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in >> here is what is coming up. set latter -- sepp blatter still the president of fee for. >> a transition of power in nigeria. sworn in as the new president. >> southeast asia tries to tackle its new crisis with thousands more stuck at sea.
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>> sepp blatter has won a fifth term as president of fifa. matt: it only happened after his arrival conceded defeat after a first round of voting for real to give either of the candidates a winning two thirds majority. >> it is safe to say this is not how he expected the vote to go down. just weeks ago his election was considered a done deal but then swiss authorities moved in on two major corruption investigations. >> claiming the organization has turned soccer into a game for sale to the highest bidder. >> we begin with the voting from zurich. >> let's vote fifa. reporter: he is still the most powerful man in football. sepp blatter thanked his supporters after being reelected as -- reelected to a fifth turn -- fifth term as fifa president. he promised to steer fifa back on course.
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sepp blatter: i promise you in the end of my term i will give this to my successor in a very strong position. the good fifa. we have to work together. reporter: the vote was close. 133. neither had secured necessary majority. >> we have to organize ourselves to run a second ballot. reporter: for voting could get underway the prince announced he was pulling out of the race. as he was leaving the prince said he did it for the good of the game. >> there are 73 national
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associations who are really brave. i did it for them. i don't want them to be in trouble for taking a real stand. that's why i did it. reporter: with his position secured for the next four years all eyes will be on blatter to see if he lives up to his promise. anchor: i think the whole world at -- whole world is asking are we going to see another complete four years for sepp blatter? >> it will be an interesting time for fifa. the vote didn't go his way. it would have been the first time he would have gone into a second round of voting. he is not going to hide the ongoing scandals. is one storm in a teacup. there are other scandals with authorities in the u.s. and switzerland. slightly faster.
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>> we were watching the voting going down when a second round would have to take place. i think everyone was surprised for you they shouldn't have been. we have seen the support eroding this week. >> if this congress had taken place in two week's time there may have been another result. 73 football associations did not give blatter a seal of approval. most of those would have come from -- we know that australia canada the u.s., they all said no. you just can't keep the same guy in place. in asia and africa. he's the man we need in position to tackle these problems. >> there are more and more people who share that with you.
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britain's serious fraud office started the investigation. argentina and brazil, these are areas of the world where he enjoys support. >> these guys in power are his guys. he has been nicknamed the godfather of football and this basically sums that up. prince aly didn't go into the second round for voting. i would expect him to do that. a lot of people saying no, the british prime minister. the justice minister of germany very bluntly said fifa has to be sorted out and we may be have to renegotiate the hosting of the 22 world clubs -- the 2022 world cups to >> this is something
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from the cold war. >> it does have the smack -- business as usual. this time it must be different. there are so many pressing issues and it is just the tip of the iceberg. there are certain things. one of the candidates who pulled out, he is a former world-class footballer. his reaction was this was a farce and this organization is incapable of transparency and legality. >> is he going to wish this was the day he had resigned? >> i did say yesterday this is a black time for world football. something is finally going to be done about the game that billions of people love.
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>> thanks for giving us some insight on a memorable day in the history of football. switching here's now, here in germany chancellor angela merkel will work constructively with the u.k. as it seeks to renegotiate its eu membership. comments following talks with primary us or david cameron, who was visiting in berlin. >> cameron wants to renegotiate the terms before holding and out referendum in place 17. >> david cameron is keen to present the german chancellor with a british view of the eu with a stronger role for britain. preferably on completely new terms. the british -- the british prime minister has a means of exerting new pressure. cameron assured angela merkel he is keen for his country to stay in the european union.
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>> it needs to have the flexibility of a network, not the rigidity of a block. i think it started to find that flexibility, but we should encourage that, not be frightened by it. >> concerns about cameron's confrontational approach to the eu are mounting for brits living here in germany. dale carr has been running a shop in berlin that stocks everything british exports miss from home. if britain votes to leave the eu they may no longer be able to live in germany. >> the u.k. is an island. always been an island. perhaps it stems from that. we have never been part of europe in that sense >> he also wants to limit state welfare -- state welfare benefits. in principle she is open to reform. >> where there is a will there
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is a way. many times in the past they have proven that and we want to continue working on that basis today. reporter: them -- the request has been rejected. angela is not ruling out change. anchor: and another pressing european issue, is there any way to prevent greece from defaulting on its debt? >> the head of the imf said she no longer rules out a greek exit from the eurozone. the u.s. and japan had been pushing greece and its creditors to make compromises. the creditors are the medical more economic reforms before they will release a final trench of bailout funds that greece needs to stay solvent. >> no wonder they dominated the ministers meeting, despite not officially being on that agenda.
