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however what i might as well each. was forced to assimilate. each the program is brought you why. critical norway's mainstream crews were his lines. her group exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include characters and access to wilkinson
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the us. i want. dr a massive earthquake itself because the chilly night and forget that the barbie. ruby bridges which you can use it for the fourth of march would like to briefly talk to him identifying for the area the suspense of the event of a pre cooperation with russia was glued to his place moscow wants to get the kids integration with my help what do you want to see the growth of the ignition switch. of course the deaths of these people. company you would get me started. stop by cctv news on it with our buddy jay. both are nice and chilly have said fine people
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are confirmed dead after a magnitude eight point three earthquake struck the pacific ocean off chile's northern region of the victims include for man one woman and they died for my big tummy ached the rest all four day break quite cute shoes that evening and generated a tsunami. some of the tsunami warning has been canceled for war love the country is along south and central america's pacific coast example peru and chile. the quake caused landslides the ball runs in the city operate to be in chile one hundred and thirty nine kilometers from the at the center of the quake. one day injuries were reported and some homes made of adobe were destroyed be quite was so strong that it was felt in bolivia's capital about four hundred and seventy kilometers away. this was the equivalent of a tram up for the hof magnitude and at least ten strong aftershocks followed in the first few
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hours including one of six point two. the psychologist at the university of chile said that more hawkish oaks and even a monster quake could not be ruled out evacuations were awarded both in chile and peru the us geological survey says the quake was very shallow only ten kilometers below the seabed. it was said and eighty six kilometers northwest of chile's my morning walk elijah says it has classified the disappearance of life image for the seventy s a criminal investigation. prime minister not give razak is scheduled to visit the west just read in capital to die then he will express his gratitude to the international search efforts. according to the latest information from his study of maritime safety or party. the designated search area for wednesday is closer to the west is friday and cuts now about fifteen hundred kilometers northwest of perth. meanwhile the intensity of the hunt
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continues to increase the british ministry of defence said a royal navy submarine has abided in the southern indian ocean to help with the such the ministry added that the british royal navy source of a ship is also due to join the hunt soon. meanwhile chinese and us military and crops have departed from perth to continue to die he haunts the search area is roughly the size of our island chinese premier league coach adam says despite the great challenges the search efforts of the malaysian plight in cattle beast like them. he said this in a phone conversation with a study of prime minister tony abbott today has vowed to intensify the search and deepen the investigation the malaysian government and malaysia alliance held a closed door briefing whole rest of the passengers aboard the missing plane at a hotel near kuala lumpur today officials from the department of civil
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aviation police and air force as well as technical experts attended the meeting. chinese families decided by jane also had access to the briefing by tele conference. we'll respond to our cars for the time the check in perth about the malaysian prime minister najib razak scheduled visit their blog today. so when militants on a show we think she's in the beginning and suppressed itself to. the it's a make ahead of the a joint taskforce has just taken over the search operation. i wish jim hill semi tony abbott's the australian prime minister has been in perth for the last couple of days. he zeroed in on the domestic political businesses of the election here the weekend that saying he's also been marshaling the troops and twisty and they'll be sitting down together but to the premise that najib is arriving late it's not we understand that no till quite late this evening. they should have a full day here tomorrow. mum's them most
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the time they appeared his ethics. then change and things has a relationship between china and the eu has become one of the most important in the world. he was speaking at the college of europe in the middle of the belgian city of rome last year the two sides for their twenty twenty strategic agenda for cooperation president she has called for building bridges of peace growth reform and progress and cocoa prosperity. richard chow has forty titles uh speaking to an audience of china's largest trade partner has been cheating he said the best is yet to come. for twenty five we should not forget there's still great boon for the growth of china eu relations and potential has yet to be fully tapped. i love the entree in two thousand to eighteen which just over five hundred and fifty nine a deal in us dollars. and criticize china and the year to establish a
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dialogue and consultation mechanism in over sixty areas chinese eon fifty students member nearly three hundred south. from what to do it for you china is the world's biggest developing country china's great historic progress and development. it is now the second largest economy in the world. it has achieved in several decades developed countries central to the chief. this is without a doubt a proud achievement for a country whose population exceeds one point rebuild. presents effect on business to dip into full on what does provide strong momentum for the country's modernization and three new development opportunities to the hello world. andy called for understanding why china with the way it does free will. china cannot copy the political system development model of other countries because it would not fit us all and might even lead to catastrophic consequences. the president meant that the future
