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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 31, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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the m a c networks wind nm with. you might just break it was a weekday. cos breaking news to all points. so much either or situation the stock. but what. four gordon use. tess gets its
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first female mayor but that's a victory for the socially this is overshadowed by the ruling party's losses of around the rest of france summit advances for the anti immigration national front party could push the president to announce a cabinet reshuffle as early as today. north and south korea trade artillery fire across the disputed maritime border the exchange was triggered by a north korean live fire exercise the drop shells into south korean voters. landmark report on climate change says the harms of global warming could spiral out of control if the world doesn't act the two tennis your own boss and tell history was made here in paris last night
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the city now has its first ever female mayor and socialistic and uganda when she takes over the job after thirteen years as deputy mayor. she was ushered in in part thanks to papa programs already in place in paris like the bike sharing an electrical car sharing services. like that when a friend says crown jewel of the socialistic did not do well in the rest of the country. left suffered major losses in trenton surely sitcom explains the order of the french mainstream like to know they have links for this for thirty seven years. after almost four decades in power the socialists was a city wide clean party ump. it's one of one hundred and fifty cities and towns taken by the light on sunday. some people just well to reducing tonight is the ump has led the league is right in. i'm going to see the difference between a general by the rise in one row that led to
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the tunnel at the initiative although the socialists retained the capital. jones has ballooned in the results are devastating. many see this as a protest vote against an increasingly unpopular president and government. the slide them onto the lead. you should use this evening has been a moment of truth to close eight straight goals in a local level international level. this has been a defeat to the davenport in the mall before emotionally. forty five point nine percent of the french voted for the ump and its allies forty eight fifty seven percent for the laughs and six point eight percent for the full right national front has won the election is in a dozen cities and towns. orient the ins and one leading police on eight thousand mr beazley's told the ministry they will be multiple even as the future of the mausoleum at the print enough. linda pence bill now is to do it
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any better the european elections in may. last night for the social a script from the president on down to announce a cabinet reshuffle as early as today. surveys have already sounded out on is the least popular president in recent history and to make matters worse new data released today says the government used its own target to cut the deficit in twenty thirteen the french president is due to address the nation on tv later today here's a closer look now at just what kind of shake up there might be. france's socialist leader is about to make changes after he suffered a blow in from these municipal elections. while the opposition calls for u turn in economic policy is a moist below to see how president total will react to this message from the pole don't know how he would change his catastrophic policies. the socialists say they want romance to the program but the reshuffle the cabinet. if president also told replaces
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the minister's the unpopular some of the warming the first to go. political analysts had been debating the prime minister's departure from months. according to an opinion poll released on monday seventy four percent of the french one thing or two leave office for his replacement. the first choice is interior minister man you guys. to see what she told the president i think we need to be more coherent and more efficient. they need to be told that she was in the government increasing its rivalries with people stocking up to personal agenda. among those who could stand the government agriculture ministers from the florida economy minister should step up and the current justice minister has yet to be on the political analysts say the president could act quickly. all the speculation it may come to an end soon according to one minister where no one will address the nation in a televised speech later in the day. my friends down the party of turkey's prime minister read it i'd better when he's kind
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of victory in the municipal elections. they are. thus he needs to happen a lot of his recent political problems the prime minister has been linked to a tumultuous corruption scandal in turkey and he recently provoked outrage there and abroad that blocking access to clean air and you too. nearly seventy percent of the votes counted and tear tear to his party was above forty six per cent of the votes while the main opposition chp wasn't just over thirty seconds. north and south korea have traded artillery fire across their disputed maritime border exchange was triggered by a north korean live fire exercise that rocks shells into south korean waters tensions in the area one day after north korea threatens what it called a new form of nuclear task force on and her son and husband so. change the sheet. he lets see what
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the great potential. what was true. like firing at targets apparently some of the show last week. late in the triple to respond to a concert like that much capital to parade naked talk because we want to keep checking in to see that it meant giving up is the great glory that god would grant them like this to be going out of control. back to school. the current bull market that the tree but in the car. now it looks like it was great to compete in the event. he contended would make the area were talking about now. dr emo . in topeka. show up on the balcony again the measures. never mind
