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tv   Newsline  PBS  August 24, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there. welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday, august 25th. concern over a slowdown in the chinese and global economy sparked a plunge on the noew yok stock exchange, the dow had a 1,000 point plunge. concern trend for investors. >> big concern, catherine and almost remanence of the crash in 2010 and the market ended 580 pounds market sources say the global sell off is heightening
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investor fears. now they say the decline is not likely to continue since u.s. fundamentals are still strong but they say investors will be looking for more economic stimulus measures from the chinese government. investors unloaded stocks sending prices down across the board moments after the opening bell. the dow jones plummeted 1,089 points at one stage from friday's close. market later recovered but tumbled once again ending the day at 15,871 down 588 points from friday's close. now the key index dropped more than 1,000 points last week following concerns over a slowdown in the chinese economy and anticipation of a potential interest rate hike in the u.s. now in currency markets, the yen continues to go higher. at one stage it reached 116 yen to the dollar. now mounting concerns about china triggered a plunge in global equity prices and for
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more, let's go to our business reporter standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. good morning. overnight we saw the wall street post the worst day in years. what's the reaction here? >> good morning. a gripped global market and fears china gets most of the blame but concerns among investors including the timing of rate hikes in the u.s. let's see exactly where tokyo markets opened this tuesday morning on the nikkei down 1.9% and thei topix is down. the nikkei lost 1,500 points in just two trading sessions and it's very unusual to see such volatility here in tokyo. to give you a recap what happened in new york, wall street had the worst day in four years. the dow ended down 3.5% on monday. but as you mentioned, we saw
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panic selling at the open when the dow slumped 1,000 points but about half an hour later, we saw what people call panic buying. so what's going on here, i talked to many market watchers and they say this is crazy or a melt down and one analyst said a pull back was expected but not as big as what we're seeing in a past couple of days. china stocks wiped out gains for the year plummeting 8.5% and if you don't see stability on the chinese market today we could see an ugly market in asia. this could be a good thing as chinese markets were over valued. >> wild swings in equity markets. let's switch to currencies and again, pretty wild swings there, as well. >> exactly. we're seeing what we call unwinding of carry trades. the currencies like the eros and
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yen are spiking and people are extremely bullish on the dollar. they bought the dollar and assets with higher yields but market players think the fed may not raise the key interest rate in september so dealers are buying back low-yielding currencies. the dollar is going up from 116 yen but at a low level around 118.86. meanwhile, the eros dollar around 1.1579. focus on the asia market today and will it continue to lose ground and right now the nikkei is around 18,036 and if it dips below 18,000, it will be the first time in six months. back to you. >> great point there. we'll keep track of that, of course. now, a white house spokesperson commented on the market instability following the global plunge in share prices. he says u.s. government officials are closely monitoring
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the situation. >> the treasury department is monitoring global markets in china. the president as a matter of course is updated on undevelopments in the economy and he has been even while he's been on vacation. >> earnest said the u.s. economy is more robust than 2008 when the global financial crisis occurred. he indicated that the economy is continuing to recover in real terms. he also stressed that u.s. officials will urge china to liberalize. that's it for business news for this hour. i'll leave you with another check on the markets.
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senior officials from two koreas agreed to ease tension. they issued a joint statement. negotiators met saturday in the trust village inside the demilitarized zone. they took until early tuesday to come to an agreement. the south korean delegation was led by the national security advisor kim kwan-jin. >> translator: north korea promised to work with occurrence of the events and ease tensions.
