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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 18, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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the eye. ch. dear prime crime you to writing april eighteen pm so it actually is
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sean went into so much for joining us. a major rescue operation for the kansai scary off korea southwestern coast continues on this friday evening where divers to finally reached inside the whole of the sunken ship and there have been conflicting accounts all day about how successful they have been pretty cows will go live to air on friday at the central disaster safety headquarters here in selling funny what the latest twenty one i have seen continuing their rescue operation for the past three hours. they try to take advantage of the low tide by survivors and abandon ship the rescue team is expected to continue their search operation to the bank the meet today at diaper i had not been entered for the third time. earlier that morning however they don't die by beating the crap that the third floor of the backboard. later in the afternoon the beach the right car at the back of lower and that year. hahah it
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was to divert the treaty just fourteen minutes later after i wrote everything that can break open a door to one of the compartment of the second floor. but i've read have reported the aura of that i've looked at me and yet there had been conflicting reports concerning about eighteen and three in the bowl which led to the act and adapted it is headquartered in hq apology but they're inaccurate out the past twenty days to pass and says hello ferry capsized and additional bodies have been found but still no news of survivors. everybody were recovered today the body that can email it found about five hundred meters away. the cap but that will add to that the observatory. or did the morning. court confirmed that paul had twenty eight. a potty break for the team trying to get and the teacher
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that every crew member had black carpenter and body had yet to be identified but haven't had any carbon leaf i collect two hundred and fifty eight people governing the state and unfortunately the number of hybrid from a sea change kind. racing you thank you for that update that wasn't sunny departing from the center of disaster safety headquarters in styling. now go live to pat o'connor runs and eleven just twenty km from the side of the second rescue mission where i post alot is standing by. so with nightfall here once again how is a situation that developing. guys it's kickstart outside your ads kamal khan harbor urge and so is the cb high needs and that doesn't hinder the rest cure is from continuing to search for missing people knowledge is a battle against time every min it is crucial for the rescuers and
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so on in the water as soon as ten twenty five pm and again tomorrow at around five forty eight and the times will be at their comments and divers will focus on searching for possible survivors of vessels and summer rains have been complied flares or beam itunes and on the wall but are worried as well. so other families of missing ones that the higher brain must be watching domestic process to how are they coping with the situation. well the clock is ticking by and i must say that the whole seems to be gradually fading especially as the family sought today how helicopters have moved from dead bodies to the harbor where a temporary morgue has been set up not the people are crying and came to bring three the loved ones to come back but also shouting and frustration and anger at times towards the government's above the slow progress in search and rescue operations and also towards media covering
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the events. so is there any talk about what may happen after the search for survivors and what's the next step going to be for the rescue operations augustus is will continue on hollow and two when the ship will eventually be pulled out of the water is now before it rains and as well as the floating dock will also be included in the process which will push things forward. but experts say the process could take months now families who worry that as soon as the trains are used and the fair use as a possible survivors need the harms which means they are still clinging to the last bits of hope. now that's all i have for you tonight. but sally back with more updates tomorrow bet you guys in the studio. thank you so well that was open so i'm reporting live at the search and rescue site that parallel
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hybrid plants and a landing since the soho and the fairies are sinking families of the missing half camped out at an indoor auditorium when she know i went to get the latest information on the rescue efforts first hand. another reported that the shocking many of us here in kodiak the vice principal of pan on high school is believed to have committed suicide the july duty and who was standing by at the kidneys him yet. did he learn anything new about the suicide. we have learned that yet left to do with idyllic in its wallet nh he wrote that it is part of the bargain. not knowing whether this. the kids are outside or not. the fifty two year old all about it but he twisted his body he needed to go in the side of that day the deal would be a teacher of the dead heated in their afterlife. it was around five minutes at four pm korean time i went to bite the bullet found in the bible belt. but three on a hill behind it though. the korea