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direction of the anti eu country has that strategic partnership. highlighting the twenty twenty stepped in to get done that for cool operation to use the metaphor of eating bread as in four areas peace and stability growth and prosperity with lime and progress and cultural developments. we are to show them to find room to tell. we need to build bridges roads and prosperity in linking the two big markets of china in europe and china who you are two most important economies in the war. their combined economies accounting for one third of the global economy she's thinking list of the factors that would benefit from such a badge of the hike its investment deals a possible free trade area and the inhibitions target of a trillion us dollars two way trade volume but twenty twenty. he promoted the development of the sound of economic wealth to integrate the market of asia and europe. presidency said turning the blueprint into
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reality meets the size recouping ever in the coming decades. put it out. cctv the president should you pay has returned to beijing after wrapping up the four nation european tour which opened to the netherlands from germany and belgium. during the trip the president attended the prayer of nuclear security summit in the hague he also visited the headquarters of the un educational scientific and cultural isolation in paris and the headquarters of the eu in brussels. the two sides signed a multi billion dollar deals with europe taking negotiations on a free trade agreement. up to giving a speech in brussels she met with weapons at the ca manufacture a volvo which was acquired by china's ortho dr g lee in twenty ten it can be and that she's four nation tour in which he met with heads of state including joni council on the maniacal and french president francois long been promised president
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she oversaw the signing of fifty deals with twenty five billion us dollars including an order of the seventies have asked why he is in germany there was also a multi billion dollar agreement signed including one to expand the formica the line was presence in china well me first i have them i saw two meetings in brussels fonda says it decided to type for the step stool isolate russia for its military activity in you crying. the twenty eight member alliance will suspend practical dealings with russia leaving only high level diplomatic communication of a news conference. cctv center got good reports. nato's foreign ministers issued more strong words for russia including the decision to defer their december day today relations with moscow over the ongoing crisis in ukraine. we all took weeks to suspend all off
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makes no practical cooperation with russia. so its actions. russia has chosen to undermine the betty foundations upon which our cooperation is built the military action against ukraine. and speaking the annexation are part of ukraine sovereign territory constitutes a frequent breaks. russia's international commitments with the aim of further show of nato's the toughening its stance foreign ministers also pledged more help to ukraine's army and instructed their own military chiefs to think of ways to boost defence with nato members taking steps toward a military readiness it's evident that there are real concerns about european security. baltic states bordering rush around like a lot to be and lithuania especially loved our house tonight at once to intervene militarily in the region. but a western security alliance is skeptical. this week
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russia claimed there would be a reduction of troops on the eastern ukrainian border raid into estimates some thirty five to forty thousand soldiers remain. according to nato. there have been no signs of retraction. we were happy that the yesterday russia made an announcement frozen food maybe those who initially that they would remove a battalion back. and that's obviously small compared to the numbers that are deployed. but it is a welcome gesture in the right direction. the question now is is there a way to build on that in order to be able to find a way to move the masses of troops back and truly de escalate. what made us setting up their patrols in the baltic sea and over poland and romania the alliance wants to be seen as a stronger than ever all the more pronounced as nato also celebrated
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the anniversaries of several of its members that much to russia's disappointments have since joined the western block sender caught in the cctv brussels and on tuesday russia warned you crying begins. integration with michaela sighing kids previous attempts to move on to the bloke had strained ties with russia. russian foreign ministry made the comments is nice but promises get into that meeting in brussels the minister warned that future economic ties between moscow and kiev one largely depend on the action is he crying takes in its foreign policy. the stipend of the school with russia's sensitivity towards my car and you cry ties. well let's get some more on this weekend the street to our correspondents me how by david who is awaiting course they're in kiev welcome the house. this decision by nine thirty for the rice like
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russia. how does that actually affect you cry the most important thing is that it is supporting each race than other they have been emphasizing over and over again because we are seeing on a russian basically declaring that they are taking over crimea right now the first bold move that was on the static stations but only clean one of the moves at the meet was on monday with the russian prime minister met its twenty twenty without any notice at all and you crazy reaction was to emphasize that this was a violation of their own territory. you are stating that it is their own territory see not one major members once again declare that this isn't of violation of borders once again it is strongly supporting ukraine in many senses on non ukrainian foreign minister also met with nato members for mrs in brussels and they have decided yesterday that prompted the train but he didn't allow me to drill to take place on ukrainian soil so the military drills are the most important of
