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the minute the greatest brought you by. her grief norway's mainstream crews were his lines. the herd exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report local encounters and access to wilkinson
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the us. the blog. i cannot go on. city hall. but the end of it. what's the point. like i did the week or so quiet what he wants the festival the challenge of that working for the hospital want to buy a bike. http new
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theory warm welcome and at the top of this. we look at the ongoing tensions the new crises. the ukrainian government has confirmed that six ahmed vehicles of the army of knocking the hands of pro russian activists from the city of kufa towards the vehicles will cause of what the government is called an anti operation against um pro russians in the east of the country to have taken on the pounds of government buildings. if you like to do them into the conduct of the on call when the day with the lead vehicle bearing the russian flag. it was not immediately clear whether by it that after one of the pro russian activists or handed over to them by ukrainian disasters. another fifteen ahmed to carry is full of car trips were surrounded and halted by a pro russian crowd at a town near any evidence they were allowed for trees on the top of the soldiers and handed over the firing pins for their rifles to rebel come on. sunday
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ukrainians our government's operation to recapture the east and thomas controlled by pro russian support is now in its third eye and on wednesday i e the country's interim government was busy holding strategic talks with isn't it really does cctv costs publicly held by david filed this report from ps the ukrainian parliament adopted a mini closed door meetings between government officials and army representatives. as the military operation in eastern ukraine continues the wonders of the parliament discuss strategy. also on the agenda a draft deal concerning the social and legal benefits for army personnel. earlier acting president elect on get rich enough called on the country's citizens to support the nation by signing up for the army. with rumors of military officers in the east effect into russia loyalty to the current government has become a critical issue. as the tension hiking in
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the country's eastern city of ukrainian government officials continued to point fingers. ukraine is in turn pointed star singer said he has blamed iran show once again for the ongoing crisis in the country. he is accusing moscow of exporting terrorism overseas you for the night she showed us a new export. aside from oil and gas from russia is now exporting terrorism to ukraine. only one country russia this aggression stuff performing acts of terror in ukraine. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov abstract ukraine must quote immediately start negotiations with protesters to de escalate tensions arose when it's most themselves come from agreements because of gordon off the presses might do with the new yorker has to be soft enough not to cause was visible presence of water into it. otherwise there'll be no whales such as when a standoff between russia and ukraine the continuing to escalate. i didn't mean for any progress
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in the four party talks in geneva between the european union united states russia and ukraine. the highlight of the cctv yet the us secretary of state john kerry and the ukrainian acting prime minister on three dishes yes i wanted it to beaver away to study for high stakes diplomatic meetings with russia ukraine and the eu the obama administration is preparing to ratchet up sanctions on russia and this assistance for the ukrainian military in the coming decades as you crying struggles to contain a pro russian uprising in its eastern cities just to tell you that news conference on writing in geneva to send a clear message to russia to withdraw its troops on the eastern borders of you cry. so as to why the geneva the acting prime minister said the main objective of the talks is a de escalation of the situation in eastern
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ukraine. no remain. the man says to his visitation eastern regions of ukraine to warm up. ross o'toole was ruled that us troops will be the theme for this a few friends. you rush to malta for the year. terrorists are two assists. it is in eastern regions of ukraine. you want to confirm this. creamy and is integral parts of ukraine so was roll troops are trying to be immune. into orbit do know is that this is an older home and to involve the russians to a garment to use. russian troops the avignon desserts are a few the russian president of guinea have confidence about to go before a televised live questioned on suspicion that around one hour from now
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the new kremlin press service has reported this year's event is the twelfth of its mind. according to the service international policy issues and social problems with the highlights of the question and answer period and in addition to protecting those questions from guests in the studio and tv present his resume also take questions from people living in various russian regions. but while tv studios are expected to be set up in the crimea. some residents that the ospreys in questions of a postcard. we can get more on us from our correspondent audiobook a chill through joint is from a policy of moscow. welcome daria so it will be an interesting of the session how many christians has the president's press service actually received and you know what to read several of these questions of focusing on. well these questions will
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be folksy of course on me on quiche is on the social economic and foreign policy of course and the setting on the shoes that do worry of auctions that will be a block of questions anticipated apple bottom if wishing to comment on the social problems on the economic development as russian economic growth and he's slowing down and the forecasts a not so optimistic on the wheel but the gdp growth possibly i move around with a slight dvt one percent on the doodle was somewhat cassie hearsay so that's a problem that russian government is adjusting of course the russian population he was concerned about economic problems that the country may face in meow following months of that there will be of course a set of questions and wanting to put in is expected to calling on the situation in ukraine in history to mankind the air con dom let him put his press spokesman admitted the school said of lightning which is also expected to be