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us on board with the perry was thinking to keep the dough into one of the few that were rescued. how are the people they are reacting to the news and how to have all the families of victims been doing and it all the conflicting reports today about the rescue operation while the teacher to have a high school that we're here at the gym broke into cheers for the hurt about that the vice principal asked whether i believe the wheeling and crying or getting louder as we getting deeper into the night. it's getting harder for at the parrot curator of the fact that the pope. it is a great power that can give that impression to the current artificial all about that day and night you're about to be killed the rescue operation but the official have agreed to be able to get this family if anything i entered the tent it is nightfall. the weather conditions have made it to hope for rescue operation to be carried out the leaks many
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years and believe it was just tired of the gospel of mark crying out loud for their children had really no words can click it right or completely clean your mind about how great that it will take your daughter tori of god. i thank you for that reply me and that was a duty and deploying from chino in the auditorium when many of the founding members of the now two hundred and sixty eight still missing. i kept it. for more details on the ongoing probe into the ferry disaster were joined by hefty one in the studio. so ji won via a joint team of prosecutors and police file the rest warrants for the camp david and also two other crew members. yes the touring team not investigation team at the west winds this evening asking can we question that kept him three times in the office of the family operated this morning and came up like five different artists including abandoning a sinking ship. and with green falcons boy to think of either passengers still on
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the boat and under special screening a lot less than fit the crime. the maximum punishment of the caffeine can ace for abandoning the ship can be life in prison. although reported that the ship may have undergone extensive renovations and that that could have actually affected sinking of the shed. that's why i've done during investigation to read it i'd lump on the shifty eyed with sperm renovate the ferry company when that man needed renovation in two thousand twelve and if you can see from this immense honor he increased though we kept the ship by more than a thousand times and also increase the number of passengers went and hunted investigation team think that this cut half of play to factor in the ship's lifting so easy and experts also point out the possibility that the current court carried inside the ferry hundred s of guilt or ten
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thousand tonnes of either car ago may have being tied down tight he may not have been tied on ten will get a card that could have speed to one side studying when their shift at a cost of turning the things that a combination of so many problems at the same time that caused this tragedy. the way we learn about who was steering the ship at the time of the disaster one that is they came out this morning when the joint investigation team that came with that in turin with quite this morning i and hangs out the twenty fifth year old out there it may not happen with dearie at eight hundred tonne ferry. when did that for encountered trouble she started liking for this company. just then the thunder just the belt for like five months ago in korea later nations mandate that a vessel in the late thousand times should be navigated by a first or second date. and considering that the scale i told gary wayne white and egg whites than that. if the pm
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violation of the commission and the hairs are now being pointed twenty capital which believed to have being away from the steering wheel at that time and events. however every kind of day location of the cap at that time the price this testimony for this ilk are different. any time. it means surviving member of the perry scroll and to top management personnel of the fairies operator had been banned from leaving the country thanks to i think you and you keep us updated an excellent cast doesn't seem many questions still remain about the delay in the search and rescue efforts following the shirts caps icing and that much of the criticism few of the understandably by emotions of those suffering from missing loved ones. i spoke with a maritime expert to give us his analysis of how things are going. his captain john noble director of uk based constellation never waned services well this could either is intended to enter the area again today
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but to no avail that delaying has left the families of the missing frustrated and in brest france from your own experience how do you assess the level of the ongoing efforts is the level of the ongoing effort the remote control for the temptations of the toilet about two to record strong the food already in the war difficult. temperature times. which creates what is it. the forecast. foliage color. hope that they didn't want her to the border. and don't let that happen to take determination. worse was
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the king's daughters. the war we leave it to toe the vessel is now submerged under water and combine with and at this point increase the chance of finding survivors by pumping air into the sunken ship. with its own doing. it all these beads for more epic than a little too good to go but it remains to be seen. did. two wars. meet the challenges of the total awe. because the temperature is cold. twelve degrees that
