeman to the streets. but right now they are seen as the no longer useful. and it's embarrassing to the porch that has taken power serving only to be legitimized them even further. so the eu would very much like to see them go quietly away and they will not go quietly away. i think the eu will back this put regime in using force to send the criminals and crime me and now at the mercy of the chief prosecutor who promises of tough uprights to know i know what and she is muslim and just a pretty face although hundred sunday have reputation no comment allies of ideas in this instance
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reports she may look like you belong on show at center. i mean the company said it was the candy didn't make it unique. but what does sometimes even more explosive the cinemas could come to life. he needs to be accidental. the typical sky crying these thirty three year old prosecutor general although many of our japanese you was what part of the introduction. ever since work on speed to the job she has been a japanese anime may arts sensation. mediocre press conference gathered hundreds of thousands of euros and pictures like these are now flooding the web some people called skin against another famous woman from crying. for pensacola prosecuting and even invented a name for themselves. that tally lights. kyiv where she spent most of her korea is not amused. the interior ministry's website has her in wanted section. using that idea of organizing a coup. my super hot in place to be around. this too. some are
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speculating with essentially he can handle this series job brooklyn's case with the brushes concerns aside with western rhetoric. after all summer for at least a kid she took the job opening of her male colleagues appeared to touch. makes your chest prt. well for one fantasy say that to another. the rest of the president of ukraine into some unexpected turns and its iconic style is that guy into the death. monday's promising to cut the country out of tune. instead i must say is running the privacy of making an i would probably have a story in the nation's elite the adf has already won finally as for the ukrainian internet on tea which is paid the deposit for him to run for presidency. on the twenty fifth of may ap will compete again some of us from time to
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study at santa anita on the inside is like and all that. with that job up front and his films he has to sit and debate there will be confidence. well dressed in polls reveal that hackers could make money off one cent on sun with a contest to find out they do it. more importantly for sports that free tax help to stop them. i need to try to exceed of calling for more details also they find out which the us government agency that wants it to one of the boston doesn't promise us that despite through it all back on our books. an unnamed us official has suggested barack obama may approve sending anti aircraft systems to apples and syria. the us president is on a visit to saudi arabia which could be
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asked to replace the segments the summit in riyadh every american president is going to mean don't they just let the sun seeking to use code says that decades of friendship flame pakistan ttp and is funding the story the obama nutrition and saudi leaders are trying to keep their differences on the raps reports on what exactly that an obama has got a hello or skips one administration official said while the two leaders discussed put up with tactical differences in culture through their strategic interests were a lot. last year senior saudi officials warned that one of the major shift away from washington a disagreement with syria and you want washington was very anxious to leave for saudi arabia that talks with iran over its nuclear program will not get in the way as the kingdom's friendship with the two lads now saudi arabia the biggest fighter but he was but it's soggy rate is less effective largest oil supplier. with the west now has its own resources that the payments could diminish and the future but for now the us wants to
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make or study reviewed studies that found new child benefits from the relationship would have allowed saudi arabia to fly under the what's he been white sweet dark. we've been following developments around one specific case at that case involved a former saudi diplomat only of my pet theory i've done several reports on this for years that both the employees that the saudi consulate in los angeles the net that he's gay in saudi arabia strip assyria his diplomatic passport and insisted that he'd go back to the homeland in saudi arabia being gay can be punished by death lashings or jail time. that's the lot we saw us he returns to the us government were silent. he and his supporters at the washington would turn down his request especially in light of guaranteed persecution at home but up to the state albeit modest your status remains up in the air force is not just about gay rights but also other forms of oppression that would be typically unacceptable to the you tube to the west and yet washington does not show
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much urge to press on the loose issue saying that relations with the saudis europe is taking its consummate shown time and that is that it's on sol like a painfully investment in pdx thousand season he hasn't seen the contents and perez and then didn't have any doubt that with copics and the city of kiel in my self set off into the pot of talks between eu and tying that is strange being said this time of the snap of the estate the eu trade chief agreed to topple proving too. i'm depressed help recruit and import it from skynet. carol and it is said to have that's because your pc do much more to attract chinese investments. ellis some hostages a long time as a light smack head towards human rights was describing the conditions most chinese people living as a warning back in the same financial commentator jim rogers says europe is has to be next
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money into bailing out a lot of people will get you to maintain the status standard of living. it would be nice to people with the money in your bank or that i need to be cute aren't they. they come in and bail if you are about. then again a lot of good but if they don't get the end though they're not going to do at the worst that happened that the chinese that they make them all they do everything but at least a joke and took a lot more power to live without. they have the money we don't nobody has that great. i need to deploy didn't get your opinion to china but china open in europe china. tracy listen to your staff they didn't have those markets but the effort. cities across the grave had been plunged into darkness the dimmed the lights on as part of the allen campaign which aims to raise environmental awareness. nineties that thomas had one central moscow
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the doc people across russia are getting ready to turn their lights off and plunge their homes into doctors know that doing this. wines by the us. it's become the world's largest environmental bent is not just individuals with things like that compels its lights going off in one units as well as you'll see in the kremlin. just the one thing and it was the license of these events are hoping that people will come away thinking that they know more about the employment than the typical went to the likes of bill have a better idea of how to take action on the apartment in the future next is at the montana and breaking the of ceasing. i know. rule. in unofficial
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milk unofficial referendum eighty nine percent of residents of venison from the period vote for independence from other italy but baffling with the majority of course want the legendary city to meet part of both the eu and nato i wanna be insulting these people because even understand what the word independence means seeing what role telling you what to do would take your tax money brussels the second masters jim dandy also a part of the bbc there around one hundred us military bases of one sort or another all over italy including around venice so you want independence but headed for military bases all their new country is just fine although it is written on a lot of bumper stickers expression freedom ain't free is very true. her best to become truly independent would come in very high price dumping the euro saying goodbye to kneel and dealing with being surrounded on all sides by the eu who might want to give it some sections are nice democratic bombing until you get back in line if you're not ready for real independence that don't like yourself to stay with italy but that just my opinion
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room. you know. it is
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little. it is. little. i did
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chew. with you. to eye. i a the eu you know. sth. in the city still need to. you should use it. this was a


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