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>> north korea's negotiators expressed regret over the injury of two south korean soldiers by a land mine and agreed to lift the decoloration, of a semi state of war. in return south korea agreed to stop loud speaker broadcast and the two sides agreed to arrange reunions of families separated. u.s. state department spokesperson john kirby welcomed the deal and said the u.s. government supports south korean president's tireless efforts to improve relations on the peninsula. japanese astronauts successfully docked a cargo ship with the international space station. the kounotori five launched with food and other supplies after similar missions by other countries failed. when the ship came within ten meters, astronaut captured it using a robotic arm and guided
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it to took with the iss. >> thank you very much for your support. we successfully landed it. looks like very golden like a treasure box. >> at nasa's mission control center in houston, fellow astronaut took charge of communication with the iss. >> successfully delivered the package, the entire crew did a fantastic job. all happy faces down here and congratulations. >> this is the first time the japanese astronauts have worked together on the ground and many space to dock and transport spacecraft. in tokyo 100 people gathered to watch the successful capture. >> translator: i was very happy to see the wonderful job. >> translator: i want to become an astronaut so i was cheering
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for him. >> it was tasked with delivering more than 5 tons of food, experimental equipment and supplies. the cargo includes supplies from nasa. it's time for a check of the weather. residents across a wide area of western japan are being impacted by a typhoon. they are experiencing heavy wind and fierce winds. >> this storm system made landfall around 3:00 a.m. japan time. when it came on shore brought blustery conditions. winds in parts gusting upwards of 165 kilometers per hour out there. definitely much lower than what we had seen yesterday. remember that wind report, 256 kilometers there. the highest wind ever reported on that island. now our storm system's off here towards the north continuing to bring the high winds and also the heavy rainfall. that's one of the biggest issues with this. take a look at this. this is the radar imagery right at landfall. you have that eyewall coming
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onshore. that was blowing all that winds and rain. now our storm system is lifting off to the north. but i want to show you the video we have where when the storm came on shore, it definitely brought these rough conditions. take a look at this video. nearly 400,000 thousand people are now without power. some areas have seen record-breaking rainfall. 120 millimeters in a one-hour period came down. now, max winds continues to gust up. several hundred people have been evacuated to shelters. all rail services have been suspended and evacuation advisories are still in place. so lots of people of course are being impacted by this. let's take a look at the outlook. some areas still going to see additional 200 to 250 millimeters of total precipitation from this storm system, especially off here into northwestern portions of key you shu.
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we're going to be seeing some areas as much as 300 millimeters. that moisture inflow is going to bring in the high winds along the eastern periphery of the storm system. even well away from the center of circulation, you're still going to be impacted by this. even the tokyo area, you're going to be seeing some on and off thunderstorms. so let's take a look at the rainfall accumulation outlook here. it's going to impact those of you into the korean peninsula. as we look ahead through the next 24 hours, far eastern russia, you're going to be looking at tropical storm conditions on wednesday and even over here towards thursday. so definitely a still ongoing storm system out here.
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>> mayors from cities in japan and russia are working together on strengthening economic ties. representatives from seven coastal japanese cities are attending a buy y annual meetin. the major explained a pilot program to grow soybeans. he says he wants to expand the project on a commercial basis. participants from russia gave details on a new law that will create a special economic zone in october. they called for investment from japan. >> translator: russia's in tuned by investment to this area after last year's apec meeting. i feel they are really enthusiastic. >> the russian government will host an international economic forum there next week. anti-government protest in
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lebanon turned violent. people are furious over garbage. demonstrators took to the streets to express anger that their garbage has not been collected for more than a month. they clashed with police leaving dozens of people injured. garbage is blacking streocking giving foul odors. they demand the prime minister step down. protest leaders pledged to continue. >> translator: we not let them make us go to sleep again. >> they set up a unity government in 2014 bringing tonight shunnis, shiites and
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more. december p disputes stopped them from dealing with many issues including public sanitation. we're seeing tokyo stocks are falling with the key nike index dropping below 18,000 at opening on tuesday. it is the first time since february that the index has fallen below that point. once again, tokyo stocks are falling with the key nike index dropping below 18,000 at the opening on tuesday. we'll keep a close eye and bring you more details as they come in. today we bring you the first in a two-part series. managers at one factory are taking a different approach. disabled workers are involved in the entire production process and they are reaping big
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rewards. >> reporter: this vicinity is in shinga prefecture. here a worker takes an air shower to clean off impurities before entering the work space. another employee operates a machine that pumps out 90% of cookie dough at a time. they transfer them to an oven that bakes. workers deal with more than a ton of these sweet treats every day. they look like they are running a regular baiscuit factory but there is a difference. managers of the factory employ 50 people and divide them up into operations based on their type of disability. she says she's not good at multi
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tasking. instead, she focuses on transferring freshly baked cookies to treys. and this man is good at heavy lifting. he carries heavy ingredients and makes dough. >> work isn't easy here and i can't always remember things, but people are kind and supportive, so i'm doing my bes best. >> reporter: the people in charge haven't always enjoyed such a smooth life, three years ago, they sold cookies made elsewhere. then he came on board from private company and she felt the center needed to overhaul it's
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approach to survive. she knew the more they make the more people they could hire. she made a decision to produce cookies on site and decided a center should use locally grown vegetables to make the cookies taste as good as the big-name brands. she also ask a professional designer create a new packaging. finally, she made changes to the website that show the varieties. managers watch shelves go to $800,000 in ten years. compare to 20 years ago, they
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have four times as many people and pay them three times as much per hour. >> translator: we never thought sales would hit $800,000. we were thrilled. >> reporter: managers work hard to turn the company around. they are getting the best out of the workers and they are making a product competing with offerings on bigger rivals. links to the legacy are being lost with the passage of time. those who were there 70 years ago know time to tell their storys is running out, reports on one such witness.
