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the name shh shh shh the asinine stinky when sanctions committee on north korea seems emergency meeting called to cancel a dismissal on a clear violation of existing resolutions. a somersault so that the investigation are our souls. that's the history confirms that all signs point to come down as the culprit behind the recent integration of the grounds. but his cough gas to ukraine and west country case in advance for all its surprise us as to the point lonsdale to control the trade. the stores and more taxes on primetime tv
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ay ay. i don't. here it sank three i had all of those that you were watching from around the world that friday april every year and so i need to pay them sean meme thingy so much for joining us. we begin with an emergency meeting held by un sanctions committee in washington on north korea's latest prosecution at the fashion of the international committee discussed to redeem its missile launches and ways to curb further provocations on the korean peninsula christensen and reports a clear violation of human resolutions. that was the conclusion that the humans north korea sanctions committee came to me during an emergency meeting on thursday local time. the meeting was the first is kind and launched two mid range ballistic missiles late last
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month a new light sources say the panel agreed to come up with countermeasures to deal with the fact. as for land the sources see the comedian will wait until may to hold further talks after a report from the north korean special it is finalized. to no one's surprise south korea the us britain and france supported the statement while china and russia were more conscious state of the wider issue of securing peace and stability on the korean peninsula was the most pressing concern. i did before the committee meeting south korean defense minister kim monday received a phonecall from its us counterpart up a goal but both agreed to work hand in hand to counter threats those i counted yet. during their twenty minute phone conversation with the two agreed that come with missile in your clean weapons pose a grave challenge the korean peninsula and international community. kate also went one can of washington's plan to dispatch two additional aegis equipped destroyers to japan by two thousand seventeen to
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tie in north korea to write also on thursday a former u s nonproliferation officials said the international community should step up its efforts for targeted sanctions on the north korean leadership. speaking at a forum hosted by a thirty eight north website. joe said to thomas that it was important to find mechanisms that bill after the north korean regime and not its people. since then and by the end. meanwhile cut out has warned washington of strong countermeasures that maintains its so called hostile north korea policy is that some see as a threat to the fourth nuclear test north korea's national defense commission said friday that the united states along with the international community has been critical of communist rocket launches but has not raised issue with south korea's ballistic missile launches last month becoming a state called this part of washington's two sided nature and added it must withdraw all sanctions on pyongyang. experts say the strong countermeasures
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penang is referring too could be additional missile launches a war for nuclear test. moving out to the rowley said the interim results of the drone investigation the south korean government strongly believes the three drones recently found in different parts of the south came from north korea to confirm and reinforced or findings to promise now in the hands of a team of gps experts. it is time tested it counts. we did the investigative team has found a sizable amount of circumstantial evidence from the aerial vehicles characteristics and loaded equipment. that confirms the drones were sent by north korea. on friday the south korean cabin in big deal why did you know soapbox about that for the un and aerial vehicles found crashed in part due to the folly and the western island of pain young bill and in front of congo province. the defence ministry said identification information on the parts used
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inside the drone engines the transmitter receivers and computer chips appear to have intentionally damaged another factor that point the finger at countdown and some of the drones carry double collar and i love the media transmitter thought to have been incapable of sending photos to video back to the north. he had evidence that indicates an orange dyed the color and shape of the fuselage it's been very similar to the one scene during the korean found a teeny something for the rain two years ago investigators tell whether failed to take on the gps appointment for the town's point that the turn and they were concerned about damaging the information stored inside the central processing unit a separate team of civilian experts from the south and the united states will cope with gps system the scientific investigative team will mobilize all efforts to find further evidence. this includes determining the drones point
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of takeoff by analyzing the photos. the data stored in the central processing unit as well as their travel routes. if the final result confirmed that draws to be honest with me as highly fashionable consider it a violation of the honest disagreement and take strong measures at the international level. she is tiny. i didn't use. after a series of missile launch this firing of artillery over the maritime border between the two koreas and strengthening of spying missions that roams north korea has clearly high to provocations against a south in recent months. so what's key demands message to the world and how far is the north willing to go. one expert state we bring in dr dean chang senior research fellow at the washington based heritage foundation welcome to the program think that in the decaying know what to read and to north korea's recent set of provocations and intention of like. i think north korea is once again sending the signal
