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tv   Journal  PBS  November 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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he >> hello and welcome to the journal area and journal. >> coming up, israel on high alert after two armed palestinians attacked in a synagogue. >> germany's foreign minister sees no grounds for optimism over the ukraine after meeting with his russian opposite. >> the japanese prime minister calls a snap election after his policies fail to prevent japan from falling into recession. >> to palestinians armed with a
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meat cleaver and a gun have stormed the synagogue in jerusalem killing four people. they were shot dead by police. >> the dead included three americans and one british citizen. three victims or rabbis. they were attacked while they were in the middle of prayers. >> this comes as jerusalem is on edge about palestinian access to the mosque and the growth of jewish settlements in jerusalem. >> the attack took place in the ultra-orthodox -- orthodox neighborhood. shocked neighbors gathered as news spread. security teams arriving sound nightmarish scenes. two men armed with a firearm and butcher's cleaver stormed the synagogue. they killed for rabbis in the middle of morning prayers.
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>> we came to pray this morning. we heard gunshots from downstairs. we heard one shots, then a flurry. >> emergency response teams treated victims before rushing to hospitals. police shot the assailants, to palestinians from east jerusalem. the palestinian authority distanced itself from the violence. >> we strongly condemn this incident and did not accept attacks on civilians. we condemn the attacks on the a mosque and other holy sites. >> israeli security forces entered the east jerusalem neighborhood. they surrounded the assailants' homes and detained relatives. tuesday's attack could herald a
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spiral of violence in the middle east conflict. on the streets of gaza supporters of hamas hail the attackers as heroes. >> for reaction from the israeli government least both to paul, a spokesperson for the foreign ministry agreed he accused hamas of creating a mood of incitement that led to today's killings. he described the situation in jerusalem following the attacks. >> as you can imagine, emotions are high. it is not every day 2 butchers with knives and weapons go into a synagogue and butcher for people -- 4 people. there has not been an attack of this nature for many years.
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emotions are very high. the first thing the leadership is doing is saying do not take the law into your own hands. we will call for a calmness, a return for the routine of daily nine -- life. security is well-positioned, well-informed to track down if they air -- if there are people who assisted in the perpetration of this act. >> standing by for us in jerusalem live is our correspondence, tonya cramer. can you tell us about this and fill lesson about the group behind the attack? >> it is not quite clear. the popular front for the liberation of palestine, it is
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not clear if they claimed the attack or the two young men were possibly members of this group. this is the problem in the past. usually these are known insiders doing these attack. we have seen today hamas has praised the attack but have not claimed responsibility. it makes it difficult for the security forces to respond. >> israel has promised a very firm response. we have seen police move into the attackers neighborhood. what else might be in store? >> we have seen earlier tonight president nine yahoo! has spoken to the state. he wants to restore law and order. they have decided to start
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demolishing the homes of the family, and the police presence will be strengthened. we see more checkpoints, a street police think that lloyd, mainly in the arab neighborhoods where they live. >> the violence in jerusalem has entered a new phase. this is the first attack on a synagogue. >> yes. it is the first attack for a long time in this manner. detentions here were running high. he asked people to not take law into their own hands. the situation stays tense. more police are on the streets
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in jerusalem. >> following that story, thank you. >> to other news, russian president vladimir putin says the united states wants to subdue his country but will never succeed. >> speaking to the all russia people's front he answered a question about tensions with washington saying the u.s. does not want to humiliate russia but subdue it. he added no force in history had never done so. on the ukraine crisis he said there were good chances for a resolution. in a surprise development, germany's foreign militants star -- minister is set to meet with the russian president. he was originally scheduled to meet with his counterpart, sergei lavrov.
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>> the background, nato is reporting russian troops have moved into the ukraine and heavy fighting continues. they have called both sides to stick to the peace agreement. >> a bleak moscow greeted the foreign minister, frank-walter steinmeier. it is his first visit since february, the same month russian troops enter crimea. tensions threaten to escalate further. frank-walter steinmeier warns a dangerous situation was developing. >> 25 years after the fall of the wall we are threatened by speechless and is instead of dialogue. closing off instead of exchange. confrontation instead of corporation. >> there were signs of progress.
