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tv   Journal  PBS  March 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> live from the dw studios in berlin, this is your world news. >> right to have you with us. our headlines for you at this hour -- the iraqi military launches a large scale attack on islamic state, hoping to take back strategic and symbolic -- the symbolic and strategic city of tikrit. could it be a game changer? ukrainian woman who is with the kremlin critic when he was murdered talks to the media for the first time. >> and namibia's outgoing president seen here on the right is awarded a $5 million prize or outstanding african leadership.
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>> welcome to the show. iraq has launched a major offensive against islamic state aimed at recapturing the city of tikrit and territory north of the capital, baghdad. >> the operation has united shiite, sunni and tribal fighters and it's a test of the governments unity. the iraqi prime minister has last chance to prevail against islamic state. >> three previous offensive -- offenses have failed to clear the jihad ease from tikrit. >> this is the start of the government's biggest attempt yet to take back parts of northern iraq controlled by islamic state. over 27,000 troops and shiite militiamen are trying to capture territory seized by islamic state last summer, including the provincial capital of tikrit. >> we have prepared these
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weapons for the islamic state fighters. we will at them out of tikrit. >> it is the former home of saddam hussein and one of the biggest areas of territory under control. territory controlled by islamic state is shown here in red. the city is a gateway to baghdad, just 130 kilometers south. the iraqi president announced the campaign on state television . he is urging security forces to protect civilians during the operation. >> i call upon you and all other commanders to deal with citizens well. our goal is to liberate people from the oppression and terrorism of islamic state. we should protect the citizens and their properties will stop >> the campaign is seen as a key test for the embattled islamic -- the embattled iraqi army.
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it is also a major step toward reclaiming northern territory from the group. previous attempts to retake tikrit have failed. the government is bringing and heavy artillery and tanks to dislodge islamic state militants from their self-proclaimed caliphate but a long battle lies ahead. >> among the biggest losers in that battle in iraq and syria as well are the christian communities dating back millennia, their culture and architecture destroyed. >> the vibrant community of over one million christians in iraq has been reduced to just 200,000. many of those who have not already flat are planning to do so if islamic state is not defeated and soon. >> at a sunday church service in baghdad, worshipers were praying for their brothers and sisters across the region.
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christians have lived here for nearly 2000 years, but numbers are declining amid violence, instability and persecution, many are leaving. the deacon of this church is determined to remain in baghdad but technology is everyone feels that way. >> we are staying here. a number of people have emigrated recently, but others are holding on. this is our country and these are our churches and we are clean to them. but many have left out of fear for the future. >> there were prayers and neighboring syria for the safe release of more than 200 a syrian christians taking captive by islamic state a week ago. 19 have been able to buy their way out of captivity. activists say these men were freed after being processed by a religious court and paying what the militants called a tax. but, more than 200 are still
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being held, including children. it's just another sign of the increasing dangers facing the middle east's long-standing christian communities. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington where he has been speaking out against emerging deal between the u.s. and iran over around's nuclear program. >> a few hours ago, he told members of america's largest pro-israel lobby that the deal could threaten israel's very survival. netanyahu is scheduled to address the u.s. congress on tuesday in what is being called a breach of protocol. that's because the republican leadership in congress invited netanyahu to speak without first consulting president barack obama. for more on this, spring in our washington bureau chief. is there concern in israel that
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netanyahu plan -- netanyahu's plan could backfire and the obama administration could respond by stalling key military aid to israel are cutting funding? >> you have to see that it has created quite a debate over the last week. i've talked to a lot of analysts on what they believe the impact it would have on the strained relationship between the obama administration and mr. netanyahu here. some of them are concerned that it will have an impact on the already difficult relations mainly between the two leaders mr. obama and mr. netanyahu and we might see some slowing down of military aid but many believe it will not change anything on the fundamentally close friendship between the two
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allies, israel and the united states. the americans will listen closely to what mr. netanyahu has to say and of course there are elections in two weeks. it will depend on that as well as how that will play out. >> those elections in israel playing a very close -- laying a very key role in this. has this visit damaged israel's relations with its key allies? is there a sense of that in the united states? >> benjamin netanyahu is putting a lot of strain on their relationship. up until now, washington's relationship with israel has always been above party politics will stop netanyahu's visit could change that now. more than two dozen congressional democrats have said they are planning not to listen to what he has to say. so they will boycott the speech. john boehner, the one who
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invited netanyahu said the animosity between the white house and the prime minister is getting worse. let me quote the national security advisor, susan rice. she says it is destructive to the united states and israel. israel he relations with democrats and the obama administration are at a historic low. >> thank you for that. we have been looking at league documents from the israeli security documents published in "the guardian" newspaper. they say that a rant is not seeking to make a nuclear weapon. how is that coloring the debate in israel? >> it certainly strengthens the
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critics of mr. netanyahu and we've heard a lot of them here in the past week, especially from the security establishment who told mr. netanyahu not to go to washington. many are saying that it will further strain relationships with the obama administration, but because we are two weeks before the election, they say it's a trick to gain more votes to have this historic speech, as mr. netanyahu would put it. mr. netanyahu would know his supporters would support him in this because that is what he has been talking about all of these past years. he is playing on this security issue, although we have to say that if you look at the polls, most israelis, for them, security is important and they would say they don't want to see iran becoming a nuclear state but for them, it's much more important, the economy and housing prices and so on.