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that it will not be more. two new bikes have the spotlight and it's also a signal to both south koreans united states and the dangers that north korea can present if we don't pay sufficient attention to them. so to what extent can north korea carry out these provocations and btw is there a possibility of military conflict. while north korea of course has one large or small trees in the world and the recent crime incidents show that it is very little respect to things like sovereign airspace. the problem here is that of giving the marginal trees on both sides the dmc you'll get the real possibility of escalation stretch of north korea miscalculation as to what he thinks it can get away with whom i met speculation that north korea could carry out its fourth nuclear test south korea and its allies war and that it will face so on the national book consequences the one thing referring to here and how likely was seeing another. he protests that were actually quite like to use him as a nuclear test for a couple of
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reasons nuclear test north korea are gone for two purposes one is signaling and threatening but the other aspect is this as proof of concept maker of the weapons actually worked. we don't really have very good insight into north korea for any given task. so he could be motivated by something that's not simply signal. so following the trilateral talks on north korea's nuclear program the united states south korea japan seem to be open to more flexibility when dealing with the north korean unification minister sharon said that they may be open to conditional. abreu releasing of some of the sanctions against north korea why the move to more flexibility at this point in time. why think of the offer flexibility is hoped that perhaps we can get things off dead center. but at the same time i think that there is a consistent pattern here from all three countries saying if you want to see flexibility you north korea also have to show us some flexibility and you have to make some kind of conception. i think that
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there may be the expectation that we will be disappointed in the park and i thank you very much dr ting tang of senior research fellow at the washington based heritage foundation think you for joining us. thank you kim for them the way. for your gateway to the day's biggest story in korea and around the world. breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. enjoy the tetons chum limited and the of the heart of seoul drying time. on the tv on tv next to her. the country still reeling from its biggest ever date a week from two months ago when other day a week it's over one hundred thousand credit card customers. hyundai has more on how the piece got the data and how financial authorities have responded. yet another huge credit card company in korea that has failed to
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protect its clients' personal information. financial sources said friday that the deaths of thirty five thousand and seven card customers asking me the information includes credit card numbers and passwords for the company's loyalty card. since many clients use the same passwords for their credit and loyalty cards is that average has the potential to lead to mass credit card fraud. this latest discovery came as the financial supervisory service looked into the recent case in which it get hacked into a private server and stole information on credit card transactions aside from some kind of personal information of more than sixty thousand customers from companies like winning card and the part was compromise that takes the total number of people that have their information used by the rinks around one hundred thousand local financial authorities on the same day he opened a meeting where the orator credit card firms to adopt integrated circuit or ic
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cards by the end of the year idc cards are considered to be more secure than traditional magnetic stripe cards. i don't use. to those latest smartphone model is now with new features and a lower priced at the green tech giant is hoping the galaxy as fine and put a little wind in the company's sales which have dipped in recent months. our team jr reports. comes on like i take back the f i d be a one hundred twenty five countries on friday as a bigger better and faster version of its predecessor. yes by features of thirteen feminists screen with a fingerprint reader fateful night up the phone camera and a battery that lasts twenty percent longer than diaz for a new phone is cover with a water resistant coating that can withstand thirty minutes at the bottom of a pool and the nt it comes on he is hoping the s five
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can use a flat field. after two straight quarters of mediocre pop band. earlier this week the company released the traditional red or pink first quarter sales amounted to fifty point two billion us dollars down nearly eleven percent the nippy this quarter to increase to me and comes on how to stop the high seventy s flight model with lte people their teeth to eight hundred party yes dollars at thirty dollars less than as forced price tag when it was for the last july. he is spreading its focus a wearable device is including the two year t smart watch which he says the company's own tight an operating system and is also available friday speaking at the international world wide web conference held in seoul from cyanide tiny executive vice president and about how his wrist up high. boasting that the tide then optimizes the benefits of an open source web centric half on one min im liking privacy concerns and to treat me to check that the company plans
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to finally take a stand out the condition of kai and i are opening a conference for the software path fly in from francisco. this upcoming june and jump and unions. that is spreading outcry and the nation over sentence handed down on a woman who beat her eight year old stepdaughter can get her rolling ten years behind bars the regarding this as a light sentence. the case has sparked outrage and prop the politicians to take extreme measures to tackle child abuse. ideally pencil do you live in this home income from the province twenty eight year old girl was fatally beaten to death by her stepmother punched and kicked a repeal week the current died from a ruptured intestine last august. her stepmother identified only by her surname eden and her husband went on trial this friday morning and despite prosecutors asking for a twenty year jail sentence for