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on that one of the comings and so did the brunt of the comments on the keys so i did two tours the sanctions that were introduced against russia. over the ukrainian crisis and what of the kenya from the western capitals accuse the stalls of the crisie and they were all was over a million questions that having accomplished our goal was to target the service to various sources online and telephone calls and of course this is one of the possibilities for the russian people to put their questions to the president i would i feel what he has to say and what his plan was his vision is for the country's development for the next senior and more agreement in question so perfectly. a lot about the christian about this issue will allow as we've mentioned in a few alluded to there. what about the residents of miami had to
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type out for the first time i just have to listen to more about that. yes well this is the first time this is can you just joined recently the shock kind of an essay on the you know that they will be more miles patients on . across the peninsula for the residence of crimea to put the questions to let him put in them asking how does he see the region's development within the russian federation on holiday a lot of acute problems for them because they are trying to tackle think back to the system off on everything from wool to finances economics culture education health care or the spears have to be ported an integrated into existing russian on structures so of course the will of the above questions that many non residents will be asking of letting him put you on how beautiful the kids will be which entitles the week they will be using next year
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starting from september next task we are and how for example non young men will be serving the russian army and how health care will be provided and whether they will be on how fast that the president that will be integrated into the healthcare system like i was the finance the budget for having issues up in the last few weeks though with a bang so of course this has to be sold as well so that all the systems are working and in place. what many think that the air we hope to bring me a huge sum of that conference here on cctv is let's bring you up to date with the latest news on the sinking of the passengers and thirty off the southwestern coast of south korea. the chinese embassy in seoul has confirmed that two chinese citizens were on board the vessel stop of the embassy business and family members of the two passages and that knowing people out of a massive number four hundred and seventy five. having confirmed its owner the state is the change you
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with time but it's understood there were nearly two hundred and ninety still missing south korean passenger ship the seawall was on my journey to the true star of the schedule when it overturned and sank off the custard can go on and on wednesday morning. such operations for survivors of the tragedy has resumed. it was hindutva not it's up to the hope of it here because the weather was bad the south korean cuts cost is twenty divers tried to get inside the wreckage of the ship but like what the costs of the strong comes to rescue vessels also arrived at the site with more than four hundred rescuers searching nearby waters overnight and into today. the us seventh fleet service warship the uss own home riches which has helicopters on board was on its plate to the scene to provide help. we've been talking with our correspondent shane harmon snow about the search and
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rescue efforts and that the investigation into the tragedy. well the latest eye information that i have is that officials are trying to inject energy into this vessel to try many making float so hopefully these other search and rescue operations are that starting about a half hour ago also divers are at the scene trying to get into this vessel that is almost completely submerged. at this point tried to get into some of the rooms were possibly survivors might still be in the air pockets but they haven't been having what you're talking about a vessel that is is enormous in terms of the sixty five hundred tonnes. and of weather conditions aren't helping matters is the leader of the brain is starting to fall around the single area of windsor picking up as well which is causing high currents hampering search and rescue efforts put in as far as the cause of why the accident happened. coast guard officials are questioning right now the captain believe it or not
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the captain of coming out of this tragic accident why but he went in for questioning over night and is still under questioning by coast guard officials and some of the information we're getting from him is that because of this accident may have occurred when the ship steered suddenly switch lap causing a cargo that was tied down to fall making this and balances and that could be one of the causes but again we're still in preliminary stages of the investigation but i am in tears because right now that's what. that's what officials are looking into. among the passengers on board were three hundred and twenty by students from south korean high school was they were actually having to judge you want for a school trip and should harm that has been taking a look at how family members and relatives are coping with the accident. he was supposed to be a field trip celebrating the onset of spring. instead the excursion
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turned into a parent's worst nightmare. three hundred and twenty by students at a time tunnel high school just south of seoul embarked on a four day journey on tuesday to the southern island of changing. they were among the four hundred and fifty nine passengers on board with the ship sailed into trouble when the morning. for starters. we asked if we should escape now the announcement of her ministers to steal. so war is to detect. when is the county mission began thinking quickly within two hours most of the vessel was completely submerged in water. south korean military and coast guard officials immediately launched a massive search and rescue operation. survivors were rushed to nearby hospitals to receive medical treatment. meanwhile the south korean government launched an emergency task force to coordinate rescue efforts. so either. he really has always was is to find
