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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 3, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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more details of the house found to be in a korean border investigation finds that an aircraft quietly leave the front door korea at least two hundred pictures of the facilities and staff. she liked her school textbooks of the u s state of the gto will identify the body of water brianne and japan as pc as well as sea of japan. this after state governor signed into law. and whenever he will need them. president obama is widely expected to revive its toll on april twenty fifteen for overnight
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stay. after this tidbit that egypt and the st times usually translates to these words or acts of wanton mee thus at rei and those of you but watching from around the world that thursday is the third year and still get to hang them sean wouldn't think so much for joining us we begin this evening with a troubling development. about one of the two unmanned aerial vehicles recently discovered on south korean soil. the investigation shows that control widely suspected to be from the north took nearly two hundred photos of key facilities in the south in the presidential office thinking and then had our top
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story. south korea's defence ministry says one of its humanitarian vehicles recently found question the country have taken dozens of pictures of the presidential office of top it. the ministry believes the role which was found with the soul of a city upon to lead last month. no posts in the cracks as it was headed back to north korea. they added that the aircraft have flown at one point over the present office for twenty seconds and a jockeys danny caught camera attached to it that the one hundred and ninety pictures the resolution of the pictures will slow. but the plane header while a transmitter and knitted into it. i raise speculation that come yet to receive the photos of real time. but the ministry said thursday that's impossible cause in the rudimentary technology. a low frequency of the equipment. the south's national security council standing committees have emergency meeting on wednesday to discuss the recent discoveries to come along plants to prevent babies cry at that rate in the nation's their friends
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network. a second uab watched on a monday on the plane on soleil and one hour after the start of the toronto exchange between the two koreas. a point and then go to sources the growth of this week was lost from the airport and on in the eagle with korea south korea's business he says they have detected is wrong on radar and try to shoot it down. but a crash on the island after running out of fuel. the two draws trees leaf out of people loading up to one told them of explosives or chemical weapons. to him in. i don't do this. hasn't just been stepping up its military maneuvers in recent weeks but also its rhetoric and warning before you protest. so will they follow through our tongues and he looks into the possibility. just a chapter president talking they laid out her plans for bringing a teacher vs together. the north launched a verbal attacks and escalating military tensions on the korean peninsula
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among the rhetorical rachel is the new clear threat raising the question of whether for its nuclear test could be in the making we're in the middle of a cycle that may or may not turn into the standard escalation of threats small of rocket launches were sort of there does it continue on to a nuclear test. i don't think it's clear the contents are but we could get away. in the past north korea has shown us in the cycle of events leading up to it's new year test beginning with the long range rocket launch the un security council resolution one eighth of a new clear test and that the actual text. if history has been that the key itself the north but that's it for a new contest sometime this month. plus the cover yet had a lineup of events in april making a sense for the under fifteen which is usually an occasion for the common street in to shore up
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internal solidarity. a planned visit to seoul by us president profit on ninth april and the ongoing joint military drills between seoul and washington are among the meetings for the north meets an outburst. if a bad life the exercises and later this month that tensions will also die down. would there be could there be on the other hand could be toxic and south korea north korea after the military exercises got to see that happening. despite the differing fallacies of satellite images of north vs nuclear test site. most experts agree that for the common is routine. it's merely a matter of choice not keep ability when he comes to conducting and other new contest. i can be so . us president barack obama is expected to visit both korea and japan later this month amid strained relations between seoul and tokyo over historical and territorial issues art and science as the american leader is most likely turn driving stolen
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april twenty ten. us president drop a bomb night is expected to visit korea but today is from a full twenty fifth for the twenty fifth. during his fourth a visit to thailand as us president obama will be a foreign national in washington alliance and assess the implementation of the three year old comedian us free trade agreement with president and it comes as recent firing of missiles and if that of a new form of new protest. mr lee and related security issues will likely dominate talks between the two leaders ahead of president obama is tragic tanya chua envoys from south to me at the us and japan will meet in washington next week. the meeting is the follow up to president half ended with a u s and japanese counterparts on the sidelines of last week's nuclear security summit in a decade before coming to korea president obama will make a state visit to japan starting on the twenty third. sources in washington facing us is
