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tv   RT News  PBS  April 4, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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new meaning with the program is prone to fly. norway's mainstream crews worked was the group. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastal. he provides local encounters and access to wilkinson. breaking news the south east of brussels used tear gas water cannons against protesters that is a global wave of action against
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corruption at no thirty six year of the united states that night as turning sixty five but only three submissions more about self preservation. i'm the self defense it was designed for plus we ask if it's exploiting the current crisis to secure future expansion the gambler to get ready to suffer the eight presidential election we look at the honeysuckle for the silly thing but to be a money thing comes into the country the battle for going up america's can't eat anything governments in the fall apple going to start resting cuba with a trip to solve messaging system the new . b
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you what you see. now first boise based on a european little to be angry about from cuts to corruption tea on a war three levels of unemployment is the crowds trying to get that message across to me this agreement with a heavy police officials in brussels will have more with all correspondence bully boy to the lab as milan during the d c jones is now fully other people marching in brussels out marching against austerity sent to the unemployment figures for the team and the state says something like twenty six million people and highest rate of unemployment is in spain and greece but as of now i'm going to send people to hit the streets in brussels and watching the pictures we've seen some
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very heavy handed response to the dc scene was the cannons these recent teen dance and it was really quite aggressive fed on the protest is also gathering in london today to current events. wave action across the great today and it really seems like a new incarnation of what was the occupying the authentic as the teams behind it that this protest is one that i fall into bed talking about bringing an end to corruption and that talking about that's not insane. so does this taste is quite wet and twenty cents. i was overpowering. according to some of his pal and returning them to the people experimental time its institutions and alternative ways and bad governance really isn't that what they say that the state to scream just wasn't what i and i as i said very similar to what don't you claim it was and say we've seen in brussels as read and discussed quite aggressively. i it's about to
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kick off in london will say every you'll crash expecting protests take place that has come to this day and action in smaller towns and cities across the us and europe as well. according to organizer that the demonstrations taking place whither the pace and i were to be watching especially to how the police here in london and every meal compared to the responding back to see whether they can be as heavy handed as they went brussels. caleb's who was speaking she lay still and eventually the dice by so much of course completely now it is now breaking the second light on novelty of the malt into the field in the zoo the will like what you the action about its goals of the tactics that are already cheese. we need nothing short of an entirely new paradigm to the economic paradigms are living in it as was created a bygone era is completely unsustainable
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it's working for fewer and fewer people than it did maintaining a higher and higher costs to the overwhelming majority of humanity and the planet itself. we need an entirely new paradigm. we're trying to inspire people whatever his purchase of the new economic systems use alternative currencies rose gardens in your yard. no people know what to do to be the change you know that we we don't have to have you know wants to victims and or know that that's mean that that negates or limits the problem. if you look back through history you know when wendy wrote the declaration of independence they didn't have the constitution and bill of rights in the back pocket they just knew that the current system was detrimental to their health their community and had a go so they wrote the declaration of independence and they created change now we're all about nonviolence and you know it's really peaceful non
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violent movement but when we don't have to have an agreed upon outcome or what we know is that we desperately need change and people whatever their passionate they can go out into the concrete achieved with only three point five percent of the population. early. now one of the organizers of the protest is the sexy general of the european confederation of trade unions cents and ended at sago and she joins us now. things i'd like to think that i'm a conceited what's going on with the voyeur in brussels as we speak just that history was going on lately. i think it was at my ceiling. yes and you can see that some of the people and some of the noise that of what exactly is going on the scene
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the antennae. is it. and you indeed the note. we well you feel it on to the breaking of a creepy way it has been a few species mentioned that they were all happy about what she say she mumbled long to read what you want that. the opp. like you're being in it. in twelve fifty. yet at that. at that all mighty deeds not happen
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that's it. that's why. he's the weight of the action riley to help sort this one in brussels but rather taking place around the world titles and london and new york. it seems like it's okay. local discontent do you think that people can happen is it just wish that on the boiling point i can. i do. it seems like it says that globally she now global peace and plenty think that it's reached that point yet. but the content but have we not endure. yup week different types of wedding season. we have a european government and the sound making the threats that. the beagle but yet we have me. it's something that is why we love