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every single week and as hard as search efforts and accountability. again it's up to hundreds of kilometers away parents and relatives rushed to school upon hearing the tragic news. emotions ran high. parents questions school officials who were able to provide few answers the two of the war was a real artist john is the only one or two herons now onwards as far as what cost wednesday's accident officials can speculate at this point but experts say weather conditions were extremely foggy at the time of the incident. and judging by the way bishops on the vessels may have run around on a shallow reef. at this point officials to tell all passengers or crew are coming for the focus would remain on search and rescue change on for cctv so. and elsewhere of course the senate is going on for the missing malaysia nail on
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the font mh forty seven to be just the events as you would know about the heights with two hundred and thirty nine people on board. on route from quantum touch of ageing the autonomous underwater vehicles brief and twenty one this company is planning its next its mission comp to completing the first one which lasted sixteen oz of the night. the booth and twenty one is covered ninety square kilometers of the seabed off the west is ready and cuts in its first three missions while data collected by the sub problems like this excursion was still being analyzed. nothing of note had yet been discovered the surge in crime is that any of that says the younger ones that will last another week. if there is another result of this tragedy will suspend the concert and adjust its methods. but vowed not to give up on the search for the missing plane the type of twelve aircraft and eleven ships are assisting to die. the senate is expected to cover forty thousand square kilometer
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patch about twenty two hundred kilometers to the northwest of perth the latest developments on this lovely start to our correspondent lisa put on a business writer. prime minister tony abbott has said that the surge is entering a critical stage share this coming week will be critical but they will be searching what's happening now is that this agendas for a high priority areas. this is the four areas that they heard that hangs from from that old thing i love peter i'm not assigning and fauna most of this and twenty one under the sea to laugh what's under there and to have a look. basically painting a rough picture of the open ocean on to find any wreckage but as you mentioned is going to be a slow at an arduous process and will take a long time because of the speed of the bluefin and also we've spoken to some experts on what kind of challenges lives forty five hundred meters under the sea
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the electronic signals of course which costs that much interest and could have played it about the businesses that had no choice but to send you a poem a submersible vehicle into the depths of the indian ocean. anticipatory in this report examines the science of the underwater vehicle and the challenges it faces when working at for the population is under the sink. his favorites and twenty one kg is the best pool. why do you pay an agency said. its autonomous underwater vehicle was conceived using the site's owners can essentially painting a rough picture of the ocean floor four thousand five hundred meters under the surface ocean. it is a huge challenge already the first two missions of the booth and twenty one. and it
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prematurely. i'm expecting to win. and yet or because of technical issues for the enormity of the time described by critics who analyzes owner in ages. as a profession became a favorite at a football field. or even care that. elijah much like him. it's a real headache and was completely dark and had the spotlight and we did do was walk around looking down with a spotlight to try find a case and to this insidious means that you've been looking at until twelve hours later. dos evening just hours and hours of them would then have to be an alliance. just to get an idea on how difficult it would cost that investigators are facing this image here is an image of one cubic meter concrete wall. i'm just a small slice alaska. this particular scam
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result. speaking in a live cd while the new ocean of underwater mountains and value to the temple so we are scans from detecting the racket the challenges don't end there. this is the thompson. he's been involved in the pleadings and record what objects across the street and he describes how precise the investigators will have to be when and if you find any signs of an hp seven zero and we've had situations wherein fifty meters of water still alive we know it he's been wanting to spend an hour a day or two for four hours to find that the senate. absent that day twenty one. we've been speaking to the un targets the dead. the massive search area. investigators the families of the prostitutes are hoping to fly to make the seven zero is not forever lost in
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the bottom of the new coach and is put through cctv perth western australia. it would also receive some more news on the surge of course for the students in the ship that sank off the south korean cuts and a man who was identified by the south korean news agency as the captain of the sinking ferry has apologized for the tragedy. he made the remarks as he was being questioned at the mo cocoa scott office. a short time ago citing that he was really sorry and deeply shine to the rescue efforts as we reported earlier is still underway. nine people including five students and two teachers were confirmed dead but many expect a very sharp jump in that number because of the long time the missing have now spent on a trek to the ferry port in the cold sea. china's ministry of commerce has