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added to the president took a late inning after japan said tuesday not to make obama doesn't want meaningful the last us president to make a state visit to japan when bill clinton in nineteen ninety six. the washington tokyo alliance and the negotiations quite often and attractive said the partnership free trade deal. i like to come up during president obama's talks with japanese prime minister issued to love it there's a great attention to words how obama will address relations between washington two main asian allies. it's made from japan's denials of the content of this depression. the us president will also visit the philippines and malaysia she thought i knew the governor of the usa to virginia has put his signature and a landmark bill that will change the way she has favored have named the body of water between korea and japan. it's largely thanks to ah persisting campaign launched by a korean american group which now
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hopes the movement will spread to other states content as deacons from here on out one students in the us state of virginia learn about the body of water that separates korea and japan they learn to call and fine tuning. ec and see japan the month of korean americans as virginia governor and three mcauliffe has signed into law a landmark deal on the steamy the cost of travel and long anticipated as he was believed to be against the bill at least initially it's so long that takes effect on july first required all textbooks and if they preaching and to identify the body of our minds korean names the ec and its japanese name defeat of japan the japanese government had put in acid loving efforts to block the ec barrel from getting approval to the campaign started with the voice of korean americans instead the name see if japan is a cruel reminder of japan's and her list passed
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at the name was registered on the creek an influx was under japanese colonial rule printing is the first us state to pass it to bill and it'll likely have implications on other states in the us. seven states currently use the same text of his virginia. honey can i use. thus her to miss a visit to germany last week was not only be in education experience. then she stopped a benchmark of successful examples of ten champions her first two promising small firms in germany better global market leaders and respect the field for more on what lessons korea can learn from the german hidden champions we bring a doctor she has had on professor of economics at some young women's university in the studio thanks for joining us. thank you for having me here. after saying so what entities can be categorized
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as having champions and of course the key players in germany. for though most of the names of the intentions are not familiar to the pope people thought i think for the most important people the deed could about the problem. tesco which is the station and it specializes in legal counsel for artists and also did some on fred to be calm. that is the german ambassador to korea i mentioned that it's a seventy percent of more market share has been a huge help are just meant to be caught dead is to produce the album topped the dish to germany has about half of the world's twenty seven hundred hidden champions korea apparently only has twenty three. what explains the small quantity here in korea a while you read that the flip of the other side is that you no wonder so many children in the meantime it's almost the same question
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they end up posting door one emphasizes the pope or coach or ride in korea are called to cut your interest and to know most of the small to medium companies emphasize sales volumes. profits. but it is in gemini most of the companies do not emphasize the same volume prompted to read up emphasize unit the performance quality customer satisfaction. so what strategies are practices can korean firms learn from the german hidden champions and what can the government do to support the right to the important thing there we learn from german union russian champions post and i emphasize its a coach or so and the creature cannot be developed by the support of the government so kutcher is to think that in this huge themselves to do the nap oval on the period of time so fun to think that cause me to shoot up to do. especially in
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the snp has is that it did have to change slowly and i'll call protected as the first and most importantly as second thing is you know. oh and if you look at the gym and initiate those of various art typical you know education system in the sense that majority to junior high school students don't go to you not told of how i get to our final goal in two days getting into a cottage day that the kindle which are each of the junior high school students in sch rules of going into vocational school. here in korea there is a huge power asymmetry between small firms and the large conglomerates out to the hidden champions in germany survive among the really thick heavy hitters that was it because it is unquestioned and the chancellor are in germany past the present part of honda dealer to me it's about power conglomerate wheelchair is about content is in germany so i think some