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him. you're very passionate about this and lots of people agree with you because they said duff. do you think was never so many people in so many different locations the accounts of actually changing things. we have a chance to think that we want to be linking up with the way using the strength to get a new path. i'm up twenty one eight and you think all the needs and fulfill them on thinking she's one of many we are taking and also voting on the fence i mean we won't. and i just want to know i mean these things are happening today but what comes next is he going to be to small protests or get out of the palms. i knew he'd be dead. what comes next field field made it easy to be more protests is the deal you're only plan of attack or the look different the acc's
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now he's a good day we had a big european and replace it with twenty one countries that meet them. i'm not going to have been out of the most recent being flogged in it since and i've been thinking and you need to be dotcom bubble. the thinking that the soul. having at the canteen and that they continue the funny thing these people. i'm not going to accept the wheels are always happening to him granted he said. he said conti said. what we do thank you so much for doing this in an auntie was better than single one of the golden dawn's of these protests you'll have more to run on sealed and will wind wave of action protests is the info will be late in the program now the world's biggest militant all came into being exactly sixteen on his plate
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i'd never come to fulfill its only mission to defend its members because the colt will fizzle out. so we'll settle for security reports on the alliance's identity crisis. nato does the country said about the nineteen forty nine as a defense mechanism against us the union. fast forward sixty five years the north atlantic treaty organization is the military alliance of twenty eight members and counting. it's really clear violation of the agreement made between the states the former soviet leader mikhail gorbachev in nineteen ninety. not to go the unit in east germany much less for their tastes green combined nato members account for the lion's share of the world's military spending and spent the last sixty years meadows and not
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one good thing. what is the time for starters there's the war in afghanistan that cd was conduct the longest running war in its own history. the only clean results so far is that the country is in a mess. in nineteen ninety nine bombing of yugoslavia. hundreds of civilians dead and injured including children all under the auspices of a humanitarian mission headed by the united states fundamentally illegitimate i'm just an empty essentially a moral. in two thousand and three kids devastating invasion of iraq spearheaded by the west and its people. i like britain few years of insurgency and a skyrocketing number of deaths through terror attacks. in two thousand eleven to lead the campaign that turned a no fly zone operation into full scale military support for the rebel forces. he looked at nato's role there is still far from its professed goal
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of providing security to its member states. just as nothing has nothing to do without all that was basically an aggressive action against another country. the alliance's stated objective is collective defense every country. was talkin all the others went mountain climbers were there all attached to one another in form falls they all fall well that's the deal and people are in reality not a single nato member has ever been attacked by another country the u s bank rolls the landscape over seventy percent of its budget and urging robot think your team members to stump up their fair share of the united states' use of labour says to expand its own power. as you know world and i even than that that term is used to say the only protection against international law for nico is the fact that its principal aim for the organization is the united states in the pentagon. because of its mass economic and political power. it shields itself from criminal culpability otherwise nico major generals would be in haiti for
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the international criminal court facing charges. this issue marks its anniversary of its ongoing questions about the need for its existence its initial enemy on its mission three dollars and sixty five beers and snails inception the world has changed and is increasingly moving towards multilateral as a betrayal spearheaded by the west refuses to accept the new geopolitical ria is on the day continuing to flex its muscles to try to spread its wings further as the featured in a critique washington dc. now it just how much money is poured into the alliance despite limited butts in recent years the inter defence spending accounts for more than all of the global total of more than a trillion dollars that far outstrips that of the palace but often betrayed the potential threat to russia's annual defence budget. the big east will fly comparison to nineteen billion dollar recently what
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is the magic of tea and iced tea further increase their contributions. when that security is at stake. my son has been the meal a crisis in ukraine as a justification for those warnings beefing up its forces close to russia's borders. eliza looks like rose collins with russia in the wake of its re unification week run at another low key areas of security cooperation. he's gonna teach economics month the referendum in crimea and its subsequent becoming part of russia has opened the floodgates to fear mongering and structure of the several rounds of the school board's budget did not make much sense a lot of people especially given much attention either heading to relations with russia. we started to look a like it's coming closer and closer to its borders. this week secretary of state john kerry delivered the speech celebrating the post soviet nato enlargement talking about what a success it has been so in light of all this the us is beefing up its