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they send us this summary of the three-day meeting. >> only a couple of minutes that's how long the finance ministers talked about greece and its problems are according to the german finance minister. only a couple of minutes officially. the issue was discussed much more intensively. the seven biggest developed economies in the world want to get the problem out of the way and with that potential threat to the world economy. a greek bankruptcy together with a potential exit out of the common currency area may be manageable. the negative effects would be drastic. the u.s. secretary of treasury urged both sides to move. the greek government needs to implement tough reforms. the creditors were urged to show for more flexibility. g7 finance ministers showed big unity. less public debt, more structural reforms in order to
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get more sustainable growth. that is the consensus. for more better call operations in tax avoidance and order to make financial markets more stable. the developing countries will have to do their share. >> let's find out how they did with a box at the frankfurt stock exchange. >> all eyes are on greece. on the other days like it put pressure on the markets, all this uncertainty over the drama how greece would play out in the end. the dax going down about 3% for the week. it is unclear how it will end as a default is still possible. the chief of the international monetary fund would not will this out in an interview and
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that may people especially nervous. the dax went down but so did the euro. the euro gained just a little bit back. anchor: we can start with the numbers in frankfurt. euro stoxx 50, the pan-european index fell by a similar amount. the industrial average is still trading. it is close to half a percent. the dollar is pretty much the same. >> reports coming in that the islamic state has taken control of the airport and the libyan city. it is the latest gain by militant groups. >> a bombing killed three people in saudi arabia.
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an ims bomber killed 21 people in a similar attack in saudi arabia. >> the kremlin is redoubling its efforts to censor free stream -- to censor free speech. >> as our correspondent in moscow found arts groups are coming under fire as well. reporter: a look at the government's crackdown on russia's opposition. the police threatened to close the theater, claiming the building was unsafe. it is a clear case of government intimidation. >> we are an independent private theater that finances reductions with its own money. now we don't know what is going to happen.
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>> activists say it is all part of a new round of crackdowns on freedom of speech in russia. president putin has declared the reporting of military cashel teases illegal. activists are putting on the conflict in eastern ukraine could face jail terms of to 20 years. boris nemtsov was working on a report dealing with russian casualties when he was killed in february. his murder is still unsolved. >> the new decree is designed to put pressure on civil society. you can't talk about it. >> they were able to finish their performance. the police's message was clear. the audience aren't the only ones washing. -- only ones watching, the government is as well.
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>> we will take a break. a historic day in nigeria as the country celebrates its first transition of power. >> don't go away. >> learning to feel music with the core of your being. discovering how to perfect your own performance. starting may 31 on dw.
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>> in nigeria the new president has been sworn in. >> international leaders turned out at the ceremony. it is the first democratic transfer of power in nigeria's history. reporter: there are high hopes for the first president to come to office through a peaceful transition following an election . >> protect and defend the constitution. so help me god. >> the 72-year-old defeated the incumbent goodluck jonathan in elections two months ago.
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one of his biggest challenges will be fighting the islamist militant group boko haram. the uprising has killed more than 13,000 people and forced 1.5 million people to flee their homes. many have confidence in the new president. >> a great day for nigeria and everyone. also a day of a new era, a new dawn, and a new change. we will be waiting for this. >> he was president of nigeria once before, more than 30 years ago. in 1983 he took power in a military coup. now he has distanced himself from the image of a military dictator. >> there are many challenges waiting for nigeria's new president. the currency has dropped by 20%'s -- 20% since the start of the year. >> there are ongoing attacks by
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militant islamist groups. both of those have been hurting nigeria's economy. >> all eyes are on the new president, seeing if he can make true on his new promise to turn things around. reporter: the economic heart of a country with massive problems. three key promises to cap tackle them. a crackdown on corruption. under predecessor goodluck jonathan, corruption got significantly worse. two here's ago it was revealed a criminal network of politicians businessmen, and bankers have embezzled 80 billion euros from the nation's treasury. he will reform the awarding of public contracts. 500 people went to jail for corruption. he aims to be just as tough this time around.
