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tv   DW News  PBS  July 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] 2 a major attack hits turkey. 30 people are debt after a suicide bomber targets a town on the syrian border. all signs point to the islamic state raising fears of a possible new irs offensive in the country. the cuban flag raised over the embassy for the first time in half a century. a set to vote for the new president. was next with the soccer's world governing body.
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sraarah: a suspected islamic state attacks both over the border from syria. a suicide bomber killed at least 30 people and injured dozens more in the border down of search. they had a culture center where young people were waiting to travel to the former frontline town of kobani. the mainly kurdish is group were going to help rebuild the shattered city. >> they gathered to demonstrate their solidarity with kobani. virtually cut down. it was the work of a suicide bomber the worst terror attackit is
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hard to bear, this young man says. you can hardly distinguish the bodies of the dead. where are in other shock. they are meeting to discuss how to rebuild kobani and are planning to take a trip there. islamic state militants were seized just across the turkish border. it local fighters conquered kobani with the help of the bombing raids. it was a serious setback for iis. the suicide bomber is believed to be an 18-year-old woman who sympathized with islamic state. our measures against terrorism will continue.
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turkey has been stepping up activities against iis. -- against i.s. people have been arrested suspected of aiding and abetting the terror group. sarah: dorian, the turkish state for this attack. does it have evidence of that? is it confirmed the islamic state is behind us? cracks all of the evidence -- >> all of the evidence points to the islamic state. the 18-year-old woman had suspected ties to the groups. they attacked kobani killing around 100 people, mainly women and children. the fact that the people they attacked here were about to go
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to kobani to help rebuild it. the islamic state has not claimed responsibility and they are not slow in coming forward over such attacks. other than that, there's little doubt who is responsible. sarah: what is the turkish government plan to do about it? this border between turkey and syria is too pourous. -- porous. >> the islamic state most of the stronghold is all along the turkish border. it has the reputation of being a superhighway. and all of the allies and an enormous amount of pressure on turkey. it does appear that turkey is starting to heat that pressure.
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there has been tightening of the border. but despite that, there is criticism. we have been witnessing a lot of protests. police have broken up the protests. sarah: dorian jones and istanbul , thank you very much. they have moved one step closer to implementation. the security council gave unanimous backing to a resolution endorsing the deal. it could a path to lift crippling economic sanctions provided iran's exit the agreements. the ambassador said it could provide a blueprint.
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they are in tehran for talks to everyone. >> the highest ranking german politician. he has been meeting iranian president. the first goal is to help german companies rebuild the close ties they want had with iran. it has been suspended in 2001. the price is about 7 billion euros.
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when sanctions are loosened for the first time, trade volume rose to 2.7 billion euros. ties between germany and iran go back a long time. for years daimler siemens and bosch have been a common sight in the iranian capital of tehran. even an attack on a restaurant in 1992 could not do much harm. the policy has been reborn. business is not the only thing they can talk about. sarah: going on trial in the
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capital. the 72-year-old refuses to recognize the jurisdiction. the case is unprecedented. intentions are running high. >> as people file in the courtroom, tempers flare inside. they angrily denounce the trial is a farce. raising a clenched fist in defiance before security officers let him back out of the courtroom and moved supporters.
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the defendants seat inti as proceedings began coming after a 25 year campaign. >> the signal they sent this to a leader. they kill people, kill the innocent, commit other crimes against humanity. they may think they are getting away with it today. >> is around 100 witnesses due to testify, the trial is expected to last three months. africa he said must prove that is able to judge. sarah: john kerry has welcomed a new beginning with relations to cuba. they reopened embassy's in the first time in more than half the city.
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it is between the two cold war enemies. >> this scene was unthinkable but a new era has begun. the flag is flying outside the embassy in washington. restoring diplomatic relations brings to an end more than 50 years of political isolation. there is much to be done before things are truly back to normal. >> they totally lift and locate the illegally occupied territory. the compensation for what people , human and economic damage are crucial to be able to move towards the normalization of relations.
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john kerry: the process of normal light -- normalizing relations will go on. it may be long and complex. we are sure to encounter a bump here and there and moments of frustration. patients will be required. >> the obama administration is a major foreign-policy success. obama: we will end an outdated approach that, for decades, has failed our interests. you'll begin to normalize relations with our two countries. >> two years after fidel castro's communist revolution. they seized property. a nuclear standoff was narrowly diverted as a cuban missile crisis -- cuba began to make
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overtures to improving ties. the u.s. has reopened an embassy but it's flag will not the hoisted until august. sarah: up in washington, what was the mood.
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>> there was one opposing protester we spotted that would try to run into the main ceremony carrying them sort of paint on. otherwise, it was a pretty festive atmosphere. sarah: john kerry mentioned a lot of work needs to be done before relations are normalized. what comes next? as we heard in that report, john kerry will be traveling to cuba. he will be there to see the american embassy.
