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president grant's good prizes awarded the highest military and spencer ranks to the military along with officers in a word doc staff appears ministry's national security committee the financial police the general prosecutor's office in the foreign intelligence service to mark received from the president knew it up all it's only eighteen people were worn with high military and special ranks twenty other people received orders of various degrees the medals among them by the deputy of the financial police the head
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of the correctional system committee regional prosecutors the commander in chief of the year defence forces of context and the armed forces and many others. the assault of the divine congratulated all open to students of the ceremony dedicated to the father wins the interim i work on the look of the opposite. you should be though. you've been a great responsibility. first you have to observe what is necessary for military men and faithfully serve your people you have to show an example of the appearance of life causes must have a good appearance to keep in shape then uniforms will be attractively i wish you success. motion picture bosworth. some of the condition. and fifty veterans of wars which you will receive emergency call buttons to match the chamber wanted to do was to extend launched a social project called lifeline in austin i know monty has run the clock service is designed especially for elderly and people with disabilities each bedroom have their own special device will send a signal to the senate which will provide assistance to
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veterans. currently the national chamber one two and was asking the business community to support their project. all veterans of context and are expected to receive this device by the end of this year twenty thousand fifteen. noah was full. it is a necessary device in cases when a person is unable to dial phone number to call for help when falling in the streets or at home in cases of possible attacks and thinking what a person's loss or forgot his address his opponent. so to me i'm very proud of the younger generation cares about the veterans of the great patriotic war. they realize that their lord and we need to take a big help. i want to go. scores of judicial bias us air force base in preparing to demonstrate their skills over the skies of austin on the file independence day that crass will present a great show the reform seventy unique shapes of local facilities like argentina and by connecting the sky the prisoners died one year in order to surprise people while it has consisted of
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the best pilots experienced pilots teach beginners how to skillfully conduct various maneuvers in the sky and feel of the adjacent aircraft wing the residents of the guests to boston i will be able to buy the aerobatic flight seventy seven parade although it last year and they showed a great number of aircraft on the parade this year it will witness even greater show. local residents will see a lot of interesting things in this type of may seven balls at the bus. but that's not what i did was a joint bid to maintain sustained combat readiness this was an object is to buy this at their base card to a coles group lights before we care about as such is the best in tokyo for the loo turning pull up in winning over. some of us. since the job but it really be a soldier i know that i show ensure safety during the flights so everyday i honed my skills. i owe it to london. for that. slow
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the captain had an opportunity to relieve the events of the warriors the screening of the feature film dollars on the motionless was held in more than the cinemas of austin on the eve of victory day the veterans of the great patriotic war home from workers and pensioners were invited as guest of honor the movie that tells a story about a feel a swearing in each area of the soviet union was directed by the famous cars and icons. sometimes the plot is based on the novel by alex in the back of a local anti wind the film describes the history of the great hero one of the pan flip euros his way from the lieutenant of the towering chief command of guards. the organizers of the bank all the screening of the motion picture the important education and teach art lesson for young people. he lost every citizen can extend every citizen or a vast country can come and look at the hero when he was really liking what he did in difficult situations and how i behave and above all hostilities are film shows everything is up with the most of us most of us the perspective is sitting in the movie theater knowledge of emotional love is not just a historical figure from
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the past is a wartime comrade a man who many new by themselves. yes noted the striking similarity of the main actor with the hero of the battle of moscow highly appreciated collaboration of the characters in the fell the images above are personally acquainted with the hero she shared memories of knowledge on abortion law i should lose its meaning is at that stage i was lucky to be an imam in a lot d we talked. the fact that he was talking with us. it was a great lesson for us and our educational work. he said that is necessary to be with the hold up your people after seeing this movie the audience left the hall very impressed. every person had different feelings but one thing they were all unanimous the film was a decent adaptation of the great historical battle which became an important turning point during the war that inning. he was still is necessary to watch. we have had the memories and young people needed necessarily own. i hope this film was a great pleasure to be as a military man walks into mine
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the play of actors the major role was played by the cable as dido he will command in october. love running up on his own label a chinese citizen was sentenced to ten years in prison for reviewing military secrets to a foreign agent or non resident surname lee was convicted of secret documents transferred to foreign intelligence services. but as a military bases in guangdong are among the trees for materials according to the terrors of the case. lee was recruited by a foreign spy through popular social network. the chinese authorities are trying to tighten security measures on the internet since the media reported that the us national security agency has established surveillance over one of china's leading telecommunication companies this data was obtained by the media from a former employee of the nsa and whatsoever a single plane crashed into the roof of a house in the us state of colorado at the same time the accident airplane pilot it is a job with a parachute and landed safely near the crash site as a result of