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the stepmother she was sentenced to ten meters but the judge and friday the father in this case was given a three year term for negligence is by prosecutors asking for seven years of jail time. officials say the stepmother are not always be her youngest step daughter to death but also forced her older stepdaughter to testify that she killed her younger sister. outrage surrounding the case for an even more when a letter written by their victims caught the girl's sister cleaned the stepmother had put her inside the laundry machine and let it dry. meanwhile on the heels of friday's trial the ministry of health and welfare released e that showed ninety seven children died from parental abuse from two thousand one to two thousand paul. the report however often notes that the number of deaths is probably higher. as in many cases go unreported. let this case and other high profile acts have the peace keith is in korea. it is also taking action and policy makers and
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ruling party lawmakers looking for wasted an anti child abuse. funny me and that means. it's four in the press where we look at some of the issues that are captured the attention of the domestic media this week from stories on asia skyscrapers to write new emerging trend in home appliances we go over to our you'll be on for more me i take it away. this evening and happy friday a lot of interesting stories and this week's papers but if that's what took on a book which had an interesting feature story on is as skyscrapers the headline over me here needs a side teams in the twenty first century skyline. nine out of top ten skyscrapers in asia the oracle said the buildings in the lines of countries that national power economic and technological competitiveness in the photo rather brief here shows the top fifteen tallest buildings in the world to the top six are actually. and
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of the words police in dubai topped the list. now could we add data to track the top fifteen but is expected to win the five hundred and fifty five meter tall look that world powers in a brief here goes uphill be the seventh tallest building in the world when it finishes construction in twenty sixteen. now moving on over to to my table and that heidelberg kiera receives adults don't understand why we are always staring into our smartphones happy productive writing dependence on smartphones by students and that many of them are closely connected to social networking sites and by other smartphones looking for a consolation from the various dances the faith at home and at school. whatever the reason the fact remains that students are attached to their smartphones. the cost of the rice in the smartphone addiction made over the past three years which soared to twenty five per cent in twenty thirteen. that's nearly three times the rate
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for adults. experts are saying the problem is taking a toll on releasing certain that at least need to work on communicating more the number two to none in bold and the headline evidentiary me it's stupid things that need our team politics hype and thirty dollars and thirty cents in years that meal that melted the hearts of one point three billion countdown seen chinese means a simple string theory in this story science line on time these residencies in peace rather ordinary men each with its wing troubles of prospects across china in the photog here shows that he would eat meals place. even low as one dollar and this article says is part of an effort to earn the trust of the people give them a sense of home and he and alternately with the psychological gap between the communist party and the people. now finally moving on to some this is due from them a business newspaper and its the in home appliances is teaching here
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in korea the article beams of light from the point is old hat but the home appliance is the new trend that may lead to a newly released refrigerators as an example and the circle bracken ridge years shows that while only twenty four of twelve ninety two models had a metallic design in twenty twelve sixty and eighty seven did last year. lg electronics says the changes due to consumers who say the metallic designed to project a more premium like ballot that i'll wrap up your link at the story and the korean press for this week. the stories making headlines on the global front of the deepening crisis in ukraine to add another major earthquake striking south america. the bill after poly the new center. well let's start with ukrainian looks like a russian president
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vladimir putin is stirring up the pot once again. that's right this time cruising is trained to cut gas deliveries to the country in a move that the us is calling a school of course did this as nato says russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops on the eastern ukrainian border are connie came reports the united states was quick to respond to russian president blatter who is warning that moscow may cut its gas supply to ukraine. it accused russia of trying to take control of ukraine using its natural resource and as a leverage point weekend them russia's efforts to use energies that will of course and against ukraine ukraine is now painted four hundred eighty five dollars upgrades clearly not set by market forces and well above the average price paid by eu members. the state department spokesperson also added that washington is encouraging ukraine and its western border allies to prepare it to her first natural gas
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flows in the pipeline for that kiev has access to additional gas supplies if needed. the warning came after kiev missed the deadline to pay its two point two million us dollar gas that. a letter to eighteen european countries instead cast a line gazprom will be compelled to require that ukraine make up from peanuts. and that if the back payments are not made the gas tank and can completely or partially sees gas deliveries as a last resort. not the threat is worrying for european countries as pipelines and binky and carry russian gas to several european countries including germany the largest russian gas consumer. meanwhile major relief satellite images of the eastern ukrainian border in late march early april they showed that some forty thousand russian troops were deployed along with warplanes and helicopter. an official from nato said this is a capable for that is ready to quickly move into ukraine with order. the revelations of the pictures come before
