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watching intently. thanks for joining us coming up. local elections in. early results suggest that the prime minister mentioned the other one. bronze. in local elections the fall right into the debate re elected on to present all along to is under pressure. and in school diploma don't want that but wanted to bake treats the mercedes in place to see it. i do the way. a speed
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test it is a crucial senate elections the techies why mr brett said time as a walk and early results suggest that he may get in the east county museum of wales the local polls across the country with domestic media claiming that merrill races in the capital ankara and the biggest city is simple rhyming quite close well and it was a trade policy has been on skis. in other areas of the string of corruption scandals. adeline has been looking for a basic his coulthard see the outcome could affect when he runs for the presidency in august correspondent or ian jennings ease in the sample he joins us now on the lines into a new team following the numbers coming in tell us what you see the marketing it across the country had twenty points including a helpful to
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think that the ppp are committed to three points to open them at the general mitchell picked up the heat that had the backing of every post in front of the prime minister to the kid in me that the corruption allegations. having said that to keep the people that come to the capital bucharest and its temple all the running to recruit according to choke hold. the question is did they get their region. to one report that the nakedness of the opposition party. due to the gospel. now it will cook the whole thing too because it has been confirmed over the payment that the connection. it took them to the fund to help. this is a bit more about these concerns in the senate the pink thing to bail the production team that has been incredibly difficult campaign the country to create the right of the rule of law look into all
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the talking head that the election that they will board the connection will compete head on top of the few record multiple top of an actual moment of opening a digital copy as well as the ultimate proof of what the connection that fifty one. my connection to the death of being identical to the theme of such high stakes poker. sometimes he's too sweet and innocent. this result dawson and to be the case said one does get a big win to ask what astonishing isn't it means is he said he knew he described in the memory because the leak is. the deal by. he has it that it can be a kingpin in people crippled the country the thing that did the trick and purity of the people will prove my email. he is he the doctor to come wanting the commitment that people think i'm going to get two chances to believe it will come back see policemen in the knights
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well from c's far right national front is claiming the biggest electoral success in its history of the run off the menu simple elections that. auntie lisa marie le pen state said that they would now a major third force in french policies that soft exit poll suggested that they were on track to win control of at least four towns turnout was lower than last weekend's first round of voting the dissatisfaction of the record unemployment running high. this is his posse are all from prison of basra and loans is expected to suffer big losses with the most hits to reshuffle his cabinet. in the coming tax. online comparisons of course one of most help bolster the masala far right national front cleaning victory that has been redone as well as they say i had to take a dive the connection
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the work. i've got to know music and talking. the cake and eat. the connection the platonic. content. i'll take care. i think the hearing. she's lucky yes it's a little bit more about sauce i loved how bad is this lethal. pps. though
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we can select the kind of may two thousand tpa of cricket. the anticipation forbid the government the petition. it was a record high. last week the peak condition. parking both of us. on the fact that the line the economy. let's not getting any easier for full sun on the snow piles in paris thank you very much well moving on to the ukraine crisis now and on new attempts to calm tensions between moscow and kiev this sunday russian pharmacists second the broth has called on the ukrainian government to commit to the federal
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structure and stay active in a tent made that statement ahead of a meeting with us at the state john kerry the stock is just a short time ago was in paris. his face and the mosque and has no plans to send troops into east high. chris foss the us is pulling out all the physical but it still does. the drama along the way well the crisis has good relations between russia and united states mile west of the more pressure than at any time since the end of the cold war two is there any chunks of the two sides reaching its differences with the crescent of cars on the two most common cause there's a lot of room for compromise that ms states before and the foreign minister i love her off and we went up to ten for talks that week that kerry he underlined and family in cindy's a week the russian state media have got to rush out wasn't prepared to give up crimea. that's
