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tv   Journal  PBS  November 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> welcome to the journal on dw in berlin. >> coming up in the show. time is running out as the probes batteries run down. >> the german economy barely escaped recession. >> the hunt on for a wild animal on the loose. >> the clock is ticking, the probe has begun drilling into the surface of the comet it has landed on. but scientists face an anxious wait to see if the probes battery will last long enough
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for it to send the information back to earth. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> there is not enough sunlight for the solar panels to recharge. it became the first spacecraft ever to land on a comet. >> they have not determined the precise location of the probe, what do they know? >> they did come to a stationary position at what seems to be a pretty steep angle. what was initially described as against a rock outcropping, it is sort of determined that it is in fact surrounded by rock's.
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and recharging the batteries in the sun. >> what is the probe still capable of doing? >> it has carried out a tremendous amount of work. the instruments have already been deployed. the scientists have to go for an all or nothing approach. including the drill. the drilled it work. they were able to deploy the drill for 23 centimeters although they don't know exactly if it drilled into what they wanted to drill because the link was lost.
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at the science desk would could not have imagined a more suspenseful series of events. we know that these instruments have been used but we have not seen the results yet. the communication window opening, so hopefully during that time, a lot of data will be transferred. the battery is a major issue here. >> it must also be a letdown for the scientists. will it still be hailed as a success? >> it has been a monumental achievement to get it to the comet. it landed meters from the initial spot. it is still there, functional, and carried out.
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as the comet nears the sun, it could provide more energy and more radiation to charge the solar panels. in no way has it been a failure. all there was some joking at the press conference, one of the scientists said, in hindsight what could he have done? i would've dropped the harpoons and added a bigger battery. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> the biggest economies, germany and france have managed to avoid recession in the third quarter. >> and certainly not strong enough to create large numbers of new jobs and reduce government debt. >> consumer spending is just about keeping germany out of recession.
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low interest rates on bank deposits mean there is little incentive for saving. so germans are spending their money instead. in germany, the mainstay of the economy is struggling. the crisis is starting to impact german businesses. that meant the german economy grew by 0.1% between july and september. france had more to celebrate after struggling in recent months. europe's second-largest economy grew by an unexpected 0.3% in the third quarter. >> there is no room for complacency. we will have to decide policy action on three fronts.
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it is structural reforms and using all available to boost investment in europe. >> and perhaps the most momentous development, it is at a recession for the first time in six years. making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the eurozone. >> some of the numbers have been encouraging. it is not the moat of the
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european economy anymore and the exports in germany do not pick up in the last quarter. >> the parents of the department store and thomas cook shortly after the company. >> the judge ruled it should have been billed as private expenses.
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prosecutors said he charged numerous helicopters and should have paid out of his own pocket. the court agreed. it was three counts of tax evasion. >> given the sentence, the court new consistent with our own. during the four-year stint. the judge ruled they wrongly charged over half a million euros. the judge said that without the
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bankruptcy, the financial crimes might never have come to light. >> it was a brief stopper on the way to the g 20. and of course no visited new zealand is complete without padding kiwi. it was time to turn attention to more serious matters. the ukraine crisis and russia's: -- role in the conflict. >> the territorial integrity.
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and regarding the delivery of weapons. british prime minister david cameron said there would be more to come. >> it is as simple as that. they are laying down the presence of four russian naval ships off of australia's north coast. highlighting russia's assertiveness, not unusual ahead of a major summit. the main focal points of the g 20, it looks increasingly like the ongoing conflict between east and west over the ukraine.
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>> barack obama will be attending the g 20 summit in brisbane. >> the asia-pacific region and other various economic summits. >> this is barack obama's second trip to myanmar. >> the process is backsliding. they offered a blunt assessment of the shortcomings that called the transition in the question. >> people need to feel safe in their homes and not be subject to arbitrary harassment by authorities. individuals acting with impunity.
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people need the power to pursue their dreams and it would be critical to ensure that all of burma's people could participate shaping the future of their country. >> speaking with the opposition leader. she is calling for reform to countries electoral laws. as her sons are british citizens. >> they should be treated as equals and this is discrimination on the grounds of my children, etc.. >> despite the problems affecting next years's elections, the country has more potential for a brighter future than at any time in decades. >> a large cat was spotted on the outskirts of paris.
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>> a different species of big cat is on the loose. >> the latest clue, my wife is a little bit scared. it's true that we are not used to running into it tiger. >> to stay indoors and in their cars, definitely not take any solitary walks in the woods. >> i can't imagine getting attacked by a tiger.
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>> this adm all is a different species of big cat. leading some to conclude that the so-called tiger may be nothing more than a very large house cat. >> don't go away because there's a lot more news coming up. >> the eu's latest attempt to save lives as thousands attend the dangerous crossing from north africa. but does the mission go far enough? >> the 2016 qualifying for the euro tournament.