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poolside in a typical sight all to know that i made it to jab all this and that humans are interested in it about you now. korea was able to develop will shoot you know joe was full so up to his turn to the iron tool to develop top of each of them off to incur the top one two in each regional his intentions are often so i think you know we have to remember that it did in coaching when he didn't show can stake a long time interesting i can't thank you very much with all the time we have for now but professors tend to keep re doing this evening the law your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoy the gunshot limit and ug have the heart of seoul. drying time he's
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the guy has lied and ten. and on tv next to him. i saw a package of measures to support its economy over fears that a slowdown will threaten the country's growth target of seven and a half percent for twenty fourteen the first stimulus measures complained the government this year include increased are really spending and offers tax relief to small and midsize firms. the tories will create a development fund of up to three hundred billion yuan forty eight billion us dollars the year it increased sources for real financing. the turks as the world's second largest economy grew seven point four percent last quarter from a year earlier. and it's not just beijing that's concerned about china's economy korea has one eye firmly fixed on the economic slowdown their souls finance minister called on policymakers to prepare to deal with any market instability. i then used a
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sponge it has details. during a meeting with fellow policy makers on thursday korean finance minister tunnels have expressed concerns of possible risks dissenting from the slowing chinese economy. kelly said the government will closely monitor china's economic conditions to mini mites possible effects from the slowdown which could lead into global financial markets citing the chinese government's drive to boost domestic demand the nation's top economic policy meet her and besides the chef and export strategy. we never use minutes from time to change from cars and consumer goods in and the long term the korean economy should be able to do with the chinese economy from a secure than other forms a separate issue discussed that the korean government laid out plans to become the world's fifth power nation in terms of overseas construction by two
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thousand seventeen korea currently ranks sixth in the field and construction contracts secured by korean companies are expected to top seventy billion us dollars this year. turning the nation's overseas construction into a higher value added business is one of the key tasks in the government's three year economic innovation. i have lost the instructions said eric and pledged financial support for small and medium sized companies and also promised to build the foundation for research into the running leader board oversees construction businesses. did i eat. and the stories making headlines on the global fund from another powerful earthquake in chile to the ongoing strike in germany. the goal
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line for poly. the new center hall with star with a deadly quake in chile we hear a second major tremor has prompted another round of tsunami alerts along the coastline. and so how does this quake a computer to tuesdays. for just one day after being hit with a strong magnitude eight point two earthquake. chile was run by a major aftershock measuring seven point six on the richter scale. no additional damage was reported that has people in the south american country when rico much more they can take part in g on reports a magnitude seven point six aftershock shook the close of cheering when the team will one day after a neat one too many to create an inflationary and kill six and damaged thousands of homes the aftershock was centered about forty km south west of the mind of course the btk ten km beneath the ocean floor. a tsunami warning was initially issued for chili and through but has since been lifted. this was
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the strongest of someone under forty aftershocks that followed tuesday's quake but so far there have been no reports of anything to gain an inch. experts credit the preparedness of the chilean government and its people for the low death toll. chili isn't the only nation feeling the effects can and i recorded at nine am to five point eight near the coast or become border wednesday. although no damage was reported some schools and hospitals way back to it as a precaution and as far as you can small tsunami waves wash up on the northern part time and on thursday morning the amendments one and nineteen point two earthquake in chile id or you're an for the damage in chile is still too early to determine how high the total would go early estimates that around thirty billion yen silence and down the ends. former node to another mass shooting in the united states the soldier who was being evaluate proposed traffic stress
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disorder opened fire at fort hood army base tuesday evening killing three of his colleagues and wounding sixteen others before turning the gun on himself the motive for the shooting is still unknown but the soldier identified as i invoke this was being treated for mental health issues officials say he has served in iraq and was suffering from depression and anxiety a security lockdown of the complex has since been lifted. the military police are still patrolling the area for what is the same days for u s army psychiatrist nidal husain shot dead thirteen soldiers and wounded thirty two others back in two thousand on. another tragic incident this time in southern china the government crackdown on protesters has led the team did in three hundred injured or the passport days the taiwanese media outlet liberty times says it would be no clashes erupted in the city of moaning in the congo province about twenty thousand people have been protesting the construction of a factory that would produce care as i