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the pressure was found in its defence and he was even read the killing of the west for the sanctions that they had to decide it on he was also criticizing the wet stuff we find politics of the last year so that didn't really look as if there was an human and t a t giving and also he underlined that russia has steel once and ukraine to the bad real estate that is something that ukraine thousand when the bill because they fear that ben and russia will have a lot of influence especially over the russian speaking regions and a yellow one that market forces to back in college we'll be involved in a new government also ukraine country really is green tea that they want to mention that the second official language that is on the plans that russia has for ukraine and that pressure probably will again compares to the us and it doesn't seem as if the us academy lean back these plants so and that i didn't see a lot of room for compromise than in peace talks. write down a mosque in
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advance and a lot of time for diplomacy going on this weekend. the water at ordinary ukrainians the report says it can't be spending time with people whose lives being changed forever by experts. i never could screw this morning on call. mexico coach who was just past nine years old when he rushed off key and independence square. he left behind in a cube farm. i think her idea. she wanted to give the european union. she was great. there is a normal country. he was fighting for dh. like for me. i run two hundred people were shot dead in kiev in the final days of last month's resolution. not the orthodox churches forty day mourning period that it is torn to attend. people have meant that the victims will not be forgotten shouldn't she was leaving my friends were shot here. we thus they left behind to not
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allow them to die in pain times are tough but we must with everything we've gotten to delivering change to devote to it. that's the message from many here in tn. friends and family for the victims of domestic and iphone in the ukrainian people's political struggle they want to stop russia taking any more concrete terms. clothing is an extension of the year. and of course to get into some pundits have protested russian presence in the team and his policies. these people wants ukraine to be united and strong. a gypsy electoral commission has announced the dates for new presidential elections almost nine months off to be on the absenteeism and morrissey elections will take place on the twenty sixth twenty seventh of may. no candidate has no right to receive the run up to take place in achieving goals suggested that that might not be necessary to promote a balmy
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out of town says he's seen as the team. this film traces the malaysian airlines plane that disappeared more than three weeks ago. officials say that overtakes pulled from the indian ocean by such cruise of the pas couple of days did not come from light that makes the seventy six in ashcroft said seeing a huge area west of australia and will soon be joined by sophisticated underwater equipment that works for them and that there will be looking for the anne cross station recorders. before that the entries from as two hundred thirty nine people were on the flight when it vanished off to take an offer on them. nietzsche. based on two sports now and her sisters hamilton has won the malaysian palm pre and dedicated the victory to those on board like an age seventy. his teammate nico rosberg was seconds making it the closeness eighties want to finish since all the way back in nineteen fifty four
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it's time to keep the golden moments is the time. in evidence likely to be thirty and off to the race the puma will jump in pay tribute to the malaysia airlines passengers. this bill. and sickly the percentage of the three weeks ago i read that's dedicated to those people in attendance. nikkei rose that came in second to make it a perfect weekend to mislead east the gym and beats the joy the standings. it's a costume but both had something to chat city. he puts his tough start to the season but pointed to finish that. you have to point its best school to compete with its eighteenth season. imagine sundays was kicked off the stage the tendency to base with a three one when the comeback was in for was the final school one at one time that be the winning goal for the doc put them to one up with fifteen minutes to get to and is fitted and sand
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dominique as well said golden age of the schools the sunday sixteen games and a brain is thus allow states to one win against ten of them can ever take the lead just before the interval was both christie free cake raymond then bounce back then with goals from the end a sentence that included to secure a three by two points two important points against relegation. today he oftentimes done by me in a lime green band nineteen game winning streak to an abrupt and find good at going under rested key players ahead of its teams can use the plastic lenses in my seat and he paid the price for that the variant comes close to drop points since the time my new raised its stake is the way and paid the price that is going to be distracted performance. oh and exploited holes in the agrarian back loaded into the mood to stay put in front of the twenty three minutes what the bundesliga champions of islam. the idea
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is that i didn't realize it they need to get the other to keep it to make the team was considering popped up again to make it three one for inside the predicted that . hopefully we'll say it's only the beach with the big three kate and reserve goalkeeper tony stark a chronic illness but the telling. often it with the hungry ascended up to the parade to the bit to fit me no stroke to make it big in the seventy fifth minute it might even if it was to buy that stock has stayed strong to extend the truce unbeaten season. so we can assist check out the rest of the weekend's results than forty pride but it beats me about three c in a relegation clash with the keys and couldn't eat or what will please the boss who plays brunch like stuttgart through wasted a two goal lead to these three two against oakland. my salmon on top by