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the creek. to quote political blog. and it has cost us earlier said the sunken vessel. now presumably between some one hundred thousand tonnes of seawater is slowly pushing down further into the seabed other than a passing it back still in what other ways out of bed to the ferry back to the surface. to wait to shoot who poured it into the sea but that it is time to two degrees of i replied to me succession of stress the term to bring rain to the wrong crying. the rules flora was it. that could total commitment to. more to waste a whole. i was home
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after that. what do you think. what is going to fall into. that was going to do so far. it was. every time the disease. so cool the salvage crane to lift this hellhole fairy up from where it sits right at the scene earlier than expected. i could take up to two months to get the sixty eight hundred tonne ferry to store and a body found in cheryl when the mets will start a small town has a deep counts. four years ago we went to korean warships one and was sung it to one month to lift it from the ocean
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floor. anyway just want them to what the skillet with dyes the passenger ferry and more than sixteen hundred tonnes is one of the largest operating in the nation. one hundred eighty vehicles and cargo wing twelve hundred tonnes were on board when the fairy tea party tuesday evening local time. and then to one of the essence inundated the ferry the total weight of the cranes will have to match each receive ten thousand tonnes. four cranes with capacity of ten thousand tonnes combined have a pristine waters of the sun inside and are on standby but the government says the lift will not be carried out without the consent of families of the missing accepting of this it could jeopardize the safety of pasta survivors. let this point would have to rely on air pockets to stay alive the fairy must be turned up right. first in origin in this day. to minimize further damage and to stabilize making process. divers will fasten cable wires under
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water to the vessel to lift it. but authorities say the lack of experience conducting a vessel of this size. all of which fast currents and poor visibility daily the process. scoot on identities. the second rescue efforts continue investigators have also been looking at what cost the ferry to think that rick coastguard has suggested that the most possible cause for the shift enticing was that they should veer off course and made an abrupt change of direction but there are still conflicting reports about whether it actually did shoot him in the books. speculation remains over it was a dish and was actually falling its direct impact. there are conflicting reports still more than today since dish it started listing. western regional headquarters korean coast guard reportedly set this rule is believed to have turned quickly but added it is still too early to confirm the cause of the sunken ferry
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earlier the maritime police at the ferry diverted slightly from the invitees religion although not completely off course the general director of the national maritime policy agency said that all ships leaving in ten more on that to take to thailand are invited to go around complete alignment. however they should kill is a dead tree roots closer to shore as a shortcut. the ferry troops to seal the path away from the maestro. but even then it isn't considered off course the ministry of the oceans and fisheries said otherwise officials in a report said that the scale and will ferry was on track and followed it directed the way. the chief end of coastal shipping division quentin young said there is no official term for an advisory one recommended dreams and that the ad shows a ferry to the past it intended to take to the main item means. and the death toll continues to rise the captain and surviving crew members of the sunken
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ferry are coming under fire for failing to follow proper safety guidelines and colleen it was the mechanism is safe then the one thing could have done the same lines. beasley training in design shows no cabin crews are supposed to direct passengers during emergency situation. that he killed instructions include how to prepare for an emergency landing in a safe exit the plane. it's all basic routine procedures for air travel is also required of all their time passenger vessel. encore and the korea co star and the captain is responsible for ordering crew members to conduct safety demonstrations for passengers and keep them informed. but acting captain he chews up the spill hope barry fail to fall even these basic guidelines. many of the survivors say they were rushed on board the vessel receiving little or no safety training such as learning how to put on a life jacket
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the captain of a ship and seven crew members also report they disobeyed maritime laws by abandoning the sinking ship leaving hundreds of people to fend for themselves. but the mistakes stone and bear testimony from survivors text messages and he'll have cooperated the fact that on board announcements for keely as passengers to see what has that kerry was tilting before finally telling all the passengers to jump into the sea. the move. experts see the order to remain indoors goes against proper procedure in the band of the flooding. empire has begun to enter and love that then you have to get the highest possible the ground. the highest place in the tank. the lack of safety training contradicting announcements and absence of clear direction from the captain and crew may cause a higher number of the talent he is as confused passengers search for a way alex with little time to skate. for the audio mix. oh