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these things to come. it is really uncertain how long it is going to take before the u.s. is in position, politically with both houses of congress. u.s. president barack obama has met in washington. in what is considered nigeria's first-ever democratic transition. to bring safety, security, and peace to the west african nation.
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it is strulingith a terr campaign being waged by boko haram. keep it here.
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sarah: our top stories. at 30 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in turkey not far from the syrian border. the turkish government believes the islamic state is behind it. and an historic moment in washington. it is the first time the cuban flag has officially flown in the united date since 1961. time now for some business news. that's putting up can lead to bigger and better things when we are talking in the corporate world. >> a bit of relationship advice. paypal is officially trading on the nasdaq stock exchange.
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>> the online payment provider rocketed to $52 billion. towering over his plant by miles. >> a time of unprecedented change. it will redefine the role that money plays. benefiting the benefits. >> the market for these kinds of payment services is relatively small right now and hard-fought. the only prize on offer, there ishe aost limless potential offer by the burgeoning mile phone paymen systems.
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>> back on wall street for us this week. going it alone but an impressive first day for paypal. >> the stock up 7% on the first day of trading. analysts are way optimistic. if you go up to 75 dollars. this company is established. they can grow into new markets and new websites that were out of bounds so far because they were direct competitors. >> and they spun off the cash cow? >> that is a very good question and the future looks a little bit more dire because, of course, they benefit nicely today from selling paypal and they make a lot of money there.
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the biggest source of revenue gone in the future, mostly because ea -- ebay itself failed to reinvent itself like other companies did. it's not enough in that fast-changing business. >> splitting up is not that easy. renewed calls for african nations to come up with homegrown ways of developing their economies. governments need to mobilize taxes and private investment. >> one of the continent's busiest ports.
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1.4 million tons of cargo year. the fastest-growing service industries in africa between 2009 and 2012 according -- services overall grew at twice the world average rate, but the u.n. body warns that africa remains on the sidelines of international services sectors. and at the forefront for a lost element opportunity. only 2% of these service experts came from africa valued at close to $98 billion. to turn the services business into an engine of growth, african countries live to address some deep-seated problems. unreliable sources of energy and the continent's booming informal economy. >> bringing this back to homegrown solutions, could you start by telling us why domestic financing solves problems like
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infrastructure? >> i think primarily because africa is in debt. they are using the money that they are raising, concessionary loans. the dollar dominated debt that has accrued over the years some cases like uganda, the debt is rising at a rate that is stripping domestic revenue growth. the are paying out more than they are making as a country and not enough is there for development. only one has allocated more than 30% of national revenue. 70% of the money collected in east africa is being used to pay debt and sustainable bills. >> rolls-royce's bag to contracts. the british engineering country will maintain 2700 engines. it will also supply the top-selling engines. it is a win for rolls-royce
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after months of knows driving -- nosediving share prices. back over to sarah. sarah: thanks so much, ben. the new president will take place on the 26 of february. the outgoing boss says he won't stand again. there are pros of allegation of corruption. >> it gained illegal entry tossed fake money at him. >> it knows nothing about corruption. the new president succeeds at a special congress late in february next year.
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>> 11 people, the coach and the player. >> they are losing support. it the traditional backers in the african, asian, and latin american football federation seem increasingly skeptical. a center of opposition and his confederations the president of the german football association also supporting him. >> of course he is a suitable candidate. whether he will take that step will be his own decision. >> he has not said whether he has the will and desire to lead fifa into a new era. sarah: a long one, stretching 200 kilometers to the foothills of the alps. action was guaranteed. retaining the yellow jersey and the dramatic crash for one of his teens guy colleagues.
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>> he ran out of the street. he was hit and lost control. the day belongs to an opportunistic outsider. they headed a breakaway and never looked back. there is no threat to the overall leaders and still, the 35-year-old showed that he has what it takes to win at that stage. they can still be happy with his fifth second-place of the tour. he retained the coveted yellow jersey and will be hoping that teammate thomas will be able to help him in the upcoming mountain stages. they have a comfortable three-minute lead over the best arrests. sarah: zach johnson has won the british open after a nailbiting finish to this boards oldest competition. housed this year the famous saint andrew's course. with things square between
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players, johnson kept his cool to edge out lewis of south africa. marking the end of ramadan and is celebrated with family and runs. the cell phone syria, one region takes a unique twist on the holiday. the festival is celebrated with a camel race which is also the traditional support of the region. jockeys from different villages come to take a chance at the podium but competitors don't battle for metals or trophies. victory gains you the respect and praise of the community. the suicide bombing in turkey close to the border with syria. that's all for now. thanks for watching us on dw.
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รณ damien: hello and welcome to "focus on europe" with a look at some of the most interesting
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personal stories behind the big headlines. i'm damien mcguinness. thanks very much for joining us. and we've got some really great stories lined up for you today: the srebrenica massacre and the trauma of the dutch soldiers who couldn't prevent it. portugal -- austerity poster child or ticking economic time bomb? and the british bobby whose beat is paradise. this week europe is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the worst massacre on european soi
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