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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 31, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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against north korea's live fire drills crossed the disputed maritime border with south korea soul responds with artillery fire and f fifteen k fighter jets again threatens a new kind of nuclear tests all says tibet has been the north would pay the price scientists bring us to a world where nanotechnology skin patch watchers analyzes and immediately deliver medication on time you speak instead. and. cheers and
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korea and hello to those of you were watching from around the world it's monday marks thirty first year in seoul on abt them from limping so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the latest skirmish between the two koreas soul in kunming exchange fire across the western maritime border on monday after the norse artillery shells fell into waters in this town for more under the new tensions on the korean peninsula. we go live to a correspondent on funky at the hideout new
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center as honey what can you tell us. data exchange of fire between fifty three s came to an end at about three thirty pm korean time. it all began and it'll pass me in on this monday after north korea began like fire drills in seven left the border regions north of the northern limit line. south korea's defense ministry said north korea fired around five hundred artillery shells in waters north of the nl now and then some one hundred of those shells fell foul of the maritime border in south korean waters near canyon de lisle and then responds the south korean military shot around three hundred artillery shells back across the out using the ninth out of town i lived there thousands of residents on south korea for the islands were extended to shelters recover. and if i had notified south korea have its plans to conduct live fire drills this morning. not getting a specific time for the planned exercise demanding that sold tibet's castles out of the training zone. sunday we also hear
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that the south korean military is still on high alert in case of follow up provocations from the north that's right sunshine and says monday's trails were part of its regular military exercise this but felt korea's defence ministry called a pre planned provocation and if it's the first time in recent history that the north has conducted a live fire killing all seven but the boy their meetings and also the first time for me and has informed the south of the exercise ahead of time. the ministry said the south korean military will work closely with the united states and keep close watch for possible prices. the south korean military has activated crisis management operations and has deployed naval convoy near the nrl to cope with any contingency. in soccer as presidential national security council can be an emergency meeting this evening what was discussed the standing committee of south korea's national security council was briefed on the situation by the ad by
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the defense ministry and discuss the north's motives behind its latest provocations. the committee headed by a top presidential security adviser to dance to talk about the possibility of candy and further provocations and souls plans for a strong and firm response when needed the south korean government will take the measures to protect the safety of south koreans. not only near the western maritime border but also knew that the militarized zone. it is worth mentioning that this is not the first time the north has fired artillery shells and its direction in two thousand and ten north korea launched artillery strikes and a south korean border island killing four people died. thank you for keeping us up to date sunny sunday that was our idea the news is on sunday with the latest on north korea's one hundred trips. and speaking of growing threats out of north korea to read jane warned on sunday that it could carry out a new form of new attacks argentinian reports on the timing of
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the announcement and south korea's response despite the strength to carry out a fourth nuclear tests in south korean government said showing no signs to indicate that one is in the works which room will be going well. north korea is a capable because of the new clio one remains in effect test and in kind of awful now then we mean that the seinfeld new contest on the fennel seeds. protesting the un condemnation of its medium range and on the ballistic missile launches last week north korea great tasting sunday by threatening to kind of a new type of nuclear attack. it was every team's first mid range missile launch in four years and followed a series of short range rocket firings over the past month. we would not rule out an informal to protest a proposal to your nuclear deterrence. in response seoul's foreign ministry warned north korea to keep in mind that it will
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pay the price if it meant like to graze demand from its neighbors and the international community and pushes ahead with another new clean it out. the united states also urged north korea to refrain from disturbing regional peace and security saying anything to protect our ballistic missile launch are a grave violation of un security council resolutions and that will only further isolate and come yet according to thirty eight north a website run by the us korea institute at johns hopkins university. many satellite imagery shows mounties north and south and north korea spawned a test site was excavated to complicate that could allow for multiple cuts to kill l a to a former state department official and editor of the thirty north website that north korea is capable of carrying out a test within four to six weeks one to decide to do so. see if any item you. experts say try