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presence in eastern europe sending fighter jets to the baltic states the warship to the back seat and planning new wargames new russian borders. ukrainian parliament has approved a series of joint exercise the neo con to see quinn had helped exercises with you before but there is indication that they've made it. when tested with a good one but that does little to assuage western rhetoric and the united states will try as it has the best to persuade its members to spend more on the military investment i just don't think it's going to happen and the reason i don't it's going to happen is that they aren't for economic shape. they can only invest in military power at the expense of their welfare states. i was too much evidence for any one's willingness to do that at this point. it was a nato official said. as the tension with the chicken will take the life at the same time. no one can readily to getting the way of the benefits that the things getting much like cooperation on afghanistan for seven years provided and
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sit with me to get to stand out. just on the heels of the house with it. it was suspending ties with moscow make it she said they're still expected russia to cooperate on afghanistan. so confusing statements like that does not come with a surprise when a bill in its key member of the us is trying out with all benefits that a crisis can offer. we will continue our special coverage of like the sixty fifth anniversary with more acts that analysis on the yukon you'll like it to the park. he's chewed out west and enlisted me to
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practice on a police building in afghanistan. gunmen in police uniforms opened fire killing a german woman and injuring a colleague from canada. this comes just a decade before the presidential election with both the country security and economy crumbling salty fishy capital for talks the heart and ye know them or the tallest the illegally obtained and the country. only. it is money. to economic. the four dollars reduction in the country. financial support. while the economy is the first week. until now before this report exposes the work force. beaten forced
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to shut down. maybe the sword there is no sort of a problem. we get on in the hopes that the insurgency to seven years. for me what's more says. because that's what it. i was inspired to put into words fashionable almost certain many may be one of the largest sporting an awful wanted to angel stairs feelings for ukrainian is the honda says the major spending cuts are a condition of its bailout package. that is by telling is the country's economy is in tatters in the wake of the violent too. inflation
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scott wrote to repeat the numbers that are disappearing fast lot more story for the lecture the air ay ay ay ay. gorging on tea now. ukraine's economy can only be saved on swift action when comes from the international money to fund along with a pretty hefty price tag is bulky and will have to make deep budget cuts to the eighteen billion dollar rescue package has been at sea routes east kt probe into the venture capital section. thanks for joining isn't to say to him for the sole income taxes and the imf chief seemed to be sending out a pretty tough
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when the athlete and he's referred to the door to deny the effect of the dead economy could be in jail because of what's happening in ukraine as the saints defense of the fourteen to eighteen baby doll as the lender the line has just finalized. she did say this money will come for free and achy and it's far from reaching its goal. when it does not come free i know the eye lens. financing to countries where did the country's do for themselves what they need to do to the local economy. to be able to finance themselves without support. a second honeymoon has released all the money is for a comp us. i mean something has to be done i actually did not indicate what makes a mean the situation and i made these economies can have this on an amp up the ousted president thinks he can taste it in a second time after
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unpacking all the stops to keep out of the economy can ingest such comfort now some six months later they just cannot stand up on dementia specific yes was going to go on to the medication costs going up from time to think of fifty percent in town a few of the kids and antisemitic and fourteen the sentence that was also the odd that i've come to pensions ladies' introduction of low income texans to have faith that had the front seat that the economy's not happened yet. deming these numbers look extremely daunting. it is interesting i think he's a pretty top of the mayan and i think that auntie kendra had to be we've been in town and was given by the staff at las night and the time she said that that money has helped ethan found a cunning keep the place described as a lifeline in a day that we've been and what the fast trying to be fifteen billion dollars which of course has been to atlanta because of the instant that i think she gets a win on the money would