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the incident a house burst into flames for two at the moment there was no one inside. no casualties were reported according to the preliminary version the plane crash due to technical problems. a special commission will establish the exact cause of the crash research projects for the upcoming exhibition expo two thousand seventeen bidding on and off the night today the winners of the young researchers competition were awarded to the contest was conducted among student of the conduct of this high schools alternate energy sources in and social issues site the communities on the main directions of the competition all projects investigated during the year and only best were awarded with prizes the j received about one thousand works one hundred of them have been in the finals the winners receiving cash into to get any medals. they don't deserve to be the subject of indigenous health in order to support such ideas in the future we plan to organize it on a national level meeting in international level this year we decided that the prize fund will be the first place one hundred and twenty five thousand tinggi for the second place one hundred thousand cd and put their place seventy five thousand
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cd. i was meant to read it chris. he was. it was a little shaky as the mad ants at somebody gets me thinking secrets and like reading this and ask them into spaces that basically says. celebs best i can see that end. this investigation began in two thousand and seven. but after that. two years. wouldn't we went to get there. to sustain shelves and such a good sweat the tears didn't mean to die down and statistics. i also was approved by giving citizens from other sites. it was showed in a computer game to be the first cause a browser based online game no mass was presented developers retreated to historical events in the game as a choice of many different
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characters. it is possible not only teaches the soldier but also determine its genius and for that glorify him and online space where does the scope of the game will allow not only having that i'm also hoping to learn more about the history of the gaza people. almost all stolen and that is fully based in the history of aged thirteen concerts all the weapons and armor is the mission are based on our history the game was developed entirely by ca that special this is a full week of the crime. it's not actually study. the traditional season of course if permitted was no open and cut the cord and that secures our status or other regional centers anyone can raise the national dishes and heel injuries join a healthy lifestyle and no the cauldron of nomads. according to organizers call was a knock which is the place where courses do it allows people to get familiar with ancient traditions. it also implies good support for small business development due to such events for example last year seven hundred and seventy times and she bought into and forty tonnes of commerce was sore in the region. also thanks to the campaign every season about six hundred jobs are provided to support healthy
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competition all summer until late autumn the contest between your toes will be held in december the best of them will receive certificates and cost prices this double bill was to be there all morning through the villages we have this knowledge of privileges we come to enjoy the time and atmosphere. therefore we will either this tradition will be developed through more than our children any vehicle that more such places rather than restaurants. the last say it's the last george bushes for the worse it reminded him this but i may be the regime the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said citigroup international drilling with the world wildlife fund are actively supporting their it budgets of the tent in the field of environmental business and specificity. this refers to the development of the desert
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area of two new ballparks region has experts say the project will help when users often we fall further in their activities in the field of korean economy these expansions it was so in wind energy. fish farming in traditional crafts. wear what you are careful of humor of a record of a stomach bug which i did take active part in such products in different countries which at times i coveted participate in the development projects that meet the standards of the green economy. the key to collect the proponent reach our goal is the only con them into the brick city foundation to the world wildlife fund for the implementation of the first private fee for the program with fifty thousand dollars a year in the medium term the product can be extended to another in the natural area of coverage the experts said. u s department of labor publish their statistics on the unemployment rate of the country and the number of new jobs were created in april in the us economy excluding the proposal effective. according to bureau news the statistics the previous forecast in
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progress of experts from bluebird held in the servants be accurately predicted the decline of the country's unemployment rate two point four percent. as a report showed that us unemployment rate stood at six point seven percent in february and march this year it for the bigger drop to six point three percent to one and eighty thousand americans would quit last month the labor department confirms the belief of the american central think that the economy is growing however the us gdp grew by forty one percent the federal reserve believes that the court when it costs the fall of an employment rate in the figures did not reflect the real state of the us economy is awful manufacturing pmi in the eurozone has surpassed the previous forecast for twenty one points better than the preliminary data. it was group was registered not only in the country of the most developed economies such as germany but also in countries such as spain and italy moreover job in itself showed a slight slowdown of what one points according to experts the increase in activity though not so graphic was observed over ten months. hopefully this trend will continue to new features
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as the increase in the baby in some countries directly influenced by the activity of neighboring states. cyprus is finance ministry announced that he's of restrictions on top of a steep bank operations except for one of the restriction was introduced in march two thousand thirteen. according to the decree that restriction on opening new accounts and local produce institutions is still in force. but in truth or is it that the prohibition on the verge of tears and the ceiling for interbank transactions without supporting documents in the mother fifty thousand euro for individuals and two hundred thousand euro for a reported two tickets per month. at the same time for restrictions on overseas money transfer. this was the man an expert worth more than three thousand euro fly passenger flights remain in the american automakers general motors announced the recall from the us market for more than fifty million people stood for a few bucks discovered in the software which may affect the safety of the driver and passengers according to our current os