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promise number two, fight poverty. a mostwo irds of neri' peop livbelow the poverty line. they get by on one euro $.10 per day and get to little benefit from the country's abundant natural resources. he wants to help them, but the low price of oil has significantly reduced government revenues in africa's biggest oil producer. that will take time. defeat boko haram. the economic situation has brought a big inflow of members. the group has almost complete control of the north of nigeria. last year it killed around 10,000 people. he has said he will crush boko haram and many nigerians believe with his military background he will succeed. there are many who remember he once wanted to introduce sharia law throughout the country.
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now he must show he really is governing nigeria for all of its people. >> we will could to southeast asia with a refugee crisis. thousands of asylum seekers been landing by boat in malaysia. >> no one is keen to take them on. many blame myanmar's treatment for heightening the crisis. >> a dozen regional leaders have met to find solutions. reporter: the summit got off to a tense start it after threatening to boycott the meeting, myanmar instead chose to a dress its critics. many accuse the country of making the refugee crisis worse. >> this issue you cannot single out my country. reporter: neighbors disagree. they look for solutions to a growing migrant problem that many say has its roots in myanmar.
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thousands of muslims have tried to reach indonesia, malaysia and thailand theater when thailand crackdown, people resorted to boats. on wednesday buddhist monks and demonstrators protested against the u.n. and western governments who have criticized the treatment. myanmar say the revenge of our stateless migrants. boats packed with migrants. only now with international pressure mounting is the government promising action. many in bangkok sayhe only solution is for the country to recognize and start protecting its minorities. anchor: as long as they are a stateless and persecuted minority many will flee to try to find a better life elsewher >> they typically end up in thailand. we learn more about their daily plight .
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reporter: every morning brothers come here to stock up on fresh ingredients for their street food carts. this is not their real names, and they don't want to show their faces on camera. thtwo n are refugees. they fled their home on the border to bangladesh, seeking refuge in thailand illegally. his brother arrived in 2013. like many other, many others -- like many others came by boat. life at home had become unbearable. >> when i went to the fields to work i was attacked by local gangs. they kicked me and beat me with their fists. we were discriminated against at school. they told us, you are foreigners. it's is not your country. >> often their harvest was stolen. by local gangs but also by the military.
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>> i had many sleepless nights. at night they would come to an -- comment burnt down houses. they poured gasoline on our homes and set them on fire. i lived in constant fear. >> for many, this is their only source of income. she tells me about his flight from emr, the two weeks he spends at the with hundreds of others on one rusty boat, hungry, being, and private of all dignity. >> at night they would take the women to another room and we would hear their screams. the women never spoke about what happened. they were so ashamed. >> once they reached the coast they were taken to a camp in the jungle. traffickers demanded a ransom in exchange for their prisoners.
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these parents gave everything they own to save their sons lives. >> they told me if you don't get the money you will die here. it doesn't matter to us what happens to you. i saw one or two people die every day. those of us who were still strong enough had to bury their bodies. reporter: for his family back home the situation grows more desperate with every passing day. he believes there is only one solution they have to be granted citizenship rights in myanmar. so far there is no sign the government is ready to end the plight anytime soon. anchor: earlier we spoke to -- in bangkok. he is an assistant high commissioner of protection for the u.n. refugee agency. the foreign ministers spoke about the in box of regular migrants reaching alarming levels. we asked what caused the rise and why now.
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>> it is a movement that has occurred over the last couple of years. we have seen a movement of people leaving. the latest event, i have seen an increase in numbers but also in a number of very shocking events. illustrating moderate people. it is clear it requires urgent action by states. >> talking to us earlier from bangkok. >> the united states has taken cuba off of its terrorism blacklist. it had been a state sponsor of terror for over 30 years. >> it is a big step getting new relations with the country. they will have access to american banking and eight. a ban on arms sales has also been lifted.
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one click item from german soccer, berlin has named the head coach for next his campaign. >> taking over as interim coach in february. they play 297 games. that is a club record and is currently the coach of hungry's national team. anchor: we will see you again at the top of the hour. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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