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>> many thanks to tonya cramer in jerusalem. thank you both. >> to russia now or there are conflicting reports about the availability of possible surveillance video showing the slaying of kremlin opponent, boris nemtsov. >> he was gunned down on friday evening and russian officials say a full investigation is underway. there have however, been no arrests as of yet. >> what happened remains murky despite testimony from boris nemtsov's girlfriend. >> she has made her first comments about the murders she witnessed in front of the kremlin walls. >> from where did the attacker come? >> i don't know, i didn't see anything. everything happened behind my back. when i turned around, i saw a
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light colored car drive away, but i did not recognize the brand or license plate. she says she was questioned for hours, but cannot remember where. yes, i am a witness. i told them everything i know and i don't understand why i can't leave russia. i need to go see my mother in ukraine. she is sick. >> the investigation has gotten off to a slow start. closed-circuit footage allegedly shows him walking along the bridge in the center of moscow with his girlfriend moments before he was shot. then a snow clearing truck conceals the camera's view. police say they will release footage from other cameras near the crime scene after a full review of their contents will stop president vladimir putin has vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice, but some people doubt the kremlin really wants the matter cleared up.
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>> i don't want to accuse anyone or be suspicious, but regardless of who actually committed this murder it came from the president. >> muscovites have turned the spot into a shrine with flowers and personal tributes. on the place were he died, just a few short steps from the kremlin. >> the top diplomats from russia and the u.s. are holding talks in geneva, where they expressed cautious optimism about an end to the fighting in ukraine. >> at the meeting, both warned of consequences if the terms of the minsk cease-fire deal was not fulfilled by government forces and separatists. >> shots are still ringing out on the outskirts of the net -- outskirts of the mask.
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but they don't have ukrainian soldiers and their sites. they're using the cease-fire to regroup and retrain. many fighters here don't believe the piece will last. in geneva, u.s. secretary of state, john kerry discuss the ongoing crisis with his ongoing -- with his russian counterpart. each offered his own warnings. >> we have made progress in the implementation and the cease-fire is stable. heavy weaponry has been pulled back and is under supervision. anyone who ignores that fact and demands weapons the delivered to ukraine is destroying the peace process. >> i reiterated the urgency of russian's leaders and separatists that they back implementing the full measure of the commitments under the minsk agreements, and to implement them everywhere, including outside marriott pull and other
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key strategic areas. >> also warned moscow that if rebels broke the truce, there would be inevitable consequences -- a reference to further sanctions the eu and the u.s. are working on. >> for many, sky diving is a dream come true, but for one australian that dream almost became a nightmare. >> you can see why in a the other that has already racked up 3.5 million views online. >> he was completing his fifth solo jump over western australia. now, at first there was no sign of trouble. but some 4000 meters above sea level, he loses consciousness. the 22-year-old continues to plummet helplessly until his skydiving instructor manages to deploy his parachute.
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>> that is a good instructor. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. namibia's outgoing president has received the pri for outsndinafrin learshi durg his tenure as president, has raised the living standards in namibia and reduced poverty. a speaker for the foundation it gives out the award also praised him for his commitment to the rule of law. >> we have with us the man himself, the person that funds the prize. he established the foundation to focus on leadership and governance in africa. tell us what made him worthy of this price. >> became into office and focused on the young generation the role of education and made education free for young kids. economically, he moved the
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country forward from the least into the middle income can countries. he is a consensus president. he did not try to marginalize political opposition. he included everybody in his program and that is wonderful. >> can this award really helped bring better leadership and good governance to africa? >> absolutely. it is a number of efforts we are trying to do here. the index is a very important tool because it holds the governments accountable. i brought the score sheet -- what has been delivered? we have 130 barometers that we test out there and we honor and acknowledge the excellen leaders. what that does is it moves the conversation about govnanc and leadership to the center of the debate in africa.
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today, everyone is taing about governance. you and ire talking about governance. once you start to talk about governance, the job is done. >> the financial rewards of this prize seemed generous to us ordinary people, but what about the corrupt leaders in africa. certainly $5 million over 10 years is peanuts to them. >> they are not interested in this kind of money. this is not a prize to attract corrupt people or -- it does not work like that. this is a prize to acknowledge the leaders who come into the right job and move the country forward. and transition democratically and peacefully. >> there have only been four winners since the prize was launched in 2007. why is it so difficult to find good governance in africa?