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announced key data reflecting china's economic performance in the first quarter of twenty four team. china's retail sales grew twelve percent year on year to over one trillion us dollars retail sales growth in rural areas actually up pace that is it that the region's china's exports declined three point four percent compared with the same period last year while imports were up one point six percent combined exports and imports declined one percent to one of a one hundred and sixty five billion dollars officials played down the drop in exports attributing it to a high price to get good marks la sierra. that was distorted by illicit transactions through hong kong. china's trade with all major prophets including the eu the u s japan and as eon grew in the first quarter with the exception of trade with hong kong. meanwhile china's foreign direct investment into the chinese mainland went down one point four seven percent to over
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twelve billion dollars in notch. overall china has attracted the defending one of the hop billion dollars in the first quarter up five point five percent year on year. china's own financial investment overseas this week anointing point nine billion dollars. that's down sixteen point five percent year on year. the us federal reserve chair john mccallum has said the central bank's decision to raise interest rates will depend on how well the economy the cheez its importance and inflation goals in a second speech as fed chair on wednesday. don't stress that the fed would respond to shifting economic conditions as the judges winter finally type of tree policy. if it has kept its key rate to be a zero to stimulate the economy since the depths of the financial crisis in late two thousand and eight. it aims for maximum sustainable employment and a rise in
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inflation from the current jobs are to just above one percent to two percent orchard a shortfall of employment or inflation from their respective objectives and this lowered the jake in progress rate those objectives. the longer the current target range to the federal funds rate is likely to be maintained. this approach underscores the continuing commitment of the fomc to meet team the appropriate degree of accommodation support to recovery. the tides of the label made in japan has stored the pull position high tech gear of awards. let harden reputation has taken a hit in recent years as a member of the giants of japanese industry have been forced to recall and repairs of products that are proven to be psyche has this sony it
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depends how those friends all making international headlines for the wrong reasons. the pair problems with their products but simply through his conduct was shameful. contending with the second largest recall ever did before the courts from hearing this the saudis were that the batteries of some of its flagship bottle computers can catch fire. and econs come under fire from thomas the broadcaster for issues with this lens is an allegedly for after sales service the company had acted quickly to meet un issued an apology on its chinese website and offered to repair or replace faulty cameras but the bad publicity has taken a toll. he touches are hovering at their lowest in more than two and a half years. shares in to the pharmaceutical have also attacked after a us jury ordered the firm to a record six billion dollars in damages for allegedly concealing risks associated with the diabetes drug
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the incident that that soccer took its bubble stock market. average attendance of reputation for quality. prime minister shinzo abe's counting on japan's companies to support the next stage of the country's recovery but boosting hiring and investment. but so far deeper than reluctant. experts say while japan's many factors still churn out quality goods are not always prepared and thirty four were yet to win local market developments the steeple sunlight business professor at boston university. and in the market get these copies most recently the response consumers in line with local culture and conditions. i think it's necessary to increase local staff in a bold use of local consulting firms in order to decrease rates. the worst thing that can happen in three calls for companies to become overly bearish as products cover of the route from store shelves the consumers stop buying them in any short term losses will be covered but long term revenue as long as they deliver information freely
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and quickly. the next bit difficult to golf. this is the mindset of a traditionally conservative companies will have to change in more ways than one especially as the largest race at all. they love the sport seen on cctv names of donors kill bart in beijing we kicked off this happened on the pitch with the latest edition of the cult classic in reality driven barcelona renewing their great rivalry. this time with the copa del rey on the line reality without injured superstar kris jenner and although he was sidelined with a leg injury in the absence of the real world player of the year the most expensive player would step up in a big way. barcelona at one go. between these two clubs this season. last month with the stuff with me on the counterattack and held the belief that this and thinking it would calmly finished and put his side ahead. the dough was very close to the top side to see on the replay but brielle forward timed his run
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beautifully the finish is to get one deal. the good will remain that way until the second half is hard to convert the former month barred from fort scott high in the sixty eighth minute the cross he will talk to your baking one one the fourth event celebrating with extra time to read gareth bale would do this and absolutely know that snow leopard on the left pieces and then beat the keeper between the west make it to one of the eighty fifth minute that in the alley and most expensive transfer of world football christianity although one can be seen as it was absolute fantastic place for mr vaile the bars until the chance to equalize governed in the strike has been applied in the post and reducing its stake in the one word has it stays too wide and that would be one of the al could not grab the copa del rey final nineteen and it captured the crown. thanks to the grateful for years. so im
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back with you again to make eight forty pm beijing time to mature. there's the octopus to record players and. he is. sch the well hello and welcome to happen said. diplomatic challenges these days. for the nation to nation often are we to tell from the north korean human rights situation. they stand for ten weeks for solving global problems


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