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the horror the room. i was you all. i do. and. and he the this meeting aptitude me entertained at the very difficult on us present brock obama offered his deep condolences to the victims of the ferry disaster and pledge washington's full support for the ongoing search and rescue operations during a news conference at the white house on thursday. before i begin i just want to express america the american people our deepest condolences to the republic of korea the families of all those
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who've seen their loved ones lost one of her insane within the last couple of days. as one of our closest allies. our commitment to south korea is unwavering in good times and in bed. obama added that he will convey this message in person when he visits korea for a previously planned trip next week earlier the leaders of china japan and singapore echoed his sentiments along with apprentice who delivered a message saying he will pray for the victims their families and everyone involved in the rescue operation. well it's almost inevitable that dramatic moments are caught on film in this teenager smartphones newly released footage shows when the ship first encountered trouble. we have an advantage that video from inside the ferry that the deals that harrowing moments when water started gushing and i could only have one. ecc the theory from afar and the midst of fun
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the ship has received about forty five degrees. this amateur video captured about thirty minutes after the ship tipped over chose the arrival of the first helicopters to rescue passengers on that though. merchant ships and fishing boats also purchase them. the theory has now received even more. since he had the shipping containers sixteen hundred at the po fishing boats speed up closer to the scene and frantic attempts to rescue anyone and four. but the theory is likely to merge with jets of water shooting out of the ship is nearly completely bald now. this just in about two hours time in another video taking on cell phone by one of the passengers chose the harrowing moments to ship started thinking. a passenger down and water is fresh and in water is rationed in
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other passengers videos have also been circulating on the internet in the past two days including one that says passengers clean on two walls in their lives to the ship was planted near the ninety degrees. meantime an announcement or read out loud speakers it's just passengers and not tuning in to see it that fact that the wet students here in this video are doing. the footage taken by the surviving passenger toasted and stained with the art something down with their life this time. inside the ship is clearly starting to capsize. connor the idea means the day. it is
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the conditions are gender were slightly better today compared to yesterday but we may be facing more complications tomorrow afternoon. the details he can act like like smoking at the weather center forgot what's the weather like obeying single guys that we did get out better weather conditions as the sun mentioned today compared to yesterday however it's beginning to let five pm and did two five that visibility has decreased to six point five km which is about seven km less than a couple of hours ago. wind speed and the hideaway inside down to one point one meters per second and zero point two five meters perspective clean this pf tidal currents will be at its lowest sudan around half past ten and we will again for more of these opportunities tomorrow at five forty am the eleven thirteen am by twelve pm and
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eleven thirteen and he and a well be a little easier to conduct the rescue operations during these hours. however things are not looking that up for tomorrow. overall strong winds are forecast to blow at a maximum grade of about eight to twelve meters per second and that there is a high possibility that it went away but advisory meeting issued a moderate south to the peninsula which could affect conditions on tindall. that's all for now but on the back with more updates on the weather at single a little after eleven it was a cunning and then it seems there was an extra person traveling on the passenger ferry before it sank and the number of rescues has dropped by five so that brings a total of four hundred and eighty six passengers on board this one hope when her cindy for rescue twenty eight dead and two hundred seventy four still missing and those other
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stories we have been a bestseller and teen son and scully announced online join us again for the latest on the ongoing sunken ferry rescue operation on her next newscast at eleven pm korean time. i knew. the lulu. off
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eye. i am. i will. the and
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it is. and. i didn't. sells steve and the hwy this
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program is brought you by the group. from norway's mainstream crews were lies the herd. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. over ten thousand wash and i've now been going through and ching ukraine and the country secure issues at this point i was born in


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