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it feel like situation. now for the korean economy. hey speaking of now we i mean we can see the disaster the unfolding in front of the bed and rolling out the same things and that was mine and we know i'd be back at the current economy still set to contract by some weak defence case i mentioned inflation some fourteen percent as well as that mccarthy has also think that it's got it all ready to see a foreign countries us or at least ninety nine that means the treasury is anti now for your sin and this money coming from house arrest while intended to be used to be offering some fifteen a baby and i was to become a fatigue related to us the whole time in the ukraine is in the many wounded and one giving this money. hiking to the eu has made a wrong move might even this money to ukraine and in many countries you don't deserve this money because the door on the eu and the texas open. i'm gonna happen to the spot of what to
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think that it would be better to youtube and wanted to support its been a people who have a chance to escape the crisis. the total surface of the health of all the others no one in greece who hasn't been affected by the critics as to which opened to the security to cut open to let cops or hair. so today i'm taking heavy offense meant being held in the eu and its consummate out to be unpopular well. not a pretty picture for you can thank so much just taking a stable the facts and figures to give children. ok now can actually hear a washington has had a one billion dollar aid package to visit ukraine but former us presidential candidate. the loophole told is both american and ukrainian citizens. whew be the ones he pay for it. now it seems wasted body and it sounds like a brick in this country that pays these deals because of resentment eighteen clinton haters are going to be bailed out the people of ukraine are not going to benefit. they're going to have to be they that
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they have to suffer from the austerity program america will benefit. it's not direct taxation the average person is going to suffer from the cliches and giving the political opinion what the carr government should do that and that is to stay out of it we've been waiting up to much yet it is very clear that guide the hands of. much involved in over for the overthrow of the elected government of ukraine lebanese american has been accused of stirring things up in cuba by using a special social outlet to stop and rest. an investigation by the ap news agency claims that washington is trying to take a quick fall of messaging system that went with us and them on the cuban government the state department admits the setting of the application but insists that it's just a form of humanitarian act. we
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believe that the cuban people need platforms like this. she is nth else to decide that what the future will look like. so this program was specific to cuba up either places around the world we do democracy promotion different ways. this my government intends to brush away concerns with the most time to critique says it's likely that this type of so called democracy promotion. it extends beyond cute. it's obviously up thinking that cuba but part of the embarrassment of the revelations of this policy is that it's the same techniques i can easily be understood is the news. savoy your probably in other environments and so let's just think what they might be ukraine in venezuela iran and
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syria. really there's just a host of other situations historically and currently where her up. people are going to wonder whether these techniques are not being used recently end up right now now social media we can share like never before. i'm not as benign ducks and larry for some countries of life the fact that he switched on twitter and youtube called that. that leads to lift its controversial video sharing site still inaccessible but find out why of all seen them all. also i used jointly scuppered will suffer in united states allows you to keep gm of off label use of the story. if someone more news headlines. we are the top of the art next place at the chevron and it will go head to head with another
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nice break. off. i hate you you're asian media for the journalists politicians and the huge resemblance to the right hates confrontation of his requests. welcome to my sister and new possibilities with you. as you hit me before. cook the pasta for all. exactly sixty years ago according to the guardian the soviet union actually try to join nato to pretend like you're a piece in a post world war to world and when they get neil said the offer was unrealistic and i were discussing one year later the warsaw pact was born in the cold war started decades later nothing has changed. neil continues to expand despite breaking agreements not to expand which surround russia and
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china with faces all offers from russia to join the one the missile shield in the dough setting up in europe are wholly ignored couldn't they have given russia most recent one of the state department that she used to head to teach a whole lot of money for democracy development and regime change into the former soviet union ukraine got five billion alone as revealed by assistant secretary of state who went in her own speech these sorts of things have pushed russia to form the shanghai cooperation organization with china which is basically warsaw pact round two. yet history is repeating itself but don't let the mainstream media hype about russian aggression or unwillingness to cooperate for you. history shows can be aggressive and cooperate one really is a fascist my pain
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room. what was one . and julianne moore. the sister militants have launched for the kids in southern israel late thursday night in a real excitement since his release is in scrambling for shelter the rockets landed in the chart only give regional council with them causing any injuries or damage. this is the first attack from gaza militants since the middle of march more than sixty rockets were fired at israel in a single day in which prompted israel are forced to respond with a series of surgical strikes on targets


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