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the latest service between its history as we bring in dr congo me a professor at the korea national diplomat academy and the studio. thank you very much for joining us and forgive me. so talk to ken howard nor more scheduled were these recent exercises and to think that the shells that were unified in two of the south korean side of the northern limit line were intentional or accidental palm island would say this in between as imported kind of intention. as like cardinal current forty in which to me they were arrested at the bequest of artistic impulse buys one was he that he did some photo comment in response to the united nations mission in june and then on the use of korean trained trio in the name of the dover trial so allah say that no property was settled. wishing on tap to intimate the midrange recent past and the rivers and oceans and then softly as i did see
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something that not too into it. famous operator italian responded with a cane and artillery shelling and the specs of the fire test it seemed to react appropriately i think so and so on the new no photo boards of creation with a clear message to north korea says that the indian economy to focus and he spotted by a south korean noodle as some sort of like high for a nice tradition. at the same time i was in the south korean was very cautious in responding to a kill from the total contents of provocation. on sunday the sum total can go for a finger. all of the peace of the ministry of the camp was enacted upon it. after the was unified in place by north korea when the north korean descent at the same time. the scope was in turn was pretty cautious as to what like to officially in the cbo did that the soup was isn't ready for responding not just assuring that the sum total bliss divisional office addition to north korea bps. well this incident comes right after
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north korea's threat of a new form of nuclear test was that exactly mean and how is this palace is already affected in the korean relations and four in my opinion not the people we can go bowling. possibly that's in the fourth nuclear test by north korea. was it with a few twice called upon to be to go before you protest but mostly with citizen kane least likely that north korea with you know that you call twenty four from the house was so bored tunnel would not welcome it. i would say china cubicle wall where the traitor by a ghostly is for you the reports no protests or come off into saturday with a test of the crazy about that means north korea would become a candle forty cable for a new crew with the state which attack on a job for you when you add that when you bomb in china we are all a typical feature of nuclear weapons state when it's white neighbors. i am not excluded the possibility of force to
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protest but how about further provocations like missile test of some sort and if so a host of suffering government reacted in both disappears with the puny me that this one with c but this moment. i mean i just said these things in many communities who were taught that north korea to store his baby. i settled on the fiesta details of the snow. ethan thought it was a bit too small to have the extension of time compared or penalty kind of funny in a hospice in use for the safety of the region. so at this moment of conversion is his noble one prideful policy is to sit tight and a domestic politics. and then after that probably the one that will provoke south korea would even say sweetly put into the top of the leopard spotted this allowed the thing is the right type of them but here too bold too far. i duck into so much for joining us tonight. mark was a kid the law. i know your
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gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoy the tetons from women and the of the heart of seoul. drying time he's the guy has lied and ten the next general election. ever had for the upcoming korea japan ministerial meeting in april three tops of the dialogue meant taking place at all at the two sides are struggling to work on it and over historical issues that i can report. korea and japan aren't seeing eye not on the agenda for the minister level talks scheduled for april. a new report suggests they may not need at all. a foreign minister officials from sold reaffirmed on sunday that the discussions would focus solely on the one in the workforce by the japanese military work as slaves during the second
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world war. that runs counter to what the japanese foreign minister official told the press friday the officials said the cost of not only center on the com for one in a few but also another point of contention between the two countries chief secretary and he gets it that said thursday that discussion should also include his government claims over korea control coco island. if the two countries fail to sit down at the negotiating table in april. it's expected to have a further effect on bilateral relations. go to propose a minister level talks the soul of the concession had a trilateral summit with korea and the united states last week. korea's efforts to raise awareness of the comfort women issue continues on an unofficial level. the house of sharing a shelter for former slaves said and is invited to pee and briefly and kiara than for a visit. the proposal was made in mid march during a meeting with japanese diplomats. honey can i be the heats. some welcome news
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on the trade front korea posted a current account surplus for the twenty fourth straight month and that vary as imports declined and the services account deficit narrowed to twenty hand has to be counts. korea's central bank said monday that the nation posted the current account surplus of over four and a half billion us dollars last month that's up over one billion dollars from january and more than double from that period last year exports of goods rose over seven percent the previous year to forty eight billion dollars while imports edged up slightly more than one percent to forty two point six billion. when asked if the syrup plus was coming from the nation's sluggish domestic demand officials at the central bank signaled that the sun you import numbers were teachers the evil global commodity space as the deficit and the service account which includes tourism and shipping also felt helping the nation