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he says both sides have agreed to stick to the cease-fire signed in september. >> regarding the discussions that we had about the ukrainian conflict, we agreed the accord should be the basis for it and it should remain, efforts in diffusing the conflict as soon as possible. >> whether that will come to anything is unclear. he continues his long day of diplomacy by meeting vladimir putin. >> chancellor merkel has warned that the annexation of crimea has raised the threat of more conflicts in europe. especially in countries with a concentration of ethnic russians. >> in estonia people are aware of that possibility. 30% of the populaton is russian.
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some are not full estonian citizens. those who have not pass a required citizenship test are issued a special passport for aliens. >> that is causing some residents to question exactly where they belong area and >> alexander can use his passport to vote in local elections but not for national parliament. 1000 people hold a special great passport. they are officially stateless but the document does have one big advantage. >> i don't need a visa to travel to russia. >> alexander lives not far from the russian border. he was two years old when his russian parents moved here. he is 68 years old here now and calls estonia his home.
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nine out of 10 people speak russian. many complain the country does not treat them fairly or equally. >> i have lived here for 65 years. why would i need estonian citizenship? >> you have to learn estonian. it is difficult. >> after the russians were left without citizenship after the breakup of the soviet union. becoming estonian includes a language proficiency test. sergei is not convinced they are discriminated against. >> you will be discriminated against because you are russian. i am russian pre-my mother is russian. i didn't experience this kind of stuff. >> tensions have been rising. in september estonia accused
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russia of kidnapping a security officer. he is awaiting trial on spying charges. estonia hopes to he's divisions by hoping that hoping they minority to become citizens. the education minister is of russian descent. >> we have put met the situation is much worse than we would hope. this is clearly something that we would need to seriously work on. the developments in the past 20 years have been very rapid. >> many within the russian minority have found it difficult to adapt to the changes. >> those who don't like estonia long time ago. those who have stayed for 20 years deserve tolerance. >> improvements are inside.
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the language tests are getting easier. dual citizenship is under investigation. all this as they look ease towards a big neighbor, one that is flexing muscles. >> to the united states, troops from missouri's national guard are repairing to deploy around the city of ferguson, missouri. authorities are on high alert. repeat of violent protests if the jury will not file criminal charges against a white police officer who shot dead a black teenager. the decision is expected any time in the coming days. >> the chance and placards say it all. this is all about race. three months after michael brown was killed by a white police officer. authorities are clearly worried if he is not prosecuted these peaceful protests may escalate.
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>> i know the governor announced he will be deploying the national guard in the coming days in anticipation of a decision by the grand jury claiming. >> it triggered weeks of riots. the authorities insist they have listened to the people but the anger has not abated. it has been fueled by this, footage of police officer darren wilson appearing unharmed a few hours after the shooting that contradicts police testimony he was assaulted by brown. >> if you have to blowout pressure to your eye socket you are not going to be walking around. >> the events are unclear but these images are fresh in the minds of the people of ferguson. they are determined justice be served. >> coming up, a return to
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recession in japan. stay with us. ♪ >> when i organize a party, it is a real party. everyone writes their own name and then we party. the great thing is you already know her name. >> unimpeded access to education and knowledge. the same opportunities for everyone. a central goal of the global community. education for all. extraordinary projects the world over. find out more.
6:16 pm >> welcome back. a suicide attack in the afghan capital of kabul has killed four people. it targeted a compound housing foreign companies. a truck packed with explosives rammed the gate of the compound. two afghan security guards were among the dead. nato has said none of the personnel was hurt. the taliban has claimed responsibility. u.s. and nato forces are set to leave afghanistan at the end of the year. a new survey shows the number of people who feel their country is moving in the wrong direction has risen as concerns about security, corruption and unemployment showed increases over 2013. >> that is according to a foundation that says that is up
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over last year's 37.9%. >> germany will be keeping soldiers after the nato withdrawal and will continue backing a number of programs with 430 million euros to grow the nation's economy. >> teacher trading at a vocational school. a sewage pipe does not fit. how can they get the job done? they are doing their best to train 3000 people, including 500 girls. getting a hands-on look at the workshop. education is key afghanistan's future. 70% of afghans are illiterate. >> one of the big problems is that so many people are unemployed. that raises the poverty rate. that is an issue for society.
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>> the vocational school graduates join the ranks of 400,000 young afghans entering the labeler -- labor market every year. mohammed hopes they can rebuild their country. >> i hope after we have the country we can see it is still our country. >> miller reiterated germany's support for the government and for afghanistan in the years to come. he said the future would not be easy. >> we now have a quality and principal in afghan cities. that is important. we have 200,000 male and female student. there are enormous differences between urban and rural areas. there the situation is more difficult.