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>> just look around the world really. for africa to produce four winners in eight years, it's a tough benchmark because this prize is for excellence. it is not a pension it not for just doing the job. it is for excellence. look around the world everywhere and you will find it's not easy to find those things around the world everywhere. it's not an african issue, is a global issue. >> thank you very much. other news now and what happened to malaysia airlines flight image 370? it was a year ago that the plane vanished over the indian ocean without a chase -- without a trace. >> experts from around the world have joined in the search but to no avail. now you strong and of the prime mister has gone on record saying the hunt for the passenger jet could soon be called off. >> she lights prayer sticks for
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her lost husband. he was one of the 239 people on board the malaysian airline flight that disappeared over the indian ocean without explanation one year ago this week. investigators have found note trace of the plane. experts believe it went down some 1600 kilometers west of the australian city of perth, but no one knows for sure. officials have announced they may soon call off the search despite pleas from relatives to find their loved ones. >> that is the very strong feeling of many of the families on board and we would like to be able to do what we can to help them have that kind of closure, but we can't go on forever. eventually, a judgment will have to be made. exit is a hard decision for many to hear. kelly says she will never give up hope. >> the whole world can give up on the search, but i will never stop waiting for my husband to return home.
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>> last month malaysia said all passengers and crew on board were presumed dead but prayers for their rescue may never end. >> let's change tears to some business news and one of deutsche bank's to chief executives will be facing trial on fraud charges. in munich court says he's been charged with making false statements in connection with a bankruptcy case dating back to 2002. >> that was when the group collapsed and they gave false evidence. let's take a look at the markets and european shares finished mixed this monday after soaring to multi-year highs early in the session. our correspondent sent us this from the frankfurt stock exchange will stop >> high litigation costs -- that the problem deutsche bank has been dealing with for a while. so the news that one of their ceos would have to appear as a defendant raised concern among investors. traders want to know when will
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all of these legal problems finally come to an end? since the beginning of last year, they share price lost significantly while at the same time the dax was a big banger. this week, a batch of mixed economic data played a role here. the german engineering sector posted an increase of new orders that in the u.s. congress in the manufacturing sector has slowed down to stop >> we can see the dax up by just a tad at the closing bell. the euro stoxx 50 finishing at 3591. on wall street at this hour, well above 18,000 points. that is a pretty impressive number. the euro stronger against the greenback, trading at $1.11. tech companies are in barcelona to release their latest adjutant the most important industry trade fair of the year, the world mobile conference. >> all the major companies are there.
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the industry's most successful company, apple, avoid tradeshows generally, but their competitors were there showing off their wares. >> this is the new linea six. >> microsoft is hoping its simple new phone will be the new phone for businesses. the u.s. tech giant is aiming at corporate clients by bundling the phone to a one-year subscription to its office software projects -- office products for 150 euros. but the afford will price on these devices, you can get three of the linea -- lou mia devices. >> no key a is back in the hardware market with a tablet. the firm says they are looking ahead to the mobile internet of the future. they expect the new networks and world out around the world will soon revolutionize the mobile market. >> if you consider at the moment that a very large portion of the
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population has a smart device and that will continue to increase and that is increasing the amount of traffic on networks maybe buy a fact of over a thousand by this decade. that will take us to the next level. >> htc is concentrating on the current upper end mobile market releasing a new phone early next year with a 20 megapixel camera. but critics say the processor in the phone is prone to overheating. but overheating shouldn't be a problem for sony's new tablet. it uses the same processor but can be cooled without problems underwater. >> now with some sports news. in the bundesliga, a run has come to an end. >> wolfsburg ended bremen's's winning streak. it was a five-three victory for the wolves. >> they got the shooting match started in the ninth minute. bremen was in the lead. but the wolves came up with an
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instant retort, evening things up with a superb second effort. and things were just getting going. again, maximilian arnold even the score again with four goals in 18 minutes. the torrid pace resumed after the break with the score even that three apiece. putting the wolves out in front with his 13th goal this season. bremen could no longer keep pace. jordi drilled his second of the evening into a wide open goal to make it 5-3 the final score of a wildly entertaining affair. >> that is it. more news at the top of the hour.
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♪ christopher: a very warm welcome to "focus on europe," coming to you from dw. my name's christopher springate. good to have you with us. a colorful european mix for you this week with a large dose of humanity, a sprinkle of scandal, and plenty to think about. here is what is coming up over the next half-hour -- the desperate search for serbian children snatched at birth. the french woman who opens all her doors to the refugees of calais. and the male belly-dancers taking turkey by sheer hip-swinging force.
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i will never forget the first time a nurse placed my newly-born son in my arms -- an absolutely overwhelming experience. and i cannot imagine what it must be like bei
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