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to record the cities of europe with jim c on friday and chevrolet traverse produced the period from march to august two thousand the team in a statement released by general motors distressed that his only precautionary measure if there is no evidence of any accident caused by this malfunction. in february march general motors record would like to twenty nine pupils tradition he fell from three to two thousand eleven due to the fact he is the ignition system. he was a
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real post qualifying match in the world for vocal among the women's team the mass of tears of context and bulgaria will compete in the match the last match of the bulgarian team in its context and ended with a score of one the one in upcoming game will be the most important for the guests at this stage of the selection of the teams close the groove of the tournament having a one point each in assets but due to a better goal difference in the context and women's team is on the line above bulgaria. the teams of france finland austria and hungary are the leading positions as a coach of the bulgarian national team in milk itself he noted. both teams are evenly matched. anyone not be nice to win tomorrow me and actually is the most important reinforce the national teams of context and bulgaria are close in the group which claimed that other team interfere with the score won the one we consider that as a team is a well organized and unpredictable opponent the fourteen championship of kazakhstan on the national sports with some opting to
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study potential hall of attention. it is a baby and kids who go barking yellow and how about a spa competitions in the seminar on the development of the equestrian sport gem the end of this park and if we categories athletes who sought to extend the enemy that must sign up to me baby july we have seen him his boss out of and the junk was only aware of the strongest continuum of the ship of the time has really cool and it is cool calm of the couple claimed was the media and the motion to that was the strongest in kolkata team percent of them was the best history has become the stage for the preparation for the upcoming asian championship which will be held in two thousand fifteen in turkey. almost four thousand as of today the province of national sports are racist amongst i must say that today senior judges are preparing seminars of being out for them they're issued certificates which attests to the level of training and qualifications and touch judges paul dudley politicians are covered state championships this year. i'm not the most and that such a mean chicken sport climbing
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which involves the strongest athletes of kazakhstan. among them is demonic with debts of a few days ago she won the title of the one of the world games its peak climbing held in china only us set us up there with the world strongest when he goes to rent a cops who soon became what she didn't know what to cut the top of all that easy of a doubt kosmina also the international federation of climbing in the assembly of paris decided to approve the application of kazakhstan upholding the two thousand fifteen hh and the chicken climbing is plain that he will be a great show in the center of a maki customers are people in the making. the federation is considering organizing such a at the north square us to ask where's a good place from auntie people to meet the sport. you might see the torch will only consume and she was in coombs seeking more income support. and i know the day. chelle. room
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dvds. shh shh. do i really should. for more. once
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the energy. with my nineteen wolf. i have a couple. it says. it was awesome. enjoy it. i know. i was really nice up. it works is that that's why it's good to get that anywhere. teachers or different. all content is a huge tree and ended with the korean classical music forgot. i pointed it out. i
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guess. opened. i walked toward him. they have bought a lot. the photo. to me. with a dynamic and powerful performance. obama has helped change perception of god. we the genre. there's morning call was depicting stories to it yet. i'll warn you about that. all one in four e i got
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don't say anything about once we get the point that once children. my little boy i miss you. in some pretty big boy now the team morning of how one hour sixteen area the car by international competition. he became the tenth he went through in the wire. granted him wearing his pants and oversized spirits. the two winners like modernize christian korea's traditional costume carnival
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see. and we use and i. no ma'am of him and also performs alongside morning and i'm going to and resonating from eighth to your whistle blew. people in some. she's the eve of the last the and and and and who did a good game and they went with us. those who eat too incredible to have fun
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still will not have a mosquito but the government even . the in two for a man who will be using them. and this morning. usually the one with the little one though. the levites the opal mines. don't let this be that huge tomato. i'm in my thinking. a statement steve gould take the pot out with him now and he too said. d this song and putting their take on sen clinton. i
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promise no one not on the whole crew chief and one on wednesday. i miss him and anti try now accompanied by every instrument to instrument i can. total consensus on the top. you don't want to go home. she concluded. we can. i watched nicholas handle. published catching them. if that was put into courts have been with me i have. in one gb team is essentially telling cabinet convened korean sentiment. i am i. i know
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performance in the darkness for it p i t is literally the highlight of this down with over the hum of a couple of other and with it well i'm not on the phone the department of trade get a feel of them until the people of the keys and don't go to the market. dj's. ruth their goal. yankee. the cute their own equipment and prompted now unfolding. and here is a leading lady. we ought to be and found. from one to find good dancing robot greenback fell down mm i seem to have women working with on board acted quickly and in the us i have been accustomed to go mom and a bandage and then when he said gosh people
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again these are held the match. what a wonderful husband woot. he he brilliant talents. coupled with less energy. it's a new korean i promise me you are blessed beyond imagination you all. you know. lulu you
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all i can. i will. the chew
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the on to win through to the internet to assist the english bullet and the tv news coming to you why from annoyed. first let's get you up to that with the headlines the sixty s


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