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tv   Journal  PBS  April 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> live from the studios here in berlin this is "the journal." google it. europe says beware and the charges the tech giant with abusing its market dominance and lying. baots full of migrants risking their lives to reach europe and most die trying. is the mediterranean the world's deadliest border. in german soccer, jurgen klopp stuns fans by announcing he is leaving the club. thank you for being with us. google is in the hot seat.
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it has to do with your internet searches. >> the eu has formally charged the internet giant with tweaking searches to favor its own products. >> that makes search results not what google promises and it is killing competition. >> google has rejected the charges saying the products you do the opposite. >> google, a synonym for search and much more. they help shape the image of the world for millions of people many day. the european commission says google has abused that power. >> they have a shopping service and it is an abuse of google's dominant position in general search. >> google is by far the most popular search engine.
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4.4% search with being and 3.8%'s -- head to yahoo!. the investigation began several years ago and now the eu wants to step up the campaign. google could face aliens of penalties as a result. >> they are the storage of the internet -- scourge of the internet. >> trolls are also propaganda pushers, spreading a dubious political message undercover as anonymous citizens chatting online. >> this unremarkable building in petersburg is a pro-kremlin propaganda campaign. the sign says business center
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with no other hint of what is going on inside. most people working here are young and nobody once to say what they are doing. marat applied for work as an online troll. there was no contract and he was paid in cash. he said there was no talking and employees had to pay a fine for being late. >> there was an atmosphere of silence and depression. we had so many tasks that we had no time to walk around. to meet your quota you had to work. >> to create the illusion that three trolls work on one topic one plays the villain and says things not in line with the authorities, another one contradicts him and the third adds balance from the kremlin perspective. marat was told what to discover
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on the forums of various websites. they were often local news sites from around the country. >> one time i had to convince the readers that a majority of german support putin politics. the bad guy wrote, nonsense, the germans don't like putin. then we come in and right, of course, germans love him. check this out. and i posted a link to a dubious russian news portal. the message to leaders, hooton is venerated in germany -- putin is venerated in germany merkel is sinking. >> they accompany things like these graphics that are often vulgar and racy with captions that read, any questions? everything where it belongs.
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spot 10 differences. putin and merkel after 16 hours of negotiation. each day marat had to write the equivalent of three pages in a newspaper. >> when you turn on the tv or read the news you find that those are all of our topics. that can only mean that they have been determined by those in charge. maybe from the kremlin or the government. >> they are also active on the facebook and twitter pages of the english speakers and broadcasters and his english speaking colleagues earned more. the former geography teacher watched as the trolls began to believe what they wrote. he applied out of curiosity but said the work seemed more absurd, day by day.
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when he quit he said he got a flood of hateful comments. >> if these numbers don't warrant action, what does? more than 3500 migrants i'd trying to cross the mediterranean last year. the number of deaths since the century began -- 20,000. the president of the european parliament says the mediterranean is the deadliest border in the world. >> rescuers carry precious cargo off of a migrant boat and this baby girl was born during the operation to save those. drowned at sea she named her firstborn after the ship that saved her. she was among the hundreds rescued on sunday. the italian navy discovered the boat by chance. >> when they saw the rescue
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ships arrive, the refugees searched forward -- surged forward and the boat capsized. 400 are missing. >> it is believed that most of those who drowned our children. still millions attempt to crossing despite the risk. the european parliament member told dw that the only way to stop it is to overhaul the asylum policy. >> we need that rescue mission but we also need safe and legal ways of entry, via a humanitarian visa or resettlement. but we need a whole european asylum system and to redo the dublin system that specifies where to apply for asylum and that puts responsibility on greece, italy and other member states at the border. more solidarity with member states and refugees. >> as weather conditions improve, the number of
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unseaworthy the souls will rise further. by some estimates, up to one million waiting to set sail from libya alone. >> the plight of migrants and refugees is on the agenda of g7 ministers in the german city of lubek. the crisis in ukraine and iran's nuclear program are topping the talks. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry briefly joined his counterparts in lubek. flying an overnight after discussing iran with the u.s. congress. he briefed the g7. secretary kerry: we are confident about our ability for the president to negotiate an agreement and to do so with the ability to make the world safer. every partner here has been absolutely critical to our