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top diplomats from the us russia and europe are set to gather for a minister level meeting for next week content i don't use. and turning to the latest updates on the hunt for that missing the leash an airliner the visual search for debris on the southern indian ocean continued on friday as officials say they were called to be a possum position of the blockbuster orders from point three seven zero. at the same time however that she searched for near angus houston said the latest king signal detected on thursday was not related to the plane. as many as fifteen aircraft and thirteen ships were involved in friday's search operation we know malaysia's please keep the lead up to the car emphasizes team would be leading the investigation if and when the black box is found. and lastly tragic news coming out of the u s state of california fatal crash between a fedex truck and upon securing high school students has killed at least ten people. california police
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said thursday that the driver of the fedex tractor trailer had lost control crossing in divider interstate five before smashing head on into the tour bus. the crash resulted in a fire which swept both vehicles in flames the bus was carrying more than forty five students from los angeles and san francisco were heading to university campus for. authorities say fine students three chaperones and those drivers were killed. about thirty four people had been a report we rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment. there are several indian international stories making headlines around the world. i'll see you back here next week the two prime time sports a student at the masters opening round heat off and then on them in their name has risen to the top. bill haas leave the field early on after shooting a solid four
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under sixty eight going into round two and a gust up to know how to set the pace shooting six birdie is offset by two bouquets and it was good enough to hold off the top pros at bay for now world number two and defending champion adam scott is fresh on its tracks at three under par tied for second with bubba watson and im always at least they said meanwhile taken to laura k j choi leads his south korean compatriot that to wonder good for fifth place. and staying on the greens around to pk lpga symbol of them are coping in the books and the men young staff atop the leaderboard. he maintained her lead from round one. improving to eleven under par going into the weekend down in situ island. meanwhile on shoes don't fit that second place with a score of eight under par. the season opening torn it will wrap up on sunday and moving on the latest world curling federation rankings are out there the south korean made these have broken into the world's
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top ten. they jumped two spots into ninth place effectively replacing germany which dropped three spots to eleven. the ladies fourth place finish at the world's last month prompted the upgrade its name all ten of them made history sweeping the top spots in the men's women's and wheelchair rankings. now let's end with friday's top k beale match of the week leading as ky parents visited the town some lines and table of all creatures hold their own and this goes on and so forth when as his custom one comes in and has handled its not to harm comes to the honda fit and credits to nothing now into the bottom of the orders from some answers. baghdad the small rally. it's tied to the scene with it that night fifty four sqm go ahead run if that life goes on to win the final score of three to two. and looking elsewhere in the lead never look at them most in tx twenty two eight
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and the nld are still going and at the bottom of the seventh and seize up eleven nine and finally next to him and his outcome last seven to six. and that's all i have for now this has been student and have a great weekend and i'll see you later for more from the world of sports. we've been lucky with great weather this weekend this weekend looks to be perfect for visiting the spring flower festivals or for other outdoor activities from morales turn things over tracking down at the weather center. gotta love sch tgif guys this week we got out and ate at chili's spring weather and early summer like conditions. as for now those down south will wrap up the week with showers and rain is forecast content deleted scene i did which was rector of the southern region on sunday taking the lead at the current conditions in a senate that the act of a high pressure fronts from the east sea which is why we're seeing cloudy and foggy skies across
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the map. tomorrow about five to twenty millimeters of precipitation will fall on tenth year this will hopefully take away some of the dry conditions dry weather advisories are still going on down south though makes it to keep yourself hydrated else read the names and would enter into a warm spring weather perfect for outdoor activities. taking out like that that is reading this holiday with friends you make it to the low twenties with that said nineteen of their breed and accept as you will get at mix of clouds and rain will go tops out at fourteen twelve teams and leagues as well. what i thought i'd update i have read this about art but i'll be back with more active in may. thanks but no that's our broadcasts on this friday nights and balance my last broadcast on itv news from a simon overseas. this would take this opportunity to thank her viewers for letting me into your living room every evening. it's been a great pleasure and honor and an incredible journey over
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the past eighty years he always had a very special place in my heart. i'm sure we'll cross paths in the near future. until then be taken and it was certainly a great privilege working with you on this desk for the past two years we all wish you the very best in your future endeavor. juan zhang lin have a great evening and a great weekend everyone will cease cysts. steve. it is. sells
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steve. it is. sells. or child or an inmate see the little teeny will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter. the top story on
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the m a c networks wound new ruling will. this program has brought you by. critically wait for norway's mainstream crews were lies. the herd exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. i am also ultimatum. protesters in eastern ukraine among the right to decide


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