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>> afghanistan faces enormous challenges and it is a far from certain the country won't backslide. >> staying in the region, iran and six world powers have started a round of talks onto ron's nuclear -- tehran's nuclear ambitions. >> catherine ashton is among the negotiators for the permanent security council members and germany. the west wants a comprehensive settlement that would curb the nuclear activities in return for phasing out sanctions. iran insists the program is only for peaceful purposes. authorities in hong kong have started to dismantle a pro-democracy campaign your government headquarters. >> forces have cleared barricades and tents from the albertine -- admiralty district. the students are violent clashes.
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>> japan has slashed its w hale catch target. >> the program would catch 333 whales per year. that is down from 1000. japan will publish fighting -- will publish its findings in scientific journals. japan's prime minister has called early elections and announced he would delay an unpopular sales tax increase. >> it was revealed japan has slipped into recession. >> he was elected two years ago on a promise to revive japan's economy. he is seeking a new mandate to continue. >> japan's prime minister is
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known as abenomics. it has three essential opponents. it does not seem to be working. the first quarter of 2014 sol 1.6% growth over the previous quarter. second quarter results were down one point 9%. the economy continued to shrink, putting japan into recession. even worse, the public debt resulting from the policy. they promised structural reforms have yet to materialize. the government raise the country sales tax from 5% to 8% to show up the underfunded treasury. that seemed to drive down consumer demand. a second increase has been put
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off for now. >> on tuesdays market action, this summary of the day trading action. >> the recipe against a recession. a tax hike, new elections, and more fresh and cheap money from the central bank of japan leading to recovery at the markets. the german market was mainly driven by a better than expected investors sentiment for the first time this year. investors were more optimistic. this is a glimpse of hope. they were able to profit for a strong demand in europe. >> we can stay for a closer look at the windows.
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on wall street, the dow up by more than 4/10 of 1% at 17,721 points. 25-35. as dora touched on, the european car market is booming. increase of 6% in october. >> some big numbers. it is the 14th consecutive month of growth. nearly all the major car manufacturers are profiting from the jump. many people were long overdue for a new vehicle. car sales are up in germany, your -- europe's largest carmaker. >> people use too many plastic bags. we want to cut the use of
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plastic bags by 80%. countries have not been able to agree on just how to tackle the program. >> the issue has been under debate for years. a law to reduce plastic bags is in the idle stages and a compromise is inside. >> 100 billion plastic bags are used in europe. 1-8 in seven the world's oceans. it stays there long, killing wildlife. the european parliament has drafted legislation to reduce the number of plastic bags wasted over the coming years. the goal is to cut the number of bags used annually from 200 per person to 19 by 2019. the lawmakers want to limit the number of single use bags handed
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out free in stores. some kinds that wrapped fruit or meat would be permitted. this will prevent use of even more harmful packaging like styrofoam. >> the world soccer is governing body has filed a criminal complaint over misconduct in the 20 18th-22 -- 2020 games. >> investigating urchins involved in the bid process. the attorney general's office will have access to a full report. that report has not been made public. germany is gearing up for their final international match of the year. they face spain, a team they have not been able to beat in years. >> tonight's game may be friendly but there is a lot of ride at -- a lot of pride at
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stake. >> the makings of a top-notch encounter. the reigning champions against the world champions. the germany coach will field only if you players -- a few players. despite a run of bad form he is keeping positive. >> this year has been absolutely sensational and will have a special place in our memories. like since they broke up germany has only managed 2 victories in five matches. >> spain is always among the best opponents you can wish for. i love the style of football they play. i am looking for where to this match. >> the spanish side has had its problems in the qualification round of the european championships.
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their has been improving. >> both teams play exceptional football even with a lot of personnel changes. we will give them a good match. >> germany will also be doing its best against a team they have not beaten in 14 years. >> what do you think? >> tonight will be there nine. they will reverse the curse. [laughter] >> that is all for now. thank you for joining us.
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>> euromaxx highlights. here is your host. >> greetings from the german capital and welcome to our highlights edition, which this time around includes the following top stories -- >> london celebrates 120 years of the super sleuth sherlock holmes. mirik milan is an amsterdam mayor, but only by night. how the leica camera revolutionized photography. >> some of the most iconic photographs in the world have been taken with one famous photographers like henri cartier-bresson, robert doisneau and robert capa swore by it -- a leica analog camera. it was 100 years ago that oskar barnack first had the idea to


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