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ability to get where we are today. >> the group enjoyed a sunny boat trip in lubek but the french -- german foreign minister described the outlook as stormy with no resolution in sight. >> regarding the situation in yemen, we will discuss the different options available to ease this conflict which has been escalated for weeks. which is claiming more and more lives. >> he went on to praise russia for what he called its constructive attitude on yemen. russia is not at the table in lubek. g7 leaders excluded it following the issues with crimea. that russia could return should it prove helpful in ending the crisis in the ukraine. >> earlier we spoke to our
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correspondent. >> when you look at what is happening on the ground in ukraine they look good right now. it is up to russia to stick to the minsk agreement to put pressure on the separatists to keep there and of the bargain and resolve the crisis and then the g7 would be willing to take russia back into the circle of g8. nobody said that the german foreign minister is interested in isolating russia and spec -- in fact he spoke to them monday evening about that very issue in ukraine. the german foreign minister said he is surprised that at this point in time russia said it would deliver a defense system
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to the iranian government. mixed messages out of russia. still a very tricky way out of the crisis, but all sides have recognized that ukraine is the one big sticking point here. >> to business news now chinese first quarter business growth has slowed to an annual rate of 7%. that would be great news for most countries but for china it is like the smurfs. >> the month of march saw a big drop in exports and production slowed down. many believe an economic slowdown in china is inevitable as beijing seeks to move away from dependence on exports to achieve more stable growth. it is aiming at long-term prospects to rely more on domestic consumption and services. the european central bank has
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announced it is keeping its key interest rate at the all-time low of 0.05%. arguing the threat of inflation has not receded. >> mario draghi also confirmed that the bank will continue the policy of buying bonds just invite the economy. >> the main topics were supposed be business as usual but someone had other ideas. >> a normal day at the office for draghi until a protester leapt onto his desk and showered him with what looked like confetti shouting -- >> a dictatorship! >> brushing aside the protest an only slightly ruffled draghi returned to the order of the day. the ecb would continue the controversial bond buying policy. this so-called quantitative easing has pumped 60 billion euros per month into the
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eurozone economy since march. he said it would continue until september 2016 even though prospects are now looking somewhat brighter. >> javier has more on the ecb announcement. >> treadeaders were expecting that central-bank rest conference but the disruption by the activist is the only surprise. they don't really like surprises so that is white mario draghi's words were welcomed. the exchange is stable due to oil prices. the latest numbers from china contribute to market tendency. china wants to grow slower and to steadier in a more sustainable way. that is a decision that would be a problem for some countries like india and brazil deliver raw materials to china. investors in europe do not seem concerned. that is what the green numbers seem to show.
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>> the dax closed flat. -year-old stocks 50 euro stox 50 -- the euro trading at a value of one dollar .75 >> lots more news coming up. >> european lawmakers have passed a resolution remembering atrocities against armenians that began 100 years ago this month but the turkish president is adamant that the killings were not a genocide. he says he does not care what the eu has to say on the matter.
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>> the european parliament has called a resolution calling on turkey to recognize the deaths of hundreds of thousands of armenians as genocide. >> the vote came marking the 100th anniversary just days after the pope called the tragedy the first genocide of the 20th century. >> turkey rejects the use of the word genocide. the controversy has been straining anchoress ties with europe. >> after two hours of statements support for the genocide revolution was so one-sided that there was no need to tally the votes. >> who is in favor? >> who is against?
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thank you very much. it has been adopted with a wide majority. [applause] >> turkish president recep tayyip erdogan shrugged it off even before the vote. he says those who hold ottoman >> i don't know what the european parliament will decide to do today. whatever decision they make on the genocide claims, it will go in one ear and out the other. because turkey will never accept this sin. >> turkey, which emerged from the ottoman empire, was home to millions of armenians before world war i. in april of 1914, they began rounding up armenian men and the rest were expelled from the homeland. it is estimated that 1.5 million
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armenians perished. turkey acknowledges the killings took place but insist it was part of wartime chaos. the controversy came to the floor again after pope francis on sunday described the armenian killings as the first genocide of the 20th century. turkey publicly condemned the remarks. as the anniversary draws nearer, the genocide debate is likely to remain the charged issue for turkey's leaders. >> the protest had been held on the first day of a court hearing during that industrial disaster. the family of 300 men killed in the underground fire in the mine in soma joined a mass rally calling for justice. >> dozens of mining executives have been charged with criminal responsibility over the incidents which took place last may.