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>> reporter: she lived near the epicenter of the atomic bomb blast. in the area there is peace memorial park. at the age of 82 she still remembers what the neighborhood looked like back then. >> translator: i think it was just around here. >> reporter: her parents sold hair accessories and cosmetics. it was in a big shopping area where restaurants and movie theaters also lined the streets. all that disappeared in an instant 70 years ago. the the names of those who died are inscribed in the monument. she was a among agroup of elementary school children who had been evacuated before the bomb dropped.
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so she was about 100 kilometers away. but she lost her parents and two brothers. all that remained of her family were photos that have been kept at a relative's house. >> translator: this is my father. >> reporter: her father had been busy making ends meet. but she remembers him as a man who also was devoted to his kids. after the war, she married and had two children of her own and now has a couple of grandchildren, as well. for their benefit, she began to think about preserving memories of her father in his shop. around the same time, she was invited to speak to others about
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her experiences. >> translator: we lived a good life in this place. we had a house, but nothing remains of it. i want evidence that we were here. >> reporter: other than the pictures, all she has to remember is a copy of her family register. her father got married in 1923 and in the same year his father died. she realized her father had been feeding 12 people by himself. thoughts of him and all he endured led to her experiences
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of the war. on august 1st of this year, she spoke to an audience about her father's sacrifice in taking care of his siblings and his own children. >> translator: just when my family was finally able to live together without other people, my father parierished in the atc bombing. i can't think of how disappointed he must have been. >> reporter: she told the listeners events like her fathers. >> translator: people have their lives. some e and wealthy existences. my father never had such a chance. if those who hear my story realize that such a tragedy must
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not be reallowed to occur, i achieved my goal. >> reporter: stories of one man and his family but it some bollizboll i -- symbolizes the events. people across a wide area of western japan are dealing with heavy rain and fierce winds. a typhoon is impacting and residents in tokyo will also feel its effects. robert speta has details. >> we're looking at record-breaking rainfall and looking at the damaging winds continuing to track overhead but one of the things i do want to mention is that moisture coming along the eastern of the storm is definitely impacting areas farther off towards the east. the peninsula, also over towards
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300 hill meters and another big thing is you have that moisture coming up but also you have back here towards the east will have an indirect impact. cooler air from the north, that storm is going to be making for unsettled conditions so over the next basically 72 hours, we'll see the threat of rain showers and thunderstorms around the plain including the tokyo area. even though the storm is farther towards the west, you still may want to have an umbrella ready because of the moisture inflow coming in from the south with this one. now back towards the west, i want to mention much of the korean peninsula and china will stay rather unsettled out there. extending down toward the south. the trough impacting those of you across taiwan and extending toward bangkok high of 34 and thunderstorms there on your tuesday. talking about severe weather, let's see what is going on in europe. a low pressure area potent one across the netherlands seeing tornado watches reported out here and almost ping-pong
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ball-sized hail because of this storm system. now it's going to continue to track towards the east. severe weather threat still rather high out here. actually thunderstorms, large hail will continue to be a possibility even damaging winds gusting well over about 60 to 70 kilometers per hour and also continuing chance of tornados, not only here but also extending down there towards northern portions of italy you'll see thunderstorms flair up. you can see rome a high of 29. thundershowers in the forecast. moscow cool with a high of 22 but london only 18 with the cool air filtering in after the cold front pushed by on your monday. let's see what is going on here in the americas, as well. low pressure area actually centered here in ontario. really the big top piic because it's continuing to impact new england states and you can see thunderstorms coming out of this as it pushes to the east definitely out ahead. behind it things will cool off in really dry, chicago with a high of 22. winnipeg at 22, as well and
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vancouver just getting up to 20 here on your tuesday. i'll leave you now with your extended outlook.
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once again tokyo stocks falling with the key nike index dropping below 18,000 at the opening on tuesday. that's down about 700 points from monday's close. it's the first time since february that the index has fallen below that point currently as you can see the stock index is now at 17,856. that wraps up this edition of "newsline." be back to the top of the hour with updates and news. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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>> "euromaxx highlights." and here is your host, louise elton. >> welcome to the show today, a special edition of "euromaxx," which focuses on the 5 top destinations in europe. i'm not going to reveal where they are, but this quick look forward might just give 3 of the cities away. >> italian maurizio savini makes his art out of chewing gum, how to become a haute couture designer, and turning two townhouses into one larger one. so you might have figured out a few of europe's top destinations, but which order do they come in? that is the question. we start the show off with a


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