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decision that came out of yesterday's meeting for ukraine. no what's the feeling that way you are in kiev how people feel about that so much this development and that was it then what is the security situation like talked a lot of people here in kiev. they of course very well aware the situation in crimea a lot of people are very frustrated that much has been able to do this on right now they are supporting ukrainian government. they are very angry very emotional situation. we talk to some people of our inmates of the crime the ends of their very worried of what they did mention that they are grandparents who still live in crimea. i actually happy that much is there so there are mixed views on already here in kiev. however most of the people are supporting the government very strongly um about security in kiev we had an incident on monday night where they are the radical like sector group that was involved in shooting three people were injured when a would be shooting o
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hd yesterday thereas a decision by ting liamento disal legally on the roads iniev t the mad so that will be one of the stare t be seeing happening here in kiev part of me how many thanks indeed have begun reporting to us there from here the us is hosting a defence for him with the association of southeast asian nation still has the arm for the first time. the us is reinforcing its commitment to the ten member group. cctv sick but then came reports from all over them. as essien defence ministers gathered here and us. this is the seven summits of disco lane all the u s soil. multiple calls about the us patent agent or rebalancing as us officials like scolded but also with the set still on the way the missing flight and eight three seven c both discussion about how the region's new entries can be used for civilian purposes such as search and recovery does exactly the point
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the pentagon is trying to stretch this week. the view is ministry this week. it's a balancing act. convincing alloys like the philippines at the age of rebalancing is more than just went right also all those of the strategy is not aimed at containing a rising china. as you all know we've been in a series of america says the car for many years. we look forward to continuation of building relationships and partnerships to. as we go forward. evans twenty three is jolting are some good runs the east west center here in honolulu and is next but alas he and i stand members preferred not to have traces in terms of exclusive relationship with one great hour of power. but i also need security and are worried about the threat that name prefer to have parker said hi to us sushi presence in the pacific despite the threat of fun to come says impressive two hundred ships and submarines two
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thousand a cough and three hundred and thirty thousand personnel and expression of home palette that is the navy's so called soft co emissions that will be and facilitated this week the us had three cards. the afghan region to establish cross country polish it is routine in the trees that can help and is off to recovery and humanitarian assistance and compressed into a multinational so the flight and makes three seventy pieces of the corporation is in the forefront of the minds of the afghan defence chiefs here this week. in fact malaysia's defense minister would use this opportunity to thank his afghan colleagues or their assistants call requesting more u s help to find the plane. we understand that request will focus on more equipment that can be used to listen for the pain is emitted by the flight data recorders. us defence officials also told comparisons this week and was dying on in eastern europe ukraine and the middle east to the relative stability ball but asia suggesting improvements in security
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architecture across southeast asia that will help oval would miss on the standings for the future. likely in poland because as united south east asia is an engine for economic growth not just in this region. but around the world. making things cctv oh and one us president barack obama says seven point one million americans managed to enroll for new health care coverage five mumbai is a bit like dandelion. speaking at the white house was gone on to study. obama said the four year old war known as obamacare has not fix the healthcare system but it has made it a lot better. he also praised the achievements of overcoming last week staff to stop offs lineups like mafia. the total number of sign ups the houses of when told that once beaten down due to compute sfx lost for him. america's walker said he watched all his might mean
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general month is horrifying to back set out to warn consumers of a defect in small cars. this lead to thirteen deaths. why haven't the folky cars speed week old even though gm knew of the problem as early as two thousand was left with the question price by jen's new chief executive mary bought the formal like is investigating the defect in washington. a correspondent to watch this has been following tuesday's dramatic actor. she's the nanny state to the tmp he is the cost of four months of the top. she's placed the families of the victims of the problem that could easily have been fixed. today's gm will do the right thing. at the dentist with my sincere apologies to everyone who has been affected by this recall especially the families and friends who lost their lives or were injured. i am deeply
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sorry. the problem was as simple as turning eighteen the ignition switch gm excepted in the small vehicles and initially in a sentimental fool was the motive there and tightness pendants and i just wanna show how easy a bit. in turn this to me. in its wits if you had a heady keychain like my mom keychain. or if you had. if you are short and you bumped up against the eight nation with your name. it can cause this can lead to switch right now. it is more small cars were introduced in two thousand and five the solution was identified. we need to be dismissed by company and zinnias. because they were more are in the bow of a cold and unacceptable. does this cost. documents provided by gm shell that this unacceptable cost increase was only fifty seven cents before a new anti thousand and six a new ignition switch was introduced at the same
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pop number. obscuring the change to the but that's switched to the two types of puzzles that the letter g m's and minimum specifications from two thousand and seven moment there is internal investigations from it influenced by multiple crash reports and many customer complaints. jen's new chief has appointed the new executive to safety and didn't play their respective doing a tenant find time to the investigations. but for now there are no aunts this to them will make his questions. sitting here today i cannot tell you why it took some time. proceed to defect to be announced for this program. i can tell you we will find out. no one says eva as to whether the new gm that sometimes from bankruptcy in two thousand and nine will take legal responsibility for compensating the victims families were men but it was only in forever if they see and that she took the decision to recall as pickles and two point six