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three goals to nil and couples both the french thirty one the result that on friday evening chill that once you know this has been i read it i know this exists in the gentle eyes watching her website to be t even know what. to me. are you. knew it
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i am the room the doctor two weeks of wasting my time so passengers are missing malaysia airlines nineteen seventy. in tokyo on monday he said selecting syndicated it was like when i'm bored sometimes the idea. it does to me. you said yes. i regret that i must inform you the recording. this is a new arena. martin and eighty
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three to seven zero. and. kim is on. he knew when i was on the edge of the plane continued. in two thousand five hundred km up the western coast of australia. experts casualty is using satellite and radar images to target and kohl's mission remained without success. then the end of the week. new satellite information contact the australian authorities to shift as such one thousand one hundred km further north closer to the australian coast meanwhile the families of those on board continued to wait process. someone somewhere that they would ever find out what happened to my nh seventeen. the us and its western allies cut russia out of the g eight group of leading industrialized nations this week in protest over moscow's incursion into ukraine's
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crimean peninsula. the g eight became the g seven with leaders meeting not in russia as planned but in the pay the storm fay it as long as there is no place in an environment for the tnt as is the case indictment that is ninety eight. neither issac on the summit known as an entity that can give them the high school maths. later in the week us president barack obama up the pressure further. while visiting eu leaders in brussels he threatened further consequences if russia sought to annex any more territory in eastern ukraine. sanctions will expand. the toll on russia's economy as well as its standing in the world will only increase. russia appeared unfazed and continued to increase its military presence along the ukrainian border. but moscow later said it was keen to maintain contact with its g eight partners. i was
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outraged and get the monday after a court sentenced one hundred and twenty nine and sentenced to death. of the one policeman. the trial lasted just two days. there were protests in various cities and international condemnation. the case relates to a wave of riots by supporters of ousted president muhammad was the oldest in response to a brutal security content nearly seven hundred more defendants still awaits sentencing the german soccer club lyn unique claim the fastest ever bundesliga title this week with seven matches still to play the corneal this team wrapped up the title with a three one win over kent to berlin. tony calls open the scoring after just six minutes making it one nail. just minutes away their money it gets ahead in the second goal. chances are waiting more fully in charge and there was little hectic to do in the second half and almost pulled one back for
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berlin from the penalty spot weinstein was never under threat. with eleven minutes to go talk to me that he'd made it three one. it's long it's nice to go with undefeated this season. it was the cost is tucked away in this league is history they did great the courts. i think we can be proud to win a pot of this team. and it doesn't foam from the start it's the twenty fourth league title for the variance in stretches there on the league in runs of fifty two games. the washington state. rescue teams continued to mount the week besides debris following the devastation mudslide on march the twenty second the small museum said was completely buried oftentimes hillside gave way as the week progressed. three years of finding anyone else sometimes dozens of people are still missing. global air pollution
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hit the headlines on tuesday with the world health organization calling for urgent action. when you don't feel a tickle report said that it leads to some seven million deaths globally every year. far more than previously thought the ocean is one of the most significant go but at least we are confronting today the problem is especially bad in some of asia's biggest cities such as beijing and delhi. emissions from those factories and cars are to blame. strokes heart disease and lung cancer are some of the illnesses related to bad air quality. his crew this week. every new outbreak of deadly from the virus in west africa. more than sixty people have died of the virus into the neighboring countries are on high on that on the cause of diarrhea unstoppable bleeding and in the most severe cases can get the most deadly strain of the virus kills ninety percent of those infected. on
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wednesday germany's controversial bishop to botswana as it was officially removed from his post the decision was taken by pope francis. the bishop offered to resign last year following allegations of overspending in his bishopric francis made reference to the issue in his general audience without naming the bishop is cool. q tony initiative does not serve the community that is not doing good. by then. even nicknamed the bishop of blame it on stage that a botswana has caused an uproar when it was revealed his new residence in a more cost thirty one million euros to build. in a statement the pope said he hoped the decision would put an end to the scandal. and that the clergy and faithful in the morgue. now returned to each other in a spirit of reconciliation . german