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>> will come back to the show. every year, thousands of refugees risk their lives trying to get era. daily from points across north africa taking over crowded and often shoddy boats and sail to make it. >> the trip got even more dangerous after italy called an end to its motto nostrum program . it has saved tens of thousands of people that ran in to trouble on the high seas. the italian operation has been replaced by a smaller eu mission called triton run by the european border agency. human rights groups have criticized the development. >> because the mediterranean has calmed down after a storm, so a handful of journalists get a
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chance to witness one of the first patrols of operation triton. the chief of operations on board the portuguese vessel. >> the aspects of the sea, we will positively id. >> the coast guard has dispatched a plane in the area to do just that. that's a third of what the italians are playing, a mission that is winding down. they insist their aim is not to replace nostrum. >> the italian navy had been conducting it and we are
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absolutely committed to saving lives. our mandate is very clear. >> it means they only control the seas within a radius of 30 miles off the coat. no further. a majority of international waters will have to hope for the commercial ships in the future. they came on a rotten overcrowded boat from libya. he survived because nostrum saved him. >> it is a big disaster. and if there is no rescue, it will cap size.
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the boats are not strong. >> they can count on being saved by the italian. >> we meet a young person that survive the journey and made his way to germany thereafter. >> all that without his parents, and hope for a better future. >> he is 17 and has been through a lot. he reached munich after fleeing syria on his own. he is adjusting to a new life
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and trying to deal with the horrors he has seen. he doesn't want to show his face on camera to protect his family back home. >> i saw terrible things in syria. death, destruction, a family at war. i'm doing much better here in germany. >> they expect about 3000 refugees to arrive accompanied this year. for many, this former barracks is the first station. right now, 130 live here. workers say it is too many and they cannot give all of them the attention they need. the main thing is to just listen. each has a different story. often they want to talk. others are withdrawn and that's
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ok. you give them the time they need and when they are ready, they will be here. mohammed is glad to be here and he is worried about his mother and his brothers. especially one recently hurt by a narrator. >> in syria, i wanted to become a doctor but that was impossible. now i want to stay here and maybe go back to school. >> he could follow the example of a 17-year-old from somalia who has been in germany for almost two years now. he has learned german and is going to school. but he appreciates how difficult things must be for mohammed right now. >> you can't say anything. everything is different and german isn't easy.
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>> he works and lives with other teenagers largely taking care of himself the local youth services will continue to offer support as he finds his footing in germany. >> the islamist book overall militia has seized the town in northeastern nigeria and provoked international outrage when a kidnapped more than 200 girls from the town. >> it later released pictures saying they had all converted to islam. ellison seven overrun more than 20 towns in the region. an american doctor that contracted the ebola virus --
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>> it will make in the tent ebola haitian to be treated in the u.s.. all but the first one of the nine survived. >> they will often face a difficult reentry into society's that are still in crisis mode. not even the outbreak. they survived ebola. >> they give them support.
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>> a 60 day ration of food. they are reentering a society. >> my wife from ebola. >> they also beat the virus but like all the survivors, they will need all the help they can get to rebuild their lives. >> equatorial guinea has been chosen as the host for africa's football championships replacing
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morocco. >> it was taken away from the country after it requested a one-year postponement of the tournament. they worried that fans could spread ebola. >> if you are thinking, wait, aren't they world champions? i don't blame you but you haven't been paying attention. >> germany has just won one of their three games towards qualifying for the european champions and are hoping for a route. >> a few souvenir photos largely amateur side. even the captain admits it would
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take a miracle to win the game. >> he sounds bizarre, it's happened before. >> after some less than convincing performances, germany coach is expecting more from the side. >> it's an appeal to his side to prove their worth. not just this qualifying match against her brault are but also in preparation for the friendly against spain next tuesday. >> roger federer is back in top
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form. it outclassed local favorite andy murray without dropping a set. >> novak djokovic at the top of the screen is on the role as well. -- on a roll as well. a win moves them up to the world number one ranking that already earned him a trophy. that's all for this edition of the journal. thanks for watching. >> keep on watching dw. bye-bye.
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this week on "moyers & company," the creator of "gilead," "home," and "lila" says democracy is still a work in progress. >> there's something very excessive about human begins. they are brilliant beyond any imaginable use, you know? and i mean, who knows, if we live another hundred years, what we will have done? if we just, you know, refrain from violence a little bit, it's amazing. >> announcer: funding is provided by -- anne gumowitz, encouraging the renewal of democracy. carnegie corporation of new york, supporting innovations in education, democratic engagement, and the advancement of international peace and security at the ford foundation, working with visionaries on the front lines of social change worldwide.


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