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the line operator denies allegations of negligence. >> data privacy is a huge issue here in germany. in fact germany is frequently referred to as the gold standard for protecting privacy. >> the german government is now proposing limited legislation to help intelligence agencies prevent terrorist attacks. >> germany's justice minister knows it is an unpopular decision. the majority of germans opposed data retention. he says he cannot no longer ignore the threat from terror networks. the new proposals are a compromise. >> he wanted to great a balance between security interests on the one hand and civil rights on the other. that is the basis of the guidelines we presented today. >> they foresee retaining
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german's internet, phone and data usage records for up to 10 weeks. that would be the shortest retention time in europe. authorities can only access the data if they suspect criminal activity and would need a permission from the judge. data that will not be saved includes the content of calls, websites visited and e-mails. the interior minister would have preferred to allow security officials access to more information. but he says he is happy to have some form of data retention taking place. >> terrorism and organized crime is a key issue. one important to me and officials. that is why i pushed for data retention. to provide us with information about terrorist networks and activity. >> the ministers hope to have a
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draft law for parliament soon but face the he meant -- vehement resistance. >> what do you do when an ally is committing crimes that you tell the world you are against? >> amnesty international has an answer for germany. come clean. >> amnesty accuses the german government of keeping silent about widespread human rights violations in uzbekistan. >> officially, uzbekistan calls itself a democracy. amnesty international tells a different story. accusing the government of horrific human rights abuses putting torture and arbitrary arrests. >> certain groups are being targeted. those that fall out of favor with the government. such as members of banned islamic groups, but also critics. >> despite such concerns, the
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german military an airbase in southern uzbekistan as a hub for troops moving in and out of afghanistan. the buddha's beer -- the bundeswehr pays annually to use the facility. >> we need to keep the uzbek base as an option. >> germany's he opposes the military abroad and wants the military out. >> we urgently need to address the issue. >> amnesty international demands a conference of boycott of uzbekistan. they have launched a campaign to dissuade germany to demand an and to torture. the german foreign minister says he already does this whenever he meets with uzbek leaders. >> in sports, the soccer shock
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announcement. jurgen klopp says he is leaving the german club at the end of the season. >> the former coach is to replace them. >> dortmund declined to comment on who the new coach will be. >> the surprise announcement came at an emotional press conference. coach klopp said a big head has to roll and it is mine. >> this club deserves a coach who is the perfect match. it is not that i am tired, i'm sorry if i look tired, but i am not. i am not being courted by another club. i also don't plan to take a sabbatical. >> dortmund are stuck at mid-table as the bundesliga
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season comes to a close. under klopp's guidance,dortmund rose to a first division powerhouse along with a german cup trophy. in 2013 they reached the champions league final. klopp's resignation took fans by surprise. >> it is sad. i don't understand. his explanation has nothing to do with the sport. >> he always said he would leave if the team stopped winning still, i never expected it. >> the club boss found it difficult to maintain his composure. german media is speculating that thomas topol will replace him. he is seen as a rising star, turning fortunes around before providing -- resigning last year. >> the club is so popular here
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in germany, i smell somebody said show me the money. let's ask oliver moody from the sports desk. what do you take of it? is this a man trying to dig in the goldmine. >> it is hard to say. you look at his press conference and the stuff he said, he was very vague. saying things like he had not been in contact with a club yet. he had not planned to take a sabbatical, but that it might happen and he might take a break from football. very guarded, very open to anything. >> very available. >> available to anyone looking for a coach. >> so very popular, very successful, very loved. the 2014 season has been rough but tell us about the legacy. >> it has been rough, they are intent which is far lower than they have been in the last five
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years, but that is not that -- what fans remember. they will remember him winning trophies with exciting football. they will remember him bringing through players as well. he didn't buy these big-name players but he made them. unknowns until klopp turned them into big players. they will remember the glory he brought back. it has been a bad season and i think the fact that the dortmund board was willing to release them, which allegedly they did not do less season, says maybe they don't think he is the right man for the job anymore. >> they may not but advertisers love him. he is one of the highest recognizable values of any public feature -- figure. >> advertisers might love him but i think he will be back in football soon. possibly in england. he is a much loved figure.
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his passion and rashness and character. i think that will make him perfect for an anguish club, possibly manchester city -- english club, possibly manchester city. >> thank you as always. you can keep up with all that is going on with dortmund through our twitter account. >> that is it for "the journal," more news at the top of the hour.
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