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architecture at the center of the legal dispute announced on wednesday at the hewlett and or works from his huge collection of being still in bed and aunties. maybe it's good that inherited the paintings from his father another dealer who bought and sold works for the nazis many of them have been illegally confiscated from jurisprudence. before she stumbled on the last when investigation for possible tax evasion. the collection includes many miles to peace is the context does have long considered lost. the test the connection will now be investigated and new shoes on let's pretend. he did reject army field marshal fatah cc resigned from his post on wednesday saying he plans to run for the job of president instead. he stands as the favourite to win the election. many egyptians celebrated the news. after three years of undergrad they're looking for an assertive leader to take
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power the others accuse the cia orchestrated last year's military takeover. and here. egypt is sliding back into dictatorship the telecommunication firms to block access to the video sharing website youtube on thursday. when it came after a recording was leaked of senior officials discussing a possible american intervention in syria the band to get international condemnation and a outcry kentucky. get the ball that in a sticky i wonder how fun it was great to have last weekend the smear test we tend to ut they faced by how the ego and the sand and think that i bought ms also is a carcinogen on the new itv to face and the youtube uses the years the middle of a sudden this band comes in it's shell. could it be unconcerned with me and tim smith. youtube and came just one day off to a turkish
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court ordered the government to lift a book on twitter platforms have been used recently to spread recordings and the changing times to reach it. i wanted corruption you are. add on to the leaks were hard to discredit and ahead of sunday's key local elections. also on thursday ukraine's former prime minister yulia tymoshenko announced he will run for the presidency in an election scheduled for may. reaction to her candidacy has been muted. heer kind of it's ironic because no one but had to stop by. both of which is the gloomy news of the oldest i didn't trust. the new highway is a time. although i admit she's a good lead in with the experience with the thought that it does seems to me she doesn't have much all authority. but tymoshenko does have many supporters who see her as an unflinching defender of ukraine sovereignty and advocates of closer ties with europe. later in the week
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opposition leader but to make rich hill announced he was withdrawing from the presidential race. us car and truck obama and from this meant for the first time on thursday at the vatican obama said he was a great admirer of the new pontiff and coke and inspiration the team and was scheduled to meet the whole amount that went well at the time. they had sharp differences over abortion and birth control also discussed improving the lives of the pool china's president she didn't aim was in berlin on friday for talks with german chancellor on the mantle. he came with a delegation of two hundred business executives and a number of deals were signed. the two leaders spoke of a new era in sino german relations. they are white and other top it off and on today we talked about the fact that political trust to benefit by talking about the things we have in common. am i breaking new ground when it is also
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inviting him to talk about annie's when he did to him by newman also cautioned. for example on human rights on topic addressed by german president york in golf. he or she to allow more freedom of speech in china. he always full of kindness to him so that was confirmed as the next secretary general of return on friday. you can still relax and calm tensions between ukraine and russia showed the importance of ensuring the idea of collective defense. that's not to accept as prime minister for nearly ten years and has extensive international experience there was. he will replace outgoing radiation on this whole process and when he's ten and in october the incoming crew of the international space station arrived at their new workplace at the end of the week. two days later than planned. and on the president a technical problem meant they had to orbit the earth
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thirty four times before the rendezvous. so there was relief in celebration when they finally docked to the new crew made up of two russians and one american will be at the iss until september. the law or international and that concludes our review of the week's news. my head. i'm quite sure the top problem at all. my eyelids. it meant right now. true to you
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we're. these. the essence ch ch. i write to your content for iowa this is for cultural programs and entertainment at one. watch a lot too. i would have to pray. read it. archie unions six pm. may he grow
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we were we . says. using the picture. in this week's episode. mittens that doesn't mean what the problem on its radar data. i mean that in the low cliffs india


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