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million have been identified as potentially faulty. gm also adds that news which is should be available by april the seventh for the recall cost. the new range is cctv washington. mary bar i met with some of the victims' family members of washington before testifying on capitol hill for shelter from oaks at the uphill battle for gm to my commands and regain the trust of consumers faulty ignition switch the delayed recall the accidents and up to eight p is a tree with injuries and victims slowly emerging at first it was one. and then we worship you. as you see we are many. and there's still more. this is just the tip of the iceberg. the christian sixteen year old looks at the end of every rose was the first known a taxi at jen's faulty equipment kristin was one of many family members that came to
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washington d c to a gm ceo their equal right to cling to us to make of why the company took close to ten days to recall the defective vehicles the grieving mother says victims paid the price for what she calls gm is christmas time when other people left behind when a loved one got into what was supposed to be a safe car. a gm car. the gm you for years was dangerous and effective our daughters sons sisters brothers mothers fathers wives and husbands are gone because they were a cost of doing business. g m's style issues with equipment from gm into it and make up the bulk of the biggest recalls in the us in the last decade but ford holds the record for the largest in two thousand nine of fourteen million vehicles were recalled for a cruise control mechanisms that could spontaneously come past the implications of these
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recalls also goes beyond the victims as companies have an uphill battle to regain the public's trust ave i have really gotten their way to prevent that happening and i don't really wanna get my car that knows all the delegates and see how it plays out see what they're there are responses are that it is shown that the negligent the first. initial responses to get to that information yes that has staked a black nissan titan the warmer months usually spell it can seem a spending spree penny whistle to industry the carmakers may have to let the little honda to install the latest headlines don't drive customers away the seventy fifth cctv in washington. but switch gears now ago of a different direction because the tennessee republicans for what is kicking off what they did. they're welcome to shut us up and running thinking cap was forcing ear infection welcome along a couple of one wonder was it like a champ easy quilt bottles but
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she died in confounding agreement free guide predictions and roaring with finding a brick paved in a minute the cheese head of the best teams fine start to the white eagle the defending champions who was then sent off. despite floundering in the dish hate the red devils can tighten by the desktop that well but couldn't get in the light of the media perhaps he skidded on the mend well knew i had a pretty good site even strike it in on goal opted to run but think that since it was like. he brings forth in its infinite power and didn't quite come off. leighton from wayne rooney's corner in the seconds off the beach get a good night to believe that the pleated up. like the nyt what does it apply to speak about this and the need to be that they would really struggle against the trouble with this line for what it's like that. substitute matt and defeat the kitchen and a plus point so i got it connects you to play. so the white gold ahead of the second leg in the very next week. the captain who will be a byte for byte done
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enough to keep dogs do what you really liked on the second yellow card was made from red to be suspended for the ten of the audience agreed to. and so will the money go to the vaulted it's not a bad result on the nineteenth on the cricket mad today he didn't eat them with awful but with the play begins happen to get it into a formal plan that would be a key to the johnston said he couldn't put the spotlight no he's made in the fourth minute before the quarter hour mark possible for students with substitutions the goal stood in the care of each night to injury he was replaced by a mock offer a false already without going to be dealt with intent to incite the big garden fresh minty can get to post a bit tall for his replacement yet go read that scored a cracking in the second haha but too quick for the camera lens in the kneecap. what sort of like what would you try to keep from there. it all for now. but that all
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people that may be good to go to the tots. the message that was left with the love of the knights defence as they can get the keys to the hof might not be like the one one the pontiff said in a bmx the capitals like any typical race meeting agreed with bullet points is a place to show more gripping things get underway in the south wales. the true christ not looking like a team with one win from three of the funds site plaguing many embarrassing and all the way to the second mafia krieger on its trip to the wall that will be a penalty kick goal and hit album the ecuador international gang share a few lines up with for cake liam brady the goalkeeper of likes of witty insight now baroness on the attack in the seventy third minute and seek with the crafting finish an acrobatic effort fifteenth in the life out in front like obama doctrine. and yes
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hehehe t t t t t t t him to bede flight point two cranes don't like. we leave you with them for the champions league action could result in on tuesday nights in the quarter finals meant that his afc and champions league action like true and real sporting died with you by what the. sch
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tgt. the us. i feel the region. isn't it. below we welcome it. all things considered on the twenty oh four to point out the results to claim the manufactured crisis in ukraine is drawing new mines and deploying new geopolitical realities others are just bits of things the old cold war and never really came to an end so does russia and the west do this


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