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bloc the current account surplus for the twenty fourth straight month. it posted a shortfall of around one and a half billion last month compared with a deficit of nearly two billion in january the current account data was released based on a new international standard under which last year spreading cancer plus waitin to seventy nine point eight billion up around nine billion from the previous data the central bank said last year's surplus accounted for six percent of the nation's gross domestic product the nation's current account surplus has been acting as a buffer of work to react since the us federal reserve began scaling back its massive bomb buying stimulus program. a true samsung group companies are merging the deal announced monday has come some fbi the cricket is in charge of developing battery technology is the part of britain's textile firm taylor industries demerger will be
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finalized in july and when that's done some fantasy i will be one of the conglomerates biggest business units would mark the capitalization of ten trillion won to roughly nine point three billion dollars in assets worth fourteen billion dollars this comes on sti has been developing display in parts technologies the new and the system battery since the year two thousand to ten industry has been involved in the fashion mechanical and electronic material industries since being founded in nineteen fifty four. over the growing number of cases of measles in southeast asia the korea centers for disease control and prevention issued a health advisory on monday the largest outbreaks of the disease have been reported in the city of manila and other areas in the philippines according to the case of the ceo of the nearly fifteen thousand suspected cases of the disease reported this year. around thirty four countries were confirmed to be infected. that surpassed all the cases reported in two
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thousand thirteen. korean health authorities are recommending that all travelers to the region should make sure they've received their two stage of measles vaccination before going abroad. over down to a groundbreaking research by a group of korean scientists who have developed a virtual hospital impact the wearable adhesive uses the latest nanotechnology to market your store data and deliver medication to patients. our puppy one shows us how it works. in the click of the old and eighty can be easily adapted to the peace and theme but it is not to come back and that aims to nanotechnology. this flexible plastic and money to peace and conflict ended in store information on him in may after analyzing the data if i was eleven or stud draft yet if team. this technology is important as it has established a systematic
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connection for my answer and storing medical information like the peaches movements delivery trucks. after analyzing the data. as if he and his plastic and he's text tool for peace and movement attacks could be a significant breakthrough victory in the movement disorder disease and take part in the temperature sensors or other bio sensors can easily be added onto his own devices it can also be useful multi functional offices in detention and treatment. by effectively monitor a patient's condition and delivering trials in response to the data the team also say the pact could be very useful for a turban that if it is a text with viral communication technology the study was published in the midst of the same edition spent at the journal nature nanotechnology. to what i mean. some stories making
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headlines on the global fund for the us russia talks in ukraine to an election plan and each of the gulag for poly at the new center so called let's start with what the washington moscow dialogue that took place in paris to the two sides managed to hammer out a deal to reduce tensions over russia's annexation. no deal after four hours and times the top american and russian diplomats agreed on only one thing that the crisis in ukraine requires a diplomatic solution to be agreed on little else. our junior known as moore. us secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart sergei lavrov discussed ways to resolve the crisis trade talks in paris on sunday. but the two men parted ways without any agreement in place. in a frank
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conversation this evening with. prime minister lavrov i made clear that to the united states still considers. the russian actions to be illegal and illegitimate. russians actions over the past several weeks a place to the dogs obviously with the rule of law in the international community after four hours of talks both sides recognize the importance of finding a diplomatic solution that meets the needs of the ukrainian people. they agreed on the last lap of repeated that russia has no plans can carry had discussed setting up the neutral federal government in ukraine all political forces in ukraine will have an equal voice and can agree on which kind of concrete political economic and financial social and religious traditions will be respected in different parts of the country saw that it becomes united and represents all the values of the ukrainian people
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ukrainian officials are hesitant to decentralized power. be sure that doing so would give more power to pro russia rejects something that could harm its aspirations to the greater part of europe and potentially tear the country apart. they carry level meeting in paris came days before nato foreign ministers meet in brussels on tuesday and wednesday for talks are likely to center and russia and its actions in crimea ukraine. don't get id onions. and moving on to the list of elements of the missing deletion airliner an international team of ten aircraft in eleven ships into this or so on monday standing about two hundred fifty thousand square kilometers are nothing of significance has been found the story shifted operations northeast in the indian ocean basin new satellite images last week showing possible debris. but several floating objects found in recent days are not believed to be part of the missing plane. despite the lack of progress this