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elaine a chemical product using a q fibers and plastic baubles. beijing is for prolly using tanks and other military vehicles to control demonstrators on chinese state media has been downplaying their protests the eyewitness accounts and social media coverage on the growing violence are telling a much different story. and train down to germany where pilot seven tonnes airlines have launched the largest strike in the airline's history the qantas says it canceled three hundred plants because of a three day walk off which will run through friday. it says made in iran for under twenty five thousand pastors have had their travel plans disrupted the country's flagship carrier warned its customers of the strike is helping people book flights on other airlines. the action is likely to cost the company tens of millions of us dollars. the pilots' union is likely demanding for the reinstatement of their early retirement deal with qantas says you be willing to resume negotiations if the union can come up with a better offer. several of his
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international stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here tomorrow night. the two prime time sports and stephen to be away jerseys of south korea's men's national football team has been on bail. it's an all white shirt with the korea football logo for the hearts and red and blue stripes might be the right and the left shoulders. it follows the minimalist design their own jerseys in the iconic right way. over in europe the second out of the first leg quarter final match ups for health and pst start with chelsea while graham a trade made easy work out for bid. now for the psp chelsea match the paris club had the momentum throughout culminating in a beautiful ninetieth minute strike by javier past glory to make it read one final score in law
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karen hill and christopher null double scored in print on the drift. reno was awful for gnnd wh then don't match the championse season rditis fourteenth goal of the second makes continue on next week moving on the lpga his first major of the season the kraft nabisco championship gets underway at mission hills country club in california south korean card and it returns to defend her title along side the world's best golfers like stacy lewis libby ago and it carries wet meanwhile second ranked susan patterson has bowed out with a back injury. and looking elsewhere the lpga and rolex have announced the new annex of theajor award named after golf legend annika sorenstam and given to the year's top performer at all by nature. now let's get to thursday's comment is starting in the k b o b and c dials to roadtrip to put on
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the face acute tigers now legal to second in hits and feet clean the mess the whole june hitting a solo shot to start the five run inning but he has yet to read bill responding to the whole world is always an easy fifteen minutes to moritz five three and senile next inning everything seemed to point supporting home in france his wealth called anti tax on a couple more runs and eventually win the final score of ninety three. and we take a look at the other team conducting defeating to sussex to four and sk defeating lg ninety five team all comes on and on one hand picking cancel. now let's head on over to the bb house on friday visited the capital for game four of the championships. now comes a time some day when your baby when it all. and there on a mission with leo martinez leading the attack and with the first two sets twenty five eighteen and twenty five twenty two. now it's the third set. hyundai beat me to run but there's no
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stopping the defending champions to take a twenty five twenty two and council budget wins in straight sets for their seventh consecutive championship trophy. wrapping up the bb season. and that's all i have for now this has been speedy check out the deck in there for more from the world of sports. i do. a team. i was. what a
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check on the weather with our cable young who joins us here in the studio record also understand that we're in for a cool snap tomorrow cause for. that's right guys tomorrow morning they say it's just a clingy when heading out because it's going to be cold. the stock trading here and poetic those chilly due to the cool strong winds and heavy snowfall lots has been a say in some places the mountains of taiwan province may get two to seven centimeters of snow and mountains of kells and do province one to three centimeters. today's hours where we were appalled that tomorrow follow start of the day at three degrees which is about three degrees lower than the seasonal average and the chilly weather will continue to run next week when daytime highs will adjust back to the low twenties. mason is under the influence of the low pressure system which is why it's celebrating and some presents. tonight some parts of the vengeful great bands that get my path in salads but it will be less than five millimeters each other like tomorrow will be a clear day
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in the last bite of the country. not to friday's reading style tops out at twelve degrees like a blimp was that reads them to teens as for every dance. and they make it to twelve degrees and when southport have been told no and look it up to seven in the afternoon. don't have that are broadcast on this thursday night and it seemed so calm when things are watching to see you soon. i do. i get it. it was. you
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lose. the two. it was. liz
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it is. choose the top. i
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