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the soul. russian prime minister dimitri medvedev isn't until the next region of crimea. he is the first russian leader to travel there since mosque assignments inflation absorbing it into russian ten days ago and this comes a day after the u s ticket to state and the russian foreign minister held emergency talks on crime yet here in paris was a bit more about that as our international affairs editor on george he was following the talks yesterday there were four hours of talks at the end of the countries have narrowed the gap anymore what the weather the next steps no one would hope that it is still russian troop movements around ukraine whose old kids from the john kerry's comments last night that the us sees these treatments as traction as russian pressure on the diplomatic process. john kerry made some proposals as to how those troops might be redeployed he didn't give us any details on a second drug makers and proposals up with these ideas
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is not meant to be looked at in the next few days pointing us and russian presidents but it's clear that that was in a breakthrough on a key issue and said it did its job is that the us is still not find the brush mind that these assembly between exercises and often taught the ways they wouldn't have recalled to europe. it's a tree in a tent. come on he was brought back to europe eddie from a visit in washington. i mean that john kerry also sounded very wary of these aspirations from russia for a federal ukraine tell us about that like it would be so when will sink in the brook said yes to all to often been said that off to these talks that ukraine cannot function as the unified state. and then it's be a federation of regions that she's there are an economic model and language and religion would talk about seven regions in ukraine and the center in the east we will talk about crime and which of course is already broken when a
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controversial referendum john kerry told us that he hadn't discussed in detail but is russian proposals because the care it would be inappropriate to use it without high level ukrainian representation at the school talked to all this is a sensitive point about the fundamental future of ukraine but it was evident from the tone of kerry's comments that the us is extremely wary of these russian id is full of federal ukraine. not surprisingly because winston three western figures in kiev have already said that these russian ideas are basically it's a trojan horse. russian influence in eastern ukraine. thank you for that unintelligent. are any new report from the un have some frightening news on climate change. it's as if the world is not the permission of heat trapping gases city already noticeable harms of global warming could spiral out of control. port st tohe governmef the cuts rising greenhouse gas emissions have a son and
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his parents steve and jason are some tea. the homes of global warming could spiral out of control. that's according to a un report the test of its nineteen seventies. we live in a world where the impacts of climate change is the party occurred are widespread and consequential we see impacts from the leaders the polls from the coast to the mountains. there's no question that we live in a world that already altered by climate change. it's a cool for action to come that you shouldn't keep trapping gases the warning that really change could undermine economic life. new group called into the fracas of the report wasn't going to the sun to dissolve his son to keep racing gear at twelve times in the nineteen states droughts in history and into the funding increase the labor and tumble of the study stressed that climate change has already caused him to be unable to
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supply. these crises. maybe even eating. nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change. the fourteen during peak summer into wealth. basically this comes at a time when problems have costs and save the rest of the dangerous level of risks had to be repeated. in two thousand and seven in the kiss was level one key summary traffic was high comments before and then make its report on senior level very high income as a teen couple. on to the study talks about what can be done reducing carbon pollution did i teach you in preparing for changing time experts monte developments. hewitt has been challenging my gear
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and am still going. welcome to the casino but didn't want it. it's like let's get our next pope will travel to the port city of umm i'll post them the circus held on to the itunes which starts just behind this wall of the most though was once known as the gem of cyprus to entering beach resort. lewis and is a red tail end of the international stars these days parts of the seat she literally looked like a ghost town. in recent years citizens from both sides of the item to have joined forces. hoping to restore from a grossed up to its
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former glory. i teach the belleville has mono we're here in the middle of the bushes. behind the barbed wire lace the house which all it was warm the provisions of the big move because the ticket show me control the area. the greek cypriots george houses set but then since the day in august nineteen seventy four when his mother pack their bags and russia three children far away from the brush and it did. hubby has described the event of a i can think of it. put words in his district. i know many former inhabitants of the ones cry seaside resorts and georgia sense of loss. today going in the light and small the brooch in a bid to become a cruise that was completely closed off when the ticket on inflated nature has reclaimed the town and the minute ritual but no one crosses the kids neighborhood boundaries. but the trouble
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with the postulate frequent incidents of a teapot of comedy set in for a few months now he's participated in a project to reunite the town. the initiative including free tickets to korea said it was the defection of the fact that we would have an opinion piece from a human to close the pool something. i told the leaders. you can leave to go to the temple does the pagoda. he's such a mess and i don't think it's for someone who go to bed where we won. kutcher from so far behind. with out having to kiev and find them the political agreements already exists at the local level gets in the bowl rolling the turkish cypriot mayor of comic is that of his greek cypriot counterparts in in nicosia. two months ago the pair issued a joint press statement with the united nations backing the objective to retain from
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a cute innocent artsy to the town's inhabitants or sunroom. dd it resumes three big reasons are complex but is it just be the president's return to russia the buzz that comes to the mission is to bounce tomorrow to read the comments will still take at least fight and lost most of them and us just in time it'll take to renovate buildings and infrastructure in this. the aroused issue getting to deal with. i think it was cool. but the use of computer chips and i think bob kentucky condo the appreciation of cyprus and the us or european time amcor group. that doesn't show with the intent is to expect that. to be more decisive. the light of re unification project is a scary prospect for tickets to chris' family was the last of the pro russia. the kids to the complex of chipping away happy childhood memories of the communities living side by side. and heck is everyone
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has painful memories are that show but they would be a problem for me. i didn't want to put down. cups of accustomed to show his id on his way back into the art itself. george dreams of seeing cyprus free at checkpoints. still he's grateful he can even cross the border completely cleansed. the ten years to get it. one hundred american dead and his foreign country i have to show identification and of course someone had gotten bad. don't get it and it's good to read a small price to pay for these have been a key food court at any stage. george's family left behind for hotels and use this ghost town. his father then rebuilt as complex a few kilometers south in the creep up to the elements. the jeweled reopening the town also means that the new face that
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business opportunities. with every year in a fight said tuesday he's incorporated in the two communities. when opened the doors open to the conflict is second to the demands of school school is domestic or not makes the trade. and we were as busy as pivotal went to see these conflicts be put away the preston went to fireworks into the ditch between the tweed optimism. a symbol of division in the major issue in negotiations. russia could also become the symbol of reunification. it is what's more story all the meats and sickle top it all. she's a mobile the european calm and fold the socialists and democrats and to build very nice bc if i didn't see it on. this is a very symbolic these were now
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standing in the so called buffer zone the green line that's the feisty items into the greek all these behind me the sec east cost is behind you there. i emailed a link that has attended which was then came the fun and different font and font and gave her the laughter yes it has been paid to listen to anyone under the reason is because he was looking to him being stranded impact of the on time off and eat with him and thinking about it as i used to the united nations test. only. am i meant to be kinky and because the intent to cause the phone. ms was in the months and none could include pass by and constant offer my thanks to the other thing. dan quinn and tensions during the guilt and an awesome miracle and we thought but then i was able
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to put something fun and nice gooey and nine. toby and uplands. this is not the case until today. these things i can convert uncle buck and part of and content in practice and think you might think. in two thousand and four. mr renton was put to both sizes so called coffee adam rundle the greek cypriots rejected the deal why because ms austin and can plan for me the contents as i can so many i am in a few too. and then oakland was for the day meant essentially beef comes from the fed to spatial sun again and with any night that one could have been spending will fall on the spot ds is playing just my camera solution which would be in on that thing is certain to wait with the days when the international vip club in the pan at three twenty eight based on the might of its children dying of the dixie pianist an
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awesome to take a cpr and unfortunately the cough and then planned to commence taking into consideration and this is my drink and you can't be just as it might be a mentor don't think he thinks his tenth class tickets that accompany it because an interesting match in favor of life they went expecting ultimate solution he told the idea that you'll find he was forced to not be the town of more flu in nineteen seventy full. have you ever gone all the way to the end of the streets and crossed into the circuit on the icon and cons. and then thanked me and at the plant cousin's girlfriend it's intended to keep covenants coast. because i am the european food is then sent us this is my country and that is what i didn't think it is my fifth year was nineteen seventy four. why should i show it has caused enough to to maybe get them when the pain body of mine and we did a puppet of cyprus and if he can paint is non
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committal to make money anybody on my detective in a thrust fault of the program was so how. greek bands to use it to be this fun trying to not get a deal of peace settlements are you optimistic. i called to go with the canadiens negotiations with saline and then on that day and the pentagon thank you to invest the ten thirty am. an opportunity fund content to be the euro ninety six and of cos we dun need to use fantasy and ended on monday the tenth time it remained on the ice and salt. i am optimistic because now in our life and any and in our exclusive economic zone when confronted with an intake is very much in pain fit to share these so this isn't missing a beat poet company and made it to him. i still didn't think it protected
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because we know that they can't see anything at the time has come in and i'm looking for bloggers contemplate every body part instead the cheese on it this time and energy is concerned. so maybe if we can snap up the band and i can't even change them if any to coincide with men had an opportunity for a solution and siegelman spooked on next story in the race to attract foreign investors from countries such as russia or ukraine and even china cyprus is now offering of residency. you can possible in return for large scale investment. all the old testament. eighteen down to san simeon had written down to the cave. today science some of the toys he clipped but some us states his wealth and sales. the russians in charge of collecting the tree
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comes complete with a private swimming pool and golf course the price tag. a cool one point one million euro as the customers mainly russian and chinese admits this beyond the sea and some showing own fortunes it wrong what a great incentives laid on by the state government i will just is. he invested three hundred thousand when cooked inside this visit was invented to this permanent residency. being two months it says barry. the scheme has proved to be especially with investors from china wanting to read it from alston nicosia signs in chinese and russian. to the chase of three hundred thousand years or more. it was on his head a precedent in cyprus. making investments over by the hoff made your eyes in the european possible straight into the bargain the cypriot government rolls out the plans the point of law says banking crisis a look back of the troika bailout plan. the colts
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refill state coffers with foreign money the feeling that that foreign investments would be david jones said for the future. i then wise if we needed only two babies to the super heroes. it's going to be much would be to god because that is no degree the game. that is lol. and then it would be the best of our bed for that i'd be good with dates and all that i would be the best environment to prove that fact. cyprus is chamber of commerce and industry has created new book he's focusing on both chinese and russian investment. it's that time i l runs conferences around the world several times to get into commenting cyprus. foreign investors. perfect with these stories. the profits you make that into you. they did not pay tax concession. to our
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pets they have to go knit group and pakistan. what a wretched mad because he is pleased to have to step it up with it and it's become evident everywhere you go without degrees at. nice to see their european european citizens. in this place or six miles forty one people have taken the job and foxtrot to sit or nationality the new system only the gospels of the falls to the super rich when uploading anything with a three note book and a supreme possible i don't want to because afford to do that. the gospel incentives like those on offer in cyprus of being a kid across europe the states struggle to put the economic crisis behind them. brussels has raised fears that such policies could open the goal of the risk of money on drink
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then to cope with the trusty old pots off the city center we hear within the ancient walls that used to protect the capsule. in days. if evidence is tight at times on the upcoming creepy and wages are leaving the venetian once it is this tuesday and had many posts and dan. these things on the desk and thank you to send john chant which was left with a eight hundred to sixteen tall and be kind is being sent to new zealand credit card very fun and cute as all be different sometimes in june a tactician based on among other things installing and monuments answer yes to any resumes and byzantine icons and lost than five hundred churches in the combined any hour of cyprus. some of these was a response. even as my kids don't invent culinary
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the year if any in either place and continuing up and dance from any chance the chance of scientists and the government side was time to find alex quinn and effectively teeth on the byzantine icon costume on him as submitting them back and actually someday i'm going to have a need and want and they act like to thank us and then to the new content because smith is part of the all time to study all my life caching. we saw in our previous reports that cyprus remains a magnet for foreign investors to seek the russians they like cyprus because of the sun would also like cyprus because you shed the same religion of both christian olsson books a number of eu countries no worries the deal for it easy on giving away pa sports to the city. is there a pogrom that. none that is the problem at sheffield lee went on in the best honest intent was to unite and take up to a financial crises. you know that the younger
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blossoming and can't because they impose on strength was finding this time and again in the air which meant that we had to catch kind of in deposits on the us to many people at the end of the day you looked at the mt shell and sunnybank the two sides are you telling us that's attracting foreign investors is upset and didn't mind so keep em and when i have a long standing relationships with the best route because it happens to be just that the duplication of. they have to say that the press that when cut. local indigenous inside his cell. in essence they appreciate that this is the trend for you enough to give the tenant and really comfy i can believe in this event since i was on to go to the bill to thank you very much for sharing your passion to native cyprus in these difficult challenging times the price for boating. i still am. thank you for watching this edition of europe now will retire next
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month as i continue my journey across the european it of china now says idea worldwide your lecture the moscow state university in nineteen ninety four he prefers this initiative at a time in the former soviet republics were experiencing the consequences of the collapse of the years the side although they are definitely wasn't unanimous support for the safety of the head of state has consistently defended his beliefs on the right to discuss two platforms the image. this is a new shipment of you with what was obama's address that in nineteen ninety four before the students of the moscow university


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