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release prime minister said monday there be no time limit placed on the search. we owe it to everyone. to do whatever we reasonably can and we can keep searching for quite some time to come and we will keep searching for quite some time to come in a press briefing late monday malaysians acting transport minister his hundred in hussain said his government would soon hold a special briefing for families of the victims three point three seven zero. officials say they still believe the boeing triple seven was deliberately diverted when it vanished in march eight by who and why remains a mystery and heading over to the gym for the government has announced a deeper upcoming snap elections. the main us election committee says the first round of voting will be held on the twenty six and a twenty seven the attic the first place kenny does not achieve a wide enough margin voters need to catch the second ballot in june. however they did not clarify how wide a margin
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that would be the head of the main organizing committee judge it on or how i see an ltte tells sunday in a televised press conference former general abdel fatah laos the c2 lcd tvs first freely elected leader muhammad course he is widely expected to win an election on the back of strong majority support. houses he stepped down as defense minister and head the country's armed forces last week in or to announce his tennessee. there are several looking into national stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night the two prime time sports and the beach it was an eventful weekend for sports but let's start with call for the ladies the field is now set for the international crown into law on well for them and steven bowditch hangs on to win and play around with the classic rest
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of the world's top ranked ladies from eight nations including south korea the us and japan have locked their spots for the international route and based on the updated world rankings the top four players from each country will team up to compete. the world number one the fifty one weeks i can be anchors the south korean squad. meanwhile fordham and steven bowditch finished at eight under par to win people wear old texas open for his first pga tour victory. and moving on to tennis milbank silk goods dominated the play on the doll in a battle of the sport's best few athletes to lift the sony open trophy bates outclassed the belt dropping nearly one half of their winning in straight sets for his forty third title to follow serena williams is winnable for the not in the women's final on saturday. meanwhile martina hingis purse bag into the scene winning the women's doubles title for the inside part to be in the city. and
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heading to the west the major league baseball season opened stateside with the nl west rivals the los angeles dodgers and san diego padres going heads up. but the padres and compassion are given the long run on a coral proper single. the dodgers in the engine parity one topping the past but said it would be a pea pod race broke through with a homer to tie and he rallied to score two more holding on to win the final score of three to one. hence the baseball does get to monday night's action from the cave yelled hi mike eagles handle both the giants squared off in with the help of law gets the tone for the first has continued singles one believes one topic that in the forthcoming guns off the home are still left to me next to nothing hung low. then we get what they add another couple months to the six and they hold on to be an awesome with a couple more that some of the eight and are currently meeting led to the top of
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that. that's all for now this has the speed of ten thousand a year later for more from the world of sports. well we've been getting so much summer like weather lately that the cherry blossoms have already bloomed and that means cherry blossom festival organizers to change your essentials around for more let's turn things over turned to look out at the weather center again. but that flowers have begun to bloom about two weeks earlier than usual and the last time lovers blooms in march was all the way back in nineteen twenty two. the ten thousand fourteen delhi military boss and best of all will be held from april third for the thirteenth and become suddenly visible from april warned there was a pro thinks that taking out like that the current conditions than a senate under the influence of the high pressure system from the west cedar woods is why we're seeing the light clouds in the least bit. well if
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you're headed out to see the flowers or for cleaning that needs to have a card again as it may be chilly and the evening i watched daytime highs will continue to meet and the low to mid twenties or wednesday before showers fall on thursday. looking ahead and see if they've memorized so they went on to all make it to twenty three degrees. was it nineteen moving on to the other presents said it tops out at ninety degrees. who am i going to be given the team's lack of updates for this hour at the back that much to the bank and after broadcasts on this monday night to meet again so i'm sure when things were watching will see this
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all in all. wind. our. i did with it. he thinks. so long lol. i want to win the us
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during the city the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel the us. think about this on some sort of. i don't don't the clues into the making but it's all been the ticket. he has done in time. we had to put a sentence. if i'm forced to
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collect in vietnam to use the postman. that's the main figures in the fall. so be it tomorrow. this disgusts them hooked up the severity of the decade. it's a day. some of the animated series but it is more snow this year. it can be. the you see. it is
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chew . your research when he's helping me. when knitting again. just as possible the essentials a games workshop. had preyed on by family. why did the french president such different it is in local elections and the terms of the national front